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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Alternate

Smoking can kill you and probably you hear this reminder many times, right? It is already in your system and even if you have the desire to quit, it is very hard. But, if you want to help yourself, do it gradually. You can use an alternative way and it will help you build the activity into your system. I bet you already heard about Electronic Cigarette which is battery powered. There will be no more tar that will only damage your teeth and no chemicals that will only rotten your lungs.

E Cigarette is healthier than using a tobacco and cigars. There is a flavor in the internal vapor therefore; the feeling of using this product is like smoking the usual cigarette. It will also enhance your physical sensation just like when you smoke before. The big difference is that this product does not have the harmful effects of the chemicals found in the traditional cigarette.

Love e-Cig comes in flavors and it is very affordable. You should give up smoking because it is not good for you. Use this product and the possibility of giving up your smoking habit is very high. No ash to attend to and most of all, no more bad breathe. Check it out and try it!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meeting a Friend at Disney

When one of my blogger friends invited me to meet up with her and family, I did not hesitate. I have no activity for the day and hubby was in the mood to drive me to the Disney Area. When we live in Mississippi, we tried to set dates but, we can't find the right time. I was working at night shift so, I am asleep at day time. They can't visit me in the casino where I work because kids are not allowed to get in. So, this time... we finally meet. I met Kathy and her beautiful family when they stayed at Swan Hotel. The place was gorgeous and I was able to grab three pictures before Fifi, her witty youngest daughter pleading to be with us on the terrace.From the fifth floor of the condotel, you will see this beautiful poolside down below. That gorgeous blue water and awesome pool design is just inviting for everyone to dive in. You can tell that it is huge because the people looks like a tiny needle down below. This is the view if you gaze on the horizon. A lake and the wide scenery of Kissimmee area and Orlando. This place is perfect if you want to visit Florida because you are nearby to almost everything especially the Disney Theme parks.The only negative for this area is the agonizing traffic. It will take you forever to get into the hotel. It took us 20 minutes to get into the hotel area. It is better to walk accross the street than drive, crazy huh? Other than that, this place is perfect. This is Disney so, traffic is really terrible everyday!The sun is still shining so bright at 6pm here in Orlando. Disney is just 20 minutes travel from my place. But, if you get into a heavy traffic, it will take you hours especially when you run into an accident zone. I was so happy that my friend was patient enough to wait for us. She kept me entertain with text messages LOL. It took us almost 2 hours :-( but, we came LOL! Glad I met her and her family! Awesome family! She is a good cook too! Thanks Kathy girl! You are the best!

Sprint Total Equipment Protection

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you use a Blackberry, Android, and other Smart phones? The Sprint Total Equipment Protection App is a good news for Sprint subscribers because you will be enjoying these amazing apps. You can locate the phone, easily sync the contacts, remote wipe phone is also available, can lock the phone and can also sound an alarm. Check the picture below:

HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_settings menu.jpg (5 documents)

That is a gorgeous HTC cell phone from Sprint! All of us must have experienced of misplacing our cell phone, right? When you have this phone, misplacing a phone will never ever happen again especially when you activate this app. If you are a Sprint customer, add this feature to your existing phone or download this app today. Hurry! This is good for a limited time so; you have only up to August 30 to enroll on this open enrollment offer. Did you know that this new app provides you with a quick and convenient way to replace your phone when it's lost, stolen or damaged? You can enjoy a worry-free day when you are taken cared for! This app also covers accidental dips so; when your phone accidentally dives down in the water, you will get a replacement for that. It is really awesome right? So, visit the link for more information!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Google + Button

There are so many ways to make your site stand out on the World Wide Web. Most of the time the apps, browser, SEO, URL and other Internet Terminology seems too much to comprehend. If you are active with online activity, it helps you understand a little bit but, it's not enough. If you are in need of help regarding Google+, you can hire an expert to do all the technicalities to maintain a functional Website.

Anyway, Google+ helps our online activities. When people read our post and they like it, they can easily click the button and recommend it to Google search. The more people click Google+ button, it would mean that the content is relevant. In doing so, it brings a signal to Google and helps Google determine the quality of the post on our Website. So, add the button to your page and it will definitely increase your site's visibility.

