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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Candie's Peep-Toe Platform High Heels

I needed new formal shoes with at least 4 1/2 inches heels and saw this item. I was browsing Kohl' and click the clearance item and got this for only $20.39. The original price is $59.99 and for the price I paid, I got the big savings.I wore these Candie's heels and it was very comfortable to walk. I love the color block pattern and the peep-toe design. It has a trendy look so; it will compliment to any dressy ensemble. The high platform heel ensures stability that's why I like it. The foot bead is lightly padded for comfort. So far, this is my new favorite footwear.

Taking Chances

Most successful single men and women that I know prioritized their career above all other things. They are so focused in their career and had no time to meet single individual. After their job is done, they usually take a vacation and tour the places they wanted to visit. Their lives evolved in their career, friends, and traveling. But, when they are alone, they long to have a family of their own too. That is the reason why exists and wanted to become a mediator.

In this generation, dating websites are becoming more popular for single men and women who don't have the time to go out and met somebody. My husband and I met each other thru online dating six years ago. Not everyone got lucky in finding their soul mates in dating sites but, there are success stories too and we are one of those. Just take extra precaution and be vigilant when you are online. You are intelligent enough to know if things doesn't turn out right. Good luck on your love life!

Nike Initiator Running Shoes

Hubby wanted to have a new running shoes so; I bought him a Nike Initiator. The original price is $55 but, I bought it on sale at Kohl' for only $22.91. Pretty amazing huh? Oh, I always find ways to save so I used coupons on all my shopping spree online and that includes the free shipping.I bought this Nike running shoes athletic initiator which features a padded footbed and a Phylon midsole. Hubby said it is really comfortable. It is made of mesh upper and lining which are "breathable" functions; takes away moisture's from inside. Has durable overlays which provide support and style. Nike Swoosh applique simply adds authentic appeal right? The carbon rubber outsole offers traction and durability plus, the flex grooves promise a smooth stride. Total comfort, hubby loves to wear it everyday.

Finding Low Income Housing

Just the other day, I was watching a documentary about homeless families in the US. I was sobbing as I watched the show. It crushed my heart when I listen to the children's concern while living in their cars. In the US, poverty and homelessness turns up in numbers when their parents lose their jobs and failed to pay their mortgage. It is sad to note that one-fourth of the homeless in the US is found in Florida. The children were interviewed and they expressed their fears while sleeping in their cars. That they feared for they lives on the streets.

How did this happen in the US? When the real estate business hit rock bottom, there are so many families affected. Thousands of houses foreclosed and some were being put up on short sale listings. So many companies closed their businesses and thousands of employees lose their job. When their savings gone, they stop paying their mortgage and eventually, lose their homes. They were left with no options but, to find work and strive to survive on the streets.

There is hope for them though because if the household income is less than 40K a year, they are qualified to get a low income housing units all over the country. If you knew anyone who needed a home, let them know about the Website of Check out this link: low income housing for they have more than 50,000 available properties intended for needy families who needed low income housing.

Croft and Barrow Clogs

I saw this Croft and Barrow sole (sense)ability clogs in on sale. It is perfect for work or casual occasions. This clogs is very comfortable to wear. It has padded footbed cushions and it is a slip-on type so; it is truly comfy. The lining is made of fabric and it has a 2 inches heel. I bought this for my cousin for on sale price of $9.81, it's original price is $64.99.Check out that website from time to time because their namebrand products have mazing on sale prices.

