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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Here are some of the pictures I took during Thanksgiving day. It was a birthday celebration too of one of my nieces. Everybody had a good time and the food was delicious. Here is the IZEA turkey hat which my family wore and adore, lol. That is my brother in law from Scotland doing wacky movements of turkey. I am not the only foreigner in the family, right?
the birthday celebrant
my real niece..the mom of the celebrant
lovely nieces
she is having fun with the daddy
uncle and the niece
I Wish you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Charter's Best Deal of the Year

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day Before Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This will be my first Thanksgiving Celebration in Mississippi. I remember last year, my husband and I were still living in Orlando and we celebrated it with Doris, our friend. Earlier that day, I was with my little friend Emilia because her parents had to work double time. There were so many appointments in their spa so, I took care of Emilia. Oh my! She is so pretty and smart and I missed her dearly. Last year, after lunch, I took a nap because I had a bad migraine. So far, I feel good today. Tomorrow is a good holiday celebration for me with my family here. I woke up early and did a general cleaning. I will be out later today and do the yard. The leaves are piling up, LOL. Cooking? Not my forte! My husband is in charge.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Have you heard about C'elle? I bet you heard about it and all about stem cells. This company is responsible in preserving the stem cells found in women's menstrual blood. The menstrual blood carries stem cells which are the building blocks of life that have been used to treat diseases. Check out the Website and learn about how this company can help you and your family. You can check their FAQs page to understand about C'elle and their wonderful services. This company was developed by researchers at Cryo-Cell International. Since 1992, they have helped nearly 185,000 families to preserve their babies’ umbilical cord blood. It is one of their services aside from stem cells in menstrual blood. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are known to treat more than 75 diseases including leukemia, anemia and lymphoma. This company will collect and preserve stem cells from their menstrual flow. The stem cells found in menstrual blood can be useful in future therapies to treat diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. In the future, stem cells in menstrual blood can be used in anti-aging and sports medicine. If you are planning to transact business in C'elle, you will have the option to do the process at home and it is painless.

Flooding in CDO

I woke up with the noise of my cellphone beeping. It was a text from my mother in the Philippines. She always inform me through text whenever she was online. Well, she went panicked today because there was a downpour of rain in Cagayan de Oro City causing flood in the area of Carmen where my brother lives. Anyway, I told her to calm down and just get the whole family and have them sleep over in my place. There was a storm and it hit Misamis Oriental this week. There were flooded areas and some landslides. I just hope that this calamity is not that huge. All my family and relatives are safe though. Since I live uptown, my mother is safe in our place.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kitchen Makeover Contest

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Happy Birthday Claire

I met Claire when I started blogging. I am a frequent visitor to her blogs because she has so many stories to tell. She talks about her family, her children, her daily activities and feast of foodie and goodies, LOL. She is a believer of God and active in church activities, right Claire?

Anyway, this week is her birthday and please visit her blog and greet her on this very special occasion. You would surely love to visit her blog more often.

Happy Birthday Claire. Thanks for the friendship and hoping you will have a wonderful birthday celebration. I wish you good health, more blessings financially, happiness and peace of mind. God bless you my friend.

Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tofurky and Gravy Jones Soda

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Jones Soda. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was so excited yesterday when I saw the mail carrier put the IZEA package in our mailbox. I immediately went outside and grab my green package. With proper documentation, I took few pictures of what I got.This is my second package from IZEA Company. I am so thankful that they send me their freebies all the time.

This is the poster greeting from the company with the face of the coolest guy in IZEA, Ted Murphy.
Here is the picture of the FREE turkey hat that I love dearly.
Here is the most awaited part; wrap in yellow is Tofurky and Gravy Jones Soda .
With great pride wearing my turkey hat and a short pose with Jones Soda, my Thanksgiving Celebration has just started. I was expecting a fruity soda just like what I got before. But, Tofurky and Gravy Jones Soda are different and the taste will really stay in your taste buds. I can describe it as bubbly and sparkling inside the mouth. Try it and you will discover the difference of this soda and the soda that you are used to.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Rushing to Work

Oh my gosh! I sleep for only 5 hours today and i have to get ready for work again. I will make it up to you my friends. I will blog hop early tomorrow. For those of you that I wasn't able to return the visits, I will make it up okay? See yah all tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!
Okay, if you are an IZEA fanatics, admit it that Ted Murphy's wacky post is contagious, LOL. My first time to do wacky post like this hahaha. Blame it on Izea, LOL.

Ultimate Vacation Destination

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Do you know where the ultimate vacation destination for Christmas is? I would say it is Branson, Missouri and I would definitely recommend it.