No Contract Phones

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and I was looking at the phones displayed for Straight Talk. I would say, it is everything you need in a phone because it is affordable and you can call a friend here and abroad. I was looking at the All You Need plan which has 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and a 30 MB web data for only $45/month. What an awesome deal for me because I am a heavy phone user! If you are looking for a plan with unlimited call, text, picture messaging and web, switch to Straight Talk today! There is no contract, no hidden charges and no credit checks so; having a Straight Talk phone is convenient and hassle-FREE! You can use a very nice phone from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Kyocera. The good news does not end there yet, when you buy a Straight Talk, activation is FREE. If in case, you want to terminate your phone or wanted a reactivation, there is NO fee at all! My mom knows best because she kept on telling me to switch few months ago and definitely, I will!

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Eat in Area

This is our eat in area. We bought this dining set at Rooms To Go. The lighting fixture is old and we are planning to change it soon.
This is the eat in area before we added the dining room set.

The space is really small but, when we added tha table, it looks great.

Super Bowl Super Party

Posted by Virgil Burks

Its time to get ready for the big game with a big party! Nothing is easier than hosting a Super Bowl party, simple foods, casual dress and good friends, mean everyone will have a good time. Inviting friends who are avid football fans is the first thing on the list, throw in a few others just for fun. After the guest list, its all about the food and drinks. The choices for a Super Bowl party menu are endless. Finger foods work well and require only paper plates and lots of napkins to serve them. Think about things like a variety of hot wings with dipping sauces, tacos, nachos and chips and dip. If you want to add something a little more substantial to the menu, but keep it simple, add pizza or hot dogs with all the fixings. If you are lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, try a barbecue at half time. A simple set up with burgers , hot dogs and a few cold salads make this a quick and easy party idea. Set up beer, wine, soda and water in a cooler so guests can help themselves during the game. Now you're ready to sit down and watch the Super Bowl on and throw the best Super Bowl party in town!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Acne is a Complicated and Frustrating Condition

Acne is a complicated and frustrating condition. It has no cure, but with proper management, acne treatment can be quite effective in keeping your skin clear and free of breakouts. In the past, continuous scrubbing was the only way to ensure acne removal, but technology is moving forward with exciting new developments in the treatment of acne.

How to Treat Acne

Many people follow a regimen of washing twice daily with a cleanser, following with a toner, a medicated lotion and a moisturizer. Some or the medicated treatments available over the counter include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur. These can work great, but they’re not appropriate for everyone. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are highly effective acne treatment medications, but they can also wreak havoc with sensitive skin and lead to dryness and unattractive flaking -- almost as unsightly as the acne!

Light therapy as a treatment for acne is recommended by many dermatologists as a safe and effective natural treatment, without all the extra side effects. Blue LED light kills the bacteria responsible for acne, P. acnes, allowing the pimple to heal. Using light therapy on a daily basis not only treats existing pimples, but can also help prevent the occurrence of any future breakouts.

Light therapy is easy to use. Simply cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser, applying nothing further than a pre-treatment gel. Treat your face with the device and follow with your usual moisturizing, sunscreen and make-up routine.

Which Acne Treatment is Right for You?

Light therapy, like the kind provided by Tanda Acne Solutions, is great for dealing with mild to moderate cases of acne. This type of acne is characterized by red and inflamed pimples or pustules, with up to 100 whiteheads or 125 total pimples, not all of which are inflamed.

If your acne is more severe, or you have nodular or cystic acne, you will do best to see a dermatologist. Nodular and cystic acne means that you have solid masses under the skin, which can be felt, and which can sometimes raise the skin up. These can be quite painful, and when they erupt they can leave pits and scarring. A dermatologist can prescribe antibiotics and medicated creams and ointments to help treat this kind of severe acne.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Break In

Our renter called us yesterday and told us, someone tried to break-in the condo. We were so concern so, we came right away and brought a handy man with us. He checked the broken window glass and we all found out, the glass is doubled. This is a bizarre incident. She told us, someone tried to break in. But, the glass from outside window was not broken at all but, the inside was. As a concern landlord, we will fix it and install an affordable alarm. She called the police but, when we arrive, the police was gone and I noticed that he took a fingerprint on the inside. The place is gated and the whole area is peaceful. Plus, there is nothing in her place to steal for. Just absurd!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gift of Life

Hubby and I were busy today. After having a breakfast at Panera Bread at Fashion Mall, we did our share of "two cents" today and we are happy that we were able to help a friend who needed a ride. Her husband was hospitalized due to some allergy and she can't drive yet.

