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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mardi Gras Parade in Ocean Springs

This pictures were taken last year during the Mardi Gras Parade in Ocean Springs. It was my second year of being in the crowd catching the beads. Basically, I now know that catching beads are the most fun activity during the parade.If I have to close my eyes right now, I can smell the air which is so fresh and cool. Honestly? This weather is very cold, freezing that if you just stay in one area you will gonna feel numb of coldness.
This is the kind of weather that you need to wear gloves, and cover your nose and ears too, LOL! The hood would help a lot because when the wind blows, it would feel like 20 degrees. BRRRRR!

Fight the Boredom

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where the Remains Found: Caylee Anthony

Hubby and I watched the Casey Anthony Murder Trial which is LIVE in Fox Orlando channel. While doing some chores of course, our TV is glued on that channel. During their recess for lunch, hubby and I decided to visit the crime scene where Caylee's remains was found. I was reading my blog in July 2008 and found that link. I was one of the hopefuls that Caylee will be found safe and alive.Well, we now know that she was dead and her body was tossed right here in this eerie woods with snakes and crocs. The picture above is where her remains found. People are making it a memorial. Taken from the side of the road, this is the distance where her body was tossed inside a trash bag. Later it was found out that her body was chewed by some animals. Imagine the animals are feasting on her tiny body while her mom go party, living a good life. That is why CSI's can't determined the cause of death. There's nothing left of her. But, finding the duct tape attached to her skull tells a story too. Further down of this road is a dead end where a school is located. On the right side is the crime scene where her body was found in Dec.11, 2008. This place is a wet area because as what I keep on blogging in 2008, there was storm and the big one is Storm Fay!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monte Carlo

This post brought to you by Monte Carlo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you watched a good soulful movie lately?  A movie which you and your family enjoyed so much that you can't stop narrating about it even if all of you watched it a million times? I am sure you had that moment and I did too! But, that moment seemed long ago maybe because I lived so many miles away from home. So, when a beautiful movie such as Monte Carlo scheduled to be in Theaters Friday, I invited two of my close friends to watch it with me. My friends adored Selena Gomez while I love to watch comedy and adventure movies. The main character of the movie is Grace portrayed by Selena, an ordinary girl who becomes an accidental heiress. A Summer trip to Paris turns into a Fantasy of a lifetime. What an adventure movie right? We are all excited for our girl's movie night-out, a good bonding time for us since we are busy most of the time. Check out out this trailer.


What do you think? It's fun and exciting right? So, if you have Facebook, LIKE the official Monte Carlo Movie Page and get acquainted with other fans. If you want to purchase a ticket, get it at Fandango on June 29th. Don't forget to watch it  In Theaters Friday  and bring your family and friends!

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Novice Blogger

I still consider myself as a novice in Blogging for three main reasons:
1. No Formal Training in I.T - I never had any computer subjects in college. I learned how to hands on the computer when I purchased my own desk top in 2005. I was reading a poem and I commented about her great work. She was a blogger who lives in Germany. Since I can't leave a comment without registering, I did create a blogger account. Because I do not understand about HTML, bandwidth and etc, I did not pursue my blogging activity on this platform at that time. The need to EARN forced me to LEARN few easy steps in blogging. And presently, I am still learning!

2. My English Professor in College said "I Can't Write"- Well, what happened was, I grew up without someone to guide, correct my grammar and etc. I was an average student and never had a failing mark too. In class, I was satisfied with a below 90 score well, I worked in the school library as a student. I was a scholar struggled to maintain a B grade which I did maintain up to 3rd year in College. I have an English Teacher who is a perfectionist and she speaks fluent English. She assigned us to pass a Term Paper and of course I complied. One day, she called me in her office and return my term paper. She then told me that she believed it's not my work! She said that the writer had minor grammar problems but, the term paper is written very good. She said she knew I can't write that well, for that (cheating) reason, she gave me a B- grade. Hehehe! I was thinking, should I tap my shoulder for the ghost writer in me? I laugh about it!

3. No Journalism Experience- As much as I wanted to write, I knew I lack the skills to be in a writer's guild group in college. A flat A grade in English is a tough one to get but, I got an easy A grade in Sociology and History subjects.

