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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pay Nothing for Fun and Excitement

I must admit that few years ago, I like to play online games after work and I can play it for hours. Playing an online game is addictive in fact; I can play up to dawn time on weekends. It was the time when I created my own world of sonic adventure. It made my mind alert and by playing video games online somehow polished my strategic sound judgment. It's always fun and exciting and the more I play, made me wants to get the highest score. My goal was always aiming the right move, improving strategies and just aiming the highest score every time I play.

When I play the online games, it somehow relaxes my mind especially when I was stressed out from work. I took refuge on playing online video games. The more I got higher score, I aim to get the highest score and it was a continuous activity. It was hard to quit especially when my score was the highest. I wanted to be on top and will not allow anyone to topple me down. I usually used headphones because I do not want people in the house to hear me at dawn time still up and playing games.

I was able to change my schedule of play time when I was busy at school. I literally took the time off and diverted my attention to my work. Before I knew it, my score was far behind and I can't keep up with my online opponents. Oh well, it was fun and exciting pastime for me and it keeps my mind active. At present, I am not so obsessed with online games and I found this Website which I know that gamers would surely love. The has plenty of games to choose from and you pay nothing which is absolutely perfect!

Divine Mercy Church in Titusville Florida

On the feast of Divine Mercy, my husband and I attended the mass here in Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Titusville. It is our first visit in the church and we felt so welcome. The mass is solemn and the choir is truly outstanding.It is our first visit in the church and my husband decided that this will be our new church from now on.It is amazing to note that most of the parishioners are friendly in fact, this is the first church that I know that people greet each other before the mass started. It is like the "peace be with you" moment *wink* which is really a good motivation before the mass. People seems to be more friendlier than the usual...just my observation. Another thing that I noticed, during the mass, the choir is consists of a soloist and the pianist. Only two of them and the parishioners sang with them. Isn't it nice? The mass is filled with outstanding religious repertoire. The soloist has an amazing voice and each week, different soloist sang the mass. All of them has amazing voices.One priest loves to share a joke after the blessing in the mass. Parishioners would wait for that joke every time. It's been three months now and we love our church. We like the priest, the joke, the music, the parishioners. Again, the music is OUTSTANDING! Visit this church and you will like it too.

Debt Relief: Debt Consolidation is the Best Option

Are you buried in debt? It is truly hard to pay them off especially when the penalty and bank interest kept piling up. How can you pay down the balance when you are stuck with high APR right? What's the best solution? Here in the US, there are companies who offer debt relief for families who are having trouble with their finances. Debt Consolidation  is one company that plays as mediator between you and the top credit card debt consolidation programs in the nation. This company provides and educates people about debt, budgeting, credit, and debt consolidation programs.

If you need a credit counseling to better manage your debt problem, debt consolidation  will help you because they are a referral company. They can refer an institution that may help you find a debt relief option. You can then settle your unsecured debts by consolidating your debts into one low monthly payment program. It is way better than filing a bankruptcy right? It is even harder to recover if you file a bankruptcy so; debt consolidation is the best option to manage your debts. So; if you don't know what to do with your debt, get a credit counseling and consolidate all your debts now. Act today!

Magazine and Fragrance Freebies

A month ago, I bought an on sale product from WalMart worth $6 and it contains AXE products for men. It was a good deal since the product comes in a set of 4. I also bought the best in beauty Allure Award-Winners Gift Set which is truly a deal breaker because it comes in 4 with Bonus Free Magazine Subscription for one year. I bought 4 Allure gift set so; I was able to avail 4 kinds of magazine subscription which is good for one year.

I enjoyed the product and my beauty and lifestyle magazines started to arrived since two weeks ago. Each issue of the magazine have freebies and coupons and so; I got different kinds of freebies too. I seldom use fragrance but, when I have them for free ... I gladly give them all to my mom and relatives back home.

Baby Carrier for Baby's Comfort

I was watching the video of a young mother demonstrating on how to wear and use a baby carrier. She was so focus on the demonstration but, she took for granted the position of the baby. It was a Safe Baby Carrier product but, the way she use it, she can hurt the baby. I could tell that the baby was uncomfortable. Every time the mother adjusts the belt, the baby cried showing discomfort. There was one time that the baby's one arm was pinned. For me, that video is a bit disturbing. She did not realize that the baby looks awkward in the baby carrier.

