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Monday, September 30, 2013

My Citrus Plants

This is the month of the year that I love to hang out in the garden. It is breezy and it is cooler so; scorching heat is over. I embrace the awesome Fall ... well, I am not really a big fan of the leaves falling but, I am loving the weather. Now, let me share to you the awesome flowers of my citrus plants.

Benefits of Citrus:
-calm tension and anxiety
-fight against cancer
-reduce wrinkles
-helps with asthma
- fights the flu and cold
-natural antihistamine
-elevates the mood
-body cleanser
- digestive aid and more

The citrus juice has medical uses like the lemon juice which is use to relieve the pain of bee stings. If you need vitamin C, eat oranges. The extract of citrus fruits is also used in medicine such as the Tylenol, that's according to wiki.

More Benefits of Citrus:
- reduce cholesterol
-control blood pressure
-skin brightener
- neutralizes free radicals

According to what I read in Wiki, "Citrus fruit juices are also useful for lowering the risk factors for specific types of kidney stones. The Grapefruit can also lower blood pressure because it interferes with the metabolism of calcium channel blockers". Now, if you want to know more, go and find some good resource readings on the Web. Information like this is truly helpful to know that is why; I appreciate my plants even more.
I have lime, lemon, sour orange, kumquats and calamondin. What's yours?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Buying a Class Ring

When I graduated from college, I was so excited to finally wear my degree ring. Amidst the hardships in maintaining my grades to keep my scholarship and at the same time working in the library to support my studies, both experiences made me persevere to finish college and earn the degree I want.
After graduation in high school, most students in the US buys a class ring for it is a symbol of their achievement in school. It is indeed worth buying for so; if you are in senior, have it and wear it.  It will give you a constant reminder that you are a deserving student and you deserve the opportunity that you aim for after graduation.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Coach Signature iPhone5 Case

I am not done shopping. Can someone please stop me hehehe. I was browsing in to see what's on sale on Coach products. Look what I found:

I am not sure if iPhone5s or 5c will fit into these cases for they differ slightly in dimension.
If  you have iPhone5, these cases are great looking, don't you think?
I wouldn't hesitate to buy, this is $38 in Belk and it is not on sale. Other designs and colors are on sale for $27.99. If I have an iPhone 5, I will surely buy any of these cases. Check it out at

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Enjoy the Mall with Your Family

Going to the mall can be a fun way to pass the time. The only downside is that you always end up spending money. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the comfortable and diverse air-conditioned social environment available at your local mall. Just make sure you have a game plan before your departure towards a place of infinite spending and consumerist glory. Give each member of your family a limit to how much they can spend. That way they can’t complain about not getting anything and you can enjoy your time peacefully. Limiting the amount they can spend can also save you a lot of stress and time arguing over big ticket items with your loved ones. A weekly trip to the mall can also teach your children the art of saving their money. If they can hold off on buying anything and save their money, they will be able to purchase more expensive products. 
 Patience Cannot Be Taught, Only Learned 

Teach your children how to share and think of others. Be sure to visit stores for yourself like The Art of Shaving in Salem. Take your time and enjoy shopping for personal items. Your young ones will be forced to learn the art of patience by waiting for you to shop. You can take away their rights to purchase anything if they complain or act up while you shop. You will allow them to discover the virtue of patience on their own just by shopping for yourself. 

Amazing Shaving Products for You 

The Art of Shaving in Salem offers more than your average drug store shaving section. Fine tune your shaving routine into a relaxing and joyful experience. Feel rejuvenated and fresh every time you shave with essential oil-infused post-shave lotions. The all-natural ingredients will leave your face feeling smooth and pain free. Pre-shave oils also come with essential oils to help reduce the irritation caused by shaving. Lather up for your shave in style and comfort with an old-fashioned shave cream and badger hair brush. Take your time while you visit your favorite stores and teach your children the importance of patience.

Monday, September 23, 2013

My Victoria's Secret Freebies

After the mass, hubby and I were busy getting all my free stuffs. We went to the Avenue at Viera, Melbourne to get my free cocktails from #Veev and #Klout. On the way home, we went to Victoria Secret to get my freebies. Did you know that I always forgot to claim my freebies? My bad! This month, I didn't so, a tap on my shoulder.

Got this for free so; I did not purchase any single $ or tax. When #VS says FREE, it is really free and I got two. Yayyy! I love my cheekster.

Oh, they sent me $15 GC too and I purchased a gift set bag. Wanna see it? Check my next post :-) . Thanks for stopping by. See you again, okay? Mwahh!

