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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Don't scare yourself tonight my friends...BOO! Hehehe! This is a decoration in John and Garby's front door. It will gonna say something when someone is near him. Cool decor really! Here are some pictures of the other Halloween decorations.
BOO! LOL! Happy Halloween everyone! Last year, my Halloween celebration was a blast! I attended two parties in just few streets away from our place. I would say that my Halloween experience in Orlando was really exciting and fun.
I enjoyed taking pictures of the guests who are present in that party. These pictures were taken on Halloween night for "trick or treat" on the neighborhood.
The kids were with parents and they are in groups. I took pictures of the children who are having unique costumes. See how nice they are!
Their parents are watching few feet away. They even brought camera because when they saw other kids with nice cosumes, they ask them to take a picture with their kids.
One of the girls says, "hey, what about me?" and so I took a click...LOL.
There were few teenagers who went for trick or treat but, these three are lovely.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Some Halloween Fun

Here are some pictures that I have for what I call Halloween Fun. We were invited to two parties and here I am taking pictures of some of the guests. This house was really great because they spent so much for Halloween decorations. Most of the decorations will either move or talk if the sensors are triggered.
me with mummy
Ann with my hubby
Glen with flying skeleton
Mr Hook
ballerina/ballerino ...hehehe...
beautiful woman

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Accor Hotels: Three-Day Super Sale for Asia Pacific

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Costumes For Children and Teens

Hello everyone! Last year, we had a good time during Halloween. We went to John and Garby's neighborhood and their place was well decorated with Halloween stuffs. I will be showing you their front yard decorations next time. Here are the kids and teens who passed by John and Garby's residence. These trick or treaters had a good time collecting candies and chocolates. Almost 95% of the house in this neighborhood participated the Halloween for fun. Do you have costumes for your kids yet? If not, take a look on their costumes.
nurse and a vampire costumes
minnie mouse, bee and vampire costumes
a she-vil and a witch
smiling vampire
you guess it right...thumbs up
hulk and death

Charter On Demand

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Gulf Coast in Biloxi

I posted the pictures of Fort Maurepas Park and these pictures are the view that you will see from the building. That is the Gulf Coast at the Front Beach Boulevard in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
As you noticed, all my pictures lately are blurry. I did not bring my camera as I used too. I don't bring purse anymore that is why.
That is the Pier where me, hubby and cousins used to do crabbing. What a nice place huh?
The city has another project coming and its a walkway along the beach area. Would it be nice?
The bridge connects Biloxi and Ocean Springs.

Cosmetic Dermatologist in Chicago

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Hard Rock in Biloxi

Right after the concert last Saturday, me and my niece waited for my husband to pick me up. I will be reporting for work at 11:00 that night so; I need to change for my work uniform. Weekends are the busiest night in all the casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. As far as I can count, there are 8 big casinos in this city located with in 5 miles. That is just an estimate. You can have casino hopping in all of them in an hour.
Hard Rock in Biloxi is located in Highway 90 and just beside Beau Rivage hotel and Casino. The back view of Hard Rock is the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Here are few pictures which I took few months ago.
We waited at the lobby of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. On my left, the reception desk and the picture above is the first casino machine at the entrance of Casino.
Here is my niece after the concert. If you are standing near the glass wall, you can have the view of the poolside below and the Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino is just next to this building.
The concert goers heading out from the casino area. Well, if you visit Mississippi and you happen to drive along the Gulf Coast or Highway 90, drop by at Hard Rock. If you travel by Wednesdays or Fridays, get your players card (minute transactions) and avail the lunch/dinner buffet at $6/$9 per person. In Mississippi, food is great and SEAFOODS are cheap and festive!

Holiday Vacation at Branson

Christmas vacation is an important event that family gets together and enjoys the holiday season. It would be exciting if you could spend it at Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or at Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel in Branson, Missouri.

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Roger Daltrey of the WHO

Here are some of the pictures I took during the concert of Roger Daltrey of the WHO. He is the singer behind the songs of CSI series. This is not a good shot because I am only using my cellphone. Remember I missed the other concert that I am supposed to be going? The venue is very nice and we are at the front of the stage.
Here is the vocal of Roger Daltrey in the CSI:NY intro. I am a fan of the three CSI's TV show and it's nice to know and hear the artist behind the song of CSI intro music.

