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Friday, August 31, 2012

Apollo/Saturn V Center

This is the rocket garden located at the Visitor Complex in Kennedy Space Center (NASA) in Florida. This is a nice garden of historic rockets that tells the story of man's quest for the stars. I bought an annual pass at Kennedy Space Center hoping to be in the Lunar Theater when they honor Neil Armstrong, the great American space hero.

My husband and I went inside the complex at quarter to 1 and I knew right then, we will not make it to the ceremony. But anyway, we just take the bus tour (my second time) passing by the Vehicle Assembly Building and stop at Observation Gantry. Hubby and I decided not to go up the observation building anymore and proceed to the next stop which is the Apollo Saturn V Center.The picture below is the Apollo/Saturn V Center which is a huge facility that display the gigantic real Saturn V Rocket of the famous Apollo program. This facility was built as a tribute to the Apollo Astronauts and the machines that able to lift them to their destination and brought them back home safely.The ceremony honoring Neil Armstrong lasted for few minutes only so; when we arrived, it was finished. We head to the Moon Rock Cafe' for lunch before we tour the facility. Our day ended at the IMAX theater where we watched the Space Station 3D movie.

We lived 15 minutes away from Kennedy Space Center so; we will be coming back here more often.

Top 5 Online Holiday Offers to Look Out For

When you’re not looking to book an escape to foreign shores, your inbox happily pings with cheap holiday deals to every distinctive destination in the world.

When it comes to booking your getaway, these bargains may seem few and far between. Swot up on what holiday offers to look out for and never miss a travel trick.

1. Early Bird Rates

Knowing the total cost of your holiday a year in advance is one of the most reassuring aspects to booking early. Budgeting and paying your holiday off in interest free, affordable chunks, guarantees that your getaway won’t break the bank.

As well as being the most sensible monetary option, holiday companies will reward you for booking in advance with pleasing early bird discounts.

2. Last Minute Deals

In complete contrast, save a little each month and take advantage of any slashed prices on last minute jaunts abroad.

This is an ideal option for those who have flexibility with annual leave and are happy to jet to whichever destination fits the kitty.

3. Web Exclusive Offers

Ditch the middle man and book online. Many travel websites offer a small discount for booking online rather than through a travel agent.

Save money without even leaving your sofa.

4. Board Upgrades

Keep your eyes peeled for cheap upgrades to full or all inclusive board basis from as little as a £1.

5. Free Kids

Those with children who are under five years old can benefit from the term time discounted kids offers. Depending on your tour operator, the first child often travels for half price, £50, £1 or even free.

Cheap kids holiday offers do run throughout the school holidays for older children too, but they sell out quickly. Booking in advance is the only way to secure this substantial saving.

Go online for immediate access to holiday offers and cheap holiday deals.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Probate Litigation Problem

Are you caught in the middle of a probate litigation mess? Then, you need a good and qualified attorney to help you out. When the old folks die and siblings are not in good terms while they are still alive, that will be a ticking time-bomb. Questions about the wills and other problems will arise so; litigation lawyers can handle all that.

Palm Beach probate litigation team can handle probate matters such as challenge a trustee or executor, contest a will and more. The relationship of the family can be tarnished if someone in the family took advantage of the others' kindness and trust. You need to protect your rights as an heir. Let the court determine whether the will is valid or not so; you need to prepare yourself. When you hire a reputable lawyer, make sure that you are also ready to face the member of your family. It can become a painful inheritance dispute.

If there is a family misunderstanding happening in my family, I would rather talk it out, settle it between us and be civil about the problem. But, some families are really dysfunctional and that's a reality in this life. Some people are too kind and some are advantage taker so; a problem like this indeed happens. If there is no other way then, you should fight for your right.

