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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sebago Shoes for Christmas

I love shoes in fact, I was eyeing on sebago shoes. The red colored Felucca Lace is in my wish list this Christmas. I like the style and for sure, this is comfortable to wear because it has a premium full grain leather foot-bed. It has a laytex foam cushion so; the shoes really fit my active lifestyle. Photobucket
What type of shoes do you usually buy? Please visit the link above and check out their selection of shoes for men and women. If you are looking for popular brands on footwear, this Website has most of it so; you better check it out today. I have few pairs of slip on shoes and I wear them for casual. When I go for shopping and do my grocery, shoes like Felucca Lace would be awesome to wear. My husband has his own favorite shoes too and he likes the style of Sebago Vico and Sebago Gibraltar. The appearance is classy and according to my friend, these shoes are very durable. The price is a bit expensive because the shoes are quality made. You will get what you paid for so; Sebago Shoes are priced just right.

Friday, December 21, 2012

An Ideal Retirement Home in Georgia

When you work so hard to provide the best of everything for your family then, you should be proud of yourself. You deserve a pat on your shoulder especially when all your efforts yielded with success and accomplishment. The joy of seeing your children reach the goal of success academically means you give them the guidance that they needed. Soon, they will find a job, get married and have a family of their own, and you with your spouse will be left alone in your home.

What will be your plan after that? When you retire, do you want to stay in your home or wanted to explore a new place? I've been to Georgia and I love this place. Last October, my husband and I had a roadtrip. We passed by Lake Lanier area and it was gorgeous. Now, take a look at the Siteplan at Cresswind At Lake Lanier which is designed for a luxurious living. Would you consider living in this grand location when you retire?
 Photobucket This community has a waterfall entrance and is a gated community. They are recently named as the 50+ Housing Community of the Year by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. They were awarded with six gold and two silver awards in the categories of community, building, marketing and more.

Reward yourself when you retire by spending the rest of your life in a first-class community. This place has amazing amenities and you have the preference to pick 2 or 3 bedroom ranch-style floor plans.  This community has easy access to shopping, dining, area conveniences as well as arts, cultural and recreational activities. Your health is the top most priority so; this community offers the finest healthcare services. Visit the Website for more information.

A Night Stay at Motel 6 at St Robert, Missouri

Our travel and road trip for this year ended last October when we traveled to Missouri as far as Kansas City. It was only a week but, we crossed 6 states: Florida, Georgia, Tennesse, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri. It was fun and exciting travel and since we had no hotel reservations, we only stopped when we were tired and ready to hit the bed. One of the unexpected places that we checked in was this Motel 6. We had to find a place to sleep for it was already 11:30 at night so; we saw this along the highway. It was our first time to sleep in a motel 6 but, this place is not bad at all. It was newly renovated, 3-storey, clean and nearby to restaurants. The location is just perfect.

What matters for me is the cleanliness and the sheets should smell good. The staffs are friendly and courteous. The price was a bit high for this type of motel/hotel but, we sleep good for the night. Here is the address: Motel 6 545 Highway Z on the I-44 at Missouri Avenue, Exit #161 in St Robert MO 65584.

Top 10 Reasons Holiday Makers Overspend

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Spirit is in the air huh? Glad that I don't have to travel far to have a beautiful Christmas celebration this year. All I want is to stay here in Florida and spend the holidays with my husband and our close friends. Today, we will be heading to Downtown Disney to pick up some presents.

How about you? Are you planning to travel and have Christmas in New York City and be in Rockefeller Center for Chrristmas countown? Much as I wanted to be there too but, that would be in the future. Have fun for Christmas everyone. Don't forget to check out this awesome infographic : Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend Infographic