The crowd was on their feet with his music. Since the venue is at Hard Rock, the bar is just at the rear end, so; some of the people in the audience were already drank and had a good time dancing. One of the guests passed out in front of me because of too much alcohol.
Well, at Hard Rock, minors are not allowed to watch the concert unless if you are with someone who is older. My niece is only 19 and she was given a bracelet at the entrance of the casino.
It was a nice experience really. The music is not bad at all. We get in for FREE because the ticket was given to Hard Rock patrons and my father-in-law is just one of the lucky ones who was given a free pass. The ticket was worth $89 for 1 hour and 30 minute show.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Science of Weight Loss

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Overwhelming Day

Before I log out from work this morning, my mood started to change. I was so overwhelmed with emotion. Then, there were 2 employees who works in the morning shift annoyed me. I do not easily give in but, today was so different. I had the attitude of "I don't care" and I acted on impulse. Well, I was just disappointed with myself trying to want to please everyone but, these two seemed doesn't like me. First impression, they don't like me, I guess. It's impossible to please everybody right? Out of disappointment, I showed my bad attitude of just ignoring them. Usually, I greet them in the morning first but, today I just pretend not to see them. Of course, I responded to others greetings with smile. It's just that, I don't like the way I acted today. Well, when I read my horoscope, it says:

"You run into some very odd troubles at the workplace -- or related to your career goals -- and you need to derail the day's activities in order to adjust. You can handle it all, of course, but it's a distraction."
Do you believe in horoscope?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beautiful Beads of Cambay

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Yesterday, we went crabbing and in the afternoon we play the slot machines at Hardrock Casino in Biloxi,Mississippi. On the way home, I asked my husband to see the mosaic which was located at the side of the bridge connecting Biloxi and Ocean Springs. The Mosaic was beautiful and the artwork was really spectacular.
The art shows the image of this place itself with the bridge and the boats floating on the sea. It is just so amazing how the creative minds of the artists capture this concept considering the materials being used. It was like a broken fiber glass with different colors and shapes put together into an excellent artwork.
I just took this picture using my camera phone that is why the caption of the photo is not that good. I will bring my Sony or Kodak camera to take the photo clearly next time.

Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing

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Getting Ready for Halloween

My Halloween experience last year was so great because we attended a Wedding Party and a regular Halloween Party. Great because everyone wear costumes, food was delicious and I enjoyed taking pictures of the event. Carved pumpkins with decorative arts were part of the household greetings for trick or treater's.
The Pumpkin Patch is also a reminder that Halloween is coming. I saw four pumpkin patch area here in my neighborhood. I don't know if we have a party this year but, it's nice to be in different state on this year's celebration.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Solar Panels

Four years ago, I attended a Teacher Training Program for Elementary Science Teachers held in Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines. It was sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology to upgrade the Science knowledge of Public School Teachers. I was one of the lucky teachers who were chosen to attend the training for 90 hours. It was also supported by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports plus what we studied was given credits by Xavier University. We had field trips and the most memorable one for me was our visit to PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER PLANT.
This is the picture of PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER PLANT which has a 1MWp polycrystalline silicon-based PV plant located in Cagayan de Oro City. It was so amazing to see all these solar panels which make our daily activities easy to live. Our class had a deeper understanding about solar energy especially when we had the chance to view the place and its purpose. That training gave us more knowledge about energy and how to make durable energy explained to kids. Knowing some of the simple facts on how to install a solar panel to catch more sunlight is also important. Solar panels should point to the South because it reaches the Earth under an angle. Solar panels gets more light on a tilted roof as what the picture above looks like in position. The production of solar cells costs energy and it keeps on producing. As we went back to our respective classes, we shared about our visit to the power plant. We explain how we got the electricity from the wall sockets. Teaching the students about the solar energy was more interesting after we had the training. If you want to know more about solar enery, just visit the Website provided here.

Credit Repair Lawyers

In the US, Identity Theft is a serious problem that will haunt the victim for so many years. When someone open an account and uses your name, address, Social Security number and other identifying information without your knowledge that is identity theft. You will get in trouble in every bit of the way and for a solution; you need to find a good Credit Card Debt Attorneys. There are countless of consequences that you will encounter when you are a victim of identity theft. The impostor will go on spending sprees using your card account and can open a new credit card account using your identity. The theft can also take out auto loans in your name. He can also file for bankruptcy under your name to avoid paying debts they've incurred. The most harmful activity that they can do to your good name is when they give your name to the police when they are arrested. When they are released and won't show up on their court date, a warrant of arrest can be issued in your name and you will be arrested. That is really scary right? To avoid this problem, do not give away your personal information to anybody. If you are a victim, find a good lawyer that will help you repair your credit problems. Check this Website today.