Room in Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship

I saw this photo while browsing the folders of my photo album and thought of sharing you the room that we had when we cruise to Bahamas on board the Norwegian Sky. It was tiny but for me, it was cozy and spacious after all, we only use the room to rest and sleep for the night. Most of the waking hours were spent exploring the Bahamas or wandering the amenities in the ship.The room was cute with a desk on the left which served as an office area. The room has a good size closet, fridge, microwave, iron and ironboard, safety deposit box and the bathroom is located on the right. It was a decent space and has a vanity. Our room is very comfortable. Next time, we will try a balcony room.

Heavy Machinery

We were in a home store the other day asking for a quote on AC installation for one of our condo units. It was still working alright but just three days ago, according to our tenant, it does not turn on correctly and won't turn off either. We called someone to fix it but, if things come to worst, at least we knew how much we will be spending to install a new one.

Then, we head to the carpet area to buy a 12x12 carpet for our laundry room. We thought of buying the carpet with the longest in length so; we won't have to deal in cutting it. We will simply lay it down and are done with it. I was just amazed to see how the huge machinery was pulled out from behind the carpet display. The cutting of the carpet was done easy by just a click of a button. The machine rolled the carpet while the staff underlay a transparent sheet to keep it together. It was done in 3 minutes but, when they lift it up manually, the weight was really that heavy.

Thank goodness for the companies who supply this heavy machinery for they really respond to the needs of businesses. It would be impossible to sell heavy products without the help of heavy loaders and machinery such as TR 330 or winding reel. The machine that cuts the carpet in the store looks like the TR 330 where the staff just pushed it down and put it on top of the other big machine then, cut it. Well, technology and engineering innovations impresses me every minute.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Affordable Airline Tickets

Are you trying to find good deals on airline tickets? When you own a major credit card, you have all the advantage to get rewards and points. Once these rewards and points are accumulated, you can either use it in exchange of a product or use it for flight upgrade. You will be rewarded more when you use your card more often. But, what if you do not own a major credit card? Can you still avail cheap airline tickets? Of course, you can.

Some airline companies offer good deals for a specific flight such as SLC flights, San Francisco flights, New York flights and more for a specific date of travel. You are lucky if you find this deal because it is truly affordable and sometimes, it includes an affordable hotel accommodation plus low car rental package. This offer is good when you have unplanned travels to that location but, that's not always the case right? Unless if you are bored and wanted an escape for few days then, that type of offer is worth grabbing for.

You can also sign up an email alert for airline ticket deals. Airline companies provide good deals for loyal patrons so; do not hesitate to sign up even if you do not plan to travel soon. One day, you will need it and you will be glad that you sign up for it.

If those options that I mentioned above are not favorable for you then, just research for an affordable airline ticket. If you have the patience, that might be an option that works good for you. Most of the time, you will really find good deals if you keep trying. I did that one time when I traveled to California to visit a friend. I just research online and after checking few prices, I come up to the lowest price deal. Just compare the prices and check the prices in the Websites of small business owners and in no time, you will find the deals that you are looking for.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Freeport Harbour Grand Bahama Island

This picture was taken in October of last year when we went for a Bahamas Cruising. This is in Freeport Harbour in Grand Bahama Island, the first of the 3 islands that we visited. Freeport is a city and has grown to become the second most populous city in the Bahamas. When we arrived the harbour, we went to the terminal to find a transportation to Treasure Bay Casino and Port Lucaya Marketplace. As a tourist, there is nothing to worry about paying too much fare because the rate is printed on the brochure and the information board. Anyway, the fare on the van is $5 per person each way. From the harbour, 16 of us rode in the van and dropped us all in the casino. Hubby and I played in the slot machines in the casino and went to the marketplace as well as explore the Port Lucaya Marina. We convene in the casino lobby after 5 hours then, head back to the harbour to our cruise ship. It was fun!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trash Collector

The renter of that house across our property was evicted because the neighbors have many complaints against him. The man had been feeding stray cats so; there are so many cats on his backyard but, they died. The man does not stay in this house more often. The backyard was full of dead cats, started to stink and it spread the neighbors property.They tried to catch the man so; they can talk to him but, to no avail. Neighbors contacted the sheriff and the animal control. After 6 months, the animal control finally take a hold of him but, he was moving out.

