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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Along Bennett Causeway

Whenever hubby and I decided to visit Cocoa Beach or go to the church in Merritt Island, we always pass by the bridge on 528 or known by the locals as Bennett Causeway. Driving straight ahead would be Cocoa Beach, one of the famous surfing destinations in the US. On this road, the sight of the Port Canaveral cruise ship terminal will be on the left side area. From this bridge, if we turn right, it would be the route towards the parish where we usually attend masses on a Sunday.

The typical daily activity along Indian River is fishing and boating like the photo below.
I like the houses along the riverbanks. Hubby and I drove down there in the neighborhood last December to watch their Christmas Lights. The place is gorgeous, houses are humongous and they have boat docks. The houses in the area are made of concrete that can withstand storms and hurricanes.

If I win a lotto, I would like to live in a place similar to this area where I can wake up appreciating the sunrise and see the glorious sunset in the evening. It would be awesome! What do you think? Would you prefer to live in a house nearby the body of water?  

Friday, March 29, 2013

Online Marketing Using Google+ and other Social Media Platform

When a friend tried to ask me to help him regarding his Website, I was reluctant. He has an AC Company and has been in the business for years. To catch up with technology and the need of promoting his business via online, he created a Website. He admits that he is an expert when it comes to installing the Air Conditioning unit but with IT; he is in limbo and has no idea about online marketing world. His Website has a nice layout and he added relevant information with google+ photos. For the longest time, his clients were asking him about his Website so they could write a favorable feedback and probably recommend his company to their friends online. When he knew that I work online, he asks for my help. I did try to help him set up the social media automation tools but then again; I told him upfront that he needs a reputable company that handles SEO and promotes his Website to different Social Media platforms.
Online marketing is not only growing rapidly but; by far the new trend in marketing. No matter how great and creative your Website but then again; the visibility is minimal, your Website will always be in the backseat in the World Wide Web. Internet is the primary source of information in this generation therefore; to drive clients to your business is to let the people know that your business exists. What better way to achieve that, is thru online advertising. When a company gains traffic, it will definitely boost the business and thereby; achieving the desired business sales and revenue will surely go up.

When my friend decided to hire an online marketing company, he received more calls from new clients and his services are sought after because he is really good in what he do. Business is good so far and he is so thankful that the online marketing company he hired did a great job for his business.

Even though this is a sponsored post, all opinions and views are based on my experience and completely my own.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

At Church for Penance Service

We rise early today to attend a Penance Service at our church along Merritt Island. The church scheduled a Penance Service, one in the morning and another, in the evening. My husband always prefers the earliest time so; we attended the 10 AM service. It was my first time to attend a service where the priest did a "mass penance" for everyone and that, "to make a good deed for the week". We did say/think our sins in silence; said the ACT of CONTRITION then; the priest gives the absolution for everyone who are in true sorrow. It was a nice service which started with reading of the bible and ended with priest pray-over and blessed the people. Check out the photo below:
Anyway, do you still remember the ACT OF CONTRITION? Here it is: O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you, and I detest all my sins, because of Your just punishments, but most of all because they offend You, my God, who are all-good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Your grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin. Amen.

Have a Blessed Holy Week everyone.

Between Samsung Camera and Canon Rebel DSLR

I was reading comments of my blog today and one blogger commented in my post regarding the TICO Warbird AIRSHOW. I was showing photos taken from my handy HD WB150F Samsung Camera and he commented that I should buy a new camera to get a good shot. I was amused by his comment and at the same time remember that I had a DSLR camera that my husband gave me last Christmas which up to now ( three months had passed) still in the box. It was such an ironic huh? :-)
I am too lazy to play with my new toy. My enthusiasm just vanished into thin air right after I got it. I realized that it is bulky to carry when I go out to take a nice shot. Unlike having my blackberry phone or Samsung camera, I can just point and shoot but with the DSLR, I need to adjust or set up the right feature to use especially that the airshow fly so fast and just zooming like a wind. Right now between my Samsung camera and Canon Rebel DSLR, I am comfortable using the first item. I hate to mention that whenever I go, I also bring my iPad to take photos for my Instagram updates. Oh well, I will just encourage myself to start using my DSLR and get used to it. Good shot? It will be soon ... I hope.  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Watching the TICO Warbird Airshow

