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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Strawberry Smoothie

Have some strawberries and make some strawberry smoothie on a hot and muggy day.
I am going to the grocery later and plan to buy fruits. It looks like summer here in Florida and cold smoothies are good chillers for me. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Live a Healthier Lifestyle in CafeWell Community

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CafeWell. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you heard the song "No Man is an Island" by the Lettermen? That statement holds true literally. We need to socialize, actively engage in community, make some connections with others and most of all, join the fun challenges that helps improve and maintain our good health.

In digital world which we are living now, getting acquainted through social network is very convenient and fun especially when we share common interest. CafeWell is one community that you should check out. It is a social network community where you can join for free and you can connect with other people who shares the same health care needs and interests as you are.

If you care about your health, sign up in CafeWell. This community shares tips, provides support, responds to your needs and has health challenges which you can join for fun. I just sign up and I am so excited with the interesting challenges such as Get Heart Healthy and PES Walk. These challenges will help me live a healthier lifestyle. Reach for the Peaks is an interesting program where insured members can win prizes and gain social acknowledgements. That is so cool right?

Take it from these testimonials:

"I'm absolutely thrilled with this motivating program."

" So today, I am taking a step forward to get off the couch and become healthy. I am overweight, underpaid and not so full of energy. I know if I think I can, I CAN! AND I WILL!"

I think these words from the members are truly inspiring for all of us. Don't you think?

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Mega Million $500M Jackpot: What Would You Do if You Win

What would you do if you win $500M? That is the first question that anybody would ask you right? Probably, we don't know what to do once that money is on our hand. If you purchase the ticket, you need to start planning now and make a list right now if in case you are the winner on Friday. Oh my my! God bless you all and hoping you will going to win the Mega Million Jackpot. If you do, just give me an RV okay? *wink*

If you are the ticket holder of Mega Million ticket right now, you are few hours closer to winning the Mega Million Jackpot. People in the 43 states in the US are dreaming about winning the biggest lottery jackpot in America. Awesome! Make your general list now, who knows right? Put my name on the last list will you? Oh Angels in heaven hear me *wink*.

Seriously, we don't have that in Florida. We have Florida Lotto Extra, Mega Money, Fantasy 5, Play4, and Cash 3. I won an iPad2 from a sweepstakes so; I could become lucky again. If I win from a lottery, I will buy in cold cash my dream home, luxury motor home, and luxury yacht. I will see to it that I can afford to maintain for life and invest some amount to business.

Then, I will give half of my winnings to my family and friends so they can buy their home, start a business, and send their kids to school. Dreamy :-) Have a good day everyone. Share your blessings even if you are not a millionaire.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UMAC Tracking Tool

For 4 years, I have been using UMAC cargo for all the boxes that I sent back to the Philippines. I have no problem with all the Balikbayan boxes that I sent to my family. They are in good condition when it arrived home so; I highly recommend this cargo company. For this month, the Jumbo box cost $70 in total. You pay $5 for the box and when you are ready to send, just pay $65. The prices will change without prior notice.
To make sure, you should call your Filipino store to know the exact prices of the box for this month. Here is the tracking tool of UMAC Balikbayan Box:
1. Visit
2. Click the country of your location
3. Scroll down and find : TRACK YOUR BOX
4. Just follow the instructions. Once the box is in the Philippines, it will have an update and info of your box. If there is none then, your box is still on the way to the Philippines.

Send your box here: M&M Philippine Mart 7339 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32807 Phone Number: (407) 281-6999.

The Importance of Auto Insurance

If you own and drive a car, you need to have auto insurance. That's normal and it is required by law in every state. You need to have it to provide financial protection against injury and physical damage resulting from road accidents and collision.

When accidents happen, other problems will also arise therefore, you need to have auto insurance that covers liability. If you drive without it, you put your financial future at risk and your personal freedom will be at stake.

You know why? If you are driving without insurance and you have an accident on the road, you will be in great trouble. You will be put into jail for that. Think twice and you better not drive if you have no insurance.

Well if you are students and inexperience drivers I know that learning to drive is something you have been looking forward to right? Not so fast! You need to instill in your mind that you have responsibility to consider. Having the key of the car is fun as long as you learn the basics to protect yourself and become a responsible driver. So, do not take for granted about insurance, having this would give you peace of mind and security while you are on the road driving your nice car.