As we look for Safe Baby Carrier, we should also take note that as a parent, it is very important that we buy the baby carrier which is age appropriate for the baby. Though we like a fashionable baby carrier, we should not forget that we buy the item for the baby's comfort. It should be the main priority. Baby carriers were created to help the mother with Baby Safety in mind. No matter how safe a product is, if the mother does not pay serious attention of the baby's comfort, it may still harm the baby. When you plan to buy a baby carrier, make sure that you read and follow the safety measure of the product.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Living in the Coastal Area

Living along the coastal area is pretty much exciting because of the beach and food trip. We live on the Atlantic Coast of Florida and the beaches in this area are beautiful. People who loves the beach visit this place for an exciting family vacation and do surfing as well as fishing activities. Often times, Harley Davidson motorcycles such as the picture below is common in this area especially when there are motorcycle events and bike fest.Just about 20 minutes, my favorite beach to hang out is Cocoa Beach which is well-known for its surfing activity. Aside from the beach, a family can also enjoy an educational visit to Kennedy Space Center which is just few minutes away. If you are brave enough, you can also try riding the air boats to watch the gators in their natural habitat. I never tried it but, if I have the time, I will ride the air boats too.

Bookkeeping Tool

My friend has a business and it's doing well. Once a week she took the time to do the bookkeeping job of their business. It's a bit tiring she said because she has a full time job aside from taking care of their business. The recording of the financial effects and financial transactions can be intimidating especially at the end of the month. She was doing manual and just a month ago, she bought bookkeeping software.

The recording of the financial transaction is important in any business. She updated their business sales book; check the flow of their cash book as well as the bank book. She also makes sure that when there are purchases and transactions made, it will be recorded in the purchase book.

She makes sure that everything is documented every time a transaction occurs. Sales and purchases usually have invoices or receipts. Deposits slips are produced when deposits are made to a bank account as well as cheques are written to pay money out of the account for easy tracking. With the help of the bookkeeping tool, the recording of the details of all the documents gathered are much easier to do.

It is a "black and white" recording and the details of the credit sales are recorded under sales flow and, all cash payments are recorded in the cash payments area. The software helped her a lot and makes her bookkeeping job easy to accomplish.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Died in Wars

While I was in Biloxi, Mississippi, I noticed a small memorial park located on Highway 90 - Beach Boulevard. We are on the way to Hard Rock for lunch and I told my husband to stop so I could take some pictures. The Memorial park is called Billy" Guice Veterans Memorial Park located in Biloxi Harbor and at the side of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.This Memorial Park honors the men and women who died in wars all over the world. They are residents of Biloxi, Mississippi who died during WW1 , WW2 , Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines and more.As I was viewing the pictures, I felt sadness because they are so young. It also shows the year they died, their name and the country where they died. Some of them died in the Philippines.As we celebrate the Memorial Day, may we learn to appreciate the Freedom that we have today.We are in great owe to these courageous military who gave their lives for us.This memorial is just a monument park and no bodies buried here.The pictures are the fallen soldiers who were deployed in other countries and died. Some of them were presumed dead and bodies were not recovered. If you are driving down Highway 90, this park is just few yards from HardRock Biloxi.This is the price of freedom indeed. Some of them sacrificed their lives so; we will enjoy the freedom that we have now. May their sacrifices will not be in vain. God bless America!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hotel and Car Rental Coupon Codes

It is a fact that we are experiencing economic crisis but, it will not hinder us from traveling and have a good time with our family, right? We work hard and save. Once or twice a year, we should take a vacation with our family and love one. And that's what we are doing. When we have the chance, we take road trips, do cruising and soon travel to Europe. It will be my first time and my husband will be my tour guide. He lived in Spain and Germany few years back and he can speak and understand German good. Traveling is expensive but, if I can find an Expedia coupon code 2012, that is great savings for sure.

If hubby and I can find a discount for our hotel stay, it would be a great help. Traveling to Europe is expensive so; if I can find good deals and promo codes, we can stretch our stay. I did check out and I found a lot of amazing deals in this Website. You should check it out today. If you are looking for Expedia coupons, the links above are good resources to find promotional bargains and hundreds of discount deals. Check it out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phillip Phillips is the American Idol Season 11 Winner

Congratulations to Phillip Phillips, the big winner in Season 11 American Idol! He is my second favorite contestant because he is different, down to earth nice and so charming! Anyway, last night out of curiosity, I check out some of the thoughts of fans and read some critics.