After we dine in a Chinese Buffet Restaurant, we were routing the Columbia Boulevard when the airshow started zooming in the skies. I was taking videos that way, I will not miss anything. I sure did miss a good shot though. They fly so fast that before I can click a shot, they're gone. It was really exciting and thrilling to see them fly so low as if landing on the road where we were. All the photos below are mine except the first photo:.

I snipped the photo below from the video that I took: Here, they are having an exhibition making a loop, a heart and a circle smoke. They also perform an aerobatic performance.
We were at our front yard for the last two days now watching the Tico Warbird Airshow. I was using my Samsung camera to take a photo and video of the event. There were moments that they fly so low but, was hard for me to capture a snap. They are just too fast.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Red: Garage Cabinet

In the house, what is your most favorite room? It could be the kitchen, bedroom, living room but not the garage right? Whoever is the handy man in the house I bet, that person loves the garage. Is your garage clutter-free? Is it functional and organized? If the answer is yes then, I have to congratulate you for keeping your garage clean. It would mean that the rest of your house is clean and organize as well. We should consider the garage as part of the best rooms in the house and should not be neglected. If it is a dumping zone right now, consider buying the ulti-mate garage cabinetsto make it functional. There is no way that you are going to appreciate your garage if you hoarder things and dump it in the garage. Get rid of those unwanted old stuffs so that; you can have a functional and appealing garage. If you have the budget, start today by shopping a garage cabinet.

My favorite room in the house is the office and not the garage. Even though I have seen amazing garage while watching TV, I can't appreciate the beauty of our garage right now. When we bought our house about a year ago, the garage has a newly installed loft which truly added adequate space. It has newly installed cabinets which provided for more storage. The installation of the cabinet doors was done poorly though. The flooring is just concrete and no paint at all. Hubby and I plan to rip the cabinets and install new set of red cabinets on our next project just like the photo above. If we can push through with this plan, we will be a happy camper. The look of the red cabinet is truly appealing, clean and modern. How about you? What would be yours?

Angry Birds Space Encounter in Kennedy Space Center

I know that my nieces and nephews adore Angry Birds and the game is popular in this generation that is why; I bought my Angry Birds t-shirt (trendy mood) and visited the KSC on the opening day of the Angry Birds Space Encounter. I wished that they are here with me. Anyway, I was looking forward to see what's inside this attraction in the Kennedy Space Center so; I invited hubby that we should check it out.

March 22, 2013 marks the opening of the Angry Birds Space Encounter, an added attraction in Kennedy Space Center in Titusville Florida. It has seven interactive exhibits and all of the computer games are fully occupied by children and teenagers.

I really can see the thrill and excitement of the children's faces while they are playing the puzzle on the screen as well as playing the eggsteriod slingshot.

There is a mirror maze called Danger Zone and the children are very much excited so; I think the Angry Birds attraction is really fun and a big hit for the kids.

They also have Red Planet Lazer Challenge and game zone area.

This is really a fun attraction and though I wanted to explore more, the place is jampacked. I will just come back next time to take photos of the other exhibits. So; if you plan to visit Disney and Universal Studios, come and visit Kennedy Space Center as well. It is only an hour drive away. See you soon.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How You Can Keep Your Home Pest Free

Are you sick and tired of noticing flies and other pests throughout your home and it seems that there’s nothing you can do to stop them? If you want to keep your home free from pests, then you need to talk to an Arizona pest control company today. They will provide you with a free estimate on how much it’ll cost to keep your house pest free year-round. But before you give them a call, here’s how you can keep your home bug free for good.

