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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Life and Classroom Memories

I talked to Gerjun, a former pupil yesterday and all I had was good memories of him and his classmates. (PHOTOGRAPHER: VERN HOMONLAY OF XU LIBRARY)
I worked in the university library during my college days(photo). Because of the working scholar opportunity, I was able to finish my college and earned my degree in one of the best schools in my country. I was raised by a single mom who inspired me to reach out my dreams. It was always the goal of my mother to have me and my brother finished a good education and earn a Degree. LIFE was TOUGH! It was a milestone which hardships made me become a better person. My mother is a blessing and I owe everything I AM from her. My life is an open book to all my pupils for twelve years. An open book with great hope that they will be inspired of what I had been and what I would become.

Talking to him brings back memories, the good memories in the classroom. He was a bubbly child, artistic, jolly, friendly and his classmates adored him. He was very studious and he always comes to class ready with assignments (afraid of angry teacher amy, hehehe). He loves to learn and a very inquistive as a child. He loves dancing, singing and giggles a lot hahaha.

We talked about him and his classmates. It was amazing that on his batch, some survived to go to college. As their teacher, it was a fulfillment knowing that my pupils gave importance to education. He is presently in College taking up IT course. He told me that Joseph, the first honor of that batch is studying in Xavier University, my beloved alma mater. Life is Great!

Yeah, it reminded me that I am not young anymore! My first grade pupils were grown ups and now in college...wohoooo! LOL!

Friday, October 22, 2010

International Outsourcing Summit

Have you ever wondered how innovations especially in engineering and technologies brought each country compete globally? What's the technique to reach out even more showcasing the skills and business excellence aiming global competence? The International Outsourcing Summit which will be held on October 26 and 27, 2010 in the Philippines is a summit which Global Market Leaders will address Global Issues to determine the phase for the future's challenge in the industry. On this event, major issues about the industry and its role will be addressed as 300 top senior executives from 15 countries are expected to attend. For more information about this summit, just visit the Website by clicking one of the links provided here.
International Outsourcing Summit
With the success using Search Profile Index service, the outsourcing to the Philippines is a big event which BPO industry will be sharing insights and opportunities. This summit will bring the Philippines in the "fronline" being host of this prestigious gathering which will be held at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. It is undeniable that Philippines has the man power resource who are skilled in Information Technology who can tackle global competence. Having this summit will also showcase the excellent performance of Filipino workers thus, positive work opportunities is at its peak soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Squirrel is cute. This rodent belongs to the family of Sciuridae which includes tree squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks, marmots (including woodchucks), flying squirrels, and prairie dogs.This animal breed once or twice a year, and give birth after three to six weeks. The young are born naked, toothless, helpless, and blind. Ground dwelling squirrels are generally social animals that is why this particular squirrel is not afraid of me. It even poses fro me, LOL!It is living in well-developed colonies, but the tree-dwelling species are more solitary.
This is a ground squirrel who is not afraid of people definitely.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Decorating the House for Halloween

Written by my friend Judson Kelly:

Every fall my husband and I decorate or house for Halloween. The kids love to see all of the ghosts, pumpkins and witches floating around the living-room and kitchen. We always start with the living-room so we can watch scary movies on our satellite TV from Cob webs are a must for us in our home and we hang them in every possible corner in the room. After there hung we place little plastic spiders in the webs to make it look realistic. Other than the webs we have small plastic figurines that we place on shelves and tables. After the living-room is finished to perfection we move to the kitchen where we have the most fun. In this room we fill it full of candy bowls, carved pumpkins, bags of seeds, webs and spooky masks hanging on the wall. When the kids walk into our home on Halloween night we let them walk around and look at all the decorations we put up, along with picking out their favorite treats. Most kids go straight for the cupcakes and candy dishes, but the adults seem to enjoy the seeds very much!

Weird Amazing Designs

All around us, if we just take notice of every detail such as building designs, weird concepts and etcetera, we will appreciate more on how our human brain works! It is extremely fascinating! Here are just few of the pictures which I took as I travel. I took the pictures below as we travel from Louisiana to Florida.This is the same design as above in a distant caption. The robotic concept and has a lot of story to tell. This building design is famous all over the world because of the beautiful details which will continue to amazed everyone. If you visit Orlando, Florida do not forget to roam around International Drive and you will find this Upside Down Building Concept!
This is a store which you can visit here in Florida. The building concept is an Orange which is the main fruit produce in Florida. Clever concept and what's inside will continue to amazed you!Here's one building that will make you think that you are in Neverland, LOL! I love this magician concept, that is what I thought it is! What an inviting place to be inside and expect to find something magical!
Here is the most amazing concept! We were caught by surprise as this car pulled beside us in the middle of the traffic in Disney Area. I love all those stuffs on it especially the Disney Characters!
I hope you love these pictures! They are weird but, it works to it's purpose!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Phoenix Arizona Homes

