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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Splurging the Patio with Solar Lanterns

When you own a big space either front or back yard, all you could think about is splurging it into a functional area right? How would you like to have a backyard oasis? I bet you dreamed about it! To have a beautiful lawn that has the curb appeal in the neighborhood is what we always wanted to have. Like you, I wanted to have a manicured lawn too with booming flowers. A good size garden space and a gazebo in the backyard where I can enjoy my garden oasis would be nice. To have a beautiful garden needs time, planning and love of gardening. It should be well taken care off and it needs someone who has the passion to make it an awesome yard. If you have that passion then, start splurging your patio project now.

I am heading to midnight Black Friday shopping in an hour to buy home accessories and garden decors. I am done checking and comparing prices of solar lanterns online and I found a favorite solar lantern. All I hope is to find it in store. I wanted to buy a solar lantern because it is very cost effective and safe to leave in the garden.

My husband and I spent time in the patio especially when the weather is nice and cool. The scented wax candles add the ambiance but, when it is too breezy, the flame will be off before we could cover it good. To avoid the hassle, a friend told me that I should check on flameless candles. The product is battery operated and I think it is a perfect garden accessory.

I found a Website that has all these gorgeous and elegant outdoor accessories. You should check out to see their battery operated candles and lanterns. The picture above is an elegant hanging lantern which I really like to have in the patio. If you are looking for home and garden accessories, Christmas decors as well as ornaments, this company has it all. Go and check it out. I am sure you will love their products as much as I did.

10 Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration/Designs

A while ago, I was browsing photos on the web and trying to find inspiration for bathroom make over. One year after we moved to our new home, I have issues regarding the paint color, accessories and the size of the master bathroom. There is no solution regarding the size unless we knock the walls and extend. That is not the option at the moment. Stretching the dollar for a soothing and refreshing bathroom oasis is attainable by selecting the right size vanity and accessories; light fixtures; beautiful tile patters; nice bathroom countertops; and the paint colors. From the many hours of watching HGTV, those tips have grown on me. Here are 10 beautiful bathroom inspiration and some of the must-try DIY's project that I have in mind:

Bathroom Paint Color
The paint color is a powerful design tool and it's easy on the budget. It can make the room calm, dramatic, soothing, cheerful and comfortable. I must admit, we have a boring bathroom in the master's bedroom. It has outdated shower area with lavender and white colors; has old lighting fixture, tiny and has a pedestal sink which I really do not like at all. As I said, we have a boring bathroom maybe because of the white paint around it. Thank goodness that paint companies offer paint collection which is truly helpful. I went ahead and check Lowe's and Home Depot, they got it on display so; creating a cohesive color palette is now easy.

Check these bathrooms and tell me, do you like the colors? Which is your favorite?

Bathroom Light Fixtures
A well-lighted room is important for it creates the comfort and style. Lighting fixtures surely improve and enhance the efficiency and design of the bathroom. Adding a functional and fashionable lighting fixture will definitely make the bathroom relaxing and have that soothing ambiance in it. Check all the photos in this post. Which lighting fixture would you choose?

Bathroom Backsplash
Backsplash truly helps create a spa-like bathroom ambiance. Let me ask you, would you like a mosaic tile? Well, go ahead and check out these bathrooms. You may find the inspiration. Backsplash is available in many shapes, colors, and styles. The selection is endless but, the backsplash below is my best preference. The clean white and black in horizontal pattern create elegance.

The photo below is simple but has the calm ambiance to it. It has double sinks which are great to have in the master's bathroom.

This is a powder room with bold green colors. Do you like it?

Now, check out this bathroom. This is such a spa-like comfort isn't it? Do you like the lighting fixture? How about the color? Would you change anything in this room? I wouldn't change a thing but, I can add a huge rain shower in the shower room. What a relaxing space this is.

I love the tiles in the photo below but, I am not a fan of the light fixture. We had that in my FIL's old house. It is hard to clean that's why.

Take note that all photos here are not mine. Anyway, last but not the least, check the photo below and take a look at the shower area. The big rain shower is a must have if we renovate the bathroom. I love that! The backsplash is nice but, I will pick a different color. I am not a big fan of the blue lighting fixture on the vanity area either. If you will change something in this room, what would it be?

I'm glad to see the design and style of these bathrooms. I now have an inspiration on what to do and what accessories to add to make our bathroom functional, comfortable and relaxing to use. Until next and thanks for stopping by.