Marriage: For Better or Worse

Weddings are always a happy event! Remember the excitement, pressure, the arguments, compromises and fights during the planning and all? I bet you had those moments one way or the other but, on wedding day, it always happens in a snap. Before you knew it, it's done! What's left are the memories of how you hurdle the odds to make it a successful and blissful event. Check out this interesting info graphic about weddings and tell me, is dowry system still being practice in your country?
A Brief History of Weddings
Presented By visit

For centuries, Dowry system has been one of the controversial topics being debated. Parents wanted for what's best for their daughters and they seek for men who are stable, secure and good provider for their daughter's future. In modern civilization do you think dowry still exist? Are you in favor of dowry? I can't imagine how horrible it must be for young brides in early days having to put up with the norms and tradition of the society. What if the man she truly loves can't afford to pay the dowry? Or, what if the man who provides high-priced dowry did it for status symbol and not because of love? Brides will be doomed in sadness don't you think? Anyway, as long as the man is a good provider, respects and loves his family, these are the most important characteristics for success in marriage.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Good Deal: FILA Sport Running Shoes

I love shoes and bags! I usually look for good deals and buy it for me and my family. This particular item is a good find because the original price is $79.99 but, when I bought it, it was a size 9 and only $12.73 at I bought this for one member of my family back home.This is FILA SPORT running shoes. It is lightweight and the design is great. It is made of leather and mesh in the upper and lining which ensures comfort and breathability. It features CMR midsole which absorbs shock and provides lightweight cushioning. It has rubber outsole for reliable traction. All in all, i like it because it is comfortable to walk (tried it lol). The padded footbed makes the foot lay for comfort. I wish I can find same price in my size.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

AstroBright Papers: Give a Brighter Year Sweepstakes

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Do you want bold colors to emphasize your bold projects and creativity? Make your ideas stand out and use the colorful canvas that says it all. If you plan to create a brochure, company flyer, baby or wedding announcements, invitations such as weddings, birthdays, baptism, and personal craft projects, consider using the AstroBrights papers. This product has 23 bold colors to choose from so; you have the best material option to use for your projects. Astrobrights are different simply because they are bold and bright, and not the normal boring parchment that you often used. It is time to stand out and get noticed as soon as they see the bold colors of this material. It is a unique material to use because the bright colors are enticing to the eyes so; people will definitely curious to read what's in it.

Check it out and include AstroBrights papers in your school supplies list this week. Do you support a school for a cause? Join AstroBrights papers "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes for a chance of winning cash prizes and school supplies valued at $30,000 for the school of your choice. That is a huge amount which you can contribute if you are the winner. Join the sweepstakes today.

Here's how to enter the sweepstakes: You need to participate in the family-friendly "Make Something Astrobright" design challenge. Take a picture and video of your project and share it to Pinterest or Twitter and you need to use the hashtag #goastrobrights. What are you waiting for? Pull out that hidden creativity and participate in this design challenge now!

AstroBrights need to hear your ideas so; share it and join ASTROBRIGHTS community on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more. Everytime you engage to these social media communities, make sure you use the hashtag #goastrobrights. Good luck and enjoy your project using AstroBrights papers.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pechay or Bok Choi

I bought this vegetable at Wal-Mart for .99 cents about 5 months ago when it was very tiny. In the Philippines it is called pechay but here in the US, it is commonly named as "bok choi", "pak-choi", and "bak-choi". It is classified as a cabbage. This vegetable was originated in China before the 15th century and one of the most popular vegetable in the Philippines.
Bok choi contains high amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Having Bird or Fish as Pets

I always wanted to have a pet but; my preference would be either bird or fish. They are so tiny, colorful, cute and of course harmless. When hubby and I happen to pass by a pet shop, I would always go to the area of fish tanks. I like angel fish especially the emperor and annularis. Their colors are amazing so; even if they are expensive pets, it might be worth it. Flame angelfish and flame hawkish are also beautiful and I love their deep brilliant red body. Of course, I will always buy a clown fish because it is pretty, adorable and the price is really affordable.

I have no idea if I am good in taking care of pets and keeping aquarium fish but, I have been contemplating to keep fish in the aquarium as a hobby. I like having fish as my pet and when I am ready to buy them, I will make sure that I won't hurt them. Honestly, I do not see so much selection of pet birds in the pet shop here most especially parrots. I like their playful nature, beautiful colors and they can learn to talk too. It would be awesome to teach the parrot how to talk so; there will be inter-action between us. Of course, they are not harmless and tiny so; it's easy to take care of them too.