One writer said that the winner will be Phillip Phillips because American Idol is bias on GENDER. Since season 5, 5 of the winners were men. He further stated that Phillip Phillips will win because he is from the South. 7 out of 10 Idol winners have come from the Southern United States. Talking about geographical bias, Phillip Phillips will be the winner because he came from Georgia. I thought nah... that is just coincidence!

Alas! He was right! Phillip Phillips has won the American idol season 11. Another thing that he mentioned that from season 7, the winner is always the contestant who holds and play the guitar. The trend called WGWG " White guy with a guitar”. I hope this is not true at all! If Phillip Phillips declared as the winner because of the votes, I am happy with the result. But, if these allegations are true, it's not fair for those who were runners-up.

Anyway, here's my favorite Phillip Phillips performance.

I know it's late,
I know you're weary
I know your plans don't include me

Still here we are,
both of us lonely
Longing for shelter from all that we see

Why should we worry,
no one will care girl
Look at the stars so far away

We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?
We've got tonight babe
Why don' you stay?

We've got tonight babe
Why don't you stay?

I know it's late, I know you're weary
I know your plans don't include me
Still here we are, both of us lonely
Both of us lonely

We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?
Let's make it last, let's find a way
Turn out the light, come take my hand now
We've got tonight babe
Why don't you stay? Oh woo Oh wooo
Why don't you stay?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg-Priscilla Chan's Wedding

If you are not in Facebook, you are not "IN" and I heard that a lot from most of the people that I know. There are 900 million active users in Facebook counting me and you. Facebook is a giant social media and the most used social networking service in the whole world. For 8 years, Facebook is even larger than what was expected making the founder Mark Zuckerberg, one of the world's youngest billionaires. Just this week (May 19,2012) he got married to Priscilla Chan, his long time girlfriend for 9 years. She is a graduate of Harvard University with M.D. degree, she is a Pediatrician. Despite that wealth, these newly weds remain low-profile. In fact, their wedding was attended by less than 100 guests who thought that they will be coming for a party intended for Chan's graduation in the medical school. What a lucky couple huh? Best wishes and more blessings!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get the Right Eye Wear Fit at Zenni Optical

I never had any problem with my vision but, I am getting older so; I noticed lately that I have difficulty reading words in close-up. It is harder to send text on my phone this time. Oh well, I am not getting any younger so; this is expected. I need to schedule an appointment to my eye doctor soon so I can wear the right eye wear.

Once I have the right prescription, I will order my eye wear at Zenni Optical because they have more than 5,600 affordable Rx glasses. They are in fashion and though their products are affordable, the quality is there.

They have bifocal and progressive eye glasses, and ordering the right fit is easy when using their frame fit feature. My friend and a cousin were loyal customers to this company for almost 3 years now. Both of them agreed that Zenni products have affordable and quality glasses. For less than $10, eye wear is not a heavy budget for a big family. They always order an alternate eye wear if in case they lose their glasses from somewhere. It is hard to work without your glasses right? The best idea is buy more than one to avoid the hassle.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

This is truly agonizing. I'm talking about migraine's. It's been 4 days and I can't finish my house chores without taking a break. It seems my allergy is acting up too. I smell the paint in the house and it's hard to breathe. I already bought an air purifier to remove dust, pollen, smoke and any bad odor in the house that includes wood stains and paints. It does make a difference having the air purifier.

It truly freshen the air and I only bought a table-top air purifier. It is very portable and I can transfer it to any room and the design is really handy. It has HEPA filter that helps remove irritating allergens and odors from the air. It helps a lot. I hope my migraine will be gone so soon. I have so many things to do and I can't do it with this pain.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Extraordinary Woman on Mother's Day

She is my strength and I owe everything that I have become to my mother. She is a single mom to my brother and I. I have seen her struggles to make a living. Me, being the youngest was tagged along wherever she goes. She worked as a saleslady as I was growing up. It is the only job that she can have...after all, she only finished up to third grade in elementary. My grandpa who came from a Spanish descent told her that women stays at home to take care of the family so; education is good for men only, the provider of the family. She cried rivers when she was forbidden to go to school. Mama was our first teacher. My brother and I skip nursery and kindergarten, and learning to read and write was easy, thanks to Mama.

She was a saleslady for so many years and when that company bankrupt, gone was her source of income. She was worried but, I never saw her gave up! I never saw her cry and worried. Not until I was in high school. Education is very important to her so; she wanted to enroll us in the best school in the city but, she can no longer afford that. To make ends meet, she accepted doing odd jobs and I go with her and helped her out.

