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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gateway Arch : Mug Collection

Do you have hobbies? For years, I collected coins, mugs and fridge magnets from the places that I visited. If I can find the mug with unique shape and design, the better for me. Here's what I got from Saint Louis Missouri. I bought it because of the shape and the design which captures the famous Gateway Arch and the city.

I found an awesome magnet as well. Next time, I will show you how gorgeous it is. Thanks for always checking on my blog. I hope to see you again.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Club Dresses

The fatal incident in a crowded night club in Brazil which happened this week is beyond anybody's nightmare. Who would have thought that the happy moments of the young crowd would end up in tragedy? Life is too short for these beautiful teenagers wearing affordable/Cheap club dresses. This is an isolated incident and can be avoided if safety precaution is adhere by the owner and management of the club. There is always a first to everything and I hope that this tragedy would yield a new regulation about club safety.

Parents support for what's best for their children and sometimes, they allow them to go out with friends. There is always a reason why teenagers go out and have fun like a call for a celebration. Good grades in school, birthday and being accepted for an Internship calls for a celebration so; young people unwind and celebrate it in a club. There's nothing wrong with that and shopping for appropriate club dresses is expected as well.

If only we can predict what's beyond the time then, we would not have allowed anything bad to happen to our children. But the flow of nature does not work that way. We can only hope and pray that our children will be safe in all their undertaking as always.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Manti Te'o was Catfished

If you think that I am talking about the bottom-dwelling fish then, you are wrong. "Catfished" is a colloquial word that became sensationalized in the Internet referring to the hoax love affair of Manti Te'o. The word means being tricked into or being deceived with romantic feelings.

Manti Teo is a linebacker at the University of Notre Dame and one of the most decorated collegiate football players of all time. The story about his dead girlfriend is all lies, complex and cruel.

This week, he tweeted this: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent!" -Eleanor Roosevelt

I can only sigh. I believed in him when he said he is the victim. Bizarre as it may seem but, it is a reality and it could happen even to smart people. You may call him stupid, gullible, naive but, we all are when we are in-love.

How could you be in-love with someone you did not even meet in person? Good question but then again, we disregard all possible flag signs when our heart speaks because we are blinded with our strong feelings.

The hoax arises so many philosophical arguments and we all disagree with our reasons because our minds are fixed. It is hard to understand the many “why’s” about his catfished story but, for me he is the victim.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Valence Group

Companies that produce industrial chemicals are essential to the modern world economy. Converting raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals into thousands of different products are impressive. When companies like them needed financial support, a chemical investment bank is ready to lend them a hand.

The Valence Group offers M&A advisory services which are exclusive to companies and investors in the chemicals and other related sectors. This company develops broad and deep transactional experience such as sell-side, buy-side, joint venture and corporate carve-outs as well as management buy-outs and fairness of opinions.

If you are searching for a chemical advisory that has broader knowledge on this field, you should check out the Valence Group. They are expert on chemical mergers and acquisitions. This group understands the strategic, financial and other issues that create the opportunities and potential roadblocks in any transaction so; Valence Group is the one you need. They are highly qualified to advise on the context of an M&A concerns. If you are in need of such expertise, visit the links above and check out the services they offered. You can contact the Valence Group in their offices in New York, Shanghai and London.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Victoria's Secret Free Shipping Code: SHIP25

Last December, I ordered two items in Victoria's Secret and I used a $10 coupon. I received one item but, the other item was backordered for two weeks. After waiting for more than a month, a representative contacted me that the item is no longer available. I was disappointed because I really like the item and I lost the coupon. Lo and behold, Victoria Secret sent me a check for $10 today. On that transaction, I was not charge of any dime and the first item sent was for free plus, I got back the coupon in cash. I am a happy camper.

Today, I used my $30 coupons that they gave me and I took advantage of the free shipping offer. I paid less than $10 for two Bombshell collection. Pretty awesome huh? The picture above is one of my VS tote collections which I got for free. If you plan to order online today, use the coupon code: SHIP25 for free shipping. Enjoy!