Just yesterday, we went to a pet shop nearby and I almost want to buy a 5.5 gallon aquarium starter kit. I know it is very tiny but, if I can maintain a small aquarium and keep it clean then, I can go on and buy a bigger aquarium soon enough. I do not want to be overwhelmed with taking care of the fish, feeding it and maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium for I do not have an extra time for that.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

German Tourist Visa Cover Letter

There is no need for you to make a cover letter when applying for Tourist Visa for Germany. But, if you wanted to be systematic when you come to German Consulate, make sure that you have these documents on file.


- REFERENCE LETTER FROM EMPLOYER ( if you are working)

1. Visit the website which is the official Website here in the US. Find and click "Visa, Passport & Legal" then, click "VISA" then, "TOURIST VISA". There is a link which you can view if your country needed a VISA to visit GERMANY. Here is a sample list - you NEED A VISA if you are a passport holder in these countries : PHILIPPINES, VIETNAM, THAILAND, MYANMAR, KOREA (DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC), JAMAICA, INDONESIA, INDIA, HAITI, EGYPT, CUBA, CHINA ( PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC), CAMBODIA AND many more.

2. Find the nearest consulate in your area.

3. Read carefully and fill up the Application Form. It is located at the bottom of "Tourist Visa" page.

4. Print it together with the Declaration.

5. Gather all the Documents listed in the cover letter.

6. REMEMBER: the passport photos should be serious and formal. Check out the photo examples in the site. If you are not sure, have your passport photo taken in the photo center nearby the German Consulate. Come 30 minutes earlier. They have strict requirements regarding the passport photo.

Take note: - Passport should be valid at least 3 months upon conclusion of your trip.
- should contain 2 blank pages
- issued with in the previous 10 years
They will not accept your application if none of these are true.



10.BRING THE ORIGINAL of your Travel and Medical Insurance: A Confirmation letter from health insurance stating your name, the coverage for emergency medical, hospitalisation and repatriation with a minimum of $50,000 for trips outside the US.
* If you have no insurance and you are an AMERICAN EXPRESS card holder, call them and get the AMEX Travel/Medical Insurance. It's only $109 for the whole year.

11. BRING THE ORIGINAL COPIES OF: TRAVEL/RENTAL CAR/AIRLINE RESERVATION (These are important documents that they needed. Purchase and reserve it before your appointment. -A MUST

12. Bring the Original copy of REFERENCE LETTER from Employer



Go to the German Consulate on time. Do not argue. Give the documents only when they asked for it. Do not open a conversation especially when it is irrelevant. Answer when ask to avoid mistakes and complications. SMILE! GOODLUCK!

Traveling to Central New Jersey

One of our friends who work in an airline company was offered for an early retirement by the company and she gladly took it. It is her preference to retire early to pursue her passion in her business. My husband was thinking of asking her a buddy pass so we can fly to Central New Jersey after October. A year ago, she gave us a buddy pass from Orlando to Mississippi for just $200 for both of us. Good deal for backpacker travelers like us huh?

Anyway, my husband and I are planning to visit few of the historical sites in New Jersey such as the Public Square or The Bill of Rights Arch. We love traveling and we wanted to see the Arch in Perth Amboy. We are both nationalistic so; by traveling to the historical places, we will learn by heart the importance of these places in our nation's history. The state of New Jersey is significant in the US history as the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights. Not only that, the Arch is a symbol that represents the true spirit of life and purpose of the history of our country. We would love to have a souvenir photo taken with the "Arch" as the background.

