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Monday, December 30, 2013

Final Road Trip Monday Post for 2013

Today is the last Monday of 2013 and I am looking forward for the new year's exciting road trips that we will have. I am expecting more road trips in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and more because, we will be leaving Florida soon. Well, that will happen when we sell the house here in Cocoa then, we can move back in the gulf coast. Anyway, for Road Trip Monday, I am sharing these photos which I took while hubby and I were driving by Merritt Island just 20 minutes away from home. We actually went to Cape Canaveral. It was a gorgeous dusk moment so; I took these shots. Hoping you like viewing these awesome photos.
The photo above was taken in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
This is the Bennett Causeway in Merritt Island.
Bennett Causeway / AIA in Merritt Island
As we were driving towards Cocoa. This road is called 528.
Heading home from Merritt Island.
The Indian River by the Bennett Causeway in Merritt Island.
Indian River, Merritt Island
Exiting from 528 and heading to North Cocoa Blvd towards Titusville.
The calm waters of Indian River.
We were routing North Cocoa Blvd but, we detour by the Indian River Drive
to see the Christmas Lights display in the area.
2013 has been an exciting year for us. We love living in the Space Coast and we love exploring NASA's Kennedy Space Center which is just 10 minutes away from our place. We love this place and we love Florida but, we miss our family in Mississippi that is why; we are moving there this year. Expect more photos of road trips in this blog for 2014. Happy New Year everyone and thank you for checking out my blog every time I have a new post. Thank you for the support. May your New Year brings love, good luck and good health to you and your family. God bless you all.

Monday, December 23, 2013

My Wish for 2014: These are Few of my Favorite Things

These are few of my favorite things. Just thinking out loud that my finances in 2014 will zoom to a "quick-paced". I have listed here the things that I would love to have in the year of the horse (Chinese Zodiac). Our Buick Rendezvous has been good to us for so many years now. Our old trucker has gone for good so; if ever we need a new car, it would be the Buick Enclave. Buyers of this car gave excellent ratings for comfort, safety, exterior styling, value, reliability, performance, and interior design. Since we love our Buick Rendezvous, an upgrade to Buick Enclave will be a great option for us.

We live near the beach so; if having a boat is too much of a hassle, a jetski would do the trick and besides, it is affordable to have this baby. A jetski can stay in the garage while the boat, a storage facility is needed and that can drain a family budget on a monthly basis. A jetski is so easy to drag when it's time to hit the beach. Look at this great looking toy, isn't it gorgeous?

We are moving back to the gulf coast in 2014 and we will sell our house here in the space coast. We are praying that we will find the right home for us. Okay, here is my dream home. It is alright to dream right? How awesome to live in a house like this. Perfect. But, it will be nicer if my family in the Philippines will be able to live with me here in the US. A wishful thinking.

Lastly, I don't really need all those material things above. I wish to have those things but, what is important to me really .... is what I currently have this year:
My husband.
My friends back home.
My friends and family here who constantly call us to check on us.
My Mom, Brother and his family, My Aunt and her family and my relatives.

There is nothing I want next year but, GOOD HEALTH for me and all those I mentioned above. Nothing is important to me than to see their happy faces in great state of health. I pray that next year, I will find a stable job that I love so that; I can continue to support my family back home. I pray that GOD will continue to bless us with GOOD HEALTH today and always. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. I will be seeing you next year right? Hugs to y'all.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gift Idea for Him

The men of our lives are the hardest to shop for Christmas. Most of them say the specific gifts which are mostly expensive and hard to find item. Other men has everything already so; it is even harder for us to find something that will eventually delight them when they open their gifts on Christmas day. Give yourself a break! Buy him something that will remind him of you every second of the day!
Now, check out from these tissot watches and tell me if this idea will not make him jump for joy. Men loves expensive watches so; this is not the time of year to be frugal. Give him the gift that he will truly appreciate the value of you.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Walt Disney's #Epcot : Typical European Village

These photos were taken in Epcot, a typical European Village. We will be going to Disney World this week to see their Christmas Decors and I am hoping to see a Christmas Village in Epcot. Disney is just an hour away from our place but, the traffic going to Disney specially in this busy time of the year seems to be a big problem for us. This week, we will be meeting a client nearby Disney so; we will take advantage of the time being there. For now, I am sharing these pictures taken two years ago for Road Trip Monday.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Give Your Support to