Gardening is a Fun Activity

Should I say welcome Spring season? How's your garden? Season like this always reminded us with Daddy, the father of my husband. When we live with him in Mississippi, gardening is part of our daily routine. Almost everyday, we pick up some plants, mulch or garden tools at WalMart. He died almost 2 years ago but, season like this always brings back memories of him. Anyway, he loves flowering plants and I remember he got roses at the front yard. I bet he will like this flower bearing tree.Now that we bought a house with a big yard to take care, gardening will remind us of him always.


Guest post from: Steve Delaney

My neighbor is a salesman for ADT Monitored Security, so when my husband mentioned that we should get a security system for our home, I said, we should call him. I don’t know if they work on commission or not, but if they do, I certainly want to give him our business. We have all kinds of service providers on our street that we use from time to time. Two houses down the man is a plumber, and the next house the mom is a nurse. There is also an electrician on our block, as well as a general contractor. I’m not sure what all the other neighbors do, but between those people, we use our neighbors for a lot of our services. I am a major proponent of keeping it local and in the community. Why give our money and support to people outside of the local community, when there are people right here that we know who actually could use the work? It all comes back around to helping the community members.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church in Orlando

This is the church where my husband and I attended mass every Sunday. This is Blessed Trinity Catholic Church and we like Fr. Roland S. Nadeau's homily.Soon, we will leave Orlando and move in an area about 30 minutes away. We will surely miss this church and we are hoping that the church which is nearby our place will be as comfortable as this one.

Miracle Gro: Expand 'n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

For those who have the green thumb, gardening is easy but, for those who are not blessed, growing a lovely and healthy oasis of plants and vegetables would be a struggle. What seems to be the problem? They probably missed watering the plants or drown the plants with excessive water. What's the solution for this problem? How about Expand ‘n Gro™?

EnG Product Shot.png

This product has an absorbent fiber that helps retain moisture and release it once the plants need it. If you have problems of drowning your plants or under water it, Expand 'n Gro is the answer. Check out this video:

It is so easy right? Try it in your garden today. This concentrated planting mix can truly works miracle for up to 3x more bloom of your flower garden or make your vegetable garden 3x more vegetables. I have bokchoy and tomato vegetables in pots, and adding the Expand 'n Gro makes the leaves healthier and grows faster. When mix with water, Expand 'n Gro expands up to 3X therefore, plants will get the right amount of moisture and air space. Do you want to try this product for free? Leave your comment below and you might win a bag of Miracle Gro, Expand 'n Gro.


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Cinderella Castle Up Close

I was curious if anybody can go inside the Cinderella castle, the iconic fairy tale fortress, the gateway to Fantasyland in the theme park of Magic Kingdom. I went around and the middle part was close to public because there was a show at the courtyard. The Cinderella castle is a romantic beauty located in the heart of Magic Kingdom theme park. just above the central hub of the Park. If you stand in the Main Street USA, you will be amazed to see a medieval castle rising 190 feet into the sky.Seeing the Cinderella Castle at a far distant is like a fairy tale come true. I will try to explore next time, I want to see the mosaic mural. I heard that this castle has a tile inside which is made of real 14-karat gold. I am also curious to see the mural which contain one million pieces of glass in approximately 500 different colors. It would be awesome to see this huh?For our last visit, I only explore the entrance and the surrounding area. Here, I saw the fairy god mother. Do you know her name?

Discount Dental Plan

Insurance is expensive especially when one is not employed. In the family, dental protection is just one of the most valued plans that sometimes taken for granted. It is alright if we have employers to pay part of the premiums but if we don't, it is truly a big burden. Does family has option?

Ameriplan is a discount medical and dental plan which is an alternative to insurance. Remember, this is not insurance. If you can't afford to pay insurance in monthly basis, you have the option to just get a discount card. When you have a discount dental plan, you will save up to 65% on restorative and cosmetic dental work. For more information, you can click the link and visit the Website today.

Whatever plan you choose, this company provides discount for medical services at certain health care providers. When you need medical services and have no insurance, you pay for the full price and it's very expensive. But when you have Ameriplan, you will get discounts up to 80% so; this is really a big help.