Anyway, later that afternoon, we notarized the Will Documents of a friend who recently lost her husband. She was doing okay but, my husband calls her every now and then to know how she was doing.

Then, we went to pick up a friend in two locations, a store and at the airport, and went to a wake of a good friend who died last week of a lung cancer. Did you know that she does not smoke at all? Why did she die of a lung cancer and she was only 46 years old?

Life truly is a gift! Every breathe we take is a bonus! Every waking moments of our lives with the faces of friends and the loving care of our family are gifts that we should treasure. How would you feel when one of your family was given less than 6 months to live? Then, that saddest moment came?

That is why we need to be thankful of everything that we have. The complete faculties of our body, we should be thankful to God! Other's don't have eyes to see, don't have tongue to speak, don't have cars to drive, don't have house to live and don't have food to eat! Look at you! If you have at least one of the good things that I mention, you should be thankful! If you don't acknowledge the good things that you have compared to others then, you are a fool!

You have a LIFE! Do not compare yourself to others! Be thankful for what you have! You have LIFE, make the most out of it!

Trac Fone Benefits

This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

The economy went downhill and all of us felt the crisis. We did some cuts on our expenses most especially on our phone bills. But, it's not enough because the stress of being under contract with a phone company is stressful. Some of the real TracFone customers share their experience after they made the switch. First of all, you can get a phone to as low as $10, there is no hidden charges because there is no contract. Also, you can buy a Trac Fone in the leading retail stores in the country today and there's no credit checks whatsoever! The real TracFone customers further stated on their video that having a Trac Fone is easy because there is no activation fee nor cancelation fee so; you can try it if it works for your lifestyle! There are so many features that you can enjoy using a Trac Fone because the connectivity is great and the coverage is excellent nationwide. Therefore you will enjoy calling, texting, picture messaging, and the use of the web. You can have an International call for the same price as ordinary call. That is why Trac Fone will work for me and I bet it will work for you too. For more information, visit the Website today!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

His Rendezvous

My husband loves our Rendezvous. As for me, I keep dreaming to have a Hummer but, I am procrastinating with my driver's license. Anyway, since Hummer is not good for gas mileage so; I was checking for the new version of Rendezvous instead. To my surprise, the Buick Enclave is way too expensive than my first choice. I want an SUV type coz I am fascinated with big cars, no sports car please :-) I know that Lamborghini is an expensive sports car but, I can't ride a $500K used car..wohooo! As if my world is spinning if I sit so low. Anyway, the adrenalin of driving so fast, not my world too LOL!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

East Lake Fish Camp in Kissimmee

Every Sunday, hubby and I had routines. We go to mass at 8AM and go to a restaurant for a breakfast and it's either my treat or his. But, we have no plans which restaurant to go really. Today, as we drove down the road, we decided to go 15 minutes away from our place and we end up heading to a fish camp.The breakfast of this place is not my favorite but, if you go for the buffet on a Sunday, you can order all kinds of omellettes with your choice of cheese, vegies and spices. In the East Lake fish camp you can stay in the camp grounds with your RV's or rent in their cabins. There is a playground now which we didn't notice before and the whole area is surrounded with Oak Trees.You can ride a horse at $10 and have a boat ride and if you choose the air boat, they have that too. My friends usually dragged their boats here and have a boat ride at Lake Toho.
The whole place is nice with the feeling of in the middle of nowhere. But actually, this place is just near Disney World and just back of Orlando International Airport.
We dine in the restaurant and I saw the display of stuffed gator. This restaurant have so many stuffed animals as their main decor, a rustic ambiance and country atmosphere inside.
They have a breakfast buffet which costs $8.99/person with coffee and drinks included. Surprisingly, there were numerous people inside and lucky me, I met 4 Filipinos who dine in for breakfast too.
They came in the fish camp because they just came out from their church and one of them is a Pastor. The other man is a missionary who will soon visit the Philippines for missionary work. It was a great feeling to meeting people from my country who were very friendly. It is still a scorching day in Florida so; after the short breakfast rendezvous, we will be staying home and enjoying a relaxing Sunday!This is my entry for this weeks Travel Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by everyone.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Castillo De San Marcos National Monument