Photos in Picasa

I saw these memorable pictures in my Picasa Album taken almost 4 years ago in Ocean Springs Mississippi. I remember that hubby and I always take the time to drive down East Beach and Front Beach to watch the sunset and look at the big and beautiful houses by the beach. I love feeding the birds so; I have bread crumbs for their treats as well. I miss this place. We are both contemplating to go there for Mardi Gras celebration on February. We don't know yet. Come what may I guess.

The picture below was taken at Downtown Orlando along Lake Eola. I was with a friend and we just hang out one weekend to see an activity which I cannot remember what it was. As we walk nearby the waters, we saw some people feeding the birds so; we hang out a bit to feed the birds too.
Time flies so fast and it just dawned on me that I am in the US for almost half a decade. When I decided to migrate, I told myself that I will take time to rest (after working for 12 years) and explore the places that I wanted to visit. I did that and this year, I need to decide what career path to follow. I am well-rested and now is the right time to work hard, earn and save for the future. That's all for now and thank you for stopping by.

Exterior Shutters

We went to the beach yesterday and I noticed that the condos facing the waters have hurricane shutters. I think that's a smart decision. Though shutters are expensive, those are needed to protect the property especially when hurricane season comes. When we live in Mississippi, my late father-in-law installed hurricane shutters to all the windows of the house. That hurricane shutters can withstand 250 mph winds. Wheww ... there is no doubt that having the shutters installed in the house gives us peace of mind.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Best Western Hotel in Brooksfield

I was really looking forward to travel Missouri and it was realized last October. For almost 5 years in the US, I don't know how many times I traveled the coast of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The view along the scenic route was awesome! The marvelous sunset and sunshine by the beach and by the Gulf, I've seen all that almost everyday. Don't get me wrong! The view to most places that I've lived are perfect. Yet, I miss to see the mountain, LOL. When hubby cancelled our flight to Missouri to take a road trip, we both were excited. I will be posting here our escapades ... one blog at a time. For now, let me share to you about this hotel in Brooksfield, Missouri.

This is a Best Western Hotel along 28622 Highway 11, Brooksfield, Missouri 64628. We stayed in Room 200 and this room has a big glass window facing the only big store in the area, WalMart. We stayed here for one night but, we enjoyed our stay here because our room is super squeaky clean and , the customer service is great.
The rate was $84.59 but, I can't find anything to complain. Towels, bathroom, the complimentary breakfast, and Wi_fi speed are perfect. The queen size bed is comfortable. It was heaven after two days of road trip. If you travel towards Kansas City, you should re-charged your strength. Stay at Brooksfield for a day and explore Disney's hometown Marceline which is just few minutes drive. See Disney's childhood playground, his dreaming tree, his old house and his barn.
You should visit the Main Street USA at Marceline and see Disney's original memorabilia at Disney Museum. When you are tired, stay in this hotel, you will be refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Take this advice and you will not regret. If you travel far, I doubt if you can see a nice place to sleep for the night. Tell the nice lady at the front desk, I recommend this hotel for you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fort Christmas Historical Park in Florida

How's your New Year celebration everyone? Are you struggling to follow your New Year's Resolution? Oh, you can do it! Just follow patiently one day at a time. As promised, I will be posting more travel escapades that we have in 2012 starting from the nearest.
More or less 25 minutes away from our place is a replica of Fort Christmas. Dedicated in 1977, this place was built by the Orange County Parks in Florida together with the Recreation Department and the Fort Christmas Historical Society.
Fort Christmas Florida
If you are traveling towards Kennedy Space Center (NASA) along East Colonial/Highway 50, you will not miss it. It is located at the south of Christmas Creek. When you are on Christmas, look for the made-made Christmas Tree with a manger on the left side of the road. The location is the entrance towards Fort Christmas.
Fort Christmas Florida
Accordingly, the site of Fort Christmas is thought to be near the location of the original Fort. Inside these buildings are artifacts dating from the Seminole War period. There are weapons, clothes, tools, household appliances, classroom tables, chairs and more.
Fort Christmas Florida
Inside Fort Christmas is the life-size replica of the fort. The park also features restored "Florida Cracker" houses and farm buildings. These houses are furnished with original and reproduction artifacts. It will show the life in rural Florida from the period of 1870 to1930.
Fort Christmas in Florida
We did not visit each of these houses and building but, we will be back and for sure, I will be sharing some photos on my next blog post.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exclusive Girl's Night with Hpnotiq

