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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amazing Race 13: Final 4

I am so sad today. My fave team in amazing race was eliminated. Toni and Dallas are mother-son team-up. Toni is a single mom giving Dallas a great childhood. Dallas is in college and living on his own. They were ahead at start but, when Dallas forgot all the money and the passport in the taxi, everything turn upside down. What a heart breaking experience. Final 3 teams will compete for a million dollar for nextweek episode. The three remaining teams were:
Nick and Starr brother-sister team
Ken-Tina married couple team
Andrew-Dan fraternity brothers
It will be exciting nextweek. I love Nick and Star to win though. So, the eliminated 8 teams will be waiting for them on the last Pit Stop.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Accident

My hubby and I sleep over in our friends house because they spent thanksgiving in their hometown. When I was about to sleep past midnight after blogging, I noticed that the honking of the train was really loud and didn't stop for so long. This is like our second home so, I was so sure that hearing the honking of the train was really unusual. The next morning, Fox News came to its early news and this was what happened:

3 young people were killed when their car collided with Amtrak. The train is heading to New York from Miami with 167 passengers all were reported safe, returning home from thanksgiving. What a tragic accident. Lives were lost because of wrong decisions to out-run the train.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

As I wake up having a bad migraine, the bed is my only refuge. My husband did the cooking and he came up to me if I will take a picture of the turkey...hehehe....The childlike side of me, i took the pictures and this plate was all I could ate. My tummy refused to digest so, you knew what happened next....

The Day Before Thanksgiving

I was really excited to have this celebration because it would be my first. We do all the shopping at Walmart and we bought a 15lb turkey, a traditional symbol of Thanksgiving. While my hubby was busy buying stuffs for thanksgiving, I bought some chocolates too intended to send to the Philippines this week. I was really full of energy so, at dinner time, I prepared salad, heat the leftover roasted chicken and mushroom soup.We had a hearty dinner that night. We always love watching the news afterwards and so, my hubby bought me this Ferrero Rocher and I gobbled most of it...hahaha...I was having a good day actually. When I wake up on Thanksgiving a migraine and end up lying in bed most of the day and I tried to ate my share....yet, everything is thrown out...the result: was absent today at work.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hollywood Studio

What can I do blogger friends? I love the sky! Hahaha.....Okay, how about signage this time?
Or how about going to Hollywood Studio? Got nothing to do but ..."Click!....take a pic!" Let's go!The entrance of Walt Disney's Hollywood Studio....
One of the live attractions, Indiana Jones... The actors were really great. Equally talented and they acted some of the scenes of the movie. Inside, you will see live scenes of the movie, real explosions that you can really feel the heat. The actors explained the effects and the cinema magic they used to make the movie realistic to see.Gezzz....tourists are everywhere. I never imagine that I could go this far. As I explore the park, all I have in my mind was " How I wish the pupils in my school can visit this awesome place." Hmm...(Sigh) Mas masaya talaga bumisita sa mga ganitong lugar kapag kasama natin pamilya at kaibigan diba?
This area is dedicated to the famous people in television like Oprah Winfrey. Their head statue are on display.
The humongous parking lot named after Disney's characters like Pluto, Mickey, Minnie....etc. Every parking lot here is not for free. You need to pay $12.00. If you come to Orlando, don't park your car anywhere, towing company are plenty here.
The vehicle that transport the tourists from the parking lot to the main entrance of the park. Remember your parking lot number and the name of the character. Many tourists takes for granted these reminders ending their day exhausted and lost.


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heritage Web Solutions

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


To all my blogger friends, thanks for visiting my blog. As my hubby take this picture, all I have in my mind is YOU. Dang! as Nikki says all the time.LOL!I am procrastinating my blogging due to my hectic schedules for this week. Owws...gotta work to buy some milk right? Hehehe. And that didn't prevent me from taking these pictures on the road with 180 angle skyline. My hubby was driving and I am always enjoying the sights. Look how the clouds changes every few minutes. Taken today from 9am to 3pm. Amazing Clouds!
We are getting ready to go to Tampa so, i need to capture the scenery in the morning here in Orlando.
Mickey Mouse post...this is a Disney World Property, nearby Magic Kingdom.
Going to Tampa, from Central Florida going to the East.
Even if I don't have new post to blog, I keep it a point that I visited your blog daily. I come home so late at night and all I could think was to hit the bed after doing my blog hopping. See you tomorrow then.