Solar Energy Panels

It is a little chilly today but, it did not stop me from swimming in the pool. A friend invited me to come for lunch and since hubby and I are having a lazy Sunday, we accepted the invitation. I enjoyed swimming the heated water and I stayed for about two hours. They have installed solar pool heating which provides warmth during cool season. Their electric bills are lower since they installed it. It is very cost-effective. My husband is not comfortable with low “pool water” temperature but, he loves swimming in a heated pool.

Solar works year round in southern climates and extends the season in northern climates. My friend recommended that we should have Solar Energy Panels at home. She pointed out two reasons: good savings and best for the environment. It is the cleanest, safest and quietest source of energy. We keep the idea open because we really wanted to have a solar hot water too. Using the free energy from the sun, it will definitely reduce our utility bill. If you support clean energy then, have an expert install solar energy panels in your home. Solar power reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses therefore, it is good for the environment.

For more information check out the infographic below:
  Impact Of EV Solar Charging Stations On Our Health
Presented By Baker Electric Solar Energy Panels

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Which Way to go From Magic Kingdom Parking Lot

Are you planning to visit Orlando and stay in the Disney World hotels or resorts? Transportation to Disney is not a problem. Disney buses are free and they pick you up from your hotel. When you stay in the resorts such as Wilderness Lodge, Swan and Dolphin hotels, Yacht Clubs and more, you can either choose Disney buses, Monorail or Ferry Boat. The picture below is a Disney tram which you will take from Disney parking lot to Disney parks.

Let's say you drive your car and park at Magic Kingdom parking lot. Remember to take note of where your car is park. There are two areas to remember: VILLAINS or HEROES. Remember the character and the number. I saw people taking pictures of the "character and number" which are really a good idea. Don't take for granted this tiny detail because if you do, it could ruin your day looking for your car in the humongous parking lot.
Take the Disney Tram, and it will drop you off to Ticket Area where the monorail and ferry boat transportation's are located. Once you are there, decide which park you want to go: Magic Kingdom, Epcot or Hollywood Studious. If you want to go to Hollywood Studios, take the bus. If you want to go to Epcot take this monorail and it will take you to Epcot.

If you want to go to Magic Kingdom park, you can take this monorail which is faster.

You can take this ferry boat also and it takes you to magic Kingdom too. If you don't want to get in the park and wanted a boat ride only, take this ferry boat ride to Magic kingdom and from there, find another ferry boat that will take you to Epcot. Oh, its fun! Yep, it's free! If you are not rushing with your time, I recommend that you take the boat ride which is truly fun especially at sunset.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Musical Instrument Add-Ons

I am not really keen about true vibrato for telecaster because I don't pay attention to the added accessories of any musical instruments. Yet, I know that having a true vibrato will certainly enhance the sound of musical instrument. Add-ons such as the true vibrato might be expensive but for the band or for those who do gigs all the time, this gadget is worth buying for.

Last Friday, we went to a neighborhood restaurant in Cape Canaveral and they have a live band that started playing at 6 PM. I do remember now that the guitarist has some gadgets on his guitar. For all I know, it could be a bigsby b5 and he did play great. He even had a solo just plucking and strumming his guitar and everyone in the bar just appreciate the sound he made. Well, the gadget must be it!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Royal Baby of Kate and William

Have you seen the news today? The world is anxiously waiting to see the first glimpse of the Royal Baby of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. What a wonderful blessing for Kate and William. The Royal Prince is 8.6 lbs. and here he is, sleeping peacefully. Unmindful that the whole world is happy to see him for the first time. What a beautiful baby who is born with a golden spoon.

The proud parents, Kate and William waving to the crowd as they came out from St. Mary's Hospital.
Remember this photo? June of 1982, weighing 7 lbs and 1.5 ounces, baby William was introduced to the world as well.

One thing that I noticed though, Kate and Princess Diana are both beautiful and both are wearing polka dots. Is that a tradition in the family?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Bankruptcy Option

Most of us probably worry of what tomorrow holds for us and our beloved family. It is but normal to have that feeling especially when work is unstable. What would you do? Just the other day, we were driving the neighborhood and scouting for rental property along the beach. There were quite a few condo unit with "for sale" sign. My thoughts wandered on the former owners on those properties. There were short sales and in most cases, I knew that the option was there to avoid bankruptcy.

