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Friday, June 28, 2013

Get More Info When Choosing Your Next Crossover

If you are in the market for a new car, you will want to strongly consider getting more info on the very popular crossover SUVs. A crossover is the best of all worlds in a sleek design and comfortable ride. There are some main points that you will want to consider when choosing the best crossover to fit you and your family. Those things are engine size and gas mileage, number of seats, AWD or FWD, and price. 

Best of All 

The best thing about a crossover is that you can get the power and seating of a tough, durable, traditional SUV and the comfort, drivability, and aesthetics of a luxury car. This combination makes the crossover appealing to a wide variety of people and their needs. If you need a vehicle that can tow your boat or your small trailer, you will want to go with a crossover that has a bigger engine such as a V8. This will ensure that your vehicle has enough power and capability to meet all of your towing needs. You do sacrifice gas mileage with a larger engine, so you will need to weigh the two to determine which is more important to you. A smaller engine crossover can get as much as 30+ miles per gallon on the freeway. 

Seating Storage 

Is seating or storage more important to you? If you need a lot of cargo space, you are going to want to go with two rows of seats. This will ensure that the back of your vehicle will be open for your four large suitcases, a five-hundred dollar trip to the nursery, or the teams’ baseball equipment. If you consistently sit six or seven people in your vehicle be sure to choose a crossover with a third row.


 If you live in a climate that sees very little snow and ice, you should feel confidant in driving a vehicle equipped with FWD (Front Wheel Drive). This is also true if you are not planning on towing very often. If you do cope with ice and snow conditions or plan on hauling, you will want to invest in an AWD (All Wheel Drive) vehicle. This will guarantee you the performance and safety that you need.

Has It All 

All  in all a crossover has the ability to meet your needs and provide you with the comfort and the power that you need from your vehicle. It would be wise to get more info on all types of crossovers before making your decision. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beautiful and Scary

If there are storms here in Florida, the skies here can easily turn like the photo below. Pretty scary huh?

Three Reasons Homeowners Can Use a Dumpster Rental

If you have a lot of large items of trash that need to be thrown out, then a Louisville dumpster rental is for you. You may wonder why anyone would have that much trash that they need to throw out, but you would be surprised at the myriad of uses and sizes that dumpsters come in.
 photo Waste-Management-Louisville-KY.jpg
Garage Clean-Up

The garage is a great place to put stuff that you aren’t quite ready to throw away but don’t want to keep. All of those old clothes, tools, and boxes of full of stuff that clutter your garage can be a happy memory when you use a large dumpster.

 The advantage of using a dumpster is that you can clean out the entire garage over a weekend rather than cleaning only what you can fit into a normal trash can. When you clean everything at once, it is easier to truly examine whether you should keep an item or throw it away. Dumpster rentals are perfect for a big job like cleaning out the garage.

Home Renovation

Have you been putting off a home improvement project because you didn’t know what you would do with all of the garbage? A lot of people don’t have trailers handy to haul trash to the dump on their own, so they end up putting off large projects. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. Renting a dumpster is a great way to get rid of all the debris of a home renovation. The best news is that the company will come and haul your trash away—no trailer needed.


If you are changing your landscaping, chances are that you will have a lot of large trash from old bushes, landscaping material, or other plants. The trash easily adds up, so it is a lot easier to rent a garbage dumpster so that you don’t have to halt your project just because you don’t have enough space to put trash.

There are many projects that will go a lot faster with the use of a Louisville dumpster rental. They help projects go faster because there is plenty of room to put garbage, and the best part of it all is that the garbage from your large project is hauled away as soon as you are done.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney

There are few attractions in Disney that I can't ride and won't ever try to ride. Tower of Terror is one. The name itself speaks volume of terror and I am chicken LOL.The picture below is one of the billboard advertisements of Disney attractions along the Disney Property. Anyway, while at Disney's Hollywood Studios, I was already on the queue and when I reached the elevator door, I went to the exit instead hahaha.

Tower of Terror is a simulated free fall drop tower thrill ride. If you like any adrenalin rush attractions, this might become your favorite.