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hpnotiq. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fun for me is having parties to an exclusive girl's night with my long time girlfriends. What a better way to catch up good old talk about personal milestones regarding careers and family right? We are all busy with family life and the hectic career schedule must be stressful at times but, that's the zest of life. We need a break sometimes that is why; Friday nights are the best time to meet best friends for life for a girl's night.


You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly. Have you tried Hpnotiq?

I found awesome recipe in Primp & Prep Website. Before you plan for a party with your girlfriends, you should check out this site so; you can hair down music up! Primp & Prep is the hub for women's preference such as fashion trends, beauty tips, cocktails and the latest news on celebs. Last Holiday, a friend of mind who came from New York celebrates with us for the New Year's Eve party and brought a bottle of Hpnotiq.

What a sweet gesture huh? All the girl's get together at the back porch facing the fantastic moonlight by the river while the men gathered in the den talking about football. We had fun that New Year's Eve party and my girlfriend's suggested that once in a while, we will get together for an exclusive girl's night. How about you? I love reading your girl's night activities so; don't be shy to share. Happy New Year and may God bless us all!

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Sunshine Escapes and Budget Breaks

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So, it's all about doing your homework and checking out a wide range of possibilities to find those that best match your holiday wish list and your budget. Do that, and you'll be several steps closer to finding your ideal sunshine escape.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Festival Place at the Port of Nassau

I was browsing some photos in my PC today and saw these in the Bahamas album. I remember when we arrived Nassau via Norwegian Sky Cruise ship. It was almost sunset so; the 360 degrees view from the 11th deck was truly marvelous. I was thrilled to see the Bahamian architectural design and colorful building of Festival Place. The Port of Nassau is beautiful, clean and the water is crystal clear.
Hubby and I wanted to explore the Atlantis which we saw from the top deck but, since it was already late, we decided to stay on board and just go there the next day. Before dinner, we walk to the Festival Place and explore the nearby shops outside the port. We head back to the Festival Place, took pictures and back to the ship enjoying the hot tub and the jacuzzi on the top deck. The Entertainment crew performed a fabulous musical show plus other interesting activities so; we watched the major shows on board and had a fine dining dinner.
Inside the vibrant Festival Place was this sign on the bulletin board. Festival Place has an information center where tourist can pick up pamphlets of tourist distination in Nassau. When we went to Paradise Island, we rode the van and paid $5/person. When we went back to the Port, we took the ferry boat ride located nearby the Marina Village in Atlantis. Surprisingly, the fare was only $3/person and it was more enjoyable because the view was fantastic and the scenic view was awesome.
Anyway, here are some photos inside the Festival Place. The Bahamian culture and colourful products are visible everywhere. The people are friendly and I also noticed that some cruise ship employees on their day off came here and used the WiFi connection. It was free in fact, I was able to use it as well.
I took some souvenir photo of this colorful area.
I took the photo below in one of the corners inside Festival Place. There were gigantic masks display inside ( part of their tradition and culture) because Nassau, Bahamas has the largest Junkanoo Parade. Junkanoo is a street parade with music happens in many places across The Bahamas. They have the street parades on December 26 and New Year's Day. There are also Junkanoo parades in Miami in June and Key West in October. I wish to see those parades in the future. 
Here I am, taking a souvenir again.
Festival Place has many small souvenir shops like the picture below. By this time, most of the shops were closed including the souvenir shops outside the Port. It was dinner time on board so; we head back to the ship.
Have you been to a cruise? You should try cruising the (NCL) Norwegian Sky and visit Nassau in Bahamas. As for us, we will definitely go back to Nassau.
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