Decorating for the Halloween

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

Halloween brings spooky nights into a good cheer. The sight of ghostly figures, miniature cemetery and scary spider at  the neighbor's yards as well as the weird jack-o-lantern's display are spooky alright yet; those decors give excitement to most people especially those who loves to celebrate Halloween. I have been to many houses who truly turns their homes into a scary place and since I was only there for a night, it was kind of exciting! I tell you what, their houses are totally not boring!

The great thing about decorating homes for Halloween is the exciting moment of doing the de-cluttering and cleaning your entire house. You can do it on your own or you may hire someone to help you out.

For cleaning tips first, put away those decors that are not needed for that season. Make sure that you return the decors to it's original box to protect them from dust. Wrap them in fabric or paper and put them inside a storage bin with lid and store them in a safe place in the house.

After de-cluttering, second step is to vacuum your place and with PGLO, vacuum is not for floors anymore. It can tackle stairs, furniture's, lamp shades, bathroom, knick-knacks, ceiling fans, vents and hard to reach areas in your home. The design is lightweight so; it is very easy to carry around the house. PGLO has a long stretch hose, has a lift off pod and crevice tool to make cleaning easy. When your place is clean, it is time to decorate for Halloween theme in the house! How exciting would that be right?

Now, if you want to check out BISSELL PGLO, you can actually purchase it now and use the promo code: POWERGLIDE for $20 off and free shipping on these PGLO products: #2763, #38631, #1044. Hurry! This promo is valid from September 12 to November 30, 2013 only,  Lastly, take a moment to enter to win this awesome product.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Apple iPhone5s and iPhone5c Craze

Okay, I am excited to get my iPhone5s in the mail but then again, I was in disbelief seeing the people all lined-up since midnight just to get a hold of the dream phone. Well, it has always been like this every time Apple product has a new series of iPod, iPad and iPhone. Nothing shocking about it! In this generation, Apple craze is a reality! There is nothing wrong to get it especially when people works hard and saves money to get the iPhone5c or iPhone5s. It all depends on the individual's priority. As long as you can afford to get it, why not right? If you can afford it but, you are not materialistic and to own an iPhone5c or iPhone5s is not your priority, I salute you! The need to save that hard earned money to pay the bills, to pay the daycare, to pay the mortgage, to pay the car payments and all, that is a noble act as a parent and I admire you for that. God bless your heart.

My phone for three years is Blackberry Bold and I love it. Just few months ago, I noticed that I find it hard to read the messages on my iPhone. The letters are blurry so I used a magnifier LOL. To make the story short, I need a phone with bigger screen. I have another smart phone, the HTC but, I do not like it. It is very slow. The solution for me is to upgrade my phone to Apple iPhone5s.
My husband cannot wait for the iPhone5s so; he decided to get the iPhone5c besides, it is offered to him for free so; he grabbed the opportunity. I told him to wait and order the iPhone5s instead but, he doesn't want to pay $99 for down payment. I guess it what he want. He was using a Motorola flip phone for 7 years LOL. Yes, it is time to upgrade and catch up the trend.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Got Wines Ready for the Holiday

Have you heard this old saying which goes, "A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away."? Well, I heard that justification from someone who loves wine. It could be true but, anything excessive could harm the body so; drink responsively.

As you all know, I got this wine for free but, I pay the shipping costs. I did not try any of these yet. I took one bottle and dress it up with this message: "Im not old, Im vintage." How cute is that?
Anyway, my wines are ready for the holiday. How about you?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

iPhone5C: Available for Pre-Order

When my husband heard that there is a low-cost iPhone 5 available by Sept 20, hubby decided to get it for himself. I pre-ordered the iPhone5C 16GB for $548 then; I watch the video why it was branded as low-cost iPhone. To my surprise, it was not the low cost device that I expected! Based on the features, iPhone5c is definitely not a low quality iPhone! Do you have an iPhone5?
"The iPhone5C is in many ways the installation of what people love of the iPhone5.
It is simpler, more essential, it is more capable
and certainly more colorful"
- Jony Ive, Senior Vice President, Design

Take note of the more capable so; does it mean that this is better than iPhone5? Discover the answer to that question yourself. Visit and compare the iPhones that you like. Doing so; you will discover why iPhone5c may or may not be the low-cost iPhone there is.

More colorful is no question! iPhone5c has 5 glossy colors to choose from namely: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and White.