Battle Trash Piles with Professional Help

What would the world be like without weekly trash pickup? Disgusting. Dirty diapers would line the streets. The clatter and clank of empty soda cans and beer bottles would act as a sort of poor man’s doorbell, a way to let people know that someone has stepped onto their property. Rotting food waste would attract the attention of feral dogs and cats. Raccoons and rats would get fat in your garbage and perhaps become ambitious enough to try and move into your home. The smell would be absolutely nauseating. Imagine that for a second. Then, thank your lucky stars that there is such a thing as an Indianapolis trash service which can not only pickup your trash but also deposit it in a place far away from your city.
 photo Indianapolis-Trash-Pickup1_zps6c48bccb.jpg
Hauling It Away Anytime

If there’s one thing that is universally irksome, it is the realization that you’ve missed your regular trash service. By the time a whole week has passed, you may have filled your garbage cans to the absolute brim. Seeing the dump truck turn the corner away from your block as you’re rushing to the end of the driveway, bags in tow, can create a lot of anxiety. Where are you going to keep your rubbish as it piles up for yet another week? The answer is that you won’t. At least you don’t have to. One of the nice things about independent trash services is that they’re available to haul away your trash anytime you need it gone. If you’ve missed trash day, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. In a short period, another truck will collect your garbage and take it away, never to be seen again. In fact, many of these trash services are also willing to haul away larger items that might not be picked up by a city-contracted garbage crew. You can get rid of your weekly waste and also those big items that don’t have function but are still taking up valuable space in your home. 

No Job Too Big

There are times when your home will see a greater influx of garbage than normal. Creating a normal amount of trash is manageable, but if you’re working on a project that will increase your waste output, it can be a long time before a weekly trash service chips away at the last strata of your garbage pile. There are many an Indianapolis trash service that can rent you cans and dumpsters of various sizes, to match the size of the job you’ll be doing. When the last bit of rubbish has been deposited in the dumpster, simply call the company and they’ll haul it away for you. If trash is taking over your home, don’t lose heart. Win back your space and your sense of smell by calling a trash service.

Ready to Snooze

Right now, I am dead tired! I am so ready to snooze for few minutes. Look at this doggie. He is so cute and so comfy, isn't he? I could have been finish by now but because hubby and I went to Orlando at about 5 PM, came home late ... now, I am still doing my blog marathon. Oh yeah, I need all the good luck right at this second. Thanks for reading my blog. See you on my next post (*-*)

Top 8 Tips to Beat Car Sickness in a Taxi Cab

Car sickness can get the best of anyone at anytime. Riding in a taxi cab in Los Angeles can especially leave a rider feeling woozy. Sitting in the back seat can intensify the feelings of car sickness, but when it comes to a cab, you don’t have a choice but to sit in the back. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help prevent motion sickness. Some of the top tips for any rider include the following:

 photo Cab-Service-Los-Angeles.jpg
1. Roll the window down. Some passengers get sick from the smell of leather seats, while others get nauseous from the lack of fresh air. Either way, rolling down the window can provide a viable remedy. 

2. Eat something before getting in the cab. An empty stomach can make you feel sick even faster.

3. Have club soda, water, or beverages that contain electrolytes handy. Bringing a drink with you for the ride can help you curb an upset stomach on the spot.

4. Consume ginger or take a ginger supplement an hour before your trip. From ginger tea to crystallized ginger slices, there are a number of ways to indulge in ginger before you call a cab.

5. Take an over-the-counter antihistamine, such as Dramamine or Benadryl, about an hour before you call the cab.

6. Focus on a fixed point, such as the dashboard or a distant point in the horizon.

7. If there is a television in the cab, mute the volume. This will help to settle your mind.

8. If you can’t avoid vomiting, ask the cab driver to pull over. There is nothing quite like the wrath of a cab driver after you have vomited in their source of income. Don’t be embarrassed to ask them to pull over. The driver will be grateful you did.

Car sickness is caused by an abnormality between the way your brain and inner ear perceive motion. Following some of the tips above should be able to help reduce the problem. Choosing a trusted cab company can ensure that you have a reliable taxi cab in Los Angeles that can get you safely and comfortably to your destination.