We just bought a property a month ago! The price is so unreal but, we have it and we are so happy to own such a beautiful affordable condo. I would say, if you are looking to buy a house, don't hesitate! Go for it because this is a good time for the buyers! There are so many homes available right now which you can buy at reasonable price. If you are looking for a house in Arizona, just visit to view the listings of phoenix arizona homes. This Website represents not only the buyers but also the sellers. They have home foreclosures and short sales listing which you can view for FREE. Just register to access all the easy features in their Website. For more information, check the Website now!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Permanent Resident: International Travel

Here's what I gathered:

If you are a US GREEN CARD holder, married to an American and you want to travel abroad, you certainly have the right to do so. There is nothing to worry and it will never become a problem when you apply for Citizenship or Naturalization in the future. But, here's what you have to remember, do not travel for over 6 months and make sure your travel is Reasonable such as: Christmas vacation and you want to be with your family.

When you travel abroad, make sure you have all the important documents with you just to be in the safe side. Documents needed: PASSPORT, Unexpired GREEN CARD, Driver's License/ State ID, Marriage Contract, and other documents.

Center Rock Drill: Chilean Miners

What I have been doing for the last few days? SECRET, LOL! Anyway, I was watching the NEWS and did my TWEETS. If I have no blog update, scroll down and I am busy twittering too! I assumed that you also witnessed the LIVE Rescue of the 33 Chilean Miners on TV right? It was a HAPPY moment with history in the making scenarios. I tweeted most of the time! As the successful rescue unfolded, I was in great awe how flawless the rescue was. Thanks to the BRAINS behind the rescue.The drilling company who is responsible for the SUCCESS and Faster Rescue of the 33 Chilean Miners is CENTER ROCK, INC from BERLIN, Pennsylvania. More than 2,000 feet underground, 33 Chilean Miners were trapped for more than 69 days. Supposedly, it would take until Christmas to rescue the 33 Chilean gold and copper miners. But, thanks to the engineering innovations, the breakthrough came to reality as the first miner successfully rescued.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scott McGillivray

Do you watch HGTV Channel? You can relate to my weirdness LOL, in a good way of course. Back in the Philippines on my free time, I watch HGTV shows and Fox News. I love tools and I am fascinated of collecting the high end tools and dreaming to have a fancy working shed. Of course, nothing came true yet. I am in the Education field at this point of time. Back to HGTV, I am a big fan of the many HGTV celebrities, Scott McGillivray is one of them. Isn't he handsome, good looking carpenter? Oh Yeah :)!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photo Printing

We are new home owners and just move in four weeks ago. I am still trying to finish my projects in the office, hallway and living room. All cabinets and bookcases were put into respective places the way we want it to be. And just yesterday, I added a futon lounger in the office and I love it. The next project that I am trying to finish next week is the photo printing of my personal photos which I will add as a decor on the hallway. I made few personalize printing and more to go. I already did selected some of the pictures I took on the Bayou and the view of the Gulf Coast. I will hang them in the bare wall in the living room. I am actually in the process of selecting the best of the pictures that I took. I plan to enlarge them and cut it into 4 pcs. Put the four big frames together to make one big picture on the wall. My dilemma is to select which is the best picture. I already choose some family pictures to be added as photo decor on the hallway. That was easy because we have plenty. Since I do not have a long photo paper in the office, I will just order it. So far, I am preparing my album and did some editing. Next week, I will finalize and order it online. I really wanted to finish it on time and prepare myself for another project which is in ther Florida room.

Cool Weather

I love Florida and because it is the Sunshine State, the weather here is a scorcher most of the time. But, if the temperature goes down to 65 and below, that is my favorite days of the year. Today, we have a cool weather and it is the lowest record since 1979. Awesome! I took this picture outside and I just love the weather today.
The sun is actually shining but, the temperature is 58 degrees. I stayed in our Florida room, enjoyed a cup of hot choco and loving this cool weather.

Tire Chains

Are you looking for high quality tire chains to protect your vehicle? Get the best product which save you more money and provide you worry-FREE. Pewag Line is a popular brand that can handle heavy loads. It will not only protect your vehicle but also protects your family. This brand is made of nickel manganese chains which are mostly made in Austria. The assembly is also done in Austria, Czech, and USA therefore, quality and safety standard is never compromise. Chosen by most people who gives importance to the environment who hates massive carbon emissions.

Pewag Line is a trusted product which is good for those who support a clean and green environment.For more information about tire chains and outdoor gear products, visit the link provided here.

Inside Isle Casino and Hotel in Biloxi

Biloxi in Mississippi is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the beach, play the casino, dine to a sumptuous sea foods and explore the historical town. If you happen to be in town, visit The Isle of Capri Hotel and Casino. Here are some photos I took inside the hotel. This is a car display which you will see if you use the public parking garage as an entrance.