Hubby and I spent our anniversary at Saint Augustine, Florida. There's so much to see in this little town and I am still trying to show you some historic places which have that charm. On this scorcher day, we are headed to Castillo de San Marcos.There is a meter parking lot in this area located just across the park. Sometimes, the parking is FREE too. the entrance in this park was only $10 for both of us and Senior Citizen was given a card with FREE entrance to all parks in the US.There were tourists who visited the place in groups with a tourist guide.
The place is crowded and later that afternoon they have to fire the canon.
Knowing the history of this place is sad and at the same time it made me appreciate more the sacrifices of our troops who are assigned in other countries.
If you want to visit this place, you can't miss it once you are heading to Old City and passing by the Lion's Gate, you make the right turn and this place is just stood there at the bay area.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sneaky Snake

No matter how small a snake it is, it still looks scary. As you can see, our pathway is clean and the lawn is well-manicured. Twice a week, the gardeners cut the grass, trim the bushes and the whole area is well taken care of but, look at this visitor roaming around. It is a tiny snake but, I just can't pass by it. I am so scared that it will jump on me. I don't know if it's poisonous or not but, I won't go near it.
I used the zoom function of my cell phone camera and took this picture. It looks scary still! After few minutes, it's gone and I don't know where it is heading to. Anyway, black snakes were wandering in our backyard probably it's cooler. As long as it will not go inside our place, we are fine with that.

Term Life Insurance

No matter what your age, you will need some type of life insurance. If you are a young person, in your 20 's or 30's you might want to consider term life insurance. One of the advantages of having term life insurance is that, it has a fixed rate of payments for a limited time. Term life is not as expensive as a whole life insurance. You see, whole life policies or permanent insurance is a calculated rate with fixed premiums for the lifetime of the individual. Whole life policies are usually connected to an estate planning versus term life which are not.

Term life policies are usually considered death benefit coverage. To cover such things as funeral expenses, mortgage payments, care for your dependence and college expenses at the time of your death. Many insurance experts would advise a person to have term coverage to protect your love one until you have significant funds to purchase permanent insurance or whole life. This is another advantage which a young person can enjoy when purchasing life insurance. It gives them the advantage of changing their policy when they are in a better financial position to afford whole life insurance. A disadvantage would be if you passed away before the year was up like six months into the policy you would not be paid any benefits. This type of policy can be renewed each year. Also, each year you must prove that you are insurable for example, you have not come down with a terminal illness. Are you interested to get your insurance quotes now?

When you consider in purchasing life insurance, you must know what you want in terms of a short term life insurance or an extended whole life policy. Contact your local insurance agent and have an appointment to lay out the best insurance rates around..

Friday, August 5, 2011

Troubled Person

I am excited for this year's NFL Season and I can't wait to watch every game of it. I was a Saints fanatic because I lived in Mississippi when they won for the championship. When they returned to New Orleans, the whole city was in great joy and me and hubby went there too. There were 700K people joined the celebration so, accidents happened. We were parked at the garage of a hotel and like everyone else, it took us 3 hours to move down the building. One woman who was drunk, intentionally pushed her way scratching our car. She wanted to inflict violence right then. Hubby and I managed to keep calm and we called 911.The woman was so loud and her voice echoed inside the garage. She pushed the horn and everyone was so pissed off and everyone jumped in to attacked her and we were caught in the middle of this chaos. A dozen of police officer came by because everyone in the garage was so mad of her. It was total chaos, we did not press charges because we wanted to go home. Everyone volunteered as witness but, since we have no damage and the woman was drunk, we forgave her. From the top floor of the garage, the cars moving out so slow because the traffic was a disaster. Thousands of people wanted to get out! Anyway, we manage to get out from New Orleans and that experience was disappointing but, the whole activity before that was fun! Something like that is expected to happen if there's a big crowd but, we don't expect that it will happen to us!

Coke Rewards for Schools

This post brought to you by My Coke Rewards. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a parent, a teacher, an educator, a school's administrator or a principal? Have you heard about My Coke rewards for schools? If not, I am inviting you all to join this exciting program brought to you by Coca Cola Products:

MCR_School_Blogger_0706[1].pdf (page 3 of 3)

You can donate points to your school which can be redeem for art supplies, sports equipment, classroom materials, books and many more. When you join, the children in your school will benefit all the good stuffs so; you are really doing this for a good cause! Register now and donate points to your school but, make sure that you also registered your school for this reward program to benefit all the points you give. Here is another good news brought to you by Sprite, from July 13 up to September 30, 25 playgrounds will be given away which is worth $25,000. That will be 25 lucky schools and the chance of winning is easy. Just purchase a product  from 15 participating brands of coca cola and enter the codes at to get the points. You need to pick your school and donate the points you have. That chosen school can use that points to redeem the rewards for their school needs. So, don't procrastinate! Click the Website and join today.