Now, if you need dental services too often and don't have insurance, you might as well get a discount for every visit. That way, you can save something than nothing at all. Visit the Website today and make a plan for your family.

A Glimpse of the Air Force One

When Air Force One landed at the back area of the airport along Tradeport Drive, I asked my husband that we should go there so I could take pictures of the Air Force One. Too bad, the plane was parked behind the buildings. There were few presidential guards who told us that the President will not come in this entrance. I took a snap and zoom it in then, we went few blocks away to see the arrival of the President coming from Magic Kingdom where he gave a speech.No matter where I go, this is the only best spot to get a good picture of the Air Force One, LOL. Maybe next time, I can take a good shot!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

President's Visit in Orlando

January 19 2012- When we went to Tradeport Drive, we saw less than 10 people gathered around to see the Air Force One. They asked if President Obama would use the gate where we are as entrance towards the plane. The Presidential guards told them that they do not know.We saw some of the traffic enforcers are waiting few blocks away . It was set as the gate where the President can use as entrance to the airport. President Obama visited Disney World in January 19, 2012 making him the fourth sitting President who came to Disney Theme Park. He made a speech announcement on tourism which runs for 15 minutes.For 15 minutes speech at Magic Kingdom, President Obama was back to the airport. There were hundreds of traffic enforcers in motorcycles helped pacify the traffic from Disney to the airport.

Equestrian Products in New York

Just few days ago, I was watching a TV show about unique property and one property is truly amazing. It is a 300+ acres property showcasing different parts of the area that cater for expensive horses and people who loves horses. The place is beautiful and it is like an oasis. They showed the huge stables and the trail riding area. Each owner of the horses can enjoy horseback riding in a huge area for himself. The landscape is amazing and one could tell that the place is well-maintained.

High end places like that are rare but, if you love horses and lives in New York, you may find a great horseback riding in New York too. The magical world of horseback riding in New York City will be complete if you wear the best horseback riding boots and comfortable riding outwear.

Just visit Manhattan Saddlery, the place where you can buy everything that you needed for a great experience of horseback riding in NYC. This company is a one-stop shop for all your riding gear needs. You can also order online and if you purchase items worth $200 or more, you will get free shipping. Before you plan your horseback riding itinerary, pick up your favorite equestrian products on this Website first. Have fun and enjoy your horseback riding this summer!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Call for Help

It's been 3 months since the tropical cyclone caused damage in the Philippines. Storm Washi was a late-season tropical cyclone and it made landfall on December 16 bringing a massive destruction along the riverside areas. Cagayan de Oro City was hit hard, hundreds are dead and hundreds are missing, and feared to have died. My aunt's family and all the neighbors were among the survivors. After three months, some of the houses in their neighborhood are still in ruin. If you have relatives and friends, check on them. They might need your help.My aunt and her family went back to their house two months ago and they tried to get back on their feet. They are okay and I hope, you too would check your family and friends back home. If you are a stranger and wanted to help, leave a message and I can give you a name which you can direct your help to them.

MBA Study at Southern New Hampshire University

Some people do not settle for a college diploma so; they continue their studies to earn a master's degree. Time is the essence for this type of individual because they are already working but, wanted to gain more knowledge so; studying an online MBA is preferable.

The Southern New Hampshire University offers Online MBA which is designed for highly established professionals. They offer financial aid packages and low cost option so; everyone who aspires to finish a master's degree will be given equal opportunity. If you just graduated and wanted to pursue a master's degree and hoping to strengthen your career potential, check out SNHU. Enroll an online MBA and enhance your business skills so; you can increase your career possibilities.