Monday, December 17, 2012

Victoria Soto: A Teacher's Sacrifice

Young, vibrant, pretty and full of life, she loves the color green, she likes snow and loves Christmas. According to the news, Victoria Soto said to the children before she was shot, "To all my students, I love you."
Who would ever forget this iconic photo? The horrific and unspeakable tragedy happened last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut will forever leaves a painful mark in our hearts and minds. Believe it or not, I was crying the whole time watching the news unfolded. Seeing her talking to the police officer crying and clasping her hands ... she was praying and hoping ... with tearful eyes, I was  praying as well. If it was her child, I was hoping that she will be re-united. That her day will end up alright.
The next day, I learned from the news that she was there looking for her sister who is a first grade teacher. Her sister is Victoria Soto and she died as a hero protecting her students from the evil in disguise.  Victoria Soto saves some innocent lives that day.
We may never know the real reason why this horrible tragedy happen in a school ... in a quiet neighborhood of good and descent people. We may seek answers as to the why and how but, will never find the truth because the killer is dead.
This tragic incident left us with complex issues to resolve. Are we going to blame the mother who collected high powered guns? Is this a mental issue? Do we need to polish gun laws control? Do we need to blame the violent video games in the market today? Do we need to improve the security system in the school? Is there a need to hire a security guard or police officer on standby in the school?
This tragic event is truly complex. Before we blame this to anyone, let us examine ourselves first. Am I a good parent? Did I talk to my child lately?

Love your children and if they need help, do not hesitate to ask help. 

May God bless us all.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen: Brilliant Gadget

I bought an Apple iPod Touch awhile back and I did not enjoy using it so; I gave it to my brother. Besides, I have an iPad2 already so; I can do so much more with it such as music download and Social Media purposes. I don't miss it a bit! Now, iPod Touch comes up with 5th Generation and I am contemplating to buy or not. What caught my attention is the available color aside from it's brilliance of course. I prefer yellow and pink ... I was hoping to get a yellow-green or peach but, they don't have it.
Right now, Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen is on sale in most stores in the US ... like $20 lower if I buy it in The good thing if I buy it in Apple, I will get free engraving and free shipping until December 21. During Black Friday, offers discount but, I was hesitant to order at that time. Too bad, if I order this gadget anytime this week, I will not get any discount. Come what may ... I might or I may not buy it.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Have Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish Pies for the Holiday

This post brought to you by Mrs. Smith's. All opinions are 100% mine. Last Friday, I received 5 Free Coupons of MRS. SMITH'S® Deep Dish pies and a gift card of Williams-Sonoma worth $50. I went to Wal-Mart Supercenter but, they run out of stocks. Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish pies must be "sought-after" for the holiday right? I thought so too. 
We spent about half an hour to find the signature deep dish pies and we finally saw the product at the frozen aisle in Publix. There's only two available pies: the Signature Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce and Signature Deep Dish Cherry Pie with Butter Fudge Sauce. Apple Pie is my favorite so; yesterday, I baked the delicious signature deep dish dutch Apple Pie with caramel sauce.

After baking, I sprinkled the raisins at the top and soaked the pies with caramel sauce. It tasted heavenly and my husband became a new fan of Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish pies. I think the Apple Pie will be my favorite in Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish pies.

The Signature Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce is a beautiful pie already so; I simply customized it by adding raisins to give a texture on every bite. The caramel sauce is sweet but not overpowering. You should try it.

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Make sure that you leave a sensible comment below regarding the type of Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish pie that you would like to try and what would you buy with the gift card if you won this giveaway.

The lucky winner will win $50 Williams-Sonoma Gift Card and one MRS. SMITH'S® Deep Dish pie coupon. This is open to US residents only and you need to be 18 years old to participate. Drawing will be after midnight on December 25, 2012. Good luck to everyone and have a Merry Christmas to all.
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Amish Store:Farm Oaks Produce Near Keytesville Missouri

When hubby and I traveled to Missouri, we noticed that they have road signs of buggy. It is a common road sign in Amish country. I was in great awe upon seeing the sign because it would mean, I can now see a real Amish (face-to-face). Few years back, I saw a movie about Amish and I admire their way of life. My brother-in-law told us about the Amish store in nearby town. The picture below is the first Amish Store that I ever went to.

Amish people are known for simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology. They only marry the person within the faith. Ordnung is the rule of their church and must be observed by every member. The rules cover most aspects of day-to-day living such as limitations on the use of power-line electricity, telephones and automobiles as well as clothing. Most members do not accept government assistance such as Social Security. They have their own church, their own school and their own way of life.