Let's Talk About Motorcycles

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good News Right?

We kept on complaining every time we see prices go up. But, look at it now? Wheww...that is only in Orlando, Florida. How about in your places guys? In Philippines, my mother said the prices of the fare of jeepney started to pull down. Good news and hope it continues to go down so everybody will be happy. I took this picture 2days ago. And yesterday, it goes down to $1.80 in BJ's ( one of my favorite places to shop). They also have their own gas station and offers good price for members of their store. $1.93 to $1.80....really goes down in a day. What a good news!

LA Police Gear

While browsing some ideas on what to give for Christmas, I came across with 5.11 Tactical Jacket at L.A Police Gear. This business was founded by Los Angeles area Police Officers and supply equipments to military personnel, security professionals and police officers but since the business has grown so fast, it is now also serving the general public.

Most of the brands they sell are factory-authorized like Blackhawk Products, Converse, Zippo and Timex. L.A. Police Gear Inc. offers Tactical Series that creates superior products enhancing the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11 Tactical gear leads the industry by delivering functionally innovative gear from head to toe.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thirty Seven Years Ago

I read a piece of history so; I grab it and post it here. Yet, I added some research and as what I gathered, 37 years ago in the Philippines, an explosion during the proclamation rally of the senatorial slate of the opposition Liberal Party in Plaza Miranda in Quiapo, Manila on August 21, 1971, prompted Marcos to suspend the writ of habeas corpus hours after the blast. A turning point in Philippine history and maybe a reason why I am interested in Social Studies. The chaotic transformation of Philippine Government at that time is very obvious. Click here to know the comprehensive history of the year 1971.

In 1971 (the year you were born)

Richard Nixon is president of the US

Charles Manson and 3 of his followers are convicted of multiple counts of first-degree murder

An earthquake in California's San Fernando Valley kills 64 people

New York Times begins publication of classified Pentagon papers on US involvement in Vietnam

The $70 million Kennedy Center opens in Washington, DC

A four day revolt at New York's Attica state prison ends after being stormed by 1000 state troopers

A new stock-market index called the Nasdaq debuts

Walt Disney World opens

Intel releases world's first microprocessor, the 4004

Ray Tomlinson sends the first e-mail

Libertarian party established in USA

Kid Rock, Denise Richards, Sean Astin, Winona Ryder, and Ricky Martin are born

Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series

Baltimore Colts win Superbowl V

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is published

The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour premieres on television

"Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon & Garfunkel wins Grammy for song of the year

All in the Family premieres

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Normal Day

I don't know what fascinates me with the sky. I just love taking pictures of the clouds. See how beautiful the sky is ? Sometimes it is gloomy and sometimes it's happy. Nice! Everyday, I always asked my hubby to drive me to places I wanna go. I enjoyed taking pictures while we are on mobile. These are just some of those.
For today, I went back to downtown just driving around with my hubby and have a good seafood dinner afterwards. If you happen to come to Orlando, visit this place... Lake Eola, considered as Orlando's "Central Park" due to its central location, historical significance and a usual venue for local events and festivals. Lake Eola Fountain - the landmark which is in the center of Lake Eola and is embedded to the lake bottom with concrete beams. The scenic fountain is illuminated nightly with green lighting within the fountain dome. The park also features swan boat rentals and an amphitheater that has been a host to many events. One of the most popular events held at the park is the annual Independence Day firework show that takes place every 4th of July. A 0.85-mile recreational pathway circles the park, and leads to a children's playground.

Sorry it's blurry. We ate Oysters. I only ate half a dozen and it is steamed.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Awards....Anyone?

Lemonade is truly refreshing thus having this award would mean that i can quenched your thirst right? heheheMary Antoinette Award is from Grace. Was wondering who is she anyway? Hehehe! So, she is the Queen consort of France. She has become one of the most famous Queens in history. Awesome ha? Thanks for sharing this award. It would mean that my blog belong to royalty now hehehe.