They offer MBA courses and by taking the program you will master the practical and theoretical applications. These are important factors which a person aiming for higher knowledge on their chosen career becomes well-rounded. If you enroll in SNHU's online MBA courses, you will have the flexibility and affordability that suits to your lifestyle and budget. All courses are offered year-round and on campus such as Manchester, Portsmouth, Salem, Brunswick, Maine and more. If you have problems with GMAT or GRE, it's not a pre-requisite. Visit the link below for more information:

online mba

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Bay in Saint Augustine

I took this picture while we visited Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine, Florida. The Bay is very beautiful especially during sunset. Hubby and I sat for little while enjoying the cool breeze and feasting the awesome scenery.
We are planning to visit Saint Augustine anytime soon.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

American Idol's Gentle Giant Jermaine Jones Disqualified in the Show

According to the "hush-hush" today, no one can save the American Idol's gentle giant Jermaine Jones, not the judges nor the voting the public. He is disqualified after his grim criminal past started to surfaced on the news. He lied to the producers of the show and he did not disclosed his criminal past. Huge reasons for disqualification. Let us see what will happen tonight. If one Idol will be out, one will be called "you are in" right?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Filipino Talent Cheesa Laureta of The Voice

Here is another Filipino talent that we need to support Cheesa Laureta. She sang "When I was A Boy" during the blind audition for The Voice Season 2. Cee Lo Green was the only judge who pressed the button right at the last few seconds of the song. Cee Lo did the right thing!

On Battle Round, the chosen talents will compete against each other. For Cee Loo's team, he paired Angie Johnson and Cheesa Laureta to sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Guess what? Cee Lo chose Cheesa Laureta. Hoping she will get through to the finals.
Cee Lo's Battle Round winners: Cheesa Laureta (Angie Johnson), Jamar Rogers (Jamie Lono), Juliet Simms (Sarah Simms) for Week 1 and 2.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Splash Mountain at Frontierland in Disney World

We went back to Disney World last Thursday to accompany our friend. She wanted to hang out with us in Disney so; she bought a yearly pass ticket too. We parked at Magic Kingdom parking lot in the Heroes area, we took the tram and then, she claim her pass at the ticket area. We took the monorail to Magic Kingdom and we just stay there for two hours just walking around.I took these pictures to show you the Splash Mountain attraction which is located in Frontierland. Other attractions that you will find in this area are the following: Walt Disney World Railroad, Big Thunder Mountain railroad, Tom Sawyer Island, and Country Bear Jamboree. If you love thrills, you will enjoy this ride. I hate fast rides LOL but, when my niece came to visit Disney a week before, she encouraged me to ride so, I did! I didn't know what to expect but, listen...I enjoyed it.Just expect to plummet into dark caves and tumble over gentle waterfalls. I thought that was it, maybe two or three gentle drop then, we plummet over the mountain peak on a 5-story (52.5 feet) fall that ends in a massive splashdown into the refreshing pond. After the ultimate plunge, drift past more southern critters aboard a lively Mississippi riverboat. It was fun because you can sing along with the songs played as you ride. It makes all tensions gone, the ride was entertaining but, the big drop is terrifying but since it was short, it was not bad for riders like me.The line is long so; get the fast pass ahead of time if you want to take this ride. I was happy that I took the ride. I was alright and surprisingly, I was not sick at all.If you want fast rides take Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, and Astro Orbiter. My favorite rides are the following: Tomorrowland Speedway, Transit authority People Mover, Haunted Mansion, Liberty Square Riverboat, Disney World Railroad, Jungle Cruise, and Pirates of the Caribbean. See you at Disney World!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts

I was reading an article a week ago about parenting advice. It is very interesting especially for new moms who struggle in choosing the right baby gear to buy, the healthy products to use, how to handle kids tantrums and more.

My sister told me that her pretty daughter is already showing her own preference when it comes to clothes to wear. They ordered a costume to wear for an activity and the little princess doesn't like one of the accessories that come with it. She has grown up fast and that's a good sign that she is smart and she has her own choice of fashion.

Anyway, my friend and I went to a baby clothing store to shop for a baby blanket and sleep wear. There is a baby shower coming up and the mom-to-be requested for sleep wear and loves receiving blanket as a gift. It is nice to give gifts to someone who needed the product. Since she requested what gifts she wants, shopping is easy because I know what to buy for her. I choose light pink and light yellow colors which are the favorite colors of mom-to be. We are all excited for the baby shower this Sunday.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Idol: I Voted for Jessica Sanchez

Standing ovation by the 3 judges! "Jessica Sanchez is legit!" says, Randy Jackson! I couldn't help but smile! I have the reason to watch the American Idol 2012! When judge Steven Tyler was asked by Ryan Seacrest on who got the stand out performance for the night, he mentioned Jessica Sanchez first and the second....Jessica Sanchez! If you missed the #AI episode few hours ago, here she is, singing "I Will Always Love You", "one of the hardest songs in the world to sing", says Randy:
"You, not only the best vocal of the night but, I think you are one of the best singers in this whole competition! Oh my GOD! of the best talents in the whole country...", words spoken by Randy Jackson. Jennifer Lopez was speechless and Steven Tyler said, "You may be the one!"