Anyway, he had so many stuffs that he just throw away because it was contaminated with dead cats. I think he is facing charges of animal neglect. A company came and cut the grass. Man, they got full load of grass and bushes. This worker came and picked up all the garden trash of this property. The neighborhood was happy to see the yard trimmed and maintained.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cruising to Bahamas at Affordable Price

Cruising is an expensive vacation plan and I thought it was; until I discovered that one can enjoy few days of cruising to Bahamas in less than $500. I was browsing my emails last September and one offer caught my attention. It was 4-days trip to Bahamas heading to Freeport Grand Bahama Island, Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau for less than $250 per person. Isn't it great?My husband and I had a blast on the beach, exploring their International Market, and we had the best time ever especially the activities on board. The moment we stepped on the gang way, the happy crew welcomes the guests with dances, music and drinks. We were being directed towards the main restaurant that has impressive views of the sea and the buffet has endless display of food and desserts.

From traditional fine dining to endless buffet with custom-order action stations are all included in the cruise fare. Food is endless and since we had a freestyle dining, we can dine to any restaurant we want in any given time with no restrictions. Of course, if guest wanted an extra for a gourmet French, exceptional Italian and an upscale steakhouse, fine dining is available and again, it was included in the cruise fare. We were well-fed and well-rested because the room accommodation was fantastic and has everything that we need. Room service is free of charge. Guests can eat the delicious food in their hearts content. That's what we did!

Every hour has activities especially when the ship is sailing to its destination. In the evening, there was always an amazing production show which hubby and I attended. There's singing, dancing, Broadway shows and comedy shows throughout the cruise.

When we arrived Freeport, we took a van which cost $5 a person each way. We went to Port Lucaya Marketplace and take our time enjoying the gorgeous beach. Nassau is the best for me because I went shopping inside Atlantis and we hang out at the Marina. We even take a ferry boat ride for $3 a person. It was affordable isn't it?

Now, check out the image above and I bet, you are blown away with the offer right? Call 1-888-444-6520 and ask for an information about the Bahamas Cruise for two nights.

This blog accepts advertising opportunities and creates affiliate partnerships. As a result, I earn compensation to some of my blog post. These partnerships help me keep my site running so I can continue sharing great deals.

Cafe' du Monde Coffee

Have you been to Louisiana? I've been to this state as far as Metairie when I had my appointment for greencard. It was stormy but, when its' ceased, we went to New Orleans to have a cup of coffee and a beignets, my favorite at Cafe' du Monde.Right now, I miss beignet but, not so much with the coffee because you know why? Hubby bought 10 cans of Cafe du Monde coffee back to Florida. Bringing home the feel of French Quarter aroma.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Haunted House

Wanna see the picture of a Haunted House?

After I got my Schengen Visa, booked hotel reservation in Germany, booked in a car rental company and paid our airfare, our travel to Europe is postponed 'till next year. The good thing was, we got a full refund of our airfare and all the cancellation of itinerary bookings went good. Next big trip is not Europe but, Kansas City Missouri. I am excited to see the Gateway Arch, visit Branson as well as Hannibal the hometown of Mark Twain, the great American author and humorist.

All family members from Mississippi will be coming over too for a wedding event of our niece. I have been wanting to visit Missouri at winter time but, I guess it will not happen this year as well. I am also excited to see the ancestral house of my brother-in-law which the kids claimed as a haunted. You can check the image of haunted house in my blog post here.