Contact a Pest Control Expert

The first thing you need to do when you find out that your home is infested with bugs is to call a pest control technician to take a look at your home and assess the issue at hand. You will find that a pest control technician is highly qualified to diagnose and treat your home for pests so your family’s health isn’t at stake. Pests carry many pathogens, so it is crucial for you to contact a reputable company to treat your home today.

Look for Potential Entryways

When you contact a pest control company to come to your home to get rid of your bug infestation, they will evaluate all the potential entryways that a bug could enter your home. If you are waiting for the technician to come to your home, you can always perform a walk-around so you can find all the potential entryways that pests could enter your home. You can hire a termite exterminator so you can get some help in keeping termites away from your home’s structure. Termites can ruin the structure of your home and you don’t want to end up paying thousands of dollars in repair costs on your home due to termite damage.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

American White Ibis in Port St John

Just this afternoon as I was checking the bird bath, I saw these wild birds at the front yard. Few times in a year, these birds wander our neighborhood in flocks of hundreds. My guess, they are separated from the group because they are less than 10 at the yard.

These are American White Ibis and they are just eating and digging on the grass.

After I took the pictures, I saw the birds moved on the next yard just digging in. We live near the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, a 140,000 acre of land which provides habitat for 330 species of birds so; seeing wild birds are ordinary sight for us. I saw gators too but not in our neighborhood though LOL.

Tiny Bird in our Backyard

I was at the dining area and was looking at the backyard when I saw this tiny bird hopping on the stem of my lettuce plant. I love our backyard mainly because the birds hangout the area frequently. Early in the morning, the birds are always there chirping. Hubby plans to buy a bird feeder but was hesitant because the squirrels love to hangout the yard as well. One predator that frequents the yard is a wild cat. The cat loves to sneak around to catch the squirrels and birds.

Anyway, here is the bird again hopping on the grass and eating some seeds.

The bird is on the lettuce stem probably attracted on the seeds at the tip of the stem.

Here in our place, wild birds are ordinary wanderer in the area. I will post another bird on the next post. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland Speedway

One of my favorite attractions in Disney World's Magic Kingdom is the Speedway which is located in Tomorrowland. Acceleration is only 7 miles per hour around a scenic racetrack. This race car is gas powered and navigation comes easy through a guide rail. There's nothing to be afraid because this race car has a front and rear bumpers so; if someone hit the car, the driver is very safe.

What I love about this attraction is the place itself. It is designed to look like the Indiana Motor Speedway. It has backdrops of the motoring world with the Scoring Pylon, Gasoline Alley and the Yard of Bricks. It seemed that I am a race driver that day LOL.

Pre-schoolers can drive with parents on the passenger's side and there are height requirements to drive alone in this race car. This attraction is always crowded simply because it is fun and kids love the adrenalin rides like this.

Check out the long queue but, worth the wait.

The racetrack is interesting and yap, my car stopped in the middle of the racetrack. I was looking from behind me afraid that someone might bump on my car but, it started right on time! There was a boy who drives like crazy behind me hahaha.

One ride is not enough you know but, no one was allowed for the second time because of the long queue. You have to fall in line again to have another ride. I saw few kids did just that.

If you love fast rides, this might not be the fastest in Disney but, I can assure you that you will have a thrilling ride. Have fun and enjoy! Next ride? Try the Mad Tea Pary ride :-) my oh my, not my favorite. It made me dizzy!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Buick Enclave is my Dream Car