"A big part of financial freedom 
is having your heart and mind free 
from worry about the what-ifs of life."

So far, to avoid having to deal with bad credit history, short sale is a great option but, if there is no other means, let it go and stop worrying. If bankruptcy is the last option there is so; be it. If you live in North Carolina, check the nc bankruptcy laws in your state. Do that as well if you live in other states. Start a new life and learn to live according to your means. You will not be financially ruin for life if you act now. I know two families who filed bankruptcy and after 5 years, they are still together, got their jobs, got their house and they are happy. It might work for you too.

Nutrix Royal Body by Lancome

Here is another good stuff that I would like you to check out. Nutrix Royal Body is a product by Lancome which truly makes the skin silky soft and the scent is not over powering. I have dry skin especially at winter time and found this product by chance. It was on sale at that time and bought it on impulse (guilty). No regret because the scent is fresh and truly a great skin moisturizer. I am not compensated on this post and did not receive a free product. This is $38 right now but, I bought it for only $12 plus a gift set. Good deal huh?
 photo Nutrix Royal Body by Lancome.jpg
You can nurture a very dry skin back to supple softness and it woks for my skin (yap, really). If you are looking for a body cream that will rescue your skin from serious dryness, you should check this out. After shower, it instantly relieve uncomfortable tightness and will smooth the roughness of the skin caused by extreme dehydration.

This product will repair the appearance of dry and very dry skin with Royal Lipideum, a unique technology enriched with Royal Jelly that supplements skin's own natural lipids for intense hydration.

With this product, it will protect your body with renewed levels of moisture-trapping lipids. The skin feels insulated from the daily effects of climate and seasonal changes. With Nutrix Royal Body, skin will be nurtured and moisturized, skin feels silky smooth, soft and comfortable.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Accessories for the Office

For the last few days, I have been searching online regarding paint color combination for the office. When we bought this house, the color of the office is white and because I wanted to play with colors, I go for a bold one. Not really looking for solid red but, on the shade of green. Hubby and I checked on the green and found my color. When we applied the color on the wall, it turned out yellow. We wondered if the lady in-charge got it wrong but, since we knew that the actual result varies, we left the color as it is. I am so ready to get rid of it and it's been a year now. I am in the process of finding the right shade (again) plus searching for a Canvas Printing to accessorize the room too.
 photo mural Banner for the office.jpg
Anyway, I found a great selection of canvas art work and planning to send a few of them back home. I never tried sending Shipping Containers but, I got the idea of sending products from the USA too. My house back home is bare inside and I wanted to accessorize it. Sending a customized Metal Fabrication like for the kitchen shelves also comes into mind.

Seize the Moment: Go Out and Have Fun

I was doing yard work the other day and I always have my camera in handy if in case I saw something awesome to capture. Then, I saw this beautiful creature. You know, life is too short. Let us learn to appreciate all the good things and the comfort that we have right now. The gift of life itself is already a blessing.

Though we may have something that is impossible to have or wishes that is impossible to realized ... but, time will tell. Let the Creature Above takes control of our lives and let us continue to live a happy and contented life. Things happen for a reason and as long as we breathe, let us strive to be happy and pray to God to make us strong amidst the trials that we have right now. God loves you and I know in my heart, someone out there cares and love you more than you know.
Have a good one today and cast your burden away. Just like this butterfly, spread your wings and inspire others by showing them that though you are vulnerable and weak, you have God to lean on who is mighty and powerful. Do not spend your day worrying but, go out and have fun. We live one day at a time so; today is a blessing that we should enjoy. We don't know what tomorrow comes so; seize the moment. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dolphins at Indian River

When my yoga products arrived in the mail the other day, I told hubby that I will take photos of me wearing it. The best location would be down the Indian River. I brought my tripod and hubby was at the picnic table sitting and chatting with someone on the phone. Then, as I was taking pictures, I saw these ...

The tail of a fish ... and hubby saw it too. As I focus the camera, its a school of dolphin on the Indian River heading south bound. Well, that's going off to Merritt Island and to the open Atlantic sea. As I counted, there were 6 of them and they're in good size.

They're just swimming quietly, not wanting to get noticed. I usually saw Dolphins swimming and jumping along NASA Parkway at Indian River Lagoon. Here, this will be my first time and the sight was awesome!