They have 7 bedrooms and a huge basement and they only occupied I think three bedrooms. Hubby and I would not want to stay in their house but, we will visit them. I will take more pictures and share it here. I am excited!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tomatoes and Lycopene

I harvested quite a few tomatoes yesterday enough to use for my home cooking agenda (wink). After these batch of tomatoes, I will plant some more in another area. Moving them is the right thing to do because the direct 12 hours sunlight is too much for these delicate plant. We love tomatoes because it is rich in Lycopene which have beneficial health effect. It is an antioxidant and consumption of tomatoes decreased the risk of cancer and strongly protect against neurodegenerative diseases. Tomatoes and tomato sauces as well as puree are said to help lower urinary tract symptoms. It also reduces cardiovascular risk associated with type 2 diabetes.Nothing could go wrong right? Wash it thoroughly when you eat them raw, just my two cents.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Schengen Visa

Hubby and I went to Miami last July for me to apply a Schengen Visa for our Europe Travels. We planned to visit a family in Spain, a friend in Germany and a classmate in France. Since we will be touring Germany most of the days, we decided to get a German Visa so; I made an appointment at German Consulate in Miami. I did it all online and followed the requirements given in their website. Here's the link of the Cover Letter of Tourist German Visa that I made.I was already having doubts about the passport picture that I got from WalMart. It was an old lady who took my passport photo and was using an ordinary digital camera. The result was blurry and not according to the standard for German Visa.

We arrived 30 minutes before my schedule so; when the man in-charge checked my photos he told me that I should get another passport photo at CVS a block away. I gladly complied and was back in 10 minutes. Take note: No earrings, no smile and photo must be formal and serious.

When my name was called at 11 AM, the lady was very nice, courteous and friendly. She asked all the original documents with corresponding photo copies. I got all that except the 3 most important docs (LOL) travel itinerary, travel insurance and airline ticket reservation.

She was kind enough to have me come back at 1:30 that afternoon and gave me time to gather those three important documents. We went back in Intercontinental Hotel in Miami (stayed a night) and booked our plane ticket, reserved a hotel accommodation in Germany and call my insurance company to fax the required documents that I needed.

The Concierge was very helpful and gather all the fax documents sent to me at the hotel. I went back at exactly 1:26 PM and was relieved that the lady called me right away. I gave her all the documents she needed and asked few questions about the travel.

She then told me that I was so organized and all documents presented were neat. We both laugh when she reminded me that 3 important documents were missing but, other than that, she was impressed. Then, I was asked if I wanted my passport delivered by mail or pick-up and I chose the latter.

The interview went well and when we went back yesterday to get this Visa, the guard already knew me by face. Everyone at German Consulate in Miami are very nice and I was treated excellent. God bless them.

Scam Prevention at Marcus Evans

When I open my e-mail today, I had so many emails on my spam folder. I just deleted my spam folders about 4 hours ago and here I am again, dealing with "you won $116,000,000 and please provide your name, address, phone number and bank account number" which is an obvious scam. I was wondering why some people take the bait of email hoaxes.

When your friends warned you to not open an email with links, please don't! But, sometimes the curiosity is more tempting so; the moment you click the link, computer freezes and crash, congratulations for being a hard headed, you got a virus!

How do you protect yourself from online fraud? It is really hard to detect especially when you are not a computer savvy. As long as you do not give out your personal information such as address, birth date, bank accounts and passwords, you are alright. Online users have to deal with fraud and scams but, imagine the bulk of cyber scams which business owners have to deal with?

Marcus Evans provides conferences and awareness regarding cyber-crimes to business owners and companies. There are so many business nuisance, financial scams, and phishing hoaxes that are sophisticated and if the business sectors do not armed themselves with the right knowledge on how to combat them then; it will surely compromise their business.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kindergarten School Supply List

My friend wanted me to grab a copy of the school supply list for her Kindergarten child. She was looking online and she can't find any list so; I gave her this list that I got from Wal-Mart. Take note that each school differ as to the requirements so; as parents, the best thing that you can do is to visit the school and talk to the teacher/adviser.

Large backpack
small school box
Elmer's White Glue (4 0z)
16 Glue sticks
Fiskar scissors (blunt tip
Box of Crayola fat markers (classic colors)
Composition Book (no spiral)
Single Holle Punch
Computer Headphones in ziploc bag with name
crayola crayons 24pcs
2 boxes of tissues
2 sanitizing wipes
pencil box
boxes of #2 pencils sharpened 12 ct
box of snacks (cookies, crackers, pretzels)
large eraser
Mead primary Journal

Some teachers require more for a year supply use of the child. Some school specify that backpacks should have no wheels. There are also schools that require 1 pk of small paper plates and 2 boxes of sandwich ziploc bags. Anyway, find time to visit the school and talk to the teacher. I am sure, she has a print out list for you.

