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Monday, February 28, 2011

Gas Prices Up

In less than a week, gas prices went up for 20 cents. The day before, I told my husband to have a full tank because there is a big possibility that gas prices will go up soon. Alas! Less than 24 hours, it goes up 6 cents. Good for us since we really did have a full tank at 3.17. The unrest and political turmoil in Libya and other countries in the middle east could be one of the reasons why the gas prices went up so high. According to the news, the possibility of having a $5 gas price are expected too. But, my husband said that Americans won't buy that idea. If the people will limit on buying gas, there will be a surplus of the product. If that happens, they will definitely drop the price!

I will tract the gas prices this week. If it goes up, I guess it's high time to push the Republican Slogan.... "Drill Baby Drill".

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Old Spaghetti Factory

Among the unique places that I have ever been to was the Old Spaghetti Factory in California. This is an Italian Restaurant and the building that they used was an old school in year 1909. I was so amazed of the charm of this place because the decors were from the original property of this historic building. The bathroom maybe cozy but you can see the old charm in it.

The photos on the wall were pictures of the old students in black and white prints. It is not scary though because all the areas were well-lighted. Part of the charm of this restaurant was the old antiques, including chandeliers, brass headboards, and footboards at bench backs for booths.

The picture below was their flag decor showing flags of the different countries of the world. They even have the Philippine flag though, the color blue was nowhere to be found instead, the flag was showing a green, red and white colors.

Here is the coolest part, the prominent decor feature is a streetcar in the middle of the restaurant with seating inside. I love every corner that they have.

Since this is a school before, one room has the chalkboard and the restaurant was so cozy.
Oh I love the place and the historic charm that comes with it! Check it out in your place.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Real State: Buyer's Delight

I think my husband is inclined towards home buying and becoming a land lord this year. Why? Almost everyday, we have to drive to a foreclosed property listed in Real State Website and checked the surrounding area first.He believes that a good location would yield to a good profit. If we both love the neighborhood, we then call our Realtor for appointment to see the inside of the property. We became knowledgeable as to applying strategy with regards to our home preferences. Did you know that five months ago, we bought our first home? The price is so surreal and since we can afford it, we paid cash. How affordable? Check out the property listed in Santa Cruz Real State or Miami Real State and you will be blown away! The prices drop down rock bottom which I would call a Buyer's Delight In Orlando, you can find a 19K 1B/1B condo, move-in ready and located in a nice neighborhood, a jaw-dropping deal, right? Now, check out the Website now and maybe, you will be inspired to buy a house too as an income property investment.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grand Vacation

The pictures below were taken when I visited L.A. It was a paid vacation and the only consolation that I enjoyed after working in the casino for 10 months. Every month, each employee is given a day off and I accumulated 10 days. Here I was with Filipino friends in California. Did you know that I have never seen so many Filipinos but here in California? I was like a child when we had grocery at SEAFOOD MARKET. ( :-)
Last year is blogging hibernation for me. I have been working full time and all the paid post offers were left expired. It was hard to keep up especially working on a graveyard shift. I swear, it was not easy! Having the opportunity of watching the beautiful sunrise as I go out from my workplace, was a great consolation. Sunrise reminds me of a new day... a new hope! For me, working in the casino was exciting... at first. It prompted me to quit working because of an incident happen. A lady co-worker (PUTI PO) was jealous because her boyfriend was attracted to someone else. That someone else is ME. YULK! They both have problems, they are OLD and ODD too. Anyway, I brought the matter to the management. There was no confrontation but, I feel suffocated! Then, I quit! I gave my resignation letter with a reasonable excuse that we will move back to Orlando.
These pictures were taken in Hollywood at Guinness World Records building. I think this is Robert Wadlow, the statue of the tallest man in medical history 8.11 ft.
I really did have a good time! I was able to talk Bisaya dialect for the whole time I was with my Filipino friends. Man! It was so good to speak my language!
I wish to go back to California and spend more time exploring San Francisco, drive around L.A and take more pictures somewhere in Santa Monica Blvd.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gulf Coast View

In Mississippi, hubby and I lived in this quite neighborhood where the beach is just 3 minutes away. Ocean Springs, Mississippi is our home for 18 months. It was an indefinite decision since Florida is really a home close to our heart .
Look at the marvelous view that we have in Misissippi! We loved it as we explore the beauty of the Front Beach and East Beach. I am like a child when I fed the birds with bread crumbs. They all dived down to catch the food as I threw it up high.
I love to take pictures and if you are my follower for so long now, you will noticed that I always posted pictures like these.
Of course, though this place is calm and beautiful, it has its share of destruction. My father-in-law lost his property and everything in it. Memorabilia of family as my husband and his siblings grow up. Most of it vanished to the vast blue sea.

But those who were born and lived their life here doesn't want to give up! Amidst the devastation of Katrina, the people manage to build back the community they love. A new park,a new fishing pier, a new bridge and a new life.

Most of the families that I knew lost material things and that can be accumulated as the years goes on by. For those who lost a love one during Katrina, it is not easy! They can only embrace life and continue to live until it's time for them to meet again in heaven.