The Icon of Epcot

The Icon of Disney World's EPCOT is the Spaceship EARTH. EPCOT is an acronym of "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow". EPCOT is a Utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney. According to him, "EPCOT ... will take its cue from the new ideas and new technologies that are now emerging from the creative centers of American industry. It will be a community of tomorrow that will never be completed, but will always be introducing and testing and demonstrating new materials and systems. And EPCOT will always be a showcase to the world for the ingenuity and imagination of American free enterprise." What a great vision! I took these pictures few months ago while visiting EPCOT. 

To all who come to this place of joy, hope and friendship—welcome.
EPCOT is inspired by Walt Disney's creative vision.
Here, human achievements are celebrated through imagination, wonders of enterprise and concepts of a future that promises new and exciting benefits for all.
May EPCOT Center entertain, inform and inspire and above all, may it instill a new sense of belief and pride in man's ability to shape a world that offers hope to people everywhere in the world.
—E. Cardon Walker, October 24, 1982

Examples of the Forensic Engineering Process

If you are looking for a forensic engineer in Saginaw, be sure to find one that is reliable and experienced so that you are satisfied as a customer. Forensic engineering is the investigation of materials, structures, components, and products that do not function as they are intended to work. These components that fail and do not operate properly cause personal injuries or damages to property. Failure causes many consequences and one of them is dealing with the injury by the law of product liability. Many procedures lead to accidents in operations of vehicles or operations of machinery and retract the entire process. The purpose of forensic engineering causes investigation of the causes of the failure with a goal to improve the component performance.
  photo Forensic-Engineering-Saginaw_zps716911ad.jpg
Investigation Process

Before forensic engineering can apply, investigation and data collection must take place for all materials, products, structures and components that failed and caused the injury. Collecting evidence, inspections, measurements, developing models, performing experiments, and obtaining exemplar products are involved throughout the investigation process. Many laboratories involve testing and measurements of different products also. The analysis methods examine different products and processes that caused failure in different ways of safety engineering. All techniques require accurate reporting of failure rats and all failure modes that are involved. Forensic engineering is a science because it involves analysis, evidence and even court appearances. Use of microscopes, spectroscopy, evidence examination, radiography, and other components are used to examine different defects and destructive problems.

Examples of Engineering

There are many examples of products and problems within the forensic engineering process. Broken fuel pipes and diesel fuel are two major examples of accident-causing products that are extremely hazardous to those who are in contact with it. People have been injured greatly and it is a very serious situation that must be taken care of quickly. It is very important to hire a professional forensic engineer when cases like this arise to prevent any problems that you can. You do not want to cause harm to another and if a product defects and does not function correctly, you must get it investigated by someone who is experienced and knows how to do so. If you are looking for a forensic engineer in Saginaw be sure to hire someone who is trustworthy no matter what situation you are in.

Have a Vacation at the Gulf Coast

I took this photo while I was at the garage of Beau Rivage Hotel in Biloxi. I told Hubby that I will take pictures by the Gulf while he was searching for a good parking spot. For some reason, the water looks muddy here. Maybe, there was a storm a day earlier. Anyway, we checked in at The Beau for three days and the remaining three days at the Isle of Capri. It was a fun vacation! Are you planning for a vacation soon? You should check out the Gulf coast.

Which Factors Most Influence Auto Insurance Rates?

Regardless of who provides your auto insurance in Lansing, each month you should receive an account statement, either through the mail or online. This statement should provide basic details about your rates, and your rate may go up or down a few dollars every so often. If you compare your rates to a neighbor or friends, you’ll probably notice that your rates aren’t identical. This may lead you to wondering which factors are having the biggest impact on your rates. Insurance companies gather lots of statistical data, and use that data to determine which factors make drivers less likely to be involved in accidents.
 photo Lansing-MI-Insurance-Agency.jpg

As a person gets older, their insurance rates are likely to go down. It should be no surprise that older people statistically get into accidents less, as they’ve had more experience behind the wheel and are less prone to rookie mistakes.