The picture below is the Buffet area where my hubby and I enjoy the all-you-can-eat breakfast, lunch and seafood dinner. Check this place and give a good tip to the servers, they are so courteous.

This is the huge women's bathroom and so far the best looking restroom in all the casinos in this town. A Filipino employee helps maintain the cleanliness of this area too. If you see her, give her a TIP for a GOOD JOB! As you can see, the design, fixtures and style is truly contemporary.
Below is their bar which is located at the main entrance and this is the first area that would greet your eyes, very elegant!
This is the marketplace where you can hang out and enjoy pizza , grilled foods and asian food.
The look of the inside entrance of the ISLE. On the left is the bar and the Starbucks on the opposite end.
Another photo of Tradewinds Marketplace inside the Isle. This area is a food court where you can relax if you want to stay away from the buzzing sound of the slot machines in the casino.
There are so many activities that you can do in Biloxi. But, make sure you will give it a day or two to stay in this hotel and enjoy the slot machines in the casino. Before I forget, EAT in their buffet on THURSDAYS.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Swamp Thing for Halloween

Guest post written by Rodger Hall.

My son didn't know what I was talking about when I called him Swamp Thing one night one day when he came stomping into the house covered in mud and wet grass from playing outside. Then he got obsessed with the idea of the monster and starting watching movies about it. So I told him that he should probably dress up as it for Halloween.

Well, it owuld be really easy to just get him to roll around in mud and grass again, but that would wreak havoc on the inside of my mini van when we go trick or treating. So I've been looking online with clear internet bundle to get some inspiration for putting together his costumes.

I have lots of ideas, like getting fake vines of leaves and twisting him up in it. I'm also going to paint some of his old clothes with mud-colored and slime colored paint so that it looks like he's been lurking around in a swamp without him smelling like it or getting swamp stuff everywhere. I think that a little face paint of about the same colors will make it perfect.

Simple Question

I never have the time to read a book for almost three years now. I know, it is not good and I blame myself for that. I got a call today from a friend who asked me a simple question. Her daughter is in fourth grade and have an assignment: What's the perimeter of a rectangle? I was like, uhmmm...LOL! I gave my best answer. BUT, I told her that I was confused as to what's the difference of perimeter and an area. Okay, I told her that I will call back and clarify that confusing differences. After my short research, I was glad that I did not forget the basics of mathematics. Afterall, the hardest answer is coming from the simplest question.

How to Dunk

I always love watching the latest advertisement on TV. Everytime there's an ad, I had this kick of admiration regarding the latest gadget and what's the trend when it comes to technology. Would it be nice to own the latest gadget with excellent features? Would it be nice to watch an NFL game on your cellphone? Of course, it would be great! It is handy and when you are not in the comfy of your home to watch it, you will not miss any game for sure. I love NBA games too. I use my cellphone or my netbook to look for the latest score of my favorite basketball team. I watch some videos in youtube on How to Dunk a ball as they exhibition in different throws. Having these gadgets while on the go made my life less boring. Real time news are just one tap of my finger and information is instant. Boring days don't exist when you have the latest gadget, right? We can play games and exercise at the same time at the comfort of our home too. We do not need to go out and exercise to become physically fit. We surely can sweat at home if we have the right gadget. Golf, baseball, and bowling are just few of the games that we can learn and enjoy playing at home. A good game that we can always play with our family creating a memory that could last a lifetime. Thanks to the wonderful technology and creative innovations these days.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Did I Miss?

Our friends here in Orlando asked me what did I miss in Mississippi. I answered truthfully that I can only name a few. Certainly not the food! While we live in Mississippi for 18 moths to be exact, me, my father-in-law and hubby loves to dine out A LOT! I miss the restaurants but, not the food coz, here in Orlando we have our favorite restaurants. Enough to satisfy our food cravings.
This view is what I will miss and I can't trade it for any places here in Orlando. Why? The view of the Gulf of Mexico was truly awesome!
I won't miss the marshland!LOL! But, I will miss the turtles in our backyard.
I will miss this casino, one of my favorite places to hang out and eat a good buffet.
This view is beyond comparison and that I will surely miss.
Ocean Springs, Mississippi is a gorgeous place to live because of this wonderful scenery by the beach. This is the view that I will truly miss.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hello everyone! Thanks for the effort of stopping by in my blogs. I know that my absence in blogging was totally the trend for more than a year. Much as I wanted to visit your blogs, TIME won't let me. I have so much to share but, all those were put aside for other priorities. I thought I could blog everyday and visit you everyday but, I can't find the time. I am so sorry that I can't visit you as much as I can. I was back to blogging for couple of weeks now. I visited some of your blogs too. Then, I had migraine which forced me to quit using my PC for two days. I had opportunities which I need to write and that's it. Can't even visit a single blog in a day. I miss those moments!
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