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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Out of Tune

The sound of the guitar depends on the quality. I am not sure which guitar brand is better than the other but, I am happy with what I have for now. If only I can afford to buy a gadget like the Bigsby Vibratos which would definitely increases the tone and sustain.
When I play the guitar for hours, I just quit every time it is out of tune and it's a problem really. The tune won't stay long as it came loose from my strumming. I heard that this gadget can be of great help. And besides, the sound will be better too for it helps sustain the plucking. I will consider buying this anytime next month.

Wandering Animals

Our neighborhood will never ran out of awesome sight to see as well as great looking animals wandering around the area. We were at Rusty's Seafood and Oyster Bar in Cape Canaveral having late lunch and these Pelicans were snooping around. Actually, these birds are always there waiting for food that tourists gave them. It is discourage though and if you happen to be here, in this restaurant, don't feed the birds please.

From Cape Canaveral to our place, there are two body of waters: Indian River and Banana River. Manatees are lurking underneath the murky waters. They are big but, harmless.

Now, we seldom see the black snakes in our area and they are not poisonous but, I just don't like snakes, period. I took this photo while we were doing the Children's activity in a private school. Well, kids were not there yet when this snake showed up. Kids were not afraid and they wanted to see it but, it was gone.

While we were at NASA -Kennedy Space Center premises, we saw this wild Turkey wandering on the side of the road. Hubby said, if I can catch it then, thanksgiving will be fun, LOL.

That's all for now folks and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hunt's #Manwich : A Healthy Meal Solution

This post brought to you by Manwich. All opinions are 100% mine.

Full serving of vegetables in every meal is the basic and most important goal that parents want to accomplish for the family. For a working parent, that's a tough work don't you think? How can we balance being a loving parent and a busy career person? Is there an easy preparation to achieve that goal so that our family can eat healthy and most importantly happy with what they eat? I tell you what, there is an easy way through Manwich Recipes.

My husband loves #sloppyjoe's and I am so grateful for that because that simply means, easy meal fixes and healthy too.  Did you know that Hunt's #Manwich has a full serving of vegetables and no preservatives? And not ony that, Manwich is a healthy sauce because it has no artificial flavor so; it is really good and a healthy meal solution for the family.
 photo Manwich_zpsdbe02c8f.jpg
#Manwich has 3 flavors: Thick and Chunky, Bold, and Original. I really can't tell which among the three is the famly's favorite. The flavors are so good and we really can't tell the difference. Everyone agrees that Manwich is too delicious to resist. Today, I made a bite size turkey patties and sauteed the pattie with fresh red and green bell peppers. When the pattie was golden brown, I added the Manwich sauce. Oh my goodness, the smell is appetizing! Using the hotdog bun, check out the sloppy joe photo below. It's a yummy goodness meal that my husbad truy enjoys.
  photo Manwich_zpsb81beeed.jpg
I have a confession to make. I love carbohydrates and I eat rice a lot. A single bun is no good with my appetite so; everytime I make a sloppy joe for my husband, mine is in a bowl and I eat it with rice. That to me is a hearty meal and that makes me a  happy camper. And yes, I have a good appetite but, I am petite and weighs a 103 lbs. Don't be surprise! I just eat a lot and I simply like Manwich too.
 photo HuntsManwich_zpsf305bea5.jpg
Anyway, have you seen the Manwich TV Ads? Check it out now. If you have Manwich in your pantry, fixing a great and healthy meal is so easy. Your picky eaters in the famiy will surely love it as well.
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Peach Nailpolish

Happy Sunday y'all! What keeps you busy this weekend? I bet you have too many indoor activities huh? It's kind'a lazy to go out from the comfort of our home because the temperature is way down. It's too cold to go shopping and do errands right? Well, here in Florida, the temperature is cool and we are loving it! 50's is awesome! Yesterday, hubby and I were at the garage trying to re-arrange the boxes and making room for some too. Today, I will be packing the stuff in the kitchen.

While checking the boxes in the garage, I found 4 bottles of nail polish and just a few minutes ago, I tried two colors on my nails. It looks alright and I might keep this for few days. The peach looks like the color of our home's exterior paint hehehe. Anyway, have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Digital Mixer

I already blogged this experience that when I was in high school, I love to hang out in a radio station. One of the radio announcer became my friend and she was kind enough to allow me inside the radio booth while she was doing her live show on air. She taught me few important keys to hit when answering a phone call and have the caller put on air. Which keys to move for advertisement, for music and even when she adlib while the music was on.
In the booth, there was a big area for digital mixer and somewhat looks like the new presonus studiolive at musicians friend. I tell you what, there were so many keys for so many functions. There was an engineer technician who was on standby in the other booth. Basically, my friend only moves the keys that she's familiar and needed in her slot. She do not mess up with other keys that she don't need for her radio show. It was pretty cool and guess what, I was able to move some of the keys myself but only for playing the music, air the advertisement and put the caller on air. It was an awesome experience!

Taking Time to Enjoy the Cold Weather

How are you cyber friends? Hoping you find time to enjoy an activity despite of this cold snap and brutally cold temperature that we are all experiencing this week. Indoor activities for family will do right? As for me, I was sick for more than a week. You should know that when my blog is too quiet, it's my health that bothers me for sure. We went to Orlando today. One renter has plumbing problem so; we have to be there to assist. While we were there, we also make an appointment for the other renter's request. She wanted to rip the carpet and change the flooring to hard wood. Today, we manage to attend to all the errands and everything seemed fine.