Driving Record

Perhaps the biggest factor on your rate is your driving record. One of the reasons young drivers pay more is that they haven’t been driving enough to have a record, so the insurance provider doesn’t know what type of driver they’re going to be. Some people seem to get into accidents every year, or even more frequently, and these drivers are likely to continue getting in accidents at a high rate. Because they will end up costing the insurance company more money, they are charged more upfront. If, however, you drive for many years with little or no accidents, your insurance rates should shrink.

Value of Car

Another reason for differing rates could be the value of the vehicle you’re insuring. The newer and more expensive the car, the more expensive it will be to repair should you get into an accident. Also, if the car is totaled and needs to be replaced, the insurance company will be out a lot of money.


There are a couple of ways that education can influence your insurance rates now. If you are or have a student driver, some companies will give you a discount, especially if you send them a transcript with impressive grades. Some companies also provide optional education courses that customers can go through in order to become safer drivers and lower their rates. So when you’re comparing auto insurance in Lansing, you will have an understanding of why insurance companies offer different rates to different customers.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark

Summer time is a scorcher here in Florida. It is my least favorite time of the year to tell you honestly. I know that most of you loves summer time. It would mean, vacation time right? Anyway, if you are in the Sunshine State for a fun vacation, include in your itinerary--- Typhoon Lagoon. It is the best place to bring your family and enjoy the cool water. They have the state-of-the-art wave pool where you can learn to surf and more. Check it out!

Simple Check-ups for Optimal Auto Repair

Now that summertime is here, you’re likely gearing up for some great road trips and vacations. While you’re planning, packing, and mapping, don’t forget to take your car to the shop for a checkup. The last thing you want is to get halfway to Tihuana and have your car breakdown in the middle of nowhere. It won’t take you long, and it can save you a lot of hassle down the road (literally). Call to make an appointment for auto repair in Columbus today for some of the more common car problems described below, and you’ll be ready for summer.
Don’t Forget to Check Your Tires

Though summertime often means beautiful sunny skies, summer thunderstorms are the flip side of the season’s coin. Making sure that your tire still has tread is vital to your safety if you’re caught by a storm and facing slick roads and rainy conditions. The hot weather can also alter your tires’ pressure. It’s important to make sure that you check your tire pressure regularly and align it with the pressure limit outlined in your owner’s manual. If your tires are under inflated, you can risk blown tires because of the excess heat and pressure distributed along the sidewalls of the tire. If your tires are overinflated, there will be less of the tires’ surface area touching the road. That can lead to dangerous hydroplaning during those summer storms.

Changing the Oil and Oil Filter

Changing your oil regularly (as often as every 3,000 miles, according to some specialists) is important to your car’s health. Making sure your car has enough oil is especially important during those hot summer road-trips when your car engine has a greater risk of overheating. You can take it to the shop or check the oil yourself with a simple dipstick check. If the oil is too low or too dark, you should probably just go ahead and replace the oil altogether. While you’re at it, change the oil filter too (and dispose of the filter in a plastic bag at your recycling center). These two simple updates can keep your car in good shape; for a more thorough inspection, take your car to a shop for auto repair in Columbus before you start your road trip.

Eyeing on Pink Nikon Digital Camera

Yesterday, I saw someone taking pictures by the river and she was using Nikon red. I was tempted to buy this gadget in pink shade. I will probably give my Samsung WB150F if the Nikon is better. Later, I will compare the specification before I decide to buy. I still did not use my DSLR. Too bulky for me :-)

Ease Your Burden and Work with a Funeral Home

Losing a loved one is never easy. Learning how move on without them takes its toll, and recovering from their absence can take a long time. When death occurs, you can feel like you are in a whirlwind of emotion and responsibility. You will need help making sure all of the loose ends are tied and all of the funeral plans are made. Boulder funeral homes are a great source of expertise and support during these difficult days leading up to your loved one’s funeral. Don’t take on the burden alone. Let the experts guide you through all that needs to be done to lay your loved one to rest.
Choose Stress-Free Funeral Planning

When you meet with your funeral planner, he or she will take you through the checklist of the legal aspects of death and burial, as well as the decision-making processes involved in planning a funeral. You will need to choose a casket, flowers, music, and those who will give the eulogy. If a burial plot has not been purchased, you will also need to select a cemetery and then pick a plot. Planning a funeral and carrying it out can be expensive. Having additional support from someone who is not emotionally connected to the situation will keep you on track and speed up the decision making process.