We would also like to check out Saint Peter's Church which is known as the oldest Episcopal Parish in New Jersey. Hubby and I are drawn to the charm and character of the buildings of Proprietary House and Kearny Cottage. I already check out the hotel which we love to stay in New Jersey. The $118 cheapest rate offered by Hyatt Regency Hotel is truly a deal breaker! I love the rate of this glorious hotel. The distance from Perth Amboy to Hyatt Regency Hotel is less than 14 miles which is awesome! Well, I am looking forward for this trip.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora Colorado Movie Theatre Massacre : Killer is a Medical Student

Looking for the photo of the killer of "Batman" Movie Theatre Massacre in Aurora Colorado? Check out

I slept at wee hours today and woke up at 9 AM. I was working over time with my online tasks and was watching the TV in mute. I saw the flash report at 2 AM but, was too focused on my work and didn't pay much attention until this morning. I was saddened by the tragic incident happened in Aurora Colorado. You probably heard the news by now and we shared the same question in our minds: WHY?

Watching the news right now and I can see terror in the eyes of those witnesses who were being interviewed. I went to TMZ website and saw the picture of the shooter for the first time. According to TMZ, the photo was released by the University of Colorado. I can't believe that this man, who according to the news initially killed 10 people in the crime scene, 2 died in the hospital and wounding 71 others and some are in critical condition. He was a student at University of Colorado taking up Medicine. He just killed a 6 year old child! Check out to see his photo and identity. My heart goes out to all the family of the victims. God bless their hearts.

Whitehall Address Plaque Products

We received a call from a client who needed a Notary service for her sister's Will. She lives in one of the high rise condos in the downtown area. I did not go with my husband to meet the client instead, I took the time wandering in a nearby park and taking pictures.

Downtown always has a charm in it and historic buildings stood there for years. I can tell that the details to some of the buildings were preserved in fact, most of the buildings that I saw have whitehall address plaques. It clearly states who once lived there and the years goes as far as 17th century.

Some of the whitehall address plaques that I saw has information about the year it was established. It was interesting to know the history of the building and how it was in the past years. The address plaques whitehall has different designs and colors so; it's pretty attractive from the street view.

Even newer establishment uses whitehall plaques as well. If you are curious what's it look like, check out the selection of whitehall products in this link. It's affordable and it will surely add charm to your building. If you plan to use it in your home, it will surely add the curb appeal. Click the links now and check out the whitehall address plaque products at today.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Significance of Flowers

I got this bouquet of flowers on my birthday and I was happy. Any flowers would turn me on. I don't care if it is expensive or not, if someone so dear and gave me one stalk of flower, I will be delighted for sure.After a week, it's not withered and I am just happy to see these flowers in the living room.

Anyway, I was searching for the meaning of these flowers and got the following information: The red roses implies passion.

White roses suggest virtue and chastity.

The yellow roses stand for friendship or devotion.

The sunflowers would mean respect.

Gerbera (daisy) means innocence or purity.

Anyway, do you like the significance of these flowers? I can tell you more >o< . Come by next time will you?

New Appliances

When we bought this house, the kitchen is outdated and nasty. We thought that we cannot pull the project in three days but, we did. We hired 3 carpenters and show the design of the kitchen. It was easy for them and we enjoyed our new kitchen after 3 days. Our kitchen has a combination of black and stainless steel appliances. We did not go to an Appliance House for we certainly do not have that here but, we bought all appliances from different home furnishing stores in our area. For more than two months of living in our new house, hubby and I are contended with our new home.

Calamondin Calamansi Lemonsito

I was looking for different kinds of citrus and I found what I was looking for in Walmart at Goldenrod in Orlando. When I went to Walmart few weeks ago, it was raining and for safety measures, they close the garden center. We went back three times and was lucky to go there with clear skies. I bought citrus plants: lime, calamondin and sour orange. I am glad to find Calamondin because this is native in the Philippines. We call it calamansi in the Philippines and lemonsito in my dialect but, calamondin is also called golden lime, panama orange, chinese orange, acid orange, calamonding and calamandarin.

Calamondin is used to flavor foods and drinks. It is a medicinal plant too. It can be used as itching relief, body deodorant, natural acne medicine, cough medicine and many more. I heard that in Malaysia, calamondin is used as antidote from poison. My aunt would use it as a hair conditioner and I remember it makes her hair smooth and smells fresh. Right now, I am thinking of grilled baby back ribs and drooling for a dipping sauce with calamondin and chili. Yum!