I wish to see them jumping over the water, showing and raising their whole bodies. Well, this sight is good for me at the moment. It was our lucky day.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 237th Birthday America

Are you planning for a family get together this 4th of July? This year, we celebrate our nation’s 237th birthday. To join this joyous celebration, the USCIS announces and welcomes the 7,800+ new citizens of the USA. There will be more than 100 naturalization ceremonies across the country and overseas from July 1 to July 5.
  photo Happy Fourth America.gif
In Florida, we have the following locations which special naturalization ceremonies will be held:

1. Tampa, FL in Tampa Bay History Center
2. Miami, FL in FreedomTower
3. Tallahassee, FL in Tom Brown Park
4. Kissimmee, FL in City of Kissimme Park
5. Palm Beach, FL in Whitehall Morrison – Henry Flagler Museum

Congratulations and Welcome 7,800+ New Citizens of the USA! Happy Fourth!

Let Yourself Enjoy New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most amazing countries in the world. It boasts splendid landscapes and profuse natural resources. If you plan to buy your own house in New Zealand but you can't afford to pay for it completely or you have a bad credit history, I suggest you have to settle first all your unsecured loans for bad credit. Find someone that can provide you friendly assistance to help you to fully understand the important details concerning your case.
 photo sportsinNZ.jpeg
When you own house, there are several things to contemplate especially when this regards to the climate. During winter the temperature in New Zealand ranges between 10 and 15 Degree Celsius, but if your home is located in the mountainous area where snow usually appears, then you really have to mull over home insulation. Make an inquiry also regarding Security Gates, your home needs to be secured especially when you are not familiar in the new location.
 photo sports in New Zealand.jpeg
Furthermore, to help you manage your everyday expenditure without troubling yourself, you can apply at payday loans. With this company, you can immediately receive the funds along with their accommodating support. They can be your partner during your financial difficulty, most especially in the current state of the world's economy. Don't burden yourself with all the financial problems. Let yourself enjoy in New Zealand! You can forget your biggest dilemma for a while by indulging yourself in some of the thrilling experiences such as: 

• Scuba diving to let you explore the underwater view of New Zealand together with professional divers.

• Visiting the National Parks can make your day beautiful, seeing different animal species.

• To join a skiing lesson is best especially during winter.

• Exhilarating bungee jumping to experience adrenaline rush.

• An excursion to the White Island, an active marine volcano that fascinates the spot.

• Visit Rotorua City where you can see energetic fields of geothermal bustle. Here you will learn the well-off tradition of Maori.

• Set out to Waitomo, where you observe a creation of water which is unique due to its artful formation both above and beneath area.

Road Trip to Keytesville Missouri

When hubby and I went to Missouri last October, this sighting is so fascinating for me. I have seen movies about Amish but, I never seen one in person. You know, with the clothes they wear, simple way of living and riding in their Amish buggy.
 photo amish car.jpg
As we drove down the country road to Keytesville, Missouri, hubby turn to a dirt road. No road signs and all we could see was vast bare land and father down the road, fields of farm. The cellphone lost signal, GPS lost signal and we haven't seen a single human being for 30 minutes. There were houses but, it seemed no one was there. Then, we saw ordinary houses with clothesline hang to dry at their front yard and a park buggy. We saw nobody. 

We were afraid to stop and ask. Oh yeah, we were lost.  There was a tower that we saw and we follow that tower and thank goodness, we saw a pick up car. We asked the man where to find the Lake Nehai. The man said, we are on the right location but, we were at the back gate. We have to hurry because at certain time, it will be close. 

In short, we were lost for more than an hour driving on the dirt road, and off to the Amish neighborhood. We actually saw three Amish men but, they were not friendly looking. We arrived to our destination safely and our brand new car was covered in dust! Thick dust as a matter of fact. 

It was exciting an exciting experience but, I was not able to take photos because we were nervous. On the next day, we went to an Amish Store and I love their store. I saw real Amish people. They are friendly and the ladies at the store seemed shy and observant. Again, much as I wanted to take photos of them, just can't. I don't know if they are okay with that or they might get offended. They are pretty, the ladies in the Amish store.