Good Blast from the Past

The best days of my college life was when I joined XU Glee Club. On this picture, there were six of us who graduated in College: 2 Education; 1 AB/BS, 2 Commerce and 1 Engineering. Oh I love to remember the music, the song we sang, the camaraderie of the members, the concerts and most especially our one and only conductor/mentor/arranger/pianist: Eduardo"Longlong-Lino" Abrio. He was so talented, a father figure and an excellent musician. I love those days where we have a practice after class and after work.
If we could only turn back the time, I would let LongLong knew how grateful I am for having him as a mentor in Glee Club. On the other hand, I did say thank you to him many times, most of us actually. He is now in heaven and we miss him a lot!
One of our rare performances in the XU Little Theatre. We all agreed that our attires were odd but, we could only laugh about it. It is funny to recall and such a nostalgic moment! I just want to share so you will know about my fun College life.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tony Roma's at Lee Vista

Today, we went to Tony Roma's Restaurant in Lee Vista Blvd, Orlando and had our filling lunch. Me and hubby loves to dine out just to get out from our humble condo. Just 5miles from our place, Tony's is one of our favorite restos in the city.
I love this yummylicious Potato soup and I can only eat a cup of it. Yet today, I tought I can devour a bowl, well I did but, was too full to eat my pasta.
The server asked me if spicy food is okay with me because Scampi Pasta is a bit hot! Oh Yeah!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Gifts

What's your plan for Valentine? Yesterday, hubby and I went to Florida Mall for Valentine shopping. Actually, I bought my gift the day before already so, I just want to roam around the mall. It was busy as usual and people are really buying gifts. I went to Victoria Secret and found a good deal while hubby went to Zales. I got a diamond necklace and a chocolate from Godiva. I am not a fanatic of sweets so, this box is enough for me. Thanks my love for the thoughts :-)
And this is my gift for my hubby for his gadget partners and a box of chocolates from Hawaii. I call my hubby as a cookie and chocolate monster so, this box is just easy for him to devour, LOL. Anyway, I was thinking what to give him next year though? A car or a house? Hmmm! If I win the LOTTO! Finger's crossed hahaha! Happy Valentines y'all!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Financial Services

Just the other day, hubby and I met our realtor to see some properties around the area of our preference. Jointly, we don't have mortgage loan and this year we are planning to buy a house which we both want to have. We just purchased a condo property last year and we paid cash. Since I have a good credit score, applying for a home loan is a possibility. How about you? Are you planning to buy a property? This is the best time to pursue that project. Housing market plummeted to the bottom so, prices for homes are on the home buyers favor. Visit the links in this post and check on their financial service offers. This company provides services such as home insurance, loan modification and car insurance. You will be guided on what to do next. Check it out NOW!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Painting Gift

This painting is a gift to me from Lito M., a friend that I know for years but, never saw each other for probably a decade. I've known him through my bestfriend who died from accident more than 10 years ago. There are so many types of friends that we have right? Those that we always hang out with, those that we communicated from distance, those that we keep the friendship but haven't seen for so many years, those friends that we never met and those friends that we just consider friends.

Friends are friends! And for me, they are all special. Lito is a friend that lightens my day whenever I saw his wall post in FB. People these days communicate in real time through social media sites, right? Bonding is still there for everyone, right? Keep your friendship and keep it forever!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ocean Springs Beachside

Oh I love this place in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. After work, hubby and I love to drive thru the beach area passing the front beach and the east side. When I came home, I go to bed and would wake up after lunch and hubby would invite me to have a picnic in this area then, back home to have my nap before I go to work in my night shift.This picture was taken before sunset though. Isn't it awesome and so calm? Living in this state is so different here in Orlando. You would enjoy the nature, the serenity of living, family-oriented people around and the simplicity of normal living. Apart from the chaotic life in the city. This beauty is what i miss!

My Favorite Animal Show

Posted by Winford Tillman.

I've always had a fascination for animals. They can be so beautiful and horrifying at the same time. I can't quite imagine what it would be like if I were to ever meet something like a Rhino or a Giraffe. They are larger than I think I could ever imagine.

My favorite way to visit these far away animals is to do so through my satellite tv. I get tons and tons of channels that let me view animals in just about anyway I want. My personal favorite animal show is Animal Cops, which can be viewed on the Animal Planet channel. Animals cops isn't about animals who are cops. Rather, it's about cops who protect animals from abusive owners.

For example, one of my favorite episodes involved an old lady who hoarded cats. She had over 30 cats in a single story small home. They were feral and were not living in safe conditions. The animal cops came in and took the cats to a safe home with the permission of the lady. She wasn't doing anything illegal per se, but the animal cops care about their animals and wanted to help. There are also stories of bad people who have abused their pets and the animal cops take legal action against them. It's always a great feeling when a bad person gets sent to jail for abusing their animals.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Citywalk in LA

After working for 10 months in the casino, I decided that I will use my day off traveling to California. I was able to have my 10 days vacation with pay in LA last May. It was a blast because all I can think of was tour the place and rest. How would you like to wake up and just think of where to go next. Yes! NO WORK!

I love the place basically because I have Pinoy companion and we are having a good time. We decided to go to Citywalk and just enjoy the place and we end up having dinner in an Italian Restaurant.The place is gorgeous and I love the boutiques, the stores and all the restaurants around. At night time, they have a free entertainment right here on this place (above). The weather at that time is chilly so, we decided to go indoor and have our dinner. I have only a day to wander this place that is why, I still want to go back! If God permits, I would love to visit CityWalk again.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sharing My Good Stuffs

This is my first van! I acquired this van from my earnings in working in the casino for two months. I paid cash, it's not that much because it is not new and my sis-in-law sold it to me. Last October, we sold it the car company where we bought our new van. I miss this van because it's my transportation for the whole time while I was working. I have to let her GO and welcomes the new van! My portable DVD player was given to my cousin because for two years he loves to own one. Since I have too many gadgets, I gave it to him and besides he never says NO if I asked a favor. I know that my gadget is in good hands and is used a lot!My iPod Touch is NICE but, this model has no built in camera. I decided to give it to my only brother and he loves it dearly. I am planning to buy me the latest iPod Touch with 64 gig so I can keep it for long.
Would you believe I still have 3 laptops and a desktop in my office? I used them for each specific function. Planning to give it away to my nephews and buy me the latest sometime soon!
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