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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Yamaha NeoHD Remote

Are you tired of using too many remote controls? When we bought the Wii game, my father-in-law wanted to play the bowling game. We taught him how to operate it but, it's confusing for him to switch from Wii to TV. Sometimes, he would come knocking to our bedroom door and inform us he could not switch on the TV after playing the game. He is 89 years old and that upsets him sometimes. If only he can use one remote control for TV and Wii, right?
Yamaha neoHD is the answer and a savior to this hassle. Visit and see the innovative device that simplifies our entertainment system. We can now use one remote or one on-screen interface and it's all we need for a complete control. No more frustrations on what remote control to use. No need to call your son to set the DVD or Wii game for you. This is what we benefit from technology right? With this neo-HD remote, the basic operation is never complicated and it is a family-friendly gadget. Do you desperately need this new neo-HD? Why? Please visit the Website now and avail the free shipping once you order. You can also get information on neo-HD on their Face book account.

Picture Taking

The back ground is the bridge that connects Biloxi and Ocean Springs in Mississippi in Highway 90. The pavement that I stand is called Point Cadette and this is not a road either. This is all that was left after Katrina. There was a Seafood Museum in here, GONE! There was also a big farmer's market here but was totally gone. That bridge is new, the old one was levelled to the sea. These are the concrete floors, all that remains.
Biloxi Schooner Pier Complex
Nice view if the weather is good.
Most of the time though, the beach here is always amazing.
....the Pier
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taking Souvenirs of the View

Here are some pictures which my husband took after we hang out from Hard Rock in highway 90 at Biloxi, Mississippi. The building at my back is the HardRock Hotel and Casino. I told my husband that we need to visit the Hurricane Katrina Memorial because the following days will be crowded.
Inside the glass, are memorabilia found everywhere after Katrina hit Biloxi,Mississippi on August 29, 2005. There are photos, decorations and just anything which the owner probably holds them especial. They can't locate the owner.
As I stood as high as this area, the height of the storm surge was totally way above that white wall.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remembering Hurricane Katrina of 2005

Today marks as the exact day that Hurricane Katrina struck the Mississippi area (2005). This is the Katrina Memorial in US Highway 90 in Biloxi, Mississippi. This place is being built for those who lost their lives during the hurricane. This spot has a 12 ft high water surge coming from the Gulf Coast. In the video below, you can view the street of US Highway 90 flooded. The height of this wall is the level of water surge pounding so hard that it knocks down big buildings and concrete houses.

There are so many Pelicans in the Gulf Coast and in this video, it shows they are just floating, un-aware that the category 5 hurricane could kill them. The bridge shown here connects to 1-10. The highway 90 is closed all the way to Louisiana. I was really impressed by the guts of the man who took this video. In ordinary days, this garage of Beau Rivage is so windy. The highest wind noted was 175 mph (280 km/h), good thing he was alive. He was already trapped in the hotel as the video unfold.

This is the picture that I took during my first visit in Biloxi Mississippi last year. The area across the street of this hotel is still heartbreaking at present. There are so many damage buildings untouched. There are wide vacant lots with no houses at all only the concrete foors remain.

This was taken last year too. It happened that the man who took the video, he stationed himself in this garage too. The video is scary but, the real story of those families who lost their property and love ones are more heartbreaking.

Today, there are activities held in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida to remember those who lost their lives. We might as well say a short prayer for them too. My father-in-law lost his house, boat and car also. See it {HERE}.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Backlot Attractions in Hollywood Studio

Remember these pictures I posted in Beyond Photography? This is the pictures I took in Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney in Florida last April. This attraction is called Backlot Tour which will show the tourists the cinema magic used in Disney Movies. This is the last part of the tour which I truly recommend. Do not miss this attraction. This is the front view of the mountain.
This is the back area of that man-made mountain. All you can see are huge steel and huge pipes. This area is fenced, only the Disney employees are allowed in this area. Tourists can view the back area while still on the Disney ride (car/bus).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feeling Sick

Hello friends, thanks for all the comments you have for me in my three blogs. I will visit you soon. I can only visit the blogs in my cbox so far and I know I missed some of you already. I had a Tax Course class last Monday and when I arrived home, I felt sick. Maybe because of the weather change, from the scorching heat of the summer, it's cooler this week. I will just rest my eyes and return to blog hopping for those who left me comments. See you all later.