When we left early this morning, I was not feeling well but, I can't just have my husband do all the errands so; I went with him. By 1 PM we were done and we had lunch at Golden Corral. We were famished but, I can only devour fried chicken, roll, a tiny slice of beef steak, and a piece of moist chocolate cake. I was full in 10 minutes. What? For a buffet, I am no good today. Anyway, I had my coffee hoping in few minutes my appetite will be back in full gear LOL. Nope!

As we head home, I took the photos above. We have a cold temperature and loving it. The clouds are pretty today. We had a nice short ride along the back road. It looks like we are traveling in Missouri. The trees looks dead and brown. The leaves, grasses and plants are hibernating. On Saturday, we have freeze warning. I am still enjoying this cold snap you know. I have few plants that's vulnerable with cold and I hope it will survive for a cold day.

Lastly, I am sharing this quotation by Ralph Waldo Emerson who champions Individualism and Mysticism. A reminder that each one of us, if we follow our dream and never give up, we can do it! Thanks for stopping by and I will see you next time. God bless! Take time to enjoy the cold weather and Stay Safe!

Playing the Musical Instruments

It takes a talent to play the different types of musical instruments. Well, anybody has the potential to learn to play the piano and guitar because both are popular instruments. Most of my Glee Club friends can play those instruments and as for me I know the guitar. No one has interest to play other instruments though. One or two plays the saxophone and drums.

The exciting banjos for instance, only one in my circle knows how to play it. I call him Lolo (Grandpa) Bob and he has friends who played banjos too. When they get together, they make beautiful music together. Honestly, I prefer Lolo Bob plays his guitar than banjos. I can sing a long with it that's why.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Busy Painting the Exterior of the House

We are so busy painting the exterior of the house for the last two days now. We want to accomplish a lot this week so that we can put this property on the market as early as next week. Whew! For 5 years, we moved a lot and I hate it. This is our third property and we thought this will be our home for good but, it's not. My body is aching and so tired from all the small DIY project. Anyway, I will try my best to update all my blogs today. Have a great week y'all.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Visit Downtown Disney in Orlando Florida

Oh, it's a Happy #TGIF you all. How was your week? Is there any of your New Year's Resolution has been realized yet? Well, one day at a time makes a big difference so; keep doing what you are doing. As for me, I am moving forward and hopefully, everything will work out just fine. To join a marathon is in my list and I did wish to sign up in the Disney World Marathon Weekend but, it was sold out! The marathon started last Jan 8 and ends on Jan 12 so; better luck next year for me.
I know you watch Forrest Gump and if you happen to visit Orlando,
check out the shrimping boat named "Jenny" displayed in Downtown Disney.
Movie Magic!
Speaking of Disney, I was digging some photos in my PC files and I found these photos which I took about two years ago.

This is the Planet Hollywood Restaurant.
The price is a bit expensive but, if you travel halfway around the globe, it is worth a try.
Food is great and this place is always crowded.
There is a new movie of Tom Hanks "Saving Mr. Banks".
The movie is all about Walt Disney , P.L Travers and her fictional novel character Mary Poppins.
Now, check out the print around the balloon.
Yes, you can ride the balloon and see Downtown Disney up above.
There is no entrance fee to visit Downtown Disney.
You will enjoy shopping, dining, see a concert for free, meet a Disney character and more.
There is a cable attached to the air balloon and it's pretty safe.
For a minimal fee, this attraction is worth to try.
Downtown Disney has a huge parking lot and it's always full.
Despite of, I am sure you will find a parking space though and it's free of charge as well.
Your kids love to have fun so; plan ahead.
Check out the attraction and fun rides as well as free activities and crafts offered in Downtown Disney.
Don't forget to bring a camera and charge it well if in case you want to take a #selfie LOL.
If you plan to visit in the afternoon until evening, bring a jacket.
It's really cold at night and so breezy.
This is the entrance to the restaurant and most of the time,
 the queue is long and you have to wait to be seated.
The Planet Hollywood Restaurant in Downtown Disney.
Any plans to visit Disney World? Don't forget to check out Downtown Disney and here's an advice, book your stay in a hotel near Downtown Disney. Anyway, I have more photos to share next time. Bye for now. Yawn! Hehehe. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Bare Tree

For my nature trip Thursday post, here's the big tree at the front yard with leaves on hiatus. I love looking at it when it's bare and that would mean one thing too, nothing to clean up which truly gives me a lot of time for myself and do other things. Have a great day you all and please, stay positive! Be productive today.

Black Friday 2013: Great Buys

This is what I got when I was shopping online on Black Friday. I was not really planning to buy something but, when I saw this item for 70% off, it's irresistible. I end up getting two pairs of shoes and when the box arrived, I was truly happy. I am a size 6 but, I decided to get a size 5 because of the style. I want my foot to be cradled inside and my decision was right, its a perfect fit. I was using coupons too so; I got both shoes for $23 including tax and shipping. Good deal right? This is a great buy. I will be posting the other shoes in this blog too. Remember the price above :-) ? Both shoes are truly a great buy for that prize. Good night. Oh, I am still sick. That's the reason I failed to post daily. Stay safe you guys and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Backyard Playground for Children

Playground makes the kids happy and oh, who wouldn't right? I remember my childhood days where seeing a slide, a seesaw and a swing set truly delights my day. Children loves to go to a playground where they can run freely, play in the sandbox and get crazy with monkey bars. How exciting that would be if parents have all the time to bring their children to the playground but, we all know, that's not the case.

If you have a big yard, how about contacting the playground equipment raleigh nc? Above is just an example of a playground built to a family. As we can see, the playground is located down the slope and they really make a good use of the space down below. It was built perfect I should say but, if they have small kids, they can't allow the kids to play here on their own for safety precaution. I guess the children in this family are a bit older, I assumed.
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