Focus on Your Family and Friends

Funerals often turn into family reunions. Friends and family from all over the country will show up to pay their respects and offer support to the surviving family members. You do not want to be so wrapped up in plans and programs that you do not have time to interact with those who are there to support you. Working with a funeral planner will help you stay on task and free you up to spend your time where you really want to be. As you choose from the different Boulder funeral homes, you will be surprised at how comforting it is to work with a funeral coordinator. You will appreciate the people who make it their business to be professional and compassionate during the most difficult days of your life. 

Yard Work and Gardening

We were so glad that the lawn guy cut the grass the other day. The grass grows so fast these past few days because of the rain. I like it though. The only down side is we can't keep up. Hubby told the guy not to include the backyard because we will do it ourselves. We were so busy so; gardening and yard work will be scheduled on the weekend. It will be a fun day for us. You can relate if you love yard work. Thanks for stopping by.

Résumé Improvement Help: Staffing Agency and More

Job hunting is tough. If you’re not getting the interviews you expect from your experience and education, you probably need to improve your résumé. Following are a few other tips to help you improve your résumé, including visiting a staffing agency in Houston, TX, to help you out.
 photo Job Search.jpg
Optimal Order

If you are in your 40s and still have your high school diploma and activities listed at the top of your résumé, you probably need to change a few things. Some semblance of order is important, so the most recent experience should be at the top. With each experience you choose to list, put your job title first, followed by the company, location, and dates of your employment. Don’t put the dates first. If you have many previous employers, choose to list the ones that are most relevant to the position you are applying for. For example, applying as a secretary wouldn’t require you to include babysitting experience.

Brag Away

Résumés are for bragging. However, you should do it in the most effective way. It doesn’t impress potential employers when you list your job description and responsibilities. Instead, try to use language that shows what you did instead of telling what you did. What did you do to change or improve your work place for the better? You can even do this as a bulleted list to make it easy for the readers to see. When you list all your verbs, like “completed, oversaw, managed, directed” it looks like an impressive set of accomplishments while being organized at the same time. 

Other Tips

There are many other ways to improve your résumé. Try to cut out all unnecessary language and other clutter. You can make your wording concise by taking out extra articles and extra dates. You don’t need to write everything in complete sentences. A summary of your qualifications can be especially helpful as it is a concise statement that an employer can read quickly in a huge stack of papers. Don’t use tiny font to fit your résumé all on one page. It’s acceptable if you need two. For further tips, you may want to visit a staffing agency in Houston, TX, that can help you tailor your résumé for each job you’re applying for.

Enjoying the View Down by Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando

I took this photo while my friend Ann and I went to Downtown Orlando. There was an event that day but, I forgot what that was. There were military trucks displayed and there were military in uniform as well. We were just enjoying the morning breeze down by Lake Eola. We talked about those high rise condos. When can we buy a property there? The cost of the monthly condo fee is also high so; we stopped dreaming. She works at Delta and no kids to support so; she can buy a unit for sure. Anyway, just sharing you the beauty of Lake Eola.

How to Be Successful at an Answering Service Job

There are hundreds of answering services in Los Angeles, and it is a great job with great pay when you are successful. If you want to excel with an answering service, here are a few tips to make the most of your job.
 photo call center.jpg
Be Personable

You don’t want to sound like a computer. When you talk to people, you want them to feel like they are talking to a person on the other end of the phone. Try to humanize yourself as much as possible, and people will feel the urge to be kinder, even if they aren’t interested in the product or service. To sound natural, try to find something that you have in common with the person on the phone. Do you have similar interests or needs? Don’t be afraid to let the people know a little bit about you. It will help them to open up and trust you.  