Catching Fish is Easy

Oh yeah, here is my favorite TV show again and I bet, this is your favorite too. Click the video and watch how amazing this vacation was. I would love to experience the same adventure since it's like this and no alligators (grinning).

I love truTV because it's real, entertaining, thrilling, heart-stopping and an eye-popping TV show to watch. I cannot help myself but get drawn into the scenario of the episodes. I usually watch it with my husband and we are so noisy because you will never guess what will happen next. Sometimes, I would just cover my eyes because some were too scary for me (wink). That is what I call, entertaining and fun. I want you to click and see this truTV video because you will be amazed with the moment captured in the film. Everglades in Florida at night is not exciting for me at all. There were pythons and alligators lurking in that place but, when I saw the fish jumping, I find it not scary at all. I had the fun watching the video. When the episodes are awful, you will get carried away with all your senses. When the real person acts stupidly, you cannot stop from nagging the TV, LOL! Now, click and play the video now. What do you think? Be caution my friends, what you see is not only reality but actuality! Have fun viewing.

Florida Hospital

When I first arrived in the US, this hospital is very significant because our good friend Larry was rushed in suffering from heart attack. It was sad that he never saw me in person. He heard so much about me but when I was there, he was in a comma.
Barbara is a very nice woman, she was supposed to stand as my mother during my wedding day. She is very dear to me. We pick her up from her house accompanying her to the hospital. I was with her for few hours in the room where Larry lay comatose.
That was a sad moment. I just hold him and say a prayer and that was the last time I saw him. He was cremated and with Barbara's home.
Just like these pictures, it's sad. Well, Barbara is alone in the house but, we visit her when we have time and call her almost everyday.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hilton Branson Convention Center in Missouri

Who would not want to have a relaxing vacation? Look at the grand architectural design of Hilton Branson Convention Center at Branson, Missouri. This place has all the amenities that you need for a gratifying vacation destination. You can bring your family and enjoy the entertainment district at Branson day or night. There are so many attractions that can fill in your activities, 49 theatres to select from, outlet malls to shop and a golf course with awesome landscape to view and do your sports activity.

I would surely enjoy the boating activity at the Table Rock Lake. I love taking pictures and the breathtaking scenery by the banks of the lake will be an awesome subject to take. Staying at Hilton Branson Convention Center would be an advantage because it is located in the heart of Downtown Branson. This is the hotel that I would surely book if I visit Branson, Missouri.

The inaugural race of Ironman 70.3 in Branson will be held on September 19, 2010. This activity will serve as one of the 34 worldwide qualifying events for the 2010 Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3 in Clearwater, Florida. The awards ceremony will be held at the Fountains of Branson Landing just across the street. That is a must activity that you should not miss. Staying at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel would mean an easy access to all these activities. So, visit the Website today and check out the different packages that best suit your preferences such as Escape with a Free Night package. When you book early, you will earn an additional free night on your return visit. Check it out now.

The Places I Hang Out

This is my favorite convenient store for my little grocery errand. Very convenient because this store is just right at the first corner of our place. I like to visit this store very week because they have selected products on sale and its really a big savings. One time, I was able to buy 5 cases of Mountain Dew (12pcs) for only $10. It's like $2 each. It will take patience really, you need to read and get the coupon inserted on the Sunday paper or at the entrance of the store.
I like Chilis Restaurant and I like their food. Usually, one order is enough for the both us with my husband...LOL. Anyway, since I can't eat all my order, I always need a box to take it home with me.
Walmart is the place where you can buy anything at a lower price. We have our grocery twice a week and even if I don't use coupon, the price is just about right.
Sometimes my husband and I loves to eat fish or taco so, we love to drive all the way to Waterford Lakes and dine in here. Even though, we have it nearby the house, we still love this area in that place.
If we need something for the home, we love to visit this places first. I was able to find good buys in the apparel section at Kohl's too. As for my "Balikbayan Box", I bought some things on it from these stores.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Favorite NFL Players

