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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parade at Disney World's Hollywood Studios

Disney World is located in Florida while Disney land is in California. That's just an FYI. Yesterday, I went to Disney World's Hollywood Studios to meet my nieces from Mississippi. Here are some of the photos that I took during the parade in the afternoon.These character's are the Pixar pals. That's Heimlich (above), the caterpillar .Remember the movie Bugs Life? Some of the characters participated the Countdown to Fun Parade. Flik was there, Hopper, Slim the walking stick, and all the cast of P.T Fleas Circus Troupe.This child danced along the whole time. Oh how I wish my family back home with my nieces and nephew are here with me. It would be fun.If you want to see more photos of the parade, visit my blog everyday. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Deadly Shooting at Chardon High School

The peaceful city of Chardon Ohio was devastated today by a deadly shooting inside Chardon High School. Five students were shot, one died and 4 were in the hospital treated with gunshot wounds. The gunman is a minor and believed to be a bullied outcast student. He was arrested right after the shooting incident and was identified by abcnews as T.J. Lane. The students in the cafeteria were shaken when the gunman opened fire to the group.

If T.J. Lane was fed up of being bullied, his action will never justify for whatever reason he had! So sad that his life will be wasted for nothing. His action will not prove anything.

My heart goes out to the parents who lost their son in untimely manner.

Bullying is a big problem in this country. I hope that this incident will served as a wake-up call for everybody.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Awesome Mardi Gras Parade in D'Iberville

When we moved to Mississippi, I was a lil bit sad. After few weeks, hubby and I were able to adjust the easy lifestyle of enjoying the beach, do fishing and crabbing. There are 8 casinos nearby and one activity that we love doing was dining in their restaurants. We hang out and hop each one almost everyday. I worked in one of the casinos too. There is no dull moment living in Mississippi. Each month there's always big activities happening down the Gulfcoast such as cruisin' the coast, mardi gras, 4th of July, and many other incredible festivals.Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana carry the Mardi Gras tradition like no other. It's a huge celebration. These photos were taken during the Morning Mardi Gras parade at D'Iberville. There are so many awesome krewes, amazing floats and tons of beautiful beads, yummy moon pies, and gorgeous stuff toys were thrown to the happy crowd.I was standing with the kids around me so, the Krewe's did not see me but them. I collected few nice beads for me this year and caught some ordinary beads as well.The parade lasted about 2 hours and we have full bag of beads after. If you watch the Mardi Gras parade and these men give you the paper flowers, you have to kiss them. I usually hide at the back of my hubby when they are around but, one guy approached and gave me the flower. A trick initiated by my husband and I got nowhere to escape. Well, it was fun. Our family were there with us and I admit, I will surely miss this type of activy since we are back for good in Orlando.

Cooking Rut

Content by Kyle Lowe:

I feel like I am in a cooking rut. We have the same 5 things over and over: chicken pot pie, pasta bake, meat loaf, pot roast, and chicken breasts. I am sick of those meals, and I know the rest of the family is. I have a couple of cookbooks, but I’m not too fond of them. My friend at church mentioned to me that she is a member of an online site where you plan a menu for every week based on what you like or want to try, and the program puts together a shopping list for you, and the recipes as well. They are sorted by days of the week, ingredients, etc. I think they even try to match recipes so you are using the same ingredients for multiple different recipes. I’d love to sign up for this, but first we have to get internet access at home. I’m going to check out what wild blue deals are going on right now, and see what we can get going at home.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hard Rock Buffet in Biloxi

This is Hard Rock in Biloxi, Mississippi, one of my favorite places to dine and hang out. When we live in Mississippi, I was also working on a night shift in one of the casinos in the area. I went home at 7AM so, cooking for breakfast was not my routine. We usually eat in the Palace or Beau Rivage for breakfast, I then took a nap, and wakes up for lunch at HardRock or the Isle. It's about 5 minutes drive from our home. Went home to take few hours of sleep after lunch then in the evening, we will have fine dining in one of the restaurants in the city. We eat out a lot! The food in the casino is always affordable.How affordable? If you visit HardRock every Wednesdays and Fridays before 6 PM, it's less than $9/person. It's a half price if you avail an early bird in other days. Food trip in Mississippi is totally great!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mermaid Fountain of Splash Movie in 1984 at Hollywood Studios

have you seen the movie Splash in 1984 starring Tom Hanks (Allen) and Darryl Hannah (Madison)? This fountain is her gift to Allen which is fabricated out of fiber glass and you can see it in displayed in Hollywood Studious in Disney WorldYou can check it out if you are heading to the Pixar area.You will not miss it. People sits here to relax after a tiring walk in Disney.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Comfy Room at the Isle of Biloxi Hotel

