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Saturday, May 16, 2009

YOU Are This Person : A tag

Thanks to Katherine, a very jolly blogger. Don't you know that you make me smile everyday? Yep! Just by reading your comments. Anyway, I can't guess those people you are referring to. It's pretty interesting.

1. Write anything about 15 people/blogger you know.
2. Don't mention the names of these people/blogger you are referring to.
3. If someone would ask who are these people, don't tell them.
4. Tag 15 people but don't include the person you included in your post.

  1. You are so thoughtful, compassionate, "iyakin" and very passionate to those who has nothing. In fact, you give alms to the beggars on the street. You shed tears to a sad movie. Your son is your price achievement. Even though you wear/use expensive clothings and things, you remain down to earth. Imagine, you paid $100 just to get a small stain on your designer purse? Wheww! You are pretty, very generous and friendly. You always eat with a "dip" every meal.
  2. You are so creative, outspoken, happy and very generous. Always remind me of opportunities to grab. Even helped me edit one of my posts...LOL! Your daughter is very cute and loves the camera a lot. I always admire your fruit garden. You are so generous to me and I thank you for that.
  3. YOU are so blessed to have a family of four. A loving husband who always gives you support and kids who are so adorable. I admire your perseverance to finish College with excellent grades. You have proven that poverty is not a hindrance to success.
  4. You have the gift of patience. I admire your strong belief of God. You are a fighter despite of those many surgeries that you have been to. I always wish you good health and hoping your hubby will find a good job soon.
  5. You are one of my friends who are so lucky to have a good family. Born with a wonderful parents and super caring siblings. I was so amazed when you invited me to attend on your wedding day while you are already having your make up session. LOL! Yep! That was a surprise knowing you only invited 3 of us in our GLEE. Thank you so much for the thoughts dear friend.
  6. YOU are so in-love and that is what I admire about you. No matter what suggestions I gave you, you have your way anyway hahaha. You are so smart, pretty, sassy, and brain combined. I told you to come to the US and find your love in here, but, you love HIM. Oh....okay....LOL! I told you you can earn more here, but, you prefer to work there....serve our fellow countrymen. You are a Patriot! I admire you for that.
  7. YOU are so generous to your family and siblings. I think the first time I visited your blog was when you have problems with your sister. You are so mad and disappointed. But, all is well now. Then, you love the post about my little friend. You keep asking me to post more pictures. Then, you realized that you are pregnant LOL! A blessing...
  8. YOU are so friendly, gives importance to friendship and loves Wrestling LOL! I am so amazed to know how very funny you are when you cracked jokes. I realized too that you are so caring when you give advice and you have a sound judgment. You made a post just to let others know that Bloggers should respect the opinion of others and be civil to each disagreements.
  9. YOU are a clever woman that is why I invited you to sign up to blogging. But, you keep ignoring it and since I saw your potential. I keep bugging you .... now, you are in PR1 and opportunities keep pouring in. Now, you know what kept me busy before. Good job ... hehehe. We both missed Udangs right?
  10. YOU are a good father, a loving husband and a patriot to your country. We have almost the same preference in politics and I truly admire your whole perspective of about just anything you posted. Your family is important and you are so proud of your wife that she take Education a top priority. That is why, you wanted to earn a degree too. Keep it up Sir!hehehe...
  11. You are a family oriented mother and loves to dine out. I love your blog because you always have food display on it. You were sad because your pet was missing and you never found him that is why, you bought a new one. May you have more opportunities of paid post my friend.
  12. You are a singer hehehe but I never heard your voice yet. The first time I visited your blog you are so mad of your friend who did something horrible to you. Anyway, I bet she is more envious now that you are here in the US and you have a job here too.
  13. You top your class during college years. As much as possible you don't like to have a best friend (woman) because you said, you don't trust them. You have no luck because they always betrayed you. But, nevertheless, I see a potential in you being my bestfriend, whether you like it or not.HEHEHE. I know you are so kind because you shown me the generous side of you. Despite you hide your name, paypal sent me an email and you are so embarassed that i know you are the donor. Thank you for being so kind my friend. How's the newly born baby?
  14. You are a strong woman and you are so blessed to have a very understanding and loving husband. I admire your struggles in life. Look at you now, you are so blessed my friend. Your loving hubby treated your baby as his and I admire that you shared it openly so others can learn something from your story. I love your wedding gown, don't you know that? God bless you and your family my friend.
  15. You accused me of promoting hate which I never did. I have an idea who you are. I kept it to myself and pray that you will learn to be RESPECTFUL to any differences of ideas, ideals and points of anyone, not only with mine. I forgave you for accusing me and I apologized that my comment disturbed your preferences.
Now, I am tagging these people:

Elizabeth, Maus, Bogie, Eleanor, Nuts,Anniniput, Meryl, Rossel, Niko, Eden, Payatot, Hazel, Vivien, Veta, Jane, YL, Chloe, Vic, Carms, Vivian, Pau and YOU - grab it anytime.


  1. This is a bit tricky tag hehehe..

  2. So awesome is your blog, have a nice day!

  3. this is a nice tag and intriguing too..hehehe.

  4. hi Amy..why did ppp suspend u? i didnt get anything from them for a long time now... not qualified most times..all red..and i wonder when my pr will be back.. sigh..

  5. hahaha...kakaloka man sad ni Ams..but I know the person you were referring from the first "YOU" post hahaha

    Im impressed you have a very sharp memory of everything going smart lady indeed.

  6. ang ganda ng tag na to ams! it's good to know you found good friends here in blogosphere! :)

  7. Hello there!
    Wow, nice tag LOL..

    Have a nice day, Amy! ^_^

  8. Wow! This is one of the reasons why I adore you very much as a friend. Honestly, I don't know if any of my blogger friends speak highly of their friends quite like you do. It is no wonder why you are so loved.

    I think I know that No. 8 guy LOL!

    Also, I fully agree with Umma that you do have a very good memory of things in the blogging community.

    Wonderful post wonderful friend!:)

  9. very intriguing tag, Ams :-), but i think i know those person from 1 to 8 hehehe...esp. the number 7.

    you are very smart and a true friend, too!

  10. I read this yesterday and you were not done yet because you were sleepy na. Now, thanks for tagging me... Hmmnnn, you made your readers/followers think who is who.. hehe.. Of course, I'll grab this kahit kulang pa followers ko for this tag. haha..:)

  11. hahahaha! na-tag tuloy ako!!! sige gawin ko to, ang sarap gawin e! :0 i'll let you know when I'm done! :)

  12. I have a feeling that one of the people you mentined is similar to me lol.. Love this tag...

  13. U r really FANTASTIC, AMY!! great u r.. hahahaha... yes, i think i m no. 11... the one with the lost pet and got a new one a couple of months ago...

    I added all yr blogs in my blogroll..

    Carry On Blogging...Earn More, OK?

  14. ako yan! ako yang number 12 te.. hahahahahaa naay lukso ng dugo.. sa thursday pa ko ka update te thursday pa ako restday.. huhuhuh

  15. Finally found this! hehehe. gitiyagaan jud. Curios ko kinsa na si number 15, hahaha..

    anyways, I knew a lot of YOUs that you mentioned in here especially kana si number 5, harhar.

    God bless you, Amy!!!


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