Be Knowledgeable

To really sell a product, you have to be knowledgeable about what you are selling. If you can, look at the product you are selling. Try to imagine its use in your own life. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the product so that you can answer questions when needed. If you find that there is a question you don’t know the answer to, you should always find the correct answer. Never attempt to make something up. A good rule of thumb is to write down any questions that you have so that they can be used for future reference in other calls. 

Read Before You Speak

Before you ever get on the phone, you should make sure that you know how to pronounce every word on the script or product information. When you mispronounce a word, it makes it sound like you don’t know what you are talking about. People will automatically distrust the information that you give because you didn’t know how to say the right words. Before you talk on the phone, you should be able to read through your entire script without an error. Working at one of the many answering services in Los Angeles can be a great way to make a living. Following simple guidelines like reading the script correctly, getting knowledge of the product, and being personable will help you excel in the field.

Looking Forward to Visit Key West

I was looking at the map of Florida and I was thinking, I have been to most of those places except Key West down South. My husband would always say that hotels there are expensive. He's been there many times with friends. I will check it out again and hoping anytime soon, I will be able to see the beauty of Key West.

Reasons You May Need a Rental Chiller

There are many reasons why you may need to rent an industrial refrigerator or freezer. If you run a large-scale business that serves or caters food, then you’re probably familiar with the process of renting a chiller. However, many business owners and restaurant owners have numerous reasons for renting a chiller outside of the extra space it provides. So whether you need a rental chiller in Baton Rouge or a rental chiller in Billings, here are some of the most popular situations where you may need to invest in a rental refrigerator or freezer.
 photo chiller.jpg
Your Freezer or Refrigerator Fails Unexpectedly

If you work in the restaurant or food industry, then you know that nothing is certain. Equipment can fail, popular food items can run out, and orders can become confused. However, nothing screams “Emergency!” like a refrigerator or freezer that has quit working on one of your busiest days. So what can you do? The obvious answer is to rent a chiller. Instead of trying to fix your freezer or refrigerator sans professional help, it would behoove you greatly to rent a chiller until a professional can come take a look at your equipment. The longer you wait to rent a refrigerator or freezer, the higher risk you have of contaminating the food in your refrigerator and/or freezer. This is one emergency that you won’t want to wait on! 

Your Company Has a Planned Shutdown 

In addition to an emergency situation, you may also need to rent a chiller in the instance of a planned shutdown. If you know that your restaurant or production area is going to be shut down for a substantial amount of time, then you may need to rent a chiller to ensure that your products don’t spoil or go bad during the shutdown. Furthermore, you may want to rent a chiller if you suddenly realize that your production of a certain product is much more than you have room for within your regular refrigerators or freezers. Instead of letting excess product go to waste (or overcrowding your current chiller system), look into renting a chiller unit for a short period of time until production returns to normal. So whether it’s a rental chiller in Baton Rouge that you’re searching for or one in Billings, make sure that you take the necessary steps to keep your business up and running successfully.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Day of Kingdom Rock #VBS at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy

This was the scenario of the first day of Kingdom Rock #VBS at the Divine Mercy Catholic Academy in Merritt Island. There were a lot of student volunteers and good number of adults. On the first day, I was on the registration table taking the names of the participants for checking in. We started on time and when everyone went to their respective groups, I went back to my pre-school kingdom where we have 18 cute and adorable little ones.

First hour of the day was a bit unorganized but, pretty much adjusted the flow in an hour. Everything was set up accordingly, KUDOS to the organizer especially the Director of the Religious Education Ms Mary Frances Coburn. That's her wearing green t-shirt at the middle of the photos.

On the first day, the children were being introduced of the Bible Buddy, Truman which is a bulldog. The children were taught that "God's love helps us ... stand strong."

I was in-charge of the crafts and there were 4 crafts to choose from. We made the crown, have the kids color and wear them. Questions like, "How does God loves us? and "How does God show his love to you? " were being asked to the little ones and they answered great. They were very attentive!

The lead volunteer is Ms Ginny who was in-charge of the story telling while the in-charge of the games was Ms Terri. Both were very enthusiastic and they sure can handle the group after all, they have little ones of their own. They were very motherly, very patient and they tried their best to inculcate what's to be learned for the day.