The husband and I love Buick and Buick Enclave is my dream car. We currently own a 2002 Buick Rendezvous which is a crossover vehicle. We have this car for 3 years now and so far, we are impressed for it is comfortable like a sedan and a minivan combined in one. A great car I should say because it has lots of room with leather interior and has a power sunroof. It also has an alloy wheels, rear bucket seating, and 3rd row seating with rear power lift gate and yeah, if space you want, this car is perfect. Hubby and I talk about planning to buy a new car and we agreed on having the Buick Enclave this time considering it has all these features.
The Buick's Enclave has three rows of seats with seating that can accommodate seven people and yeah, very spacious. We rented Buick Enclave for a week while we made a road trip from Florida to Mississippi and we had a comfortable travel experience back and forth. The road dynamic is great and impressive! The suspension is very nice and tight and even if we've driven it on rough roads, we didn't feel a thing but, smooth ride. If it is power you need, this is it.
For long road trip, Buick's Enclave is perfect for a comfortable ride. The seat feels like I am sitting on a recliner at home. I also noticed a great feature which is the second-row bucket seats slide forward and back while the second and third can be fold under to provide extra cargo room. We never run out for extra room in that travel. 

One of the most amazing features is the driver and front passenger's seat for it features heated and cooled seats. We find it comfortable and a great feature especially when we travel on a cold rainy nights, the heated seats are just awesome. If you are looking for a luxury SUV, Buick Enclave is one of the best. To know more about the Buick's Enclave, feel free to visit Buick Enclave Kansas City and check out this car.

Moreover, the Buick Enclave has a navigation system which we used on that trip and as long as there is a satellite, we did find our way. It also has the Bose 10-speaker stereo which are "must-haves" feature when we travel. The Enclave is a 3.6-liter engine and it is a V-6 with 288 horsepower which is perfect for this seven to eight seater vehicle.
For safety and reliability, Buick Enclave has a Side-impact airbags for the front seats and side curtain airbags for all three rows of seats. Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions and views are based from my experience and my own.

Bicycle Ride

I love to ride my bike in the neighborhood. Everyday, hubby and I have a 20-minute bike ride and if we are not tired, we go for another 10-minute ride further down the block. We love this hobby and it became part of our daily routine which for us, an easy exercise. We usually schedule it at 10 AM or 2 PM because the streets are quiet and not busy. From time to time, cars passes by us but since I am not comfortable cycling with cars nearby, I have to stop everytime. Awkward huh?

Road accidents happen all the time so; I would rather stop when there are coming cars than regret for anything that can happen. The photo above was taken along the Kennedy Parkway Road here on Merritt Island. A cyclist died in this area. This road is wide and not busy except for rush hour. Such a sad picture right? Anyway, this image always reminds me to watch out for nearby cars when I am riding my bike.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Basketball Fanatic

Back in college days, I love watching NBA and Shaquille O'Neal was my favorite player. Wherever he goes, I cheered for him from Orlando Magic to LA Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns to Cleveland Cavaliers all the way to Boston Celtics when he retired. I was influenced by my bestfriend who was a basketball fanatic. She has a brother who played the local PBA so; we were really had a good time during NBA and PBA seasons. Her brother recieved basketball trophies and medals for he really plays good.

Right after graduation, my best friend migrated to another place and I never heard from her since. As of now, I am a football and NASCAR fan. Once in a while, I do watch the NBA games.

My New iPad Cover

Another FREE product that came in the mail lastweek is my new Maroo iPad Cover. Just in time for I needed one right now. Since I won my iPad 2 about two years ago, I have been using my iPad cover for same span of time too. Right now, it looks dirty and worn out. I will be posting a review about this product soon and I will share how I love my new iPad Cover.

A Mother's Caring Touch

Growing up, I remember that my mom always has remedies for aches and pains. She usually applies herbal tunics when my brother and I have stomach bug and muscle pains. Her motherly care and tender touch adds for fast relief I must say. I am a sickly person in fact, every month, intense muscle aches and headaches knocks me down and my mom was always there for me with her herbal regimen just like the swedish bitters.
Whenever I needed fast relief from pain, herbal tunic and massage from my mom eased the pain away. Herbals are better pain reliever because it’s been tested by families for generations. The relaxing scent and the aroma is a therapy for instant relief and I am thankful for this regimen and the caring touch of my mother.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

"Most humble-minded man,
pouring forth a continuous paean of thanks to his Maker
for having chosen him as the instrument
whereby multitudes who had worshipped idols
and unclean things had become the people of God."
Saint Patrick

I would say that right where we live in Mississippi, all activities are centered to family and religion. People support every events in the town and my husband and I were always present in the crowd. Most families that I knew were family oriented with laid back lifestyle. They are hardworking, God-fearing and most of all, family tops on their list. Events like St. Patrick's Day is well attended and look forward too by families each year. The family of my husband is of Irish descent so, St. Patrick's Day is a big deal for them.