Composite Shutters

The house at the back of our property has been vacant for months now. It was a foreclosure and bank owned. There is a company hired by the bank that maintains the cleanliness and cut the grass every week. It is a nice house and has a composite shutters installed to every windows. In the neighborhood, that house is the only one that has unique and fancy shutters. All of us have same type of shutters in fact, most of us share same colors such as polished mahogany and federal brown. Anyway, I am hoping that someone will buy the property soon.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fresh Tomatoes from the Garden

We have few tomato plants in the garden and when we saw ripe ones, we picked them up and use them in the kitchen. I love the cherry tomatoes because they are so sweet and smells good too. Tomatoes benefit the heart because it contain the carotene lycopene which is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.It is believed that cooked tomatoes have been found to help prevent prostate cancer. The lycopene in tomatoes improves the skin's ability to protect against harmful UV rays. Tomatoes also protects against sunburn and help keeping the skin looking youthful. According to the study, tomato varieties are available with double the normal vitamin C, 40 times normal vitamin A and two to four times the normal amount of lycopene.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Chocolate Birthday Cake from Publix

My husband bought this chocolate flavored cake at our local Publix Supermarket. He actually ordered it the day before my birthday so; this cake was made especially for me. I am not a fan of cake and ice cream but, I admit that this is really a good cake. I ate three slices of this cake yesterday *wink*!
Two of our friends from Orlando came in to see us and we served them this cake and they love it. We just hang out and did our short karaoke then, played the bowling using the Wii ... such a fun day for me.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flex Belt Review

I was watching a TV show that talks about the real story of individuals regarding weight loss. This week's episode is about a woman's struggle on food addiction. She was already huge when she was growing up and it came to a point where she was really ashamed of her body. She asked the help from a professional trainer. Her story was so inspiring because she is so determined to change and lose weight. Her family was a big distraction in her goal but, she was able to learn to accept the reality that she is in control of herself. She weighs 300 lbs and at the end, she weighs a whopping 156 lbs. If she can do it, others can too.

Men and women that have the same problems regarding their weight should stop thinking that it's the end of their world. It's only in the mind! It takes sheer determination to get the 6 packs abs that you wanted. Do you want to live a healthy life? Start today and you can check out this review of the Flex belt at The will guide you as to how ab toning devices and ab machines work out for you. It will not be an instant transformation but, when you buy these products and restraint your food habit making it a healthy one then, you will hit the goal! You need to do it now! Do not feel miserable about your weight, do something about it!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Fireworks in the Neighborhood

Few minutes from now will be the 8th, it's almost my birthday. You know what? Some kids in the neighborhood are still having fireworks. It didn't bother me at all. I wonder if other neighbors are just like me you know, doesn't care at all. It's been like that since June 30th and maybe, there are people who bought too much fireworks. Every night, we have fireworks here in the neighborhood. I am not annoyed in fact, I like it because I can see it from the office window:-).

Florence Mail Boxes

A week ago, we were driving down the road just few blocks away from our neighborhood. We were new residents in the area so; we were just trying to familiarize every road that surrounded our place. Most of the houses that we saw were huge with well-maintain yard. I was just in great awe and admiration as to how beautiful and luxurious their properties.

In one of the neighborhoods that we went to, have a bank and a golf course inside. I had a wonderful time joy riding and admiring the gorgeous houses. In fact, I took some pictures of those big and beautiful houses.

I also remember that two properties have used florence mailboxes. Only to find out that there were 6 families inside the compound. If you are curious how florence mailboxes look like, just visit the link above.

Are you looking for a florence mail box? You should visit Auth Florence Mailboxes Direct for they have a selection of different style, material, size and finish. Florence Mail Boxes are nice looking and durable. If you live in a compound, this product is really nice to have. It adds the curb appeal to your front yard. Check it out now.