My uncle took my brother away from us and send him to a nice school. Washing the nastiest laundry of other people was heart-breaker. But, we did it every time my tuition is coming. I did good in school so; in college, I was accepted in Xavier University, the most prestigious school in the city and my mother was so happy. It was like a fulfillment of her own dreams.

My cousin got married and have kids so; they asked my mother to helped them return, they will pay for my one semester in college. My mother took the offer and I, once again tagged along with her.

If not for a hard working mother, I will not finish my education. If not for her dreams, I could never aim higher. If not for her, I could have wasted my life feeling sorry of the life we have had.

A single mother who hurdle odd jobs was able to send her two children in Xavier University was truly an extraordinary woman. I have my own struggles at school ... financially ... so did my brother but, we graduated with good grades. Thanks to Mama, the source of our strength, our inspiration, and the pillar of our dreams.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Qualification to Apply the Naturalization Process

Are you planning to apply a US Citizenship? You need to fulfill all the requirements based on the Immigration and Nationality Act or INA which was established by Congress. US citizenship will be granted to you through Naturalization Process.

To apply for naturalization, file Form N-400: Application for Naturalization. Visit Website and download "How Do I Apply for Citizenship?" guide. USCIS also provides educational materials to help you prepare for the English, U.S. history and civics study for naturalization test.

The Website also provides "Naturalization Self -Test" and "Study for the Naturalization Test". Just browse these information's on their Naturalization Test page. If you are in the military and are interested in becoming a U.S. citizen, check out Naturalization Information for Military guide.

Who may qualify to apply?

1. If you have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years and meet all other eligibility requirements;

2. If you have been a permanent resident for 3 years or more and meet all eligibility requirements to file as a spouse of a U.S. citizen;

3. If you have a qualifying service in the U.S. armed forces and meet all other eligibility requirements.

4. If you are a U.S. citizen and your child was born outside the U.S and currently residing outside the U.S and all other eligibility requirements are met;

5. Other paths to naturalization, visit "A Guide to Naturalization" in USCIS Website.

Leather Belts and Buckles

I sent jumbo Balikbayan boxes in the Philippines and most of the contents are US made products, non-perishable foods, clothing and foot wear. Some of the clothing in the box was donated by my friends for the Washi flood victims and few of the clothes are new with name brand products. One of my friends donated some pairs of footwear and one nice shoes stands out because it has fancy Boot Tips. I really do not know who got those shoes but, since it was donated, I am sure the person will going to love it.

Anyway, I still have 2 boxes right now for my mom and brother. My brother loves wearing designer jeans and clothing's. He was asking for a good quality leather belt with huge unique buckle. I still have to find it because big buckles are hard to find especially the design that he wanted me to find. I need to check out a special store for that.

If you click on the links above, I already browse on their buckle collections. I certainly love their designs especially the eagle on the USA flag. I will share this Website to my brother and hoping that this time, he will find the buckle that he like so much.

Becoming a US Citizen

Did you know that you may become a U.S. citizen either at birth or after birth if you meet the requirements? What are these requirements?

You must qualify the checklist below in order to become a citizen at birth:

1. Born in the United States or certain territories or outlying possessions of the United States; and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States; OR

2. Had a parent or parents who were citizens at the time of your birth (if you were born abroad) and meet other requirements

To become a citizen after birth, you must:

1. Apply for “derived” or “acquired” citizenship through parents
2. Apply for naturalization

Most naturalization applicants are required to take a test on English and Civics specifically on U.S. history and government. You should at least know the basic history of the US.

The USCIS provides resources to help all the applicants in the preparation. You can check it out in the USCIS Naturalization Test page and get the study materials from the Citizenship Resource Center.

Meanwhile, members and veterans of the U.S. armed forces and their dependents may be eligible for special naturalization provisions. Check it out in the Citizenship for Military Personnel & Family Members page of the USCIS website.

If you want to know about Dual Citizenship, you can get the information in US State Department Services Dual Nationality website.