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Marriage Proposal at Regis and Kelly Live

I am watching Regis and Kelly and I was totally entertained today. They are naturally funny and their team up is great, not the romantic type though. There's something in their personalities that click that is why the audience love their show for so long.The picture below is romantic. The man proposed to his girlfriend in front of the viewers of Regis and Kelly Live show today. That's something brave for a man to do right? What if the woman would say no? Just like what happen to the Bachelorette? Well, in this case, the woman said a big YES and a nod, LOL. It was very nice to see two loving couple.
It's good to see happy news on tv shows, right? Spread love evryone!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Express Jeans

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Would you believe that I wore size 0 three years ago? It's a relief for me that I can now shop in the section of women's jeans and I am now wearing size 2. The picture below is the kind of jeans that I love to wear daily. It is comfortable to wear, the fitting is perfect, the design is formal and I can wear it anytime and anywhere. Among the style of jeans, I prefer to wear boot-cut with back-pocket stitching and low on the waistline. It just gives me the comfort of wearing jeans, not too cramped up and the freedom to move easy and sexy. How about you? Which type of jeans do you wear?


Anyway, check out Express jeans today and discover the designer jeans in store for you. You can choose from the selection of skinny, jean legging, straight, skyscraper, barely boot, flare and of course, my favorite boot jeans. You like good stuff right? Did you know that you can win FREE jeans from Express giveaway? This company is the ultimate place for denim essentials not only for women but also for men. They are giving away 50 FREE pair of jeans and you should hurry, for this will run for a limited time only! For more information about this giveaway, visit the Website today!


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Thought

This is the poolside of Hardrock Biloxi. During this time, the pool was close for cleaning maintenance. This pool is located at the right side of the Hardrock building and facing the Gulf of Mexico. The building across the poolside is the Beau Rivage and it's also a hotel casino. During the hurricane Katrina, both buildings had a tremendous damage. This week, the first Hurricane Emily is heading to mainland US. I hope it will not hit us here in Orlando or somewhere else. I hope it will just died down. Emily is predicted to hit Florida by Saturday.

Merchant Account

The crisis of our economy nowadays hit hard not only for the individual but also to the business industry. If macro business is affected financially, how much more a micro business stand on its ground or even the entrepreneurs? This would mean, if the economy fluctuates from bad to worst, everyone goes down! But, though our economy is not doing well at present, it is not that bad because some business flourish way beyond the ceiling of success. Therefore, every business has their chance to succeed.

Do you own a business? Are you looking for a company that offers processing service on internet merchant account? If you do, this is a great leap of faith, right? Business establishment should accept credit cards payment. If you don't have it, your business will lost numerous clients and customers. Here in the US, most people pay using their credit cards. If you do not accept credit card payments then, your business will soon be doomed!

There are types of business which is considered as risky to credit card processors. If you own one, there's nothing to worry. All you need to do is to check out the link here and see what advice they can offer for your company. Visit the Website now.

San Francisco Escapade

The theme for Tuesday Travel meme this week is all about food of certain place. I am featuring my travel to San Francisco, the fourth most populous city in California. Did you know that San Francisco is the 13th most populous city in the US? Anyway, we went to Chaya Brasserie along the Bay Bridge of San Francisco and we ordered Sushi for lunch.My friend who lives in the Bay Area treat us with a $100 GC, given by his father. Of course, the 5 of us spent more than that so, we chipped in.We don't have much time to roam the place because we woke up late on the second day.
Here we are as we traveled across the bridge, it was fun and exciting!
At night, I just love looking at this bridge. With all the lights, it really looks amazing.
This is the famous crooked road called Lombard Street.
Inside the busy street of San Francisco. Oh I can live in here! That's my friend and we are heading to the train station.
Here I am posing like a tourist.
This is me and my friend, we traveled all the way from from Los angeles. I love our road trip!
Here we are at the Lombard Street.
Posing wacky outside Chaya Brasserie nearby the Bay Bridge.
Thanks for stopping by everyone! I will see you in your blog soon!
Thanks for the comments too.
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