This is the ISLE of Biloxi Hotel.We arrived in Mississippi about 5 PM that Thursday and we checked in at the Isle of Biloxi Hotel. We are familiar of this hotel because this is the favorite casino of my father-in-law and for two consecutive years, I celebrated my birthday here. We love our room with the balcony area facing the Bay Bridge and the Bay of Biloxi. The room has two beds with working area and WiFi access.These are the comfortable queen beds in our room and the sheets are clean. Any guests would find this bed an oasis of relaxation after a long and tiring road trip.The room has coffee maker with free coffee packs, cable TV, hair dryer, iron with ironing board, and these: The coffee cups and coffee packs:Here's the hair dryer and the coffee maker:So far, we enjoyed our stay in the Isle Hotel and Casino. We did not play the slots yet but, we will find time before we leave. Anyway, if you plan to visit the Gulf Coast for any season, check out this place along Beach Boulevard in Biloxi Mississippi. Exciting and fun times awaits you and your company!

Mississippi Welcome Center

We traveled from Orlando at 6AM but, we made some few stops along the way. Our road trip to Mississippi was not that tiring. At noon time, I treat my husband to lunch at Ruby Tuesday along Marianna, Florida about 3 hours to to our destination. We just sit and enjoyed our meal for more than an hour then, back on the road. When we reached the Mississippi Welcome Center, hubby went inside for a free coffee. I stayed outside and took these pictures. I did not noticed these wood carvings last September.I thought these wood carvings are newly added feature to this area. There were 3 dead trees that I saw with carvings of known birds in the Gulf coast. I thought this is really clever of them to add this attraction. During the Katrina in 2005, there were a lot of Oak trees toppled down by the hurricane. Some talented wood carvers shared their talents to use the dead trees as art pieces. These trees becomes an attraction along the Gulf Coast area. Here is the zoom in of one of the carvings. The details are miticulous. Stop by in Mississippi Welcome Center and you will see this amazing artwork.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue Angels Decor in Pensacola Bridge

I am always fascinated to see the Blue Angels decor under this bridge. Blue Angels are famous especially here in Pensacola, it's headquarter. Blue Angels are the oldest formal flying aerobatic team in the US. My cousin told me that the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels are scheduled to perform 69 demonstrations at 35 locations for the year 2012.This year will be a special season as they commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812. This year is also a celebration of 100 years of Marine Aviation.
It is my wish to see the live airshows but, everyone looks forward for this event every year. Finding a parking space is hard. Hubby and I tried to see it one time as we drove to the destination but, we went home so frustrated. We can't find a parking space so, we only see it in a distance. Well, maybe someday I will see it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sending Postcards to a Friend

A friend blogger from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines was asking for Postcards in exchange of free links to her Websites. I bought these beautiful postcards for her and will be sending these any time soon.I have been to these places and I thought of sharing these postcards to her.These are the maps of the states of Alabama and Florida. I will be sending her the Mississippi and Bahamas postcards too. Do you want me to send you a postcard from these places? Send me a private message in the comment section and I will send you one.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day One by Franklin Covey Laptop Tote

On Thursday, we will travel to Biloxi Mississippi to see the Mardi Gras parades of two places. There will be a night parade on Friday and the other one on Sunday afternoon. This is also a business trip because I will be working online and blog about the events. When I travel, I usually bring my working PC, my iPad2 and my Netbook. I need a computer tote bag that will fit my 15.6 PC and found this.I love it! It has so many compartments that I can use for my cellphone, camera, chargers, and both iPad and Netbook. This tote bag is just perfect for all my gadgets! Anyway, my hubby and I were able to book a car rental despite the Daytona 500 activity here in Florida. We do not want to put more mileage to our car and though we have Roadside Assistance, it is still safe to rent a car for road trips. We were able to booked an SUV for comfort, the Ford Escape.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My First International Flight