Today marks one year, one incident that truly was a heartbreaker. 26 lives lost and most of them are innocent children in Sandy Hook Elementary, 6 of them are wonderful teachers. It is hard to imagine losing a sweet child on Christmas season. It is hard to imagine losing a child where the last word he/she whispers are "I love you Mommy" "I love you Daddy" plus a tight hug! It gives chill to my veins right now. Yesterday, as I watch the old photos of the incident thru the internet, they bring tears in my eyes. How could I forget the face of sorrow and pain of the sister when she called her parents telling them, her sister (Victoria Sotto, a teacher) was gone?
I watch the interview of Mark Barden and his wife Jackie, parents of 7 year old Daniel, and I feel and see pain in them but, they are in the process of healing. As I read so many stories of the family of the victims, all of them are trying to heal. As a way of support, I encourage you all to visit and give your support as well. Let us continue to pray for them.

Give a Good Cheer this Christmas

It is better to give than to receive. While some people loves doing the act of giving, there are other people who expect too much on what to receive from others especially at Christmas time. There's nothing wrong with that yet if you are the receiver, it would be nice to make gift-giving have the domino effect. Spread a good cheer with out expecting any in return. Try it! Traditionally, gift-giving at Christmas time is part of the spirit of Christmas where you find joys when you make others happy with material things, gratitude and good deeds. No matter how you do it, bringing happiness to someone is priceless. Now, let's talk about the men in the family. Have you decided what to buy for your husband, uncle, grandpa, son and nephew already? Or, he could be a boyfriend or partner who is musically inclined and loves gadgets right? Well, finding gift idea is like a labyrinth. What should you buy if he loves music, making music and loves to store them into a music collection?

How about a glyph 6tb gt062e at musicians friend? When you know the interest and hobby of the person, you will definitely know what to buy. Most of them say what they want anyway. Finally, though we are in-tuned to material things this Christmas season, look around for the less fortunate ones and when you give something to them unexpectedly, the good cheer you bring is priceless! Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#VSFashionShow : Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Stream it Live

To all the loyal shoppers of Victoria's Secret, you can now watch the Live Stream of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 in at 9/8C on Dec. 10. That will be tonight and if I were you, you should participate the sweepstakes which is super easy to participate. Just answer the 4 questions which can be found in the site. The winner will win a fabulous prize! How about a $2,000 VS shopping spree? Go now and visit the site! Good luck and happy watching!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone

One Sunday afternoon while I was bored, I was looking at my long nails with days old red nail polish. I thought of taking photos and holding a Christmas Ornament. You know, boredom makes me do weird things LOL. I always have long nails. It is easier to keep it clean. Believe it or not, I seldom wear nail polish. When I am bored I like to play with colors though.
Okay, while taking these photos, I was watching the news in Fox News Channel. They were showing a nativity with real people. This is their way of inviting Christians to not be afraid of greeting people with Merry Christmas.  To not be afraid of bringing back the tradition of celebrating Christmas. It is time to quit being politically correct and enjoy Christmas the way it was supposed to be.

I was holding this ornament which says Merry Christmas and I thought, this is my way of showing I am not afraid to say Merry Christmas. I respect people who do not celebrate Christmas but, as a Christian, it is my right to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Watching the Bright House Networks TV at the Back Porch

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bright House Networks. All opinions are 100% mine.

Total entertainment while we are lounging at home is what we really need and Bright House Networks provided us with that awesome service. For almost 4 years now, we actually subscribed the whole package deal such as the Internet, phone line and cable, and so far; we are one of the satisfied customers of this company.

The BHTV I should say, is an amazing feature and the latest awesome service that Bright House Networks have for their customers. How amazing? How about watching a favorite show anywhere in the house? How would you like to watch TV in the kitchen or in the garden? That is truly possible!Bright House Networks TV or BHTV is both a free app and a Website so; by using this app, subscribers can view live HD programming anywhere in the house using the iPad as well as the iPhone and other Android gadgets. Take note that  BHTV only works within the range of your home's wireless network. Meaning, I cannot use the BHTV in the mall even if I can access the Bright House WiFi Hotspot for it is only accessible with in the wireless network of my home. The photo below was taken at the back porch when I was using the BHTV awhile ago.