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The exciting part is that Santa himself will deliver presents, cookies and milk to guests rooms. That is a delightful event in their lives right? Check out the link now and book your holiday trip.
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IZEA Package for Thanksgiving

Today, hubby and I went for a grocery. I am not really tired even if I work 8 hours. When I was about to sleep , the mailman came and I got my second surprise package from IZEA.

Ted Murphy...LOL. Turkey treat from IZEA...oppsss. and a refreshing Jones Soda Now, my Thanksgiving celebration is complete,LOL.Thank you IZEA. I encourage everyone to become a member of IZEA. Click the three banners below.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back Slapper

Have you ever met someone who says something nice to you and when you are not around, she started telling EVERYBODY the opposite about you? What would you do if you encounter one? Well, it is really annoying that such person exist in your group right? I heard everyone say that she is a back slapper and I bet she is; which I tried to twist my mind that she is not. If the situation is not healthy and you have a clear concept that it will not do you any good for your betterment as a person, STAY AWAY right? What if, she still think that you don't know and treat you the same way as nothing happens? What would you do? Pretend is the answer. What if she still wanted to fit in? My answer is------> QUIT! They are not worth to be associated with you. I guess, I will consider all of these, don't you think?

Note: I am using "SLAPPER" and not the traditional word "STABBER" because, this person I am referring to, didn't do harm on me.

Christmas Cards

Most of us are excited for Christmas Season right? We love the holiday rush, the family cheers, gifts that we exchange, and the food that is simply delectable. Part of the preparation is taking down notes of what to buy and where to buy things that has good deals and quality. Christmas cards are always on the list. How about taking a consideration of buying photo christmas cards?

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I always treasure friendship and I have friends in groups too. When I was in the Philippines, I have friends who loves shopping, watching movies, partying and hanging out at the mall enjoying the good food. Sigrid ( pink blouse and too tired to stand, LOL) and Rusty ( wearing boots,LOL), are just two friends that I get along with. They are funny, lots of stories to tell, interested in fashion and they are the kind of friends that I can be with for a day and not get bored. Of course, Rusty is gay and a very descent one. He is so reserve and never shares nasty things with us around. He giggles whenever he saw handsome guys. Funny! I miss those moments. This picture was taken four years ago.
Okay, to make it known to everyone, I am not comfortable wearing skirts and I love sleeveless, LOL. That is why, in this picture, I wore jeans already. After the party, I always make it a point to change something I am comfortable with. Anyway, I sit beside the three lovely Rusty's and the two pretty sisters posed behind us.
They are local make up artist and very talented in their own way. How I wish they are here to take care of my long hair. These people are the kind of friends that will make you laugh and accept you for who ever you are and I did too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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Blast From the Past Photo

I was looking at my photo collection and I saw this. Well, I took this picture four years ago using my PC and I have a shallow nostalgia on my blouse. Shallow right? Well, I saw the same blouse again in my friend's FB account and I just made a post few hours ago in my PR 3- Beyond Photography blog.I just wish I brought this blouse with me, LOL. Okay, I will go shopping and look for this style.

Join Sponsored Tweets

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Class is Finally Over

David got the over all scenario with me being an angry amy LOL! But, I am not angry really but amused of the situation of my workplace. While I am away in blogging world (three months), David has kept me informed. Thanks to David, oh well, you know him right? If not, visit his blog.

I would like to thank everyone who keep coming to my blog even if I can't visit them back. I have 111-148 daily average views in this blog and 75-148 daily average visitors for the last three months. Most of them, visitors from Google search. Thank you.

Well, my class is finally over yesterday. Got LXXX1X grade, not bad for me considering I have to work at night. And my teacher is the person that I argued during my enrollment processing. Yap! Imagine me seeing her on the first day of class. She knew that I know that she is indifferent and trying to show kindness. Trouble! Me and my Mexican friend Lily realized that the teacher is indifferent whenever we call her for assistance. But, when others asked for clarification, on the spot---> she will help them with clear explanation. She even sits down on their PC and finish their computer tasks. We halted our work for those times. Both of us are patience though. I know, if it were YOU, you will fight for your rights.

Lily was sad during the Midterm exam. Me too LOL. When we take the midterm exam, we only have it for less than 20 minutes without telling us that she plan it that way. She got the lowest result and I do not blame her. She is so smart considering she talk Spanish and English is not even her second language. I challenged her to focus and make the finals perfect. I was so glad with her grade yesterday. She got a perfect score during the finals. I got one mistake and Lily got a XC grade. I am so happy with her. I am using Roman Numerals hehehe. Our grades are written in numeric of course.