On the next day ... kids came back. It means one thing, the children loves to learn the word of God in "Kingdom Rock". Up next... photos on the second day. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The #VBS Week

I devoted my time last week for #VBS and I had no regret waking up so early and preparing the crafts for the kids. It was a change of routine for me at least; I have things to do on schedule. There were about 18 pre-school children who sign up and belong in our group. There were 3 adults in our group and 6 volunteer students. They probably are in the elementary and junior high. Yep my bad, I never get the chance to ask them personally. Each one of them had to look after three kids in the group. We were in-charge of the crafts, storytelling and games.

In the Philippines while I was teaching the first graders, I have more than 50 students in the class and no one is assisting me. Although, I have some parents who volunteered to clean the classroom and maintain the immediate surrounding but whole day, the kids are under my supervisory. I never find it hard. 

Here, it is different and I guess, teachers here are more relaxed and can focus on their lessons more. They have assistant teacher per room of 15 children. I like it! Anyway, the photo above is when they have games. I will go over this week about what we did during the #VBS. Thanks for always visiting my blog. See you again.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Learning to Play the Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is not that hard. You can start with the easy chords such as the given chords below. There are songs that have only 3 or 4 chords in the entire composition so; start from that level. Once you know how to play the guitar, you will never forget. As for me, I love learning the chords of my favorite songs and because I love singing, it is just spontaneous. Do you want to learn to play the guitar?
photo open-chords.jpg
Do you have a guitar? To start with this hobby, you should buy a guitar first. You can save on online music gear retailer at guitar center and do not forget to buy a music book that shows images and graphic guitar chords. I tell you, you will love this hobby and you will appreciate music even more.


I was a bit tired this week but, I truly had fun with the kids in our #VBS. We have about 18 kids in our group but we also have 6 students in elementary who volunteered as crew leaders. Each one of them were assigned to 3 kids. There are 3 adults in our group and I was assigned to crafts, Miss Terri for games and Miss Ginny for bible story.
The kids had fun with the aqua booster craft. Everyday, they love the games and they are so enthusiastic sharing what they learn for the day. The pre-schoolers are pretty attentive with the bible stories because their answers are on the right track. Now, I have change of hearts, I think I am going back to teaching.

Footwear: Comfortable and Perfect Fit

Do you buy a pair of shoes because it is trendy or because, the style and fit is perfect? The shape of our foot is uniquely our own that is why; we have our favorite footwear especially those that we feel most comfortable wearing. Have you experience having to return an item because wearing the shoes is so uncomfortable? Maybe, it has something to do with the insoles. Before buying shoes, make sure that the fit is perfect for walking, running or when you do your workout. Have you heard about bestinsoles sole footbeds? Good for you if you did and for those who don't then, you should know about this product.
This product features an orthopedic base layer which molds the unique foot and has an additional layer of softec cushioning for added comfort. The latter also features the SOLE Ultra cushioning foot-bed. For low volume footwear, you might check out the product called SOLE slim series which has an EVA frame for overall feel and control. I have shoes that have a moldable top layer and it is so comfortable to wear because it feels like my foot is being cradled. Trendy shoes is great to wear but, don't buy the shoes if the fitting is awkward. One last reminder, make sure that when you are buying footwear, the fit should be comfortable and perfect.

Outdoor: Perfect Place of my Bonsai

This is a bonsai plant about 4 years old. I was really expecting an older tree but, since I got this bonsai for free, I am happy about it. I didn't keep it indoor because I noticed an army of ants marching on the dirt. It is pretty and healthy outdoor so; the outdoor table is the perfect place of my bonsai.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Protect Your PC Using VIPRE Internet Security

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Working online is not easy especially when a person is not a computer savvy. Checking emails, banking, shopping, browsing and paying the bills are the things I do every day. I bet most of you do the same thing because we are living in the world of technology. It is fast, convenient and saves a lot of our time compared to physically go the mall and shop; or drive to the bank and deposit, online activities super convenient and easy.  Yet, we are aware that hackers are lurking in the online world and could strike anytime they want. With