United States of America welcomes immigrants all over the world. USA values the contributions of immigrants who continue to enrich the country and preserve its legacy as a land of freedom and opportunity. So; if you decide to become a U.S. citizen, look at the checklist and if you qualify, apply now to become a U.S. citizen. You are expected to show your commitment to the United States and your loyalty to its Constitution. If you become a citizen of the United States of America, you will be rewarded with all the rights and privileges that are part of U.S. citizenship.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Along the Gulf Coast

Hubby and I love to hang out together and we love road trips, hanging on the beach, dining and do simple stuffs of life. He took an early retirement from work and I sort of taking a break from work. Teaching for 12 years and working a year in a fast-paced company made my energy drain.I love my life and working online as a side-line gives me the freedom to control my time. I can work anytime I want. No boss. No stress. No hassle. Hubby is my only close friend that I can hang out longer LOL.When we live in the Gulf Coast, we love to have a picnic on the beach. I blog anywhere I am too because I have my USB connect all the time so; with or without Wifi, I have my own line to connect the Net. I was blogging on the beach while my husband is fishing for trout with friends. When they go boating on the Bayou, I just want to stay by the park and blog while enjoying a 180 degree view of the Gulf of Mexico. I miss this bench and miss this place. Yet, we live near the beach right now and life is so much better. I am still blogging and we might go fishing anytime soon. Food, fishing, boating, air boats, Kennedy Space Center, beach facing the Atlantic Ocean, sunsets and sunshine.... just awesome blessings and I am so grateful to the Almighty who provides these good things to us. I give glory to God for all the blessings.

How to Get the PR Back

You must be wondering why your PR was gone. You are not alone and I guess, we will keep on wondering why forever, LOL. Do not despair though. As I have said, you are not alone. I have a PR3 and it was gone as in O for a long time. Eventually, I made my way from PRO to PR2 and I just follow some advice of those who are techno expert.

1. If you love posting pictures, make sure you label it. The crawler loves to read words and not numbers of your picture. Paste the picture at the middle ... say, paragraph -picture-paragraph.

2. Make sure you have a healthy and family oriented blog. Mr G does not like nasty topic. I do not want to mention what are those bad topics either.

3. Too many sidebar links. If you have those, it can truly kill your PR and it is really hard to gain PR's. If those links will not do your blog any good then, take it out.

4. Write good articles and title should be searchable on the web.

5. Update is important too because readers will keep coming back and it's a good way for traffic. You might say, "how come my blog that I did not update in ages got a PR?" I asked that same question over and over again. I can't give you a scientific answer but maybe, the answer is on #4.

5. Delete links that's not working anymore. Say, the advertiser wanted you to take off the links from a task you have written for them, be glad. Take it off! Do not delete the article. Nope!

6. Lastly, just enjoy blogging. When I had no PR for 2 years, I got more tasks and earn good. I keep in touch with my readers so; they visit me everyday. Cheer up!

Car Delearship Reviews

A year ago, we bought a car in the car dealership in our area. They have good review ratings from the costumers and they truly have excellent service. The car salesman that showed us the car we want was really good. He showed few cars and we drove them to get the feel of the car and we finally found an SUV that we like. In less than 3 hours, we drove the new car out from the parking lot and it was ours for good.

Knowing the company from the consumer reviews helped a lot for new buyers. We do not want to be in the car dealer company that bluffs just to have one of their cars sold, right? We are walk-in customers in a dealer company one day and we really love the car on display. When we tried to look at it, it has a ridiculous price. The car salesman used the "what ifs" strategy when we are ready to walk away.

He said, "What if I can lower the price 6 grand off the price, would you buy it"? We tried to find deals so; we stay a bit longer and he called the manager to close the deal. With all the additional fees, the car was worth ridiculous as it was. We made the final decision and told them that we won't buy it for that price. We walked away and went to the car dealership across the streets.

Finding great consumer review service is necessary because it provides feedback on the overall sales and service experience on the local car dealership. If you want to know the ratings and first hand feedback to refer to, check the Judge Service in your area. It provides you the right feedback of the service of the company direct from the consumer views. Check it out!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Animals on the Streets

We went to our friend's house in Kissimmee to get the donated clothes for flood victims in Cagayan de Oro City. Along the streets in their nice neighborhood, we saw ducks, peacocks and these birds just walking in the middle of the road not minding the traffic. All cars had to stop to give way for them who are taking their time.These birds are protected by the city so; no one can harm them. Pretty amazing huh? Well, many animals are protected in the US. Birds can fly freely and they thrive in numbers. Sometimes, it's annoying to some home owners especially the ducks and peacocks that made a mess on their yard. Anyway, they are nice to see but, if there are too many in the area, I can understand that it's truly annoying for them.
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