Experience is Important in a Truck Accident Lawyer

Automobile accidents are among the most common causes of personal injuries. People are usually injured by the negligence of another driver on the road, and in some cases the driver of that other vehicle is in a truck. Truck accidents tend to be some of the most complicated because of the sheer potential for injury, and the reality that a truck driver is in service to their employer, who will defend them. Because these accidents can be so complicated, it is important to seek the advice of a lawyer. It is of paramount importance to find a Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer with experience in these kinds of cases.
 photo Wrongful-Death-Attorney-Baton-Rouge.jpg

Experience is of particular importance to truck accident cases because these cases are so complicated. They are complicated because trucks are almost always driven by an employee in the due process of their work. When the employee is driving in the service of their employer, then the employer is held responsible for whatever accident their employee might cause. In practical terms, this means that when an individual is hit by a truck, it is the truck driver's company who has to pay. Companies often do their best to avoid paying victims, so the case will get more complicated thanks to their involvement. 


Cases involving truck drivers are also complicated because of the sheer potential for injury that results when an individual in their car is hit by something the size of a truck. Injuries are complicated because of the long-lasting effects they can have on the victim's life. Sometimes injuries are simple, nothing more than broken bones that can be handled in a few visits to the doctor's office and have a definite sum of money that can handle the bills. However, accidents involving trucks usually lead to more severe injuries. Injuries that are severe will result in damage that lasts anywhere from a year to the rest of a victim's life. It is more difficult to determine the amount of money necessary to compensate a victim for these severe injuries, which is why a Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer is necessary. 

This is a guest post which is provided to Amiable Amy for its readers.

Oversized Pink Tote by Victoria's Secret

Two days ago, I ordered a Floral Leopard from the Pink line of Victoria's Secret worth $29. I also added this over sized pink tote for $22 but, I choose a different color. #VS sent me a birthday coupon worth $15 since I am a Forever Angel. Upon check out, I used 3 codes thus, giving me Free shipping, free tote and $15 off of my Pink purchase. I only paid $17 for everything. Cool offer huh?
  photo victoriassecret pink tote.jpg

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blooming with Flowers

I went out to check my plants and my gardenia is blooming perfectly despite the scorching heat. Some leaves of my other plants withered but, my grapes are looking good.  Grapes starting to get bigger and i hope I can eat them before insects harvest them. So far, I am happy with my gardenia. Looking pretty in the summer.
Here are some of the buds and I can't wait to see the white fragrant flower in bloom.

A Snake at the School Courtyard Ground

During the Kingdom Rock #VBS where I took charge of the crafts for Pre-School, one of the parent volunteer asked me to assist her in prepping for the games at the courtyard ground. As I was about to scatter the accessories for the game, this creepy thing is what I saw. Oh my goodness! I run away the moment I saw it!

I know that they are not poisonous. A friend in Alabama like this type of snake in his property because they ate rat so; he called this snake "rat snake". One of the parent volunteers heard me say it but thought I was saying Rattle Snake. She corrected and said it's not a rattle snake, it's a black snake. LOL. The kids and I were looking at her and said yes, it is a black snake and it is harmless. I think she keep insisting that I said "rattle snake" LOL. Oh, diction ...  diction ... diction... I am not even slang, LOL.

Monday, July 1, 2013

First Day of Kingdom Rock

The Kingdom Rock is a very interesting strategy to teach the Christian children about God. There is a Daily Bible Point which is carefully integrated into each day's activities for an unforgettable faith formation. Day 1, the children were able to know by heart that "God's love helps us ... stand strong!". The photo below is Day 1 scenario where the Lady (head of the whole kingdom (*v*) was leading the kingdom for a prayer, introducing Truman, the Bible Body and so much more.Some crews were still busy finalizing the total numbers of children and volunteers. Safety for everyone was given the top priority.

The photo below was when the children started to learn the song, they sing and dance, and had a great time participating.

During Snack time, the children went to the King's Kitchen and before eating, they wiped their hands with using the wet wipes. The Lady in the King's Kitchen show them how to make a heart shape before eating their sandwiches. Teaching how God loves us. It was pretty interesting.

After the King's Kitchen, they went to the Chadders Theater and the children receives the Truman Bible Memory Buddy. They wear the Bible Buddy as a necklace. The Pre-school children were pretty behave listening attentively to the story of Chadder, the Chipmunk.

Children heads back to the Pre-School Kingdom and do the crafts. First day, we let them color and design their crown. Finally, the games for the day were Sheep Herding, Follow the Shepherd and Where's the Heart. That was fun!

Fanfare Finale for Day 1 was interesting. We all went back to the dome and see the video who is caught in action and starring for the day. A volunteer photographer was taking photos i every kingdom. The Lady at the dome was showing the children an experiment of balloons. Children saw which balloon stands strong!
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