The iPhone5c is made of a Polycarbonate material re-enforced with steel frame.

It is low-cost because the back cover is plastic ... quality plastic. If that doesn't matter with you then, go and get this phone! The features are almost the same as iPhone 5 and that's what matters most. Don't you think?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weight Loss Supplement

I was watching a TV show last weekend and it's about empowering women's healthy habit. The hosts of the show executed the latest exercise craze, shared healthy recipe, and discussed the importance of vegetables and fruits in every meal. There was one segment that was given much emphasis, the food supplement. The hosts were asked if they are pill popper and why.
Eat Healthy

There is no greater value in nutrition than eating fresh vegetables and fruits. It is the best thing that all of us should do. But, why is it that maintaining a healthy diet and preparing a tasty food on the table seemed the hardest thing to do?  We tend to rely on easy unhealthy fixes on every meal.
Eating healthy doesn't mean preparing a boring meal or depriving our cravings. Eating healthy means, choosing the right food that works for us and is good for us.
If you count calories and measure portion sizes, you deserve a tap on your shoulder! Honestly, I am one of those who don't but, I see to it that I love the food I ate in moderation. Incorporating fresh ingredient is not hard at all thereby; I eat healthy and tasty food.
Dietary Supplement

If our objective is to lose weight then; supplements to aid weight loss is also important. As much as possible, we want to get the right nutrients that may boost our energy, guard us from diseases and help us with our weight loss objective. With that being said, supplements may include fiber and green tea extracts, bars and shakes as well as multivitamins and more.

When we do exercise on a regular basis, we feel better and energized. Exercise prevents excess weight gain and definitely will burn the calories. If we do intense workout, the more calories we burn. Exercise is good for us because it combats health diseases and it boosts energy and improves our mood.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Enjoying KFC on NFL Sunday

How was your Football Sunday everyone? I bet it was a blast especially if you invited your friends for #NFL watching in your home. I remember when hubby and I were in Mississippi, three of us in the house seemed like a dozen cheering for Saints.

Here in Florida, they showed Tampa Buccaneers vs New York Jets so; we weren't able to view the game of New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcon, the latter lost the game though. Hubby was excited to know that next week, Saints vs Buccaneers will play so; it will be aired in our local channel. Exciting!

We had an exciting Football Sunday at home and thank goodness for KFC. I don't have to prepare for lunch and dinner. What have you got? What team is your favorite? Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Look Using Duck Tape

When I was at the garage yesterday, I saw an old decorative frame that we have and it was stored there for a year collecting dust. I thought of giving it a new look but how? Earlier, hubby and I went to Wal-Mart and I saw in the aisle of school supplies a duck tape. I am so fascinated with so many colors of this brand. Actually, I never knew they have different designs until that time and so; I bought one roll.

This is the original look of the frame and my Duck Tape is ready.

I measured the length of each sides and cut the duck tape equivalent to it's length. In less than 10 minutes, I got the new look that I wanted.

This is an easy craft project and does not take much of my time. Try it. Check out your storage room, garage, basement and find something interesting. Make over it using duck tape. Have fun!

Colorful Duck Tape® at Walmart

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Back to school can be overwhelming to some parents especially when they got that dreaded list of requirements for their schoolers. Hold on and don't panic! Walmart is on the rescue for all your back-to-school needs and I am saying this because I do my shopping at Walmart for great savings. For the last three weeks, I observed and I bet you too saw that back to school items are displayed on the aisle where you can easily find the things on your list. In my neighborhood, I saw some of those items with back to school logo almost near the counter area. The price is marked down to give parents the relief they needed and this is the time that I shop too for my nieces and nephews school requirements need. After buying all the school supplies, I grabbed a roll of Duck Tape® for a simple craft that I have in mind. I have this cork board stored in the garage for a year now and I do not like it for simple reason, it is dull and does not compliment if I use it in the office.

Duck Tape® is the best thing ever because I was able to make my cork board's appearance beautiful and since Duck Tape® is inexpensive, I was able to make another project. It is simple but, it makes a big difference in my office.

While at Walmart, you can actually incorporate Duck Tape® in your back to school list. Buy different colors and try to cover the notebooks using Duck Tape® and personalized their other stuffs such as pens and pencil holder. You can do a lot of beautiful crafts for sure.

Check out the different designs of Duck Tape® and buy Duck Tape at Walmart.  Start making beautiful crafts. For all craft ideas and inspirations, follow @TheDuckBrand in Twitter.

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