She is in the Top 13 of American Idol and if YOU will vote for her, she could win in this competition! Her mother is a Filipino from Bataan and her father is Mexican-American hailed from Texas. I am hoping that her confidence on stage will always be like what she had tonight. I will pray that she can always deliver a 100% performance every episode. I wish that she will win the American Idol 2012 but, if she is not destined, I am always proud of her! Mabuhay ka Kababayan!

Where to Find Technical Translators

I was watching the news an hour ago and saw a segment that numerous companies are hiring people for technical jobs. Wow! If I could only turn back the time, I would take the IT course. In this generation that we have right now, graduate in IT's are in demand. They are the smart people in the technical world. Just the other day, our phone quit working for no apparent reason. We called the phone company and we were directed to the person in-charge for technical issues. When my husband explained the sound emanating from the phone, the representative knows the problem right away! With few touches in his computer, the dial tone of our phone came back to life! How cool is that?

Our generation needs IT experts and technical translators because without them, we will be in limbo when technical problem arises. They know what to do and they can translate technical documents. The numbers and codes are the forte of technical translation service. If you are looking for a technical translation agency, you might check out the links here. The head quarter of this technical translation company is in London. But, if you visit the Website, they have phone numbers listed or you can email them directly if you have questions. Go check it out!

Planting Vegetables in Pots

Oh! Look at the tomatoes! Two weeks ago, we bought 4 flower-bearing tomatoes and for few days, it's getting bigger. I think hubby misses his dad. We went to Walmart two weeks ago and started looking for tomatoes and bokchoy plants. He bought a good size containers, potting soil and every day, he water the plants. As I look at the pots today, oh the bokchoy has grown and so healthy!In Mississippi, his father had a huge yard. We mow the lawn, plant some flowers and grow vegetables at the back area of the house.The three of us loves gardening. In fact, I have written and shared some photos of our daily garden activities in this blog. When he died, the family sold the property. But, last month when we visited Mississippi for Mardi Gras, we drove to the street and look at the house. We missed him!We have a Florida room which is a screened-porch and hubby allotted one corner for his gardening. I remember the last time, he was able to harvest tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and yellow squash. At least, he got something to do here too.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life is Great

I have a niece back home and she is 3 years old. Her parents were discussing about sending her to school. But, private schools are expensive for parents with minimum wage earnings. Probably they will wait for nursery. I talked to my mother last night that is why I know about it. Education is really important and I am happy that my cousins are considering the thought of early schooling for their daughter.My mother is a single parent working in one of the movie theaters in our city. As far as I remember, I grew up playing in the facade of the movie theater like the picture above. Since it was located along the busy streets, I would sit in one corner or at the bottom of the stairs with a book on my lap and just copy the plate number of the passing motor vehicles. That's how I learn Math LOL. I learn to count money when I helped my mother in the canteen of the movie theater. You know how busy it is when people buys snacks after every movie right? Well, during those years, the movie has a double.

Anyway, it's nice to remember the memories of our younger days. I enrolled for first grade skipping the nursery and kindergarten. I had no problem with writing and reading. I am an average student. Between my brother and I, he is the intelligent. He always got medals. My mother and I were laughing the whole time when we recall those days. She remember that I love wearing shorts and T-shirts, that I cry all the time when I have my haircut, and that I hated wearing dress. Our life is hard and we struggled to meet ends meet but, my mother managed to send us to school. In fact, to a university. Both my brother and I were able to finish college and we have a degree from a prestigious school in the country! Life is great because God is good to us and we rely on Him the whole time.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Get Organize with Clipix

Have you heard about clipix? I just signed up today after watching the video below. It is a good tool to use because I can organize my photos according to the subjects that I want. What I love about this tool is that I can customize it easy. It's very convenient and the functionality works on my side.