As we all know, Saint Patrick is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. He brought Christianity to the country. I never read his books but, some bookworms said that the Confessio, a spiritual autobiography, and the Epistola, a denunciation of British mistreatment of Irish Christians are good books to read.

Green and Shamrocks

The original color associated with Saint Patrick was blue but, over the years it was changed to green. The green ribbons and shamrocks were worn in celebration of St Patrick's Day as early as the 17th century.
There was a rebellion at that time and the Irish soldiers wore full green uniforms on 17 March to catch public attention and it was also considered as a political statement.
It was known that Saint Patrick used the shamrock, the national flower of Ireland to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. Wearing and display of shamrocks and shamrock-inspired designs was omnipresent from that day onward.

Snakes and Pagan Practice
My husband told me one time that there are no snakes in Ireland. Saint Patrick is most known for driving the snakes from Ireland and most of my online readings claimed that it is true; there are no snakes in Ireland.
Probably, it may never have been for the island was separated from the rest of the continent at the end of the Ice Age. Pagan religions worshipped serpents. When Saint Patrick drives away the snakes from Ireland, it became symbolic because it ended the pagan practice.

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is observed annually every March 17, the date of his death. It is a tradition for spiritual renewal. Saint Patrick's Day is associated with everything Irish such as anything green and gold, as well as shamrocks and luck.

The holiday began in Ireland and as the Irish spread out around the world, they took with them their history and celebrations. Celebrated on March 17th every year, Saint Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday and many Irish attended mass before going to the festivities.

In the United States, cities with large Irish population just like in Mississippi, St. Patrick's Day is a very big event. Big parades, wearing of the green, Irish music, throwing of Shamrock and green beads, Irish food and drink, and more activities for kids such as crafts and games are part of the festivities. So, Irish or not, let us all celebrate this holiday and have fun!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scott Kay Wedding Bands for Men

The importance of the moment when the ring is placed on the finger is as significant as the ring itself. Technically, a wedding is incomplete without a ring for it symbolizes the continuity and the promise of eternal love between two people.

The wedding ring is the physical emblem of the emotional bond between lovers so; it is just right to choose the best ring there is. Check out the scott kay mens wedding band above. Which design and style would you prefer? Brides are not the only person to enjoy having the rings of affection. Men deserve to have one as well so; pick the best one for him.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Liberty Square Riverboat at Magic Kingdom

Spring Season is almost here which means Disney World will be jampacked with tourists from all over the nation and the world. That is the reason why, me being a Floridian is not too thrilled to visit Disney during this time. The long lines and the scorching heat are not my preference for a fun adventure at Disney. Anyway, for this post, I will show you Libery Square Riverboat at Magic Kingdom which is one of my favorite attractions in Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
You need to check on the schedule first and come back when it’s time. A whole day is not enough to try all the attractions at Magic Kingdom so; make the most of your time by planning. Here is the route of the Liberty Square Riverboat at Magic Kingdom:
I suggest that you should go on the top deck to see the beautiful view as you set sail the river. All around the route is interesting and besides, if you are tired from wandering and walking Disney Magic Kingdom area, this attraction is perfect to sit and relax.

Though this is only a scenic half-mile adventure into the wilds of old America, you will enjoy the sight and sounds of the happy children below. You will be aboard on a a steam-powered paddler wheeler.

This boat is Colonial-American-inspired and a 3-tiered Liberty Belle riverboat nestled in the heart of Liberty Square.