I can speak my mind through Blogging! People can scrutinized my work but, won't affect me at all. Their superficial superiority is good for themselves and with that, I care less. I don't write perfect but, advertisers hire me to write about their products. I don't get paid if it did not pass in their standard. So, I am happy with that. My greatest struggle to battle is really learning the skill of IT world. I should get me an IT course perhaps.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giving White Water Rafting a Second Try

Guest post written by Joey Horton:

A few years ago I let my younger brother talk me into going with him on a white water rafting trip. Well he's always been a lot more athletic than me. He played sports and even though I played some too I didn't actually play during many games. Well nothing had really changed because I had a really hard time keeping up with him. Now I've decided that I'm going to give it another try.

It was actually my idea because some of my coworkers went on a rafting trip and had a whole lot of fun. I looked up some information on going rafting myself. While I was doing that I ran across the site and after I looked through it a little bit I decided to switch over our home internet service to it.

I found a really good deal on rafting and a cabin that we could stay in. I think that it's going to be so much fun! I just hope that I don't hurt myself while I'm trying to have fun.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blog Hopping

I am doing my blog list revamp today! Therefore, I am doing my blog visit and left comments and just checking out the informative blog posts of Bloggers. I will be busy starting next week so, I am taking this time a fruitful and enjoyable blog hopping to other blogs:-) I love visiting to other blogs and leave a footprint! But, when I got hacked, I started to shy away from blogging! I was so furious that someone invaded my privacy! That happened Feb of last year and it took me more than a year to come back and become active in social media. Anyway, I am so careful now than what I used to before. So, today, I am doing my blog hopping and I will see you in a minute!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crime Scene : Caylee Anthony Remains

This afternoon, hubby and I were driving in Chickasaw area. We just thought of checking out the crime scene where the body of Caylee Anthony was found on December 11, 2008. This is where her body was tossed, wrapped in black trash bags and decomposed for 6 months. At that time, it was a wet area and covered with thick bushes. Now, it's dry and as you can see, some of the area was cleared with bushes and trees.If you drive towards the end of this road, it's a dead end! The place is isolated, quite and there's no car heading this area, unless they have to do business in the school. The crime scene as of today looked like this. There are people visiting this area and put some teddy bears and flowers. I noticed there was so many white chicken feathers scattered in the area, sort of someone did some ritual. That's just a wild guess but, I really don't know. Just sad to imagine how her life ended so brutal. No one will really know how she died! The only person responsible for her death is Casey Anthony, the accused mom!
May you rest in peace Caylee!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black and White Flapper Shoes

I love wearing costumes especially during Halloween. In fact, I was in a witch character last year wearing all black with hat and mask as my costume accessories. The whole experience was fun because the venue had scary decors with a cemetery poolside. The ambiance was not that scary though since there were guests wearing Disney Characters, Romans, Egyptians, Pirates, Princess and the amazing women who wore flapper costumes.From that experience, I was inspired to wear that costume for this year. It is very simple and comfortable to wear. Besides, the preparation to have this character is so easy and I don't have to spend hours to set my costume ready. Last week, I ordered this Black and White Flapper Shoes and it arrived today.The shoes are amazingly beautiful with thin straps, heels in 4 inches and the design is truly elegant. It is very comfortable to wear with stylish details. If you are looking for costumes in any occasion, you should check out This company has the widest selection of costumes, accessories and make-up. They offer risk free shopping, same day shipping with prices that is super low and right on your budget. Check it out today!

