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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On Board The Norwegian Sky

First Day of the Cruise was truly fun especially for me because it was my first time. This is the Deck 11, the location of the poolside, Garden Buffet, Great Outdoor, Breaker's Bar, Longboard Bar, Outrigger Lounge, Fitness Center, Jacuzzis, Mandara Spa and Salon, Sauna and Steam Room and II Adagio Fine Dining. During this time, we are all checking the areas of the ship and find our way to the Garden Cafe' to eat.We were acquainted to the other guests and most of them are seasoned cruisers. They said that this Freestyle Cruising is the best. One: Norwegian has complimentary dining and that would mean: Guests can eat any time and anywhere to the main dining rooms, casual cafes', self-service buffets, or avail the room service and guests can have the "made-to-order" food available from 5AM to midnight, all for FREE! That is amazing! Guests do not have to pick the time when to eat and of course, you do not have to sit with the same people over and over again! During dining, the dress code is not strict even if you choose the fine dining. Resorts casual and shorts are allowed in all dining areas and venues but, wear your shoes and shirts though. Most of the guests are wearing formal dress in the fine dining, I suggest you have to wear that too. The ambiance is cozy and elegant, you might as well wear a formal attire.
In all honesty, you will never get hungry in a freestyle dining cruises of NCL. If in case you are hungry for food after midnight, you can have the room service and they charge only less than $4 and the food is FREE. Now, that will cost you money in other cruise ship.
The picture above is the Miami city. We sail away at exactly 5PM and the party continues at the poolside for the BBQ! Actually, the activities on the cruise ship started at 11:30AM while the ship was still embarking the guests. There were Sudoku and Crosswords at the Library, Basketball Open Play, Live Music at the Atrium, Kid's Corner is open too, Golf Driving Range for golf enthusiasts, live music at the poolside where we frequent. Guests were just checking really what's ahead of this cruising. Some attended the sky ship tour and listen to the shore excursion presentation. As for us, we just took a table on the Deck 11, eat and mingle with people. It was really interesting and fun.By 4:30 PM, everyone had to proceed to the Assembly Station for Mandatory Life Boat Drill. Our key card has a G name on it and that means we have to find the Station G. I noticed that guests were not taking the drill seriously. It took them a long time to gather the guests to their respective stations. It reminds me the situation of TITANIC where people wanted to be the first on the life boat. Since, this is only a drill few are paying attention. Well, I observe that on the plane too. Anyway, public areas were close and all guests were accounted for at the Assembly Station. If something happens, this life boat above us will be our refuge and it's big. It can accommodate 150 passengers. After the Mandatory Life Boat Drill, we head to the Fwd area of the ship and we stayed right here to watch the Miami City as we sail away. This is the Deck 12 of the Norwegian Sky. The party continues in every Deck of the cruise ship and yap, music is everywhere. It was a gloomy day and it drizzles a bit but, the fun and excitement was sky limit!

I Told You So

Guest written by our friend Trent Horton:

I’m only a hard day’s work away from a relaxing, exciting night with friends. I’ve paid the bills, researched Reliant Texas Electricity Provider for a better rate on our power (Matt’s gonna be so proud), and swept and mopped the floors. At 5PM today, we’re leaving to head to the fair in Houston for a night of fun with friends. Matt has been asking me for years to go – The Charlie Daniels Band is supposed to be playing and he’s obsessed. I have put it off and put it off, but now we actually have a free night while they’re here, so we’re grabbing our jackets and headin’ to the county fair! I grumped about it at first, but now and a little excited about funnel cakes, fried pies, cotton candy, and maybe a ferris wheel ride. That should probably happen before the fried pies, huh? And, if you won’t tell anyone, I’m slightly excited about seeing The Charlie Daniels Band, too. But let’s just keep that one between you and me. Matt’s reeeeeal good at “I told you so”.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Carnival Imagination

While we were in the Norwegian Sky waiting for our schedule to sail to Bahamas, Carnival Imagination started sailing away ahead of us. This ship is a Fantasy Cruise under Carnival Corporation and PLC. It travels to Western Carribean and the Bahamas for three to four days. Just like Norwegian Sky, Carnival Imagination is also registered in Bahamas as Port of Registry.We were having a safety drill when we saw this cruise ship sailing away to the Caribbean.The guests in this cruise ship will enjoy the amenities of the following: Dynasty Lounge, Curiosity Library, Mirage and Dream Bars, Pride and Spirit Dining Rooms, Shangri La, Vittorio's Cafe and Internet, Illusions Dance Club, Pinnacle Club, Xanadu Lounge, Horizon Bar & Grill and Club O2.This cruise ship has Piano Bar, Card Room, Verandah Deck, Lido Deck with Outdoor Main Pool Area.Their Dynasty Lounge can accomodate 1,200 guests and this ship also has a Midship Lounge.
This has 10 Decks, has a 920 crews and can accomodate more than 2K guests.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On the Cruise