Monday, August 6, 2012

On Sale SO Platform Wedge Sandal

I usually do not go shopping for myself but, when I saw this product about two weeks ago I got this wedge sandal at affordable price using the coupons that they sent through my email.This is SO Platform wedge sandals with striped platform wedge heel and chic upper. Instead of wearing flip flops, I love wearing this sandal and paired with jeans and sleeveless. The platform wedge heel adds height without sacrificing comfort which is really true. It has adjustable buckle closure with elastic insert which ensures a flexible fit. Like all my other wedge sandals, the foot bed is lightly padded for comfort. It has 3 3/4 inches heel and I bought it for only 16.97 with my coupons. The original price is $54.99, a deal breaker huh? Check it out at Kohl' and you can purchase it for $21.99 this week. Good luck!

On Sale Wedge Sandals

I am going gaga over wedge sandals and on sale products. Hubby said, I am Imelda Marcos Jr, LOL! Men and women equally loves shoes right? Anyway, this particular wedge sandal is a product by Mudd. It features woven upper and cork-patterned heel which is very comfortable to wear. It has breath-taking style to any ensemble and the color is not loud. I bought this for only 16.99 two weeks ago, original price is $54.99. Talk about good deals huh?Now, the platform wedge heel offers stability and comfort. It has buckle closure with elastic insert that provides a flexible fit. The foot bed is lightly padded with 4 1/4 inches heel. Looking for elegant and comfort wear for summer? Check this item at Kohl' today. It's $21.99 now which is not bad, still a good deal right?

15% Footwear Coupons

This post brought to you by Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you done shopping for back-to-school yet? I get excited during this time of year since on sale items are offered everywhere in fact, I took advantage of the sales tax holiday this weekend. How about you? I bet some of you are still looking for good deals right? Check out this BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon and you can save a lot on footwear products. If you are looking for quality name brand shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, Skechers, Reebok and more, you should visit the Website of Famous Footwear and you will be amazed as to how affordable their prices are.


They have hundreds of brand name shoes to choose from and thousands of great styles that I am sure your child would love to wear. Visit the Famous Footwear store in your area because shopping here is easy and comfortable. Here is the deal breaker for back-to-school promo at Famous Footwear, you can buy one pair of shoes and get one at half price. That's their BOGO offer for all customers plus you can use the coupon of 15% off. That is big savings on your pocket right?

Take advantage of this offer and since their prices are affordable, it makes your shopping fun and exciting. You can also order online and have it home delivery for convenience or pick it up in store which is free of charge. Click the link above, print and use the coupons from 8/2 to 8/18 in the nearest Famous Footwear stores. Take advantage of these great savings and if you want more benefits while you shop sign up in the Rewards Program where you can avail 20% discount. You will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in both in-store and online plus more exciting perks and discounts. For more details, visit the Website now. Happy shopping!

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dirty Hotel Bathroom

Have you been to a 5 star hotel and was disappointed because the room was dusty and nasty? Take a look at this toilet. It looks clean but, as I look closer:It was nasty! Dust must be there for months and some hairs too. YULKS!As I look up, I saw this:Not a good sight huh? Here's more:See the hair on the door? The white stuffs? I don't know what are those. Then, the faucet:That's water and soap residues. Nasty huh? I just use the towel and wipe it myself. The mirror? YEP! It was dirty on the side with a bonus hair, nasty! Anyway, I give credit to the staff who did the laundry. The towels are very clean and smells "clean" and this hotel provides enough towels for the guest. I am so happy about that.

Friday, August 3, 2012

San Antonio Vacation Experience

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SAVE . All opinions are 100% mine.