I was alone on my first travel to the US and it was my first flight for International. I was excited and I was confident that I can go through everything without a problem. I entered the US legally via Guam and it was a surreal experience. I did my fingerprint and some simple interview and off I go to my next flight to Hawaii.The travel was tiring and all I did was sleep and eat on every flight. I love looking out the window and having a conversation to God. The most beautiful clouds I saw was up there. I adore the beauty of the earth as we approached the airport in Hawaii. It was a beautiful Island, looks like the Philippines but well organize streets and housing developments so close to nature. Our flight was late for 30 minutes because of baggage problems. The next flight was Houston and the delay made the local passengers mad but, they have to wait for us since we are 40 plus for that flight. Airport personnel guided us to a VIP passage so we can reach our gate faster. I was traveling for more than two days and was tired but my excitement never faded.The airport in Houston Texas was huge and if you can't follow directions, you will be lost inside the airport. Most people that I saw had to run to the gate for their connecting flight. I did too but, it was fun and thrilling just like the movies. I was relieved to have my final flight to the sunshine state. I arrived on time in Orlando where my husband and his friends were waiting for me at the gate. Yep, at the gate because most of them works in the airport. The milestone was exciting and I can only smile when I think about it. God bless you everyone.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inside the Festival Place at Nassau Bahamas

We were excited when we arrived early in Nassau, Bahamas that day. On board the Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship, I took these pictures on the 5th deck watching the activities of people at the port area. It was a glorious day and I found out that in terms of land area, Nassau (79.9 s mi) is smaller than Camiguin Island (91.9 sq mi) in the Philippines! The 360 scenic view at the Port of Nassau was truly gorgeous and breathtaking. The huge building at the far end is the world class and luxury resort known as Atlantis.The colorful Bahamian building that you see here is the Festival Place at the Port of Nassau. This is the welcome center where every questions of the tourists will be answered with the help of the travel guide booklet provided at the information area.
The place is clean and every corner shows the Bahamian culture through their decoration and accessories.
There were stalls displaying various Bahamian products which are very affordable.
I saw this space at the heart of Festival Place, looks like a stage with musical instruments on it decorated in happy and colorful Bahamian decors. Tourists stopped by and took a picture for souvenirs. On this spot, tourists and Filipino employees from the ship gathered here to take advantage of the FREE WiFi connection. I used it and the speed was pretty fast!
This information board is truly the best! Tourists will know the rates to a certain destination in the island of Nassau. We took the van to Paradise Island for $4 each, not bad huh? On our way back, we took the boat ride for $3/person.
There were affordable food display inside the Festival Place but, their customers were mostly locals. There is a bathroom and my husband told me it was very clean.
I would love to come to Nassau again and explore another destination of this island. If you think the WiFi rate on the ship is ridiculous, this place is heaven for providing a FREE Wifi for everyone.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work from Home Mom Tanya Davis Earns 6K to 8K a Month

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Long Nails are Easy to Maintain

When I run my fingers on my hair, something came off. When I checked it out, my dear long nail was separated from its momma, LOL. Yep, I am laughing but was sad at the same time. I hate to see my fingers with short nails yet, that will gonna happen now. It's ironic that when my nails are short, these will get so dirty easily. Anyway, the picture here is a little bit blurry because of the weak home lighting that I used. Sorry about that.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hands-on Activity for Children at Museo Pambata

The family of my brother had a 5-days vacation in Manila Philippines. They went to Museo Pambata and here is one hands-on activity which the kids participated.Museo Pambata has the following areas to explore: Old Manila, I Love my Planet Earth, Environment, Children in the Global Village, Marketplace, Career Options, and My Body Works.The kids doesn't like to go home after 5 days, LOL. They are staying in a superior room at Bayview Park Hotel Manila which is located at the front of US Embassy. Haven't been there? Bring your children and let them explore the discover some of the hands-on exhibits in this museum. Thanks for stopping by everyone.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Get Your Nexus S 4G or HTC EVO 3D Only at Sprint Now

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I was checking on my Sunday paper as well as online to get a good deal for the week. As expected, I saw some good deals and I wanted to share it to all of you especially when you are seeking for gadget deals! Check this out:
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Facebook_EVO 3D.jpg
HTC EVO™ 3D is the updated version of EVO 4G. Has 3.0 sense user interface and you can flip pages like a carousel. It has a twin 5 mega pixel camera at the back which can capture a still 2D and 3D photos and videos. When you open a line today, you will get a $49.99 online savings. Hurry! This is good for FOUR Days only so; visit the link and open a new line now!
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