Today, we arrived in Great Stirrup Cay and it is the second day of our cruising to Bahamas. We had a coffee at the Garden Buffet which is located at the 11th floor on the Aft-section of the ship. And, Ron’s daughter came and we all went to the Palace Fine Dining which is located at the Mid-section of the ship. On this area, guests had to wait to be seated which is really nice. Our server is a Filipino from Cebu and most of the workforce on this ship is Filipinos. We gave him extra tip because he was a good server. If the weather permits, we will go to transfer to a tender boat and transport us to the island of GSC. Excited! But, the waves are really big and the wind blows so strong. For safety Reulations, they can cancel this trip to Great Stirrup Cay anytime though. Fingers cross!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Norwegian Sky

The daughter of my husband with her boyfriend came from Spain. They have a month vacation to the US and they already went to New York and Mississippi. They spent 3 weeks with us. We have been planning to have a family cruise so; I checked on and found a last minute cruising to Bahamas.Of course, we booked for 4 days cruising to the Caribbean. The capacity of this cruise ship will be 2,002 with 13 Decks. 1999 was its first sail as Norwegian Sky then later, she was named Pride of Aloha and back to Norwegian Sky in 2008 up to the present. Okay, I am now excited! Wish us with a safe sailing everyone!

Halloween Eyeglasses

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Philippines Women's Sabre Fencing Team for SEA Games

Guest Post: Antonio Levy S. Ingles, Jr.,Ph.D.

Dear Friends,

God bless you more!

Please assist a Teacher-Athlete and her teammates in the SEA Games...

Lenita Reyes Otadoy, Joanna Franquelli and Jyllyn Nicanor (Philippines Women's Sabre Fencing Team) have been chosen to compete in the upcoming SEA Games in Jakarta, Indonesia by the Philippine Fencing Association on November 13-18, 2011.

To compete, they have to find sponsors, donors and patrons for their airfares, board and lodging and allowances (pocket money).

Although their training in China is all expense-paid through the Philippine Fencing Association this October, unfortunately there is no more enough budget to shoulder their expenses on the actual days of competition.

Each of them only needs Php 50,000 to pay for the above for their 10 day-stay in Jakarta. They are very much willing to put the company logo of the sponsors, donors and patrons in their uniforms.

Please support them by finding a company/individual to sponsor them. Please Support The Philippines Women's Sabre Fencing Team! Please Support Lenita Reyes Otadoy, Joanna Franquelli and Jyllyn Nicanor!

Professor Reyes-Otadoy PE Faculty of University of the Philippines (and my colleague here at De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde) was recognized as an Outstanding Athlete for bringing honor and glory to the country which she represented in various local and international tournaments and by winning several awards.

Professor Reyes-Otadoy won the Silver Medal in the Annual Dayrit Cup Fencing Championships on June 19, 2009 and the Gold Medal in the same tournament in 2008. She also organized the UP Sabre Fencing Varsity Team which finally won the gold in UAAP.


With great respect,

Antonio Levy S. Ingles, Jr.,Ph.D.
Mobile Phone: (632) 09178661006

Note from Amiableamy: Please support the good cause of this group.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Greencard

I got my 10 year greencard a week ago! Yayyy! Six months ago, I went to the USCIS to have my fingerprint and picture taken. Then according to my notice, I had to wait six months for the decision. Did you know that I really waited exactly six months?I applied for Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence in short, I used form I-751. Since I live in Florida, my service center should be in Vermont and the processing time is 6 months. As of today, the fee for this application is $590. If you are planning to apply for I-751, you can do it by following the instructions in USCIS.GOV. It is not complicated. Make sure that you insert the needed requirements, correct payments, sent all the needed proofs, and able to write legibly. Make sure also that you read the instructions carefully. Proof read and re-check your papers. Everything will turn out okay. You do not need to pay a lawyer to do all these stuff! But, if you prefer to have a lawyer, that is your prerogative. Either way, as long as all the documents are true and correct, approval is a positive end result! Good Luck everyone!