In reality, traveling and savings do not go hand in hand but, there are places which you can actually save as you travel. Have you heard about San Antonio being one of the most affordable vacation destinations in the US? Plan your summer getaway at SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience for they have amazing deals, discounts and savings in store for you and your family. All you need to do is to check out the Website and you will find Limited Time Offers and more exclusive discounts on beautiful theme parks, interesting shops, exciting historic tours, best hotels, amazing resorts, beautiful museums and more. Endless savings await you and your family for they have more than $600 in savings which are available right now.


If you wanted to experience the Alamo Helicopter Tour, you will enjoy 10% savings. For a party of two or more, that is great savings plus, the fun and excitement would be beyond words. If you want to watch a movie at night at Alamo IMAX Theatre Rivercenter, the admission of your child is free! That is another savings on your pocket right? I encourage you to visit the Website for more savings and offers.

If hubby and I plan to visit San Antonio, we definitely would like to save on hotel accommodation so; we would stay at Comfort Suites Alamo/Riverwalk for they have $79 rate. I think the Institute of Texan Cultures is an interesting place to visit so; we will have savings for a buy one take one ticket deal. They have deals on Enchanted Springs Ranch for $2 off and also, the Grand Trolley Tours offer $3 per person which is another deal breaker! We might take a ride of the Alamo Helicopter Tour with 10% discount which will be a thrilling experience for us. Lastly, to get around the city, $2 off on Alamo Trolley really helps the budget. Those are great deals don't you think?

If you have twitter account, follow @SAVEinSA to get the latest deals at San Antonio. That's what I did to help me plan my visit. See you all at San Antonio.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

FILA Sport Running Shoes

Did you know that the original price of this shoes is $64.99? Guess what? I bought it last week for only $17.17 , good deal for a FILA brand huh? You may check it out at Kohl' today but, the price is $34.99 which is not bad considering it's still on sale.FILA SPORT running shoes have lightweight design. The upper and lining are mesh which ensures breathability. It is design for comfort since the mid sole absorbs shock and provides lightweight cushioning. The rubber out sole is made for reliable traction. I always like padded footbed because it does not hurt my foot. Just keep checking that site for surprise on sale products every week. Good luck!

Washer and Gasket Products

Have you ever experience that moment when you needed to fix a broken chair but, you can't find the nails or screws in the garage? Or, trying desperately to fix a folding table with loose screws but, couldn't find the missing washers? Of course, it is inconvenient because without such tiny thing, you can't fix it right. You need to leave your work, head to the home store, buy that one little thing and head back home and finish the job. It was such a hassle huh? That is why it is important to organize the things inside your garage.

If you have small gadgets, tools, washer and gasket and more, organize them and put it in tool chest or tool boxes. It is easy to find when you need them. It saves you time and you will not stress out looking for tiny things in your garage. The more you look for it, the more likely you won't find it. It is best to organize your stuff in the garage right?

Now, if you are a contractor and your company needed stocks of washer products which are fabricated in any type of materials, click the link above. Superior Washer and Gasket has all types of quality materials that you needed either aluminum or titanium. They have all type of washers such as standard, one and three wave, Belleville, special flats, military and odd shape washers and shims. Check out the Website now for more information.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pre-K School Supply List

It's not too late if your child has no school materials yet, it's not your fault! You probably are pre-occupied at work or maybe, you just don't have the money to buy the materials sooner. Do it today! These are the usual school supply list needed for Pre-K child:

2 boxes of facial tissues
1 box of crayon
2 oz. bottles of Elmer's white glue
1 box of pencils (fat)
1 safety scissors
1 box crayola fat washable markers (classic colors
1 pkg. of playdoh (playdoh brand)
4 boxes of baby wipes
1 box of brads
1 BIG bottle of hand sanitizer
1 box of pencils (fat)

The school materials varies in different schools so; the best thing to do is ask the adviser. Most of the stores in your neighborhood have the list according to the school and level of your child. Just check it out. Good luck!
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