Before we arrived the home of my brother-in-law, hubby and I were lost. We drove to a dirt road and we can't find our way. We were lost in the middle of nowhere. We saw plain houses with buggy parked outside their property. We don't see anybody .... not a single soul. We drove around the area ( really lost our way) for 45 minutes or so. Then, we saw a car finally... and we asked for direction to Lake Nihai in Keytesville where my brother in-law lives.

Anyway, back to Amish Store … hubby bought some cheeses. My sisters-in-law bought some Amish baked foods and chips while I have caramel popcorn. The store is full and most of their products and produce are from the Amish community.  The  salesladies were young Amish and they were wearing their traditional clothing. They were pretty and friendly. I enjoyed my little shopping in the Amish store.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thoughts on Christmas

How are you? Yesterday, hubby and I did some errands. We went to the mall and did some shopping for the front yard and the gazebo Christmas ornaments. I found a musical ornament and hubby bought a candy cane decor. It's 19 days before Christmas but, we are still adding Christmas decoration every day. We are enjoying the spirit of Christmas. How about you? I bet, you feel the same way too huh?

Anyway, we had lunch at Longhorn Steak House and as we head home, I took a picture of this beautiful sunset. Nature is amazing! We had a nice weather here in Florida but, halfway around the globe, the weather has brought so much pain and anguish to hundreds of families who lost members of their family. A lot of families in the Philippines lost their homes from the flashflood brought by Storm Pablo (Bopha). As I was staring at the sunset, my thought goes out to the victims and survivors of the flashflood in the Philippines. This Christmas, please ... let us not forget them. Christmas is giving. If there is a way that you can help them, please do so. Most of all, say a little prayer for the survivors ... that they may find strength amidst all these trials.

How to Get Ready for Your First Date

Has it been a long time since you have been on a date because you have been married for 10, 20, or even 40 years? Do you want to find your next true love or do you want to find a friend you can spend the rest of your retirement years with? No matter what your reason is for getting back in the dating scene, you should head over to  to browse through the list of singles that are your own age. It's easy to get back in the dating scene again, since you can browse through thousands of singles online. If you have been talking to someone online and you're ready to go on your first date in what seems like a lifetime, then you need to know how you should prepare yourself.
Go Shopping for a New Outfit
If you're concerned with wanting to make a good impression on your first date, then you should head to the shopping mall to pick out a new outfit. If you haven't bought clothes for a long time or all the clothes you have are business suits, then it's time to give yourself a minor makeover. You don't have to go all out when you buy your new outfit to wear on your first date, but you should look nice. Choose something you'll be comfortable wearing so you'll look and feel more confident during the date. You shouldn't have to dress to impress your first date because you aren't dating a young adult where all they care about is how they look. You know you look good, so flaunt what you have by wearing a nice outfit.
Inform a Friend or Family Member What You'll Be Doing
It's always a good thing to let one or two close friends or family members know where you'll be going on your first date. You never know who you'll end up meeting from the internet so you need to keep your safety and well-being in mind at all times. You should meet in a public place until you both are comfortable enough to spending time in a private setting. Even though it sounds juvenile by letting others know where you're going and who you're going to be with on your first date, you need to stay safe. Just don't forget to have a fun time when you go out on your first date!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Solar Lamp Project: Guiding Light to Learning "Tanglaw sa Pag-aaral"

Guest Post by Antonio Ingles:
In the Philippines, around 15 million Filipinos living in more than 2500 barangays (communities) nationwide have no access to electricity.
This Christmas 2012, Aral Pinoy is launching "Tanglaw sa Pag-aaral" (Guiding Light to Learning). Aral Pinoy is giving a ST1 Solar Lamp to one barangay (community) engaged in education. It is in the Community Learning Center for Palawano or the Pala'wan, an indigenous ethnic group in Sitio Magagong, Malis, Brooke's Point, Palawan. The community is 21km motorcycle-ride from the town proper and then 3-hour hike from the foot of the mountain.
Join Aral Pinoy and be part of "Tanglaw sa Pag-aaral" (Guiding Light to Learning) so that more ST1 Solar Lamps will be given to more barangays (communities).
A ST1 Solar Lamp + Shipping = approximately is Php 5,000.00 (122 USD) more or less.