I need to catch up posting these awards given by Cecil, Umma and Dhemz . Whhoooww...Got tons of awards today and I am so thankful to you beautiful ladies for the thought and for the friendship. I am in great awe. hehehe, I appreciate it so much. Thus, I am sharing these 3 awards to these equally talented bloggers : Mecheele, Maicel, Anna, Cookie, Hottopic, Maus, Janiz, Youngest, Claire and Pau.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ever After

Have you ever watch a movie that made you feel so in-love? And made you cry not because it was dramatic but mainly for reason that it feels so good to be true. What was it? Ever After is just one of my favorite movies. It was a 1998 movie starred by Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott. This is a Cinderella movie. The movie started when the brothers Grimm arrived at the home of a welthy Grande Dame (Jeanne Moreau) who speaks of the many legends including the true story of her ancestor. The story then flashback on Danielle (Drew Barrymore) who is 8 year old, daughter of a wealthy widower and a 16th century landowner. The father dies of a heart attack after returning to France with his new wife Rodmilla (Anjelica Huston) with 2 daughters. For 10 years, Danielle is now treated as a servant by the evil step mom and the eldest daughter. At this time, Prince Henry ( Dougray Scott) is fleeing the palace, angered by an arranged marriage and his path crossed with Danielle. Later, when Danielle poses as a Lady, the Prince takes an interest in her. Inventor-artist Leonardo da Vinci (Patrick Godfrey), accepting the French court's patronage, offers advice to Prince Henry on matters of the heart. Everyone knows the Cinderella story right? It ended that way...hehehe. What I ike in this movie is the humor and depth of the character of Danielle as to how she hope, a compassionate woman to her subordinate and having an admirable patience which is hard to endure in reality. Oh well, it ended happily ever after.

More Awards to Acknowledge

Premio Dardos Award is from Bogie . I like her blog because it is truly a wonderland of knowledge that evolve around her. Pay her a visit okay. Thanks Bogie for the thought of giving this to me.Got this Smiley Award from these very wonderful bloggers Cecil and Joops. Thank you friends for making me smile and for posting entries that somehow lighten my day. Visit their blogs and you'll find out. The reasons why I am smiling:
1. I am contented with what I am and what I have.
2. I am married to my hubby who is very loving, thoughtful and very understanding.
3. I am blessed with a good Christian family.
4. I am healthy and every faculty that I have functioned accordingly.
5. I have a very supportive friends here.
6. I am always in close contact 24 hours a day with my mom, bro and friends in the Philippines.
7. My family is in good health....thank you God.
8. I met so many wonderful friends thru blogging.
9. I can rest and work according to a schedule that I am comfortable with.
10.I am excited that it is almost Christmas.
Wheeww......I thought I run out of reasons. So glad I made it to 10. LOL!

This award was given to me by Cookie. I got my share of belonging in this category. Not because I am sexy ( how I wish ) but because, like most of the bloggers, I stay home a lot and got to use my power to make my home pleasant to live. Thanks a lot Cookie Pie. Do visit her blog, she got a lot of stories to tell .

Now, I am giving these awards to the following beautiful bloggers: Quinnieann, Anna , Pau, Youngest, maicel, Newhottopics, Kittykat ,Mechel, Maxi, Maus, Lynn, ...go grab it friends.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour

Last night, I was watching Fox News covering live on the Endeavour Launch at Fort Canaveral, Florida and right after it launched, we went outside the front yard to see it in the sky. It was so clear and beautiful. My first time to witness but I wish to really see it in the facility itself. It is an hour drive from home but, we are too lazy to drive to Kennedy Space Center. Endeavour is the 27th shuttle flight to the International Space Station orbiting 220 miles above Earth.
Mission: (126th) Expansion of the Space Station facilities such as kitchen, bedroom and bathroom to accommodate a 6 member crew.
Load: a.) 2 food warmers, refrigerator, water dispenser (these are not the ordinary kitchen things that we have in our houses) which will be installed in the U.S. Destiny laboratory module of the station;
b.) high-tech home improvement materials;
c.) food and clothing for the station crew;
d.) modular crew quarter with laptop connectivity which will be installed in Harmony node;
e.) exercise equipment;
f.) waste and hygiene compartment which is a Russian-built toilet compartment
g.) and a water recovery system- from waste water into a drinking quality water
( if you are curious with these high-tech things, click here )
Below are just the pictures I took when I was there last August. Even the rug in their facility is not safe with my camera.LOL!
This building is one of the stop when you tour the facility. At the top floor, you can view clearly the Launch Area as seen on the top picture using the telescope of course (need a coin to function though...hehehe).
Launch Complex 39, Observation Gantry Area. Oh well, I need my remembrance too LOL. A tourist noticed that I took pictures most of the time and he volunteered, what a nice gesture.huh! "Mahangin sa labas" .... no time to comb my hair...hahaha!
The launch pad ( the tiny building at the far end)....told you guys, i need a sophisticated camera to zoom in the picture I want...waaaaaa. This is how you see it at the top floor in naked eye. If you use the telescope...100x better. I think, this is the nearest facility that you can go to see the launch area, unless you work in that location.
This is the road of the big CRAWLER- a vehicle that transport the rocket from Vehicle Assembly Building to Mobile Launch Flatform and would take 5 hours to travel. No wonder it is called runs so slow imagine the weight of a big rocket. This is the picture of crawler moving the shuttle. Click here.
Okay, this is where they assemble the rocket...the VAB . It is pretty big actually. Imagine the big rocket genius these people working here ha.
How big is the ROCKET? THIS BIG. Yep, I am the ant below the steel. By the way, this is the real SATURN V ROCKET, the rear engines alone are so huge. This is the moon rocket. The whole building in this floor from this point onward is the whole rocket display. How huge it is right?Okay, that is all telling you more about my escapades next time.....educational right? Wish my pupils can see these things...(sigh)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Little Nutty on Nuts