A New Mom

When I was processing my Immigration papers, I did my own research on the Internet. I met Tin-Tin online who is having the same hurdle as I am. We share each others paper preparation and what pertinent documents to be added on the packet. She applied her Visa few weeks ahead of mine and did her embassy interview first so, she became my mentor. The advise such as Be Confident, Know your documents and Purpose of the Interview were her words of wisdom.
We passed everything with determination! We have no immigration lawyer and we did our Immigration documents on our own. At that moment, the immigration interview is most-feared. For the milestones of our lives, that moment is just a normal experience. She arrived the US a month earlier than I was. When I had my flight to the US also, that was her wedding day in Vegas. After almost two years, she is now a MOM. This is a picture of her baby's hand and I am not sure if that is hers or her husband. What an amazing blessing right? I would like to congratulate Tin-Tin for this new chapter of her life- becoming a Mother. I am so glad to know that you have an ANGEL to take care and gives you a deeper meaning of LIFE! Congratulations my friend.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Winter Sonata Music

Four years ago, when I was in the Philippines, I love this "tele-novela" shown in our local TV-channel. We have this Korean Drama Series aired every night and dubbed in Filipino language. Filipinos love Korean TV Series. It was a love story and I was so crazy about the MELODY. Oh well, just listen to it and you will appreciate the music despite the language barrier.

I can't remember how the story ended but, the main characters sure did "CRY-A-River". A love story about two people who will have to endure the test of TIME.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adopt A Pet

Few days ago, I saw a couple sticking a sign in an establishment, and the print has "Lost Cat" on it. The couple was so sad and I can feel the pain on their eyes as they move on to the other building. Out of curiosity, I read the sign and it says, "Lost cat with white paws" print on it. There are so many kind-hearted people in this world who considered their pet as member of their family. But, some animals suffered brutality from their owner too and left abandoned on the street. This reality is heartbreaking and shelter animals that need a home. If you are interested to adopt a pet, this Website is a good place to start searching. This shelter encourages you to support the - Adopt a dog today! Here is a picture of a retriever puppy that needs a home.If you want to adopt a cat, this shelter company will be happy to help you. You can support the - Adopt a cat! Petango is a searchable database of pets that need a loving home. The animals at Petango are happy and well-loved pet that is looking for a new home. Just type your zip/postal code and you will find the pet that you might be interested.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Wondering

For three weeks now, I can't blog hop everyone in my bloglist. I was expecting that my rankings would go down. But, I noticed that every time I open my blog, there is always someone who stay longer in my blog as reflected in my blog stat. I wonder who this person is but, surely, it helped my rankings on steady as if this person came from a company with good rankings. Good for me, right? I hope this person is not doing fishy things on my blog post, LOL.

Street Difference

Arriving the US for the first time does not give me the impression that I am away from home. The "culture-shock" syndrome was not on my tail. I lived in Orlando and the place seems like the Philippines. Not to the full extent though. What delight my eyes was when I visited Disney World. That was different for me. As we travel the roads of Orlando, no vendors on the streets, less commuters, no jeepneys (of course) and almost nobody on the sidewalk.
Photo courtesy from
This is Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines taken at the National Highway area and this is the road heading to the city proper.
street scene in Orlando
Just got out from Orlando International Airport, where my husband works. I took this picture on our way home. Isolated huh? No traffic this time. As you can see, the street signs are huge and you will never get lost in Florida even without GPS.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slippers For Kids at School

I had known Mr. Joel Lariba, the principal of Palalan Elementary School since 1996. We were assigned in the farthest Public Elementary School in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines located in the Southwest District called Besigan Elementary School. When Mr. Lariba told me that it ached his heart to see the students coming to school almost barefoot because part of the slippers had a big hole already, I believe him right away.
Six compassionate bloggers/individual responded to my blog post and they are:
  • Theresa Stuart of USA
  • Ronald Saunders of USA
  • Rose Buenconsejo of Cebu City, Philippines
  • Ade Andriyani of Indonesia
  • Nancy Jho of USA
  • Yena Eras of Manila, Philippines
They are the people who believe that the money donated will really reach out to the concern students. It may be small amount but $1 can already buy at least 2 slippers. That is the BIG difference. Thank you for the trust and for showing compassion to these students.
The effort you made will not make a big impact to the world but, for the eyes of the recipient at that moment, it means everything. I remembered a moment when I was assigned as a third grade teacher in Besigan Elementary School, few of my students wear their slippers inside the classroom. They come to school barefoot. I asked why and one of the kids said, " I do not want my slippers to get dirty". My point here is that, slippers might be an ordinary thing for us but, for those who have nothing in possession, slippers are something to treasure.
Look at the SMILE of this kid, precious right?
The parents of these children can afford to buy slippers but, food for the table is a priority. Therefore, children come to school wearing worn out slippers.
Thanks to the teachers for taking the time of buying 77 pairs of slippers. I know it was an added burden yet, you do not complain.
Another child with a happy smile here.
155 children in this school but, only 77 were listed as having a worn out slippers. On December, I am planning to solicit something for their Christmas Party. This time, its for every children in this school. They have 155 plus 22 kindergarten so; 177 children to prepare for Christmas.
Whatever you can donate, I will be very happy to accept as mediator. Rest assured that the whole amount will be sent to them as is.
Look at their environment, they have the fantastic view of the mountain. Their classroom is well ventilated and they do not need an air conditioned room. They are so blessed in many ways right?
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