A ST1 Solar Lamp is product of Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc. (HSSi)

"A durable, high-capacity solar lamp designed for off-grid use. The ST1 enables users to safely light up their houses without any risk of fire, save money spent on kerosene and batteries, and generate income through enhanced productivity. The ST1 is a top of the line solar lamp designed specifically for rural users. Manufactured for lasting performance, it provides income, security and economic opportunities." ~ HSSi
Any amount you donate to Aral Pinoy will go a long long way.

To donate please go here:

Php 50 (1.25 USD) = 50 nights of guiding light for learning

Php 250 (6 USD) = 9 months of guiding light for learning

Php 600 (5 USD) = 21 months of guiding light for learning

Php 1500 (37 USD) = 4 1/2 years of guiding light for learning

Php 4000 (98 USD) = 8 years of guiding light for learning
Thank you very much!
Antonio Levy S. Ingles, Jr., Ph.D.

Poco the Pup from Zoobies

This pup is so cute, isn't he? He is Poco the Pup, a blanket pet from I did not buy this pup. I participated a giveaway and I won. I have a niece who is so anxious to have this. Oh she is so excited. Do you like it? If you want to buy this product, just visit
I would like to thank a co-blogger Rcel for sponsoring the giveaway. If not with her, I will never own Poco the Pup.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Nutcracker Music Game for Children

Are you looking for a computer game that sharpens your child’s appreciation of music? There is a game that I can suggest to you. Check out the magical adventure called Nutcracker Music Game for it challenges your child through interactive participation game play. Did you know that this game received the following awards: Parents' Choice Gold Award, NAPPA Gold Award and Parenting Seal of Approval? Those awards would mean one thing ...that this game is popular to the parents.
I was lucky that I was given the chance to review about this game. I was provided with a code and the installation was seamless. When download was complete, I was able to play the game right away. The game is easy to navigate especially for children and the voice instructions are crystal clear. The game is all about saving the Nutcracker by earning nine golden keys through a series of musical games and activities. It aims to teach the children about the differences between sounds; exercise their memory skills, and increase their music vocabulary.
This game is truly Educational for it features musical games, puzzles, riddles, and animated Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments. It is really fun to play. The child will also learn the Tchaikovsky’s biography, the Nutcracker story, the History of the Nutcracker ballet, music trivia and so much more. Would you like to buy this product as a Christmas present? Click HERE to take advantage of the 40% discount.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Storage Solution

Do you want to improve the efficiency and reliability of your data back up? Are you looking for a different storage experience?

There are backup programs that only back up user files. It is not comprehensive. Boot information such as those in use at the time of the backup may not be saved on some operating systems. If something crashes, not all files will be saved. Non-software type files can usually be backed up with file-based backup software. This is the preferred back up by many because file-based backup usually saves more since they never copy unused space. Creating a bit-identical disk image is one way to ensure the system backup will be exactly as the original. There are many commercial imaging software available in the market today and most of them are user-friendly and automatic but, may not create bit-identical images. These programs have the same advantages but, restoring to partitions of a different size may not put files on the same exact sector. That’s a problem for those who are not computer savvy.

Check out the disk backup at Nexsan. If you are looking for a Back up and Recovery solution, Nexsan has built-in features to help protect and recover all the data.

Sheepskin Products

Are you ready for Christmas Holiday? Are you done shopping for Christmas yet? If you are not then, you might consider buying quality sheepskin products. We have white and natural colored sheepskin rugs when we live in our old house before but, when we moved to Mississippi, we gave it to our neighbor friend. I missed having that rug in the living room. I was viewing to some sheepskin products online and I was tempted to buy sheepskin seat covers as a Christmas present for my husband. He already has a sheepskin steering wheel cover so; I thought he might like to have the seat cover to match it with.

Having a sheepskin product connotes a touch of luxury. distributes high quality genuine Merino sheepskin and they are in business for more than 25 years ago. For all you sheepskin lovers out there, visit the links and you can now buy products such as auto accessories; exercise accessories; baby products; shoes; home decors and office accessories. Not only that, when you check out the site and you find the product that you like to send for Christmas present, it is guaranteed to arrive on time for Christmas. Visit the Website for more information.
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