The photo below is on the Tom Sawyer Island. If you are tired from walking and exlporing the area, you should go to Frontierland and take a ferry ride to Tom Sawyer Island and you will reach this place. A good area to unwind and just wave at people on the Liberty Square Riverboat as it passes by.

Along the river’s edge is Fort Langhorn , Wilson’s Cave Inn , Woodland animals such as deer as well as the amazing and unique views of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain and The Haunted Mansion.

These tourists had just visited the Tom Sawyer's Island and ready to head back to the Frontierland where the dock is located.

Another sight to see during this awesome 17-minute journey into America’s early frontier is early American settlement, Harper's Mill and the idyllic Native American village.

Don’t worry; you will be embarking on a relaxing journey around Tom Sawyer Island along the Rivers of America. The people below are waiting for their ferry ride.

There is a lively narration which guests can listen as the boat set sail to the river by none other than, the iconic American author Mark Twain. As I have said, this ride is great when you are tired from walking the park. Yes, for sure, you will get tired.
I got more photos to share next time. Please check my blog again tomorrow and thanks for stopping by. After this ride, you might like to visit the Haunted Mansion which is just on the left side exit. Another ride to give your feet a relaxation before you head to Frontierland. Have fun in Disney!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Sturdy TV Stand

When you are at home, what keeps you entertained? Probably browsing the Internet or watch TV right? It is always comforting to have TV's in the house in fact we have five: three of those are 50" then, a 14" and a 32". It's actually one TV for every room including the garage. We have two plasma TV's fully secured and perfect on the plasma TV stand in the master's bedroom and the other in the living room. Just like the photo below, the height of our TV stand is just about right and the viewing level is very comfortable.

When we were scouting for the TV stand, we picked the espresso finish in solid wood. It is very sturdy, and truly a well-built cabinet with shelves for a component and DVD's. What's yours? Do you have color preference?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Calamondin in my Garden

In the Philippines, we call this fruit calamansi. From a citrus family, calamansi is a fruit which is widely cultivated in the Philippines. In our dialect, we call it limonsito. Here in the US, they call it Calamondin and sometimes, they call it golden lime, panama orange, chinese orange, acid orange, calamonding, or calamandarin. It was believed to originate in China and spread throughout Southeast Asia, India as well as Hawaii, the West Indies, Central and North America. the photo below is my calamondin plant which I bought at Wal-Mart for $9 and been producing fruits more so often.

Calamansi has white or purplish flowers. Its fruit has a spongy/leathery rind with a juicy pulp that is divided into sections. When I am making a Filipino dip/sauce,a squeezed of calamansi is a perfect addition to taste.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Cocoa Beach Pier in Florida

If you plan to visit Cocoa Beach then, check out Cocoa Beach Pier, the view behind me. The parking space in Cocoa Pier is $10 but, if you don't want to pay that amount, check out the parking meter on every street. It is .25 cents for 10 minutes but, make sure that it is working right or else, you will get a ticket. 

It's in the 50's today and breezy so; no one is in the water. On a nice and sunny weather, this beach is fully pack of locals and tourist. The end of the Cocoa Beach Pier is Mai Tiki Bar and in order to enjoy the this place, you need to pay an entrance of $1. When there are storms, this place is close and the entrance is waived. 800 foot long fishing pier

If you love surfing, Cocoa Beach is the place to check out. Food trip? The Pier has 5 restaurants and 4 bars such as Atlantic Ocean Grille, Marlins Bar and Grill, The Boardwalk, and Oh Shucks Seafood Bar so; you will never get hungry here. There's gift shops and free live musical entertainment.

The pier offers beach rentals, fresh water showers as well as regulation beach volleyball courts and lifeguards are available year round. Hubby and I usually come here for the food and just enjoys watching the surfers.

The photo above was taken along the side of the meter parking area along Cocoa Beach Pier parking lot.

Just an hour drive from Orlando, Cocoa Beach is a beautiful place for swimming, fishing, surfing and ... sunbathing.
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