IP in Biloxi

This is a hotel and casino located in Biloxi, Mississippi. Actually, one of the many hotels and casinos in the area. I visited this casino few times because it's location is nearby my workplace at that time. The inside ambiance is beautiful with amazing decor and extra ordinary designs in every area. The casino was totally huge, well arranged and I was comfortable playing there.They have fine dining and they also have a buffet with seven wonderful stations that display international world-class meals. This is what keeps me coming here. I can't resist food, LOL!Anyway, aside from enjoying the casinos in this area, food is great and the place is truly awesome! The picture above is a common sight because this is the Gulf Coast. The view of the beach, if you love swimming then the whole area is yours. You can enjoy the golf course too if you love playing golf. This hotel offer a package where in you can play the golf for FREE when you stay in this hotel.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Make Love Not War

This photo is currently making a big fuss on the Internet. Today, it's all over the news so, I think it serves the right to be here for your assessment. I salute the photographer who took this picture, it was taken perfect showing the focal scene of two people kissing amidst the turmoil from the background. Was it for real? How would you interpret it?A split second captured on camera made a total meaning of what the world really needs now. LOVE and not WAR! Compassion and not Chaos! The real scenario of a man extending an act of kindness to a wounded person on the street.

Happened in Vancouver after the Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, a riot ignited and pinned between the angry rioters and charging riot police are: Aussie bartender Scott Jones and Canadian college student Alex Thomas. She was injured just before the picture was taken. The mother of Scott knew it was him upon seeing the picture because he always wear the same clothes. Well, she meant Scott bring few T shirts and jeans on this vacation.

If you want to know the latest "love sparks" between the two, all you have to do is wait for another news to come up. Or make friends with Scott's father, Brett Jones in facebook. Good luck for that. Spread good deeds people and stay out of trouble!

Home Mortgage Rate

The best time to buy your dream home is right NOW! Take advantage of the low interest rates and reasonable down payments. If you have a perfect credit score, you are always qualified for a mortgage loan and lending agencies will always welcome you with both arms.We just closed on a property that we bid two months ago and we are excited to make it as a property income. The search of buying a dream home did not come to an end yet. We are still on the verge of finding the right property at the right location with the right price that we can afford. To get the property that we want will rely solely with our credit scores too unless if we opt to buy it cash, which is not the case for right now. Anyway, if you find the property that you love, apply for a mortgage and decide if you can afford with fixed or adjustable rate. Get your Free quote now!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Senior Care in Los Angeles

When your elderly family needs total loving care and you can't provide it physically, you tend to look for someone who are trustworthy. Most of the time, you can only rely on your gut feeling. It is hard to give your trust to a stranger but, you can check thru their employment history and usually you give consideration on referral.If you live in Los Angeles, San Gabriel, San Fernando, Orange and Riverside areas and looking for an affordable alternative care for seniors, call this number now: 1 (818)-441-2446 or 1 (626)-383-2043. You can also visit their office at Warm and Caring Hearts, 1976 Waltonia Drive Unit 1, Montrose, CA 91020 during office hours. For more information, check out Pick up the phone and call now!

Hyundai Genesis Dealer

Palm Beach Hyundai in Florida is the nation's premier Hyundai Genesis Dealer that has the best price on new and used inventory. This Hyundai Certified dealer company offer parts and accessories at reasonable price.
If you are looking for a perfect blend of total luxury and performance, hyundai genesis sedan and all the other hyundai genesis car has proven on that category. If you love an Electronic Stability Control, Turn Signal Mirrors, Push Button Start, Satellite Radio Ready and Key less Ignition, this is the car for you. This car is easy to use and great on gas! Check it out now at this Hyundai Dealer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Avoid Immigration Scammers

Just this month, the USCIS used Facebook and Twitter to spread awareness that Immigration Scammers are out there! We all should be watchful! The need to detect and protect ourselves from dishonest practices of Immigration Scammers are the main focus of USCIS.

Recently, USCIS launched the Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law (UPIL) Initiative. They tapped some government agencies to identify resources and help avoid the immigration services scams out there. Let us all armed ourselves with all the knowledge using USCIS.GOV.Check these articles in their Website before you start hiring an Immigration Service:

1. The top things to know before and after filing an application or petition
2. A list of common immigration services scams
3. State-by-state information on where you can report an immigration services scam
4. Advice on finding authorized legal help
5. Information on becoming an authorized legal immigration service provider
6. Educational tools you can print and share

If you have all the legal papers, if you follow the instructions, your application is alright. If you are not confident, you can hire an Immigration Services BUT, make sure they are authorized by USCIS.