Well, glad that my class is done and I met two wonderful classmates Lily and Marie. Did you know that I slept from 9 AM to 6PM straight---> so peaceful. See you in your blogs.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Video Contest

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My Fave Chocolate Ever

I saw Cecile's post about Girl's Talk and I remembered it's Thursday and I need to post my entry too. I missed blog hopping and I can not wait to get back in the old routine. My class will be over this month and so, I can have a little time to chit-chat with my friends in blogland. I miss you all in my bloglist really. Thanks for visiting me even if I am busy to visit you back.

Here are my favorite chocolates. Well, my table has these stuffs always because I crave for it all the time. I like chocolates with nuts either peanuts or almonds.

This is my favorite morning drinks. Really delicious!

Hershey's with Almonds

This is only a dollar and I just found it lately. The brand has caramel popcorn which I also love for snacking.
What's missing here is the butter finger, got so many favorites huh? What's yours?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dr. Dermal Acne Treatment

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Class is Almost Over

I miss visiting your blogs really! But, I have work and class at the same time. Adjusting my schedule after a year of straight blogging is not easy for me. The good news is that my class will end this month. I can now blog hop and follow what's going on in blogland. My work is tiring as usual but, I am alright. I just wish that I can share the pictures I took about what's going on in my place. I will be after the class is over and I will be seeing you in your blog by then.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cydcor: Best Place to Work

Looking for a dominant market leader? You need Cydcor, the leading global provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams. This company ranks number 14 among mid-sized companies and chosen twice as San Fernando Valley’s 2009 “Best Places to Work”. Cydcor is a good place to work because it provides an Employee Assistance Program including mental health counseling, wellness and smoking cessation programs. They also provide excellent benefits and good internal working conditions. For more information about this company, visit the link provided here.

Fridge Locker

Have you ever encountered a situation when you realized that your favorite food in the fridge were gone? Well, sometimes it is okay but if that happened all the time, it gets annoying right? Imagine you shared your home with someone else and you are so hungry but discovered that your favorite snacks in the fridge were gone! That will be something to be disappointed about. Now, has a solution for you. You can now leave your favorite Sweets, Snacks, Sodas and Work Lunch stored in the fridge with no worries that it will be eaten by someone. This thing is also good to keep for your home because if you have children, they can refrain from eating the food too much. We want them to be healthy and so; we gave them enough quantity that is good for them. Having this fridge locker is a big help and we can relax that they will not eat too much sweets. If you want to keep Alcoholic Drinks in the fridge and does not want your children to drink it, fridge locker is a must to own. Keep your food safe by using this fridge locker for your office, home and dorm. Check it out now.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Festival

I have so many pictures which I took during the Fall Festival here in Ocean Springs. I am hoping that I can share it to you tomorrow guys. I really can't wait. I love this town because there are so many activities which the community loves to participate plus, it draws tourists to come and visit Mississippi.
I am still not done posting about the Cruising the Coast cars and here we are, celebrating the Fall Festival. Great right? By the way, this picture was taken by after I research from yahoo.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thankful Wednesday

I missed the Blog World really but, I can only do one thing at a time. I have so much to blog about such as my experiences at workplace, my studies, my day to day activities which were FUN, my new acquaintances and yep, too many indeed.
  • My Beyond Photography blog got PR3- I really do not understand the Google Rankings. It seems to me that, the more you strive harder to get your PR back, the more it is further from your grasp. The last time I blog in my camera trip was Oct.22 and I have only 15 average daily visitors. Yet, I got PR3. Well, thank you Google! I appreciate it so much. Hoping that my other two blogs will have PR soon also.
  • My class will end this month and am so excited really. I was just so exhausted with classes and work and desperate to blog also. I lack the normal time that I needed.
  • My work is FINE! It is not the job that you guys would prefer. You would scolded me for sure. Kelly's Services called me two weeks after I got the permanent job. Though it is a teaching job, it is only a part time. Having my present job is Okay for now. I promise that I won't hold this job for so long, or else; I will be scolded by my friends in blog land, LOL.
  • My workplace is good. The employees are Nice and I met six Filipino workers which I am excited about. I like Nitz in the Wardrobe Department. She is so nice and a typical Filipina who is so down to earth. She is the kind of person that you will keep as a friend really!
  • About my Izea and PPP opportunities, I still have them. There are times I missed to write them even if I was able to reserved the opportunities. I am trying though.
  • Every morning, after work, my husband and I ate at the breakfast buffet in these casinos: Palace Hotel, Hard Rock, the Isle and Beau Rivage. I will be posting the pictures soon when I am back to my normal blogging.
Today, is the birthday of our cousin here so, we will have lunch at Satisfaction Buffet. See yah in your blog.
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