Making A Resume

I really need to update my resume because the last time I used it was two years ago. How to Write a Resume is not a problem for me but, I wanted to make a new design in a new template using the Resume Builder. This Website is a good resource for making an impressive resume. They even have sample resume according to the kind of career you want to apply such as Education, Accounting, Human Resources and many more. I have to check it out again and make my new resume this week.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs Dead at 56

My friend died of cancer a week ago at the age of 41. She is just an ordinary person, a teacher by profession and has full of life. In comparison, the Apple co-founder and Chairman, Steve Jobs, famous and the great innovator in this generation, died of cancer at 56. I heard on the news that he was the 42nd richest man in the US and yet, money cannot save him. Scientists still have to find the cure of cancer. Money, can buy the things that make us happy but money, cannot buy good health. Once we are dead, we are gone forever. Cancer is not just one disease but, more than a 100 different types and mostly, it is named after the organ. Cancer is a disease that continues to haunt the living if we cannot find the cure to stop it. We are all vulnerable and no matter how careful we are, cancer will just sprout and before we know it, we are already dying. Of course, life will be stretched a little longer if we have the money to spend for treatments. If we pray harder, there will be miracles and we will be cancer-free. A month ago, we have a friend who died of lung cancer and she never smoke. Cancer can be a genetic cause but, the most alarming is the environmental factor. Well, as long as we live happy, eat fruits and vegetables, do the exercise and choose a healthy lifestyle, we can only hope that we will live healthy until we die of old age. How is that sound?

An Advertising Business

My husband and I have been discussing on opening a new business. We have a notary and rental income business but, with the economic crisis in the country right now, the latter is better. The notary on the other hand is slow maybe because we have so many competitors in the area. But, my sister wants to build her own business too. An Advertising Agency is what she has in mind because she is a people-person. She is good at planning, expert in the arts and graphics, and she knows a lot of people engaged in business. Now, you may ask where she got this idea when she has been enslaving herself as a home-maker for so long. She had been doing her own research, watched videos and those videos gave her inspiration.

She told me to watch this specific video and watch it from the advertising agency website that she recommended. It truly gives me an idea that running advertising agencies can be demanding but, it can also be a lucrative business. If the clients are happy, the advertising agency will reach the mark. I believe that happy clients will turn in happier prospects and the cycle goes on. It is a spiral of overflowing clientele. If that is the turn out of the business then, that can be translated into more income. That is the goal of my sister and she can do the business at home too. If her creative juices would flow well, the family will be proud of her, and we will support her dreams.

Isle in Biloxi

When we had our vacation in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, we are so excited to visit the restaurants and the buffet in the area as well as do the casino hopping. There are at least 9 casinos in Biloxi which is just 5 minutes from Ocean Springs. The pictures below were taken at the ISLE hotel and casino. Cruising the Coast is actually scheduled this week. Participants from all over the state travel to the Gulf Coast and display their vintage cars on the highway. You will be blown away with how That maybe the reason why Woodie, the car below was moved to the main lobby of the Isle Casino. Hmmm...just maybe. Supposedly, this car was displayed in the garage entrance but they move it.
It was a beautiful day an hour earlier but, look at the weather. It was so windy and it looks like a big storm!
You guess it right, that's water flooded the entrance of the hotel.
This is the left side of the lobby and those people were heading out towards the garage.
That is the bar at the entrance of the Isle. This is a good place to watch the NFL games and on the left side is the casino.
Rainy afternoon and so breezy! It is a passing storm and after an hour, the sun shines so brightly again.

Elegant Suits of Women

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Farewell Jena

If someone would ask me if I die today, would I be ready? I would surely answer; I am not ready to die! That is human nature and it holds true to most of us! There is so much in life that we hang on, there is so much to accomplish and most of all, we worry too much of our family that we will leave behind.

If only we have the chance to choose between life and death, we would surely choose life! But when death comes, we cannot ask for another day. It will be the end! No one can vouch us for another week or two. Only God knows when and how we die, and we are all subject to follow our fate. And I, embrace that truth! Our body is sacred and as long as we breathe life in every minute of the day, no matter how tired we are and no matter how terrible our days went by, we owe this gift from the Ultimate Creator of Life.Jena was my co-teacher for 12 years. We taught the first grade and when I was assigned in that school, she was already there making her name to the community. I would say she had the best classroom in the first grade level. Her room was organized, clean and the students were well-behaved. When you need visual aids, she would share what she has and she was a good mentor too.