The BHTV app allows the customers to view many of the channels via iPad, iPhone and most of the Android devices so; waching TV is now very convenient. I use the BHTV via my iPad to watch my favorite channel while I do my gardening and when I am having my siesta time by the back porch. I also use the BHTV app in the garage area while I sort out the stored things in there.

Basically, I watch TV anywhere in the house using the BHTV app in my iPad. Eversince it started, I was using it for convenience. If you are a customer and haven't tried it yet, you should take advantage of this service now. Make Any Room a TV Room! Here is how to download the app and if you need more information, check it out at BHTV’s FAQ.
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It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas

I am not afraid to speak and great someone with Merry Christmas. When they say Happy Holiday, I say Merry Christmas anyway. After all, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. So; it's okay to say Merry Christmas. When I arrived here in the US, I was stunned to know that some establishments are afraid to put a Merry Christmas sign for fear of getting sued. It did happen though. There was a city hall, slapped with a lawsuit because they decorated the city hall with Christmas tree and Nativity. A sign of Merry Christmas is not allowed in public places because some politically correct people will get offended.

Too much Political correctness in this generation especially here in the US. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, we should respect them but, no one can dictate us how to greet someone and how to celebrate Christmas. It is their right not to celebrate Christmas. It is our right to celebrate Christmas as well. Let us bring back the tradition of the USA where children can sing a Christmas carol in the school; where family can enjoy their family tradition of putting Christmas tree and Christmas lights in their front yard freely without the interruption of the homeowners association. Celebrating Christmas is all about love, being kind to people, sharing what you have and having fun with your family and friends. If you see a Grinch this Christmas, say Merry Christmas anyway. Have a Wonderful Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Twin Oaks Produce and Bulk Foods in Missouri

When we visited Missouri last year, hubby and I enjoyed our road trip. We actually visited hubby's brother in Keytesville. An hour before we reach his home, we missed the turn so; we were lost. We were driving to a road of nowhere and the bad thing was; we see humans for 25 minutes LOL. Literally, there is no one to ask for direction. We saw old houses, clothesline and a buggy. We realized that we were in the Amish neighborhood but, no one is around. Luckily, we saw an SUV and hubby signaled for a stop. Country people are friendly so; he stopped and when we asked for direction, he pointed the way. We were actually driving down the back road.

We arrived his brother's place safely but, the SUV Ford Edge was covered with dust. When we were lost, we were driving on a dirt road.
We saw Amish houses and Amish buggy which for me, they are cool.
When we reached the place of my brother-in-law  in Lake Nehai, the place is gorgeous. They have a big restaurant but, its not doing well and I heard, it was close recently.

In the nearby town, one of the places that we went to is the Twin Oaks Amish Store. We bought quiet a few items from here. I bought an organic sweet caramel popcorn and it was my favorite.

I stayed for few minutes at the front of the store to take photos. I was truly satisfied with all the pictures which I took.

The prices of the mums  despite of the differences what we have. , different colors different kinds of mums

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Opps, are you singing? LOL! Finally, December is here! Are you excited? I bet some of you are excited! I am too. Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. It's not because I am expecting gifts. As a matter of fact; I consider it lucky if I receive one gift. Honestly, it doesn't matter really. What makes me happy for Christmas is the idea of good cheer and sharing. Giving gifts makes me happy and I do not expect any in return. Honest. You can ask my mom about it, hehehe.

Here is our Christmas Tree this year. What's lacking are red Christmas balls and few Christmas ornaments. Buying a Santa Clause became a tradition so; this year, I am eyeing on a unique Santa and probably buy Mrs Santa Clause too. I think I saw the pair in Lowe's.

I can't wait to hang the ornaments soon. After Christmas, I give away some of the decors to my mom and I buy another set of colors. Last year, it was all red.

How about you? I bet you are done decorating. It is good to start early so that; we can enjoy the Christmas season longer. Would you agree? Anyway, Merry Christmas!
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