Here's the clipboard that I made just few minutes ago. I have vacation photos and interesting pictures that I added quotes in it.  I also have products that I plan to buy for my family and photos of nature. Of course, I will be adding more photos later and I will share it to some selected friends. I really love this tool because I can always go back to the clipboard and it's easy to find. I always look for nice pictures that I use for blogging and with Clipix, it makes my work done so easy. 

 I hope you will try it yourselves. You can always create a new category and it all depends upon how you organize your Clipix tool. If you own an iPhone, download the Clipix app and use it anywhere you go. I already customize my clipboards and I am adding more category such as nature trips and food stuffs. I can share my Clipix to my friends or make it private, how cool is that? Click the link and sign up for Clipix today. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts about it. I would love to read your comments.

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Star Tours Attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Star Tours is located at the Backlot area in Disney World's Hollywood Studios. I was already trying to detour when I saw this warning sign. But, I was curious so, Hubby and I went in to try this ride. If you have health problems, you should not try this. I have slight motion sickness so, this ride bothers me. I was able to pull it through but, I closed my eyes the whole time LOL. If you like adrenalin rush rides, this is for you!The picture below is C-3PO, a Human Cyborg Relations that assists the passengers for the Star Tours Space lines.This attraction is always jam-packed so; if you are caught with a 30-minute wait time, just take the fast pass and come back on the time stated in the pass then, you'll get through right away. It saves you time.Here we are heading to the gate of Star Tours boarding gate.If you are at the gate and decided to skip the ride, ask the Disney cast assistance and you will be directed to the exit.My husband loves the ride and he wanted to do it again. This ride did not bother me because it is a simulator so turbulent though. The 3D screen bothers my eyes. It glides among the trees, to a desert sand, lakes and even a city planet. It's really crazy LOL!

Cool Baby Hats as a Birthday Gift

Two days ago, my husband and I went shopping to buy birthday gifts for our niece. She loves receiving clothing gifts and not interested with toys because she had plenty. She particularly requested shoes, belts, baby hats and clips. Oh, she is an adorable three years old who just loves toddler hat. She had cool baby hats with knitted and crochet designs. I like the big flower design which she wore when we met at the park a week ago. It's spring time soon so, we are looking for a hat that she could wear next month.

It's amazing that children can say what they really want to have which is really good. Sometimes, parents are the ones asking for what kind of gifts they want their kids to have. But, with my niece she was telling us upfront so; how can we say no to her right?

I was checking online and I had seen a lot of beautiful designs. We already bought one hat for her but; we are thinking to add another item. Her birthday will be on Sunday so; it will get to her just in time. It's a good birthday gift considering it's really affordable compared to other items so; we are happy and the birthday girl is too.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Test Track Ride Experience at Epcot Disney World

I am not afraid of heights and speed but, I hate the rides with a sudden drop! I will definitely get sick after taking any fast rides. But last week, it's hard to say no to my niece. She successfully convinced me to ride the Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom and last Friday, she again used her wit and charm.Upon reading this warning sign, I was already looking for an exit door, LOL!The car is machine operated and it can accommodate 6 passengers. We were seated at the back and our niece sits at the middle. This attraction is one of the longest and fast rides of Disney. It undergoes safety and quality tests the way General Motors performs. I love this ride so far and luckily, I never sick after, Yayyy...that's accomplishment for me. Disney takes pictures of all the passengers to capture the thrilling moment. Below is our picture on the monitor but, it's not clear as I took a photo using my phone.The picture below is the Industrial design of the interior of Test Track Attraction. Waiting line is long but, it's worth the wait.Test Track is a thrilling ride which ascend in steep terrain, sometimes loose downhill, zooming across the bumpy road, roaring 50-degrees bank curve, and at the speed only max out 60 mi/hr. So far, this ride is extreme but, I manage to ride in it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mickey Mouse Playing the Soccer Ball Tattoo

Miss E wanted a temporary tattoo on her arm so; she chose the Mickey playing the soccer ball. She is a soccer ball player in her school so; she was so delighted to see this.It's about $6 and she likes it. Then, she bought a Goofy hat and found the character in the park. Her mom took a picture of her and Goofy.
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