Jena was a very resourceful person. Most of the time, we were the last person to go home because we had to set the classroom for the class on the next day. When I had to finish something and it's already dark and no one is around the school campus, she would wait for me. Yap! She would keep me company and I can remember vividly that she was there with me the whole time. She lives nearby the school so, there is no rush for her to go home. It was a nice gesture, right?

We talk about everything: school, family, kids, life, love, little naughty secrets and yes, she can keep secrets. As a friend and as a person, she was loved by many and a well-respected teacher in the school and the community. Like you and me, she was neither a perfect friend nor a perfect teacher. Others may despise her, like you and me. No matter how we tried to be a good person, we cannot please everybody. She was the kind of person who stand firm on her ground. She was a very career-oriented and very motivated person. She was full of life, and she respects other people. And at the age of 41, she died of cancer. Rest in Peace Jen.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Good Token

Happy Teacher's Day! All over the world, schools are celebrating teacher's day as a day to boost the morale of every teacher in the force. School administration and student body prepare gifts in the form of tokens like mugs, lapel pins, fruit baskets, good bags and t-shirts. Somehow, school administration also goes for the awarding of best teachers and giving of plaques. Students shower their favored teacher or teachers with lots of greetings and tokens too. The little ones would make cards and color them according to their desired combination, and hand them to the teacher with a newly picked flower to match. Such a sweet thought! Such actions can be missed altogether, especially if one has stopped or temporarily moved in a different career path.

Anyway, I met this guy some time ago and he was actually looking for the best tokens for his employees. He has this special company with five employees and staff. In a way, they are also basically linked with the education system as they provide tutorials. And they are celebrating their anniversary so he wants a really nice token for each of his admirable work force. And I sort of told him that awarding a lapel pin is much better because that way, he will get to pin it on every employee and they will get to wear them even after that awarding ceremony.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs: the Creative Genius

He gave us the Pixar, Toy Story, Wall-e and Finding Nemo! He is larger than life. He was a successful innovator and the biggest shareholder of Disney so far. All of us, in one way or another benefit the luxury of using the technology invented by Steve Jobs. When we say iPod in 2001, iTunes in 2003, iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010, these awesome products boils down to one name- Steve Jobs. He is the 42nd wealthiest American and the chairman of Apple.

He is a Buddhist, a father to 4 and at 56, he died (October 5) losing the battle of pancreatic cancer.

When You Need the Cash Advance

Who would you run to when you need money? Usually, we asked help from our friends and family, right? If we lack the financial resources at a given time, cash advance lenders are willing to give us a helping hand. Well, that is quite right as long as we are capable of paying, right? There are so many financial institutions that offer help for student loans which are granted and shall be paid when the student is able to do so.

When we are at work, there are cash advances and loans available for employees and the payment is staggered. Most lenders offer a consolidated loan so that, instead of paying multiple loans at different rates and at different monthly due dates, one enjoys just one fixed rate at one specific due date. The best lender of all is the company such as the cash store which is very convenient to approach with. To apply for cash advance, title loans and installment loans, the approval is fast. When you are in need of money, you can apply online and get your money on the same day when you visit the store in your area. Are you in need of cash advance loan right now? Check out the Website today!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fort Walton Beach View

We were driving down the scenic route from Mississippi towards Florida and before sunset, we arrive in Fort Walton Area. We decided to stop and booked a night stay in one of the hotels facing the Gulf. The picture below is my husband. The beach of Fort Walton is so calm at early morning. The white sand and the landscape down below our hotel is truly amazing!Because I had a migraine on this day, I did not go to the beach area. We might come here again next time and spend a night or two. This is truly a beautiful place to unwind and have a good vacation.
Well, you can see that the water is really inviting, the sand is crystal white and the area is so clean.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I Feel Richer When I Switch to Straight Talk

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When you save money because you cut the budget from your phone bills, you feel richer every minute! That's what I am hoping to get when I switch my phone to Android on Straight Talk. I can Call a friend using my smart phone thru the Straight Talk International Long Distance Service. This company has a flexible prepaid calling service which is so convenient. The activation and reactivation is free as well as the termination fees so; when you have the Straight Talk Phone, you can use it right away. Hook, line and sinker with Straight Talk phones and enjoy the unlimited monthly service for only $45. If you get the "All You Need Plan", you will enjoy the 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, and 30MB data of Web access.

Check out the reviews of the real Straight Talk customers and how happy they were with the switch to Straight Talk. There is no contract, no hidden charges and no credit checks when you want the Straight Talk line. Make the switch today and end that high phone bill misery!

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