Starbucks Coffee

I know a friend who doesn't prepare a coffee at home but, run to Starbucks every single day. In fact, the only time she have the coffee maker on the kitchen counter was when hubby and I sleep-over in their place.Every morning, she drinks a cup of Starbucks coffee and because she is a frequent customer they gave her good deals. Which is really good. Who doesn't like Starbucks coffee anyway? It always taste good and so addictive, would you agree?

Atlantic Luggage and Legoland Sweepstakes

This post brought to you by Atlantic Luggage. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer is so much fun in Florida! If you have no summer itinerary yet, check out Legoland in Florida. You and your kids will surely love the new waterpark which was recently added in the park last May of 2012. Here is the exciting news that you should participate to win a free vacation at Legoland.


The picture above just blew you away right? Join the Atlantic Luggage and Legoland Sweepstakes today for a chance to win a 2 day vacation for 4 members in your family at Legoland Florida. The prize includes 2 nights hotel stay for 4 plus a car voucher. Not only that, the winner will have the chance to meet and greet the Legoland's Master Model Builder and bring home a set of Atlantic Luggage for free. This package is exciting isn't it?

C2 3271165-09 image.jpg

Did you know that Atlantic Luggage is very durable, affordable and lightweight? It has many styles and sizes to choose from and I am sure you will find the right luggage to use for your vacation. Come to Legoland this summer and enjoy the tube slides, body slides, and the pool that features amazing waves. Set free your wild imagination in designing a unique LEGO vessel and have it afloat on the 1,000 ft lazy river at Legoland. Don't just stare at the pictures above. Click the links and join! Goodluck!

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Friday, July 6, 2012


The July 4th fireworks here in Brevard County were a blast and I enjoyed it better than we were in Orlando. Last year, we went to Lake Eola to watch the grand fireworks and when we were back in our neighborhood, no fireworks which were alright. Maybe, it was not allowed for safety reasons. I was just surprised here in Brevard area because the people really celebrate it with a bang! The fireworks started in June 30th, some groups or companies sponsored a firework display at certain date and location. We live along the Indian River area so; we can see the fireworks display in a distance and it was so pretty. On the 4th, some residents in our neighborhood had their party and they spent money for fireworks. Basically, some of us just sit at our front porch and watch the fireworks in the neighborhood. Even as we lay in bed the fireworks still blasting outside. They really spent big money for fireworks during the 4th of July celebration and I was just amazed.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ECommerce Solutions for your Online Business

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Not only that, if you check out, you will learn that your business has wide potential to grow more once you bring it online. Some people rely on the Web nowadays. You may have the excellent service or have the best products around but, no one knows where to find you, that's a good sale flying to the trash. You need a partner who are expert and have the knowledge about online strategy, Internet Marketing and Website design.

Your online business should be SEO friendly, Informative, and easy to manipulate by online users especially when they check out. Now, these are just few concerns which play vital for the success of online business. I am sure; you needed someone to handle your online business. Click the links above and visit their Website. You needed an expert to do the Ecommerce solutions for your online business. Check it out now.

Front Yard

We lived in our new place for almost three months now and so far, we love it each day. There are days that we love to sit at the front porch and watch the sunset. The people in the neighborhood are friendly and it is always peaceful and quite here. Hubby and I are always busy doing something at the backyard and trying to make it functional for us. We wanted to splurge the landscape of the front yard but, we have no budget at the moment...maybe in the future.

I planted "low maintenance" plants to give colors at the front yard and hubby maintain the cut of the grass. Good thing that both of us share the same passion in gardening. See the bird bath on the left picture? There was a bird on top of it. Some birds found a new place to hang out and cool down now and we welcome them.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fourth of July: Peaceful and Fun Celebration

We went to this boat ramp yesterday and watch the 4th of July fireworks. Across the the Indian River is Merritt Island where Kennedy Space Center is located. That sky was full of fireworks last night. The parking lot was almost full but, we did find a space.We went home almost midnight but, even as we were in bed, fireworks still shooting the sky. So far, it was a peaceful and fun celebration in Brevard County.
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