Immigration Scams: Beware

It's not truly hard to transact business in the Immigration. Based from experience, as long as you have Authentic and Legal Documents to support your application, approval is just a snap of a finger! I have my Petition approved for less than 4 months, had my scheduled interview the following month and approved on the spot. Basically, in 6 months my flight to the US was scheduled flawlessly.My husband initiate the Petition papers and I basically did all the follow-up such as the filing and submission of all the documents needed. We never hire an Immigration Lawyer. We based all information from website. I download the latest forms, filled it up and submit with all the supporting documents needed which was clearly specified in the detailed instructions. To read and understand the instructions are key to a fast approval. When you plan to hire a Lawyer, chances are you will spend more than what you are set to spend. If you hire a wrong lawyer, your application will be Delayed, Cost you unnecessary fees and possibly lead you to deportation proceedings. Just Empower yourselves by using the online educational resources of from now on okay?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pet Gets 12M Inheritance

This relationship between the billionaire Leona Helmsley and Trouble Helmsley is one of the most fascinating story that I read in the yahoo news today. The Real Estate Tycoon Helmsley listed her pet puppy named Trouble to inherit a staggering 12 Million dollars after her death and part of her will, Trouble will be buried next to her in the Mausoleum.While most of us have a hard time finding our luck, Trouble found the best friend who treasured it's lifetime like a million dollar friend. Good for Trouble! Some people "este" animals are born to be lucky and not trouble at all! This is not the first time that I heard someone left her inheritance to a pet. Back in Mississippi, an employee in Boomtown Casino gave a portion of her life insurance to her pet also:-) Amazing!

Casey Anthony Murder Trial

It seemed to be a lot for Casey Anthony as she cried and felt sick as she watched the evidence presented to the jury. The pictures of the remains of the little girl Caylee and the disturbing description of the condition of the skull must be too hard to handle for the accused mother. At least Casey Anthony is showing more reaction/emotion today. Far different from what she tried to project everyday. Casey Anthony "tot mom" can be seen smiling, laughing and even showed no emotion especially that moment when her mother was called on the witness stand, so vulnerable, crying upon seeing the picture of Caylees bed and teddy bear while Casey just had this stoic-face!
Today's trial session was done early because Casey Anthony was ill. Judge Belvin Perry announced the recess past three in the afternoon. From what I saw on Live TV, Casey was shaking, pale and all the time her head bow down. I just want justice for Caylee Anthony! The accused mother show no remorse, I don't feel sorry for her.
If you want to read a summary about Casey Anthony Murder Case, check out this page of wiki: .

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Winning an iPad 2

What are the odds of winning a lotto or sweepstakes? I bet a mathematician can somehow get the probability answer to that question, right? Chances are 1/1000000+ but, hey I won an iPad today provided by this sponsor: BeeWell for Life from Bumble Bee.I joined the contest last April with the motivation to promote the cancer awareness. In fact, I posted the information in one of my blogs and tweet about it via @amiable2amy. I invited everyone to join with me for this cause by posting the #tag4cancer tweet.Today, I read the tweet from IZEA company informing that I won an iPAD2. I just can't control myself from grinning in disbelief! This is just a lucky day for me. Hey, if I won this contest, there is a good chance for me to win a lotto too. (smiling!)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial: Cindy as Witness

Since Saturday, Cindy Anthony did her part as a witness for Casey Anthony Trial held in Orlando, Florida. For those of you who just followed this sensationalized murder trial, the accused mother is Cindy Anthony's (below) daughter.The highlight in Tuesday's murder trial event was the sobbing moment of Cindy Anthony. My heart goes to her and I feel her loss. She never stops weeping and sobbing, almost fainting on the stand. She looks down a lot avoiding the sight of the evidence. It upset her especially the picture of Caylee's bed, backpack and teddy. The prosecution team also show as evidence the inside caption of the pontiac car (casey's) and Cindy described the stench odor in it.
Bless the heart of Cindy Anthony! The look on Casey Anthony was cold! Her mother was crying and here comes Casey, not a bit of emotion except fussing her hair and fixing her blouse! What a cold blooded attitude!
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