Have you heard about the Stimulus Package from WaiverWire? If you are a football fan and loves fantasy football, here is your chance to get the Free Tool and enjoy the game. Check out the link and register for free. I am sure you have your own pick of favorite NFL players, right? My first favorite is Brett Favre, the number four player of Minnesota Vikings. He was born in Gulfport, Mississippi on October 10, 1969. He was the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers from 1992 to 2007 and in 2008 for the New York Jets. Brett Favre is the only player to win the AP Most Valuable Player for three consecutive times. You should watch his game, he is really good.

I also like Ben Roethlisberger, the famous "Big Ben" of Pittsburgh Steelers. He was from Ohio and was born on March 2, 1982. He was the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year in 2004. At 23, he brought the Steelers to a 21-10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. He became the youngest Super Bowl–winning quarterback in NFL history. The last but not the least is Drew Brees from Austin, Texas. He was born on January 15, 1979 and played as a quarterback in New Orleans Saints. He was the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year in 2004 and the Offensive Player of the Year in 2008. Why these three players are my favorites? I was influenced by my husband, my friend and my father-law. I got carried away every time I watched the games with them. Their records are awesome and they play really good. To know the research reports of these players in Fantasy Football, visit now.

The Grand Casino Biloxi

This is Grand Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi , totally damage by hurriccane Katrina (August 29, 2005). According to Wikipedia there are 238 people reported dead and 67 missing in that hurricane in Mississippi. There are 82 counties in Mississippi declared as disaster areas at that time.
This is the new Grand Casino in Biloxi. Located at Highway 90 just a block away from St. Michael Church and The Isle Hotel and Casino.
The city of Biloxi has not fully recovered but, the city is gaining back slowly to what it's used to be.
This is highway 90 but, during Katrina, the road is flooded more than 12 ft high of water surge that come from the Gulf Coast.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Before and After Katrina

This is Saint Michael Catholic Church in Biloxi-Mississippi four years ago when Katrina hit the US mainland. As you all know, that hurricane hit Louisiana the most especially when the levy of New Orleans broke down and flooded the whole city. In Mississippi, hundreds of home and buildings were totally destroyed and this is just one of them.
At present, the church is still under renovation and everyday, men are working on this historical building to restore the church which was built in 1917.
According to RENEE SKALIJ of Sun Herald, most of the religious statues inside survived and that's really amazing. But the 700-pound statue of Saint Michael was found more than a block away he said. This church is built with 36 columns of stained glass windows.

The Scary Sky

I told my hubby that I will treat him for lunch this time. He was pleased of my gesture and so we went to the city of Biloxi-Mississippi. The clouds at the far end was so dark. It started to strike a lightning and we can see it from a distant.
Though rain is coming any time soon, the weather was still so hot and muggy. I am so excited for the cold season really and I always pray for a rainy day.
The traffic was heavy but its moving fast.
We wre already past the bridge when the rain finally made the Biloxi area wet. That building is where we are heading. This is highway 90 of Biloxi area.
My father-in-law wanted to drive to D'Ibervile to do some errands. But, seeing this stormy clouds, we warned him not to go instead.
Stormy clouds
Heading to Biloxi
at the US Highway 90
Have a geat Sunday everyone. God loves you and so do I.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Kitchen Meme First Entry

A personal friend of mine Mommy Dharlz initiated this foodie meme in her new blog and of course I had to join in. I had known her since College days so, that was almost 20 years ago....hahaha. Wow! That long years indeed. Anyway, from then on we keep in touch and even had the same business ventures together. And now, here we are, still connected in blog land. She is a smart woman and no dull moment with her really, if she's around. A good cook and I just love her lasagna and puto/rice cake. So, check her out please. She knows that I am not a good cook. Hehehe. So, I can only share simple stuff that anyone could prepare. Like baking cookies...hehehe. I made this today just for this entry....hmm. It is a Pillsburry brand which I love too.Just few pieces for the three of us here. My hubby and FIL like cookies and I just found out that I like eating 'em too. LOL.
This is still the salted fish which Rio sent me. I think this is a dilis. I just fried it and added a brown sugar and pepper. Got a filipino foodie again.
Thanks for reading. Nothing special right? But, if you live far away from your country, this food taste like heaven.