" It may look like a humble tiny nut, but almonds are an effective weapon in the battle against heart disease and a valuable antioxidant with so many cancer-fighting qualities. "
Christmas is coming and I am so excited with this holiday simply because of the three main reasons: Family Gathering, selection of delicious Foods and the Spirit of Gift Giving. I have a long list for this year and so, a wise budgeting should come in handy.

 Zenobia is my first stop for Online Shopping, a store with a wide variety of Nutty goodies. They have sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, California or Turkish Pistachios and some Gold Series items such as: Virginia Peanuts, Fancy Cashews, Mammoth Peacans, Dry-Roasted Macadamias and Supreme Almonds my favorite in gourmet nuts . Almonds would make a great gift for this holiday because not only that it taste good, crunchy to the bite and delicious, it is very nutritious too.

This very tasty tidbits has tons of essential nutrients in one very delicious seed. It has low in saturated fat and contain many other protective nutrients such as calcium and magnesium for strong bones. It is a good source of fiber; contains protein and monounsaturated fat; low in cholesterol and sodium; a good source of riboflavin and manganese plus a very good source of Vitamin E which may help protect against Cardiovascular disease and even cancer. The price is very affordable too and they offer discounted prices for more orders. Just check their website for more choices of delicious and tasty nuts. Have a wonderful time shopping.


Can't imagine how time flies. This is my 100th blog journal entry. Hurray! Wheww...thank you guys for making my blogging interesting and fun. As you can see in this picture, a bird is waiting for a glimpse of fish to catch and sitting on a NO FISHING ha? If only I could have a more sophisticated camera, I could have catch a vivid picture of what I am striving to capture. That is for humor though. Blogging for me is just like Fishing of friends and some ideas in the vast area of Blogworld. Thank you for all the comments (a footprint to cherish) and for the messages you left in my cbox ... it somehow made me smile. To the advertisers, thank you for making my wallet happy and for the votes you gave .... it really touch my heart. SALAMAT (Thank you).


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The adjustable gastric banding procedure is the only adjustable and reversible weight-loss surgery available in the United States today and is performed by making several tiny incisions in the upper abdomen. Small instruments – including a laparoscopic camera – are inserted through these tiny incisions into the abdomen. A silastic band is securely placed around the upper portion of the stomach, creating a small pouch and a narrow passage into the larger stomach. Once the band is in place and secure, the surgical instruments are removed and all incisions are closed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Love in a Second Chance

Last Sunday, my husband and I went to Kissimmee area of Florida to marry a long time friend. A widow and a widower meet as friends and decided to be with each other forever. The wedding was held in this house with just the family as witnesses to their promises.
A picture with a grandson together with the newly wed Grannies. The Wedding Official (my hubby) with the Newly Weds.
The bestfriend of the couple and my new found friend too. I had a grand time talking with the people at the wedding, such a wonderful family.
My hubby after the ceremony. This is what happen if he takes the picture. Always a disaster...hehehe....more flash my love?

And of course, the goodies of wedding and the cake.
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