Friday, August 21, 2009

We Need Your Prayers

Hello friends, this is a special post dedicated to a special person in blog land. I had known John since I started blogging more than a year ago. In fact, he is my first male blog follower. We clicked because we get along with political views and we give importance to family. He is the husband of Rose, a multi-talented wife, mother and friends to many. Today, he was in great pain, probably a heart-attack as he said it was. He is in the hospital right now and he will have a city scan according to Rose. Please say a prayer for his FAST RECOVERY and results will be fine. Visit their blogs too and extend your support. They need your encouraging words right this minute. Thank you so much.

IP Hotel and Casino in Biloxi

This is IP Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. I took this picture last month when we are trapped in the traffic at the I-110 bridge connecting the US Highway I-10. There are so many live shows and concerts happening in this hotel. Some of the shows are the following:
  • Salt and Pepa - Sept.4
  • Stevie B -Sept. 5
  • Neil Sedaka - Sept. 25
  • Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds - Oct.10 and more
For more information about this hotel in Biloxi, visit and check out the amenities and room rates. Visit Biloxi, Mississippi soon.

Fried Salted Fish

This is a Filipino food called tuyo or dried and salted whole fish. My teenager nephew here was shocked to see the heads and for him its Ewww.LOL. Anyway, this food supposedly is not good for those who have a "high blood" pressure because it is salty. This is good to eat with white rice and home-made rice coffee during breakfast. Good for snacking too. Salted fish and boiled camote or sweet potato, salted fish and saging na saba or banana plantain.
Not all Filipinos love salted fish though. When you cook the salted fish, the smell is not pleasant. In the provinces, this food is common especially for breakfast and it is easy to prepare. The smell will not linger inside the house too because their kitchen has big windows. Keeping the air flow, in and out the house. Most of the houses in the province have no airconditioning unit. Why? No need for aircondition at all because the weather in the province is cool, fresh and clean.
I call this food as the food for the "common tao" in the Philippines. The smell might not be pleasant for others but for me, it smells good and appetizing. Thanks to Rio again for sending me this gift of food.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unique Activities in Switzerland

Switzerland is a place that has the great diversity of landscape and fantastic scenery. The captivating country settings, amazing view of mountains and very rich in cultural heritage attracts many tourists and adventurers. It is the home of many castles and beautiful villages. I love to visit Switzerland because this country has many activities that are unique to see and exciting to experience. Let us Discover Swiss "Pearls" of Switzerland where the unending fun and new adventure begins.
This activity is called riding and dining through Lucerne. It is a tour in a horse-drawn coach while enjoying the gourmet too. I would surely enjoy the romantic route of this legendary city of lights for two hours.
I love to take a river tour in the city of Rhône by boat. This is an eight-kilometer-long tour by a professional guide on the river of Arve. It has the six rapids, that provide excitement before flowing in the middle of Geneva.
How about riding in a 480 horsepower in a snow mobile? If you want to experience this kind of activity then, take the Pistenbully Adventure. The fantastic scenery will captivate your senses at Zermatt in Valais region.
I would surely like to have the adventure to Hof Hopfentropfen, the smallest brewery in Switzerland and learn to brew. The guests here can attend a brewing seminar and experience how this brewery makes their own special beer.
The last activity that I would love to do in Switzerland is to relax in Monte Bre in Ticino. The overlooking view of Lugano, the amazing landscape and beautiful scenery as far as you can see is an activity to wish for. These places are so remarkable and I would love to spend it with my family to make it more fun and memorable. How about you? Visit now and view the other activities that you would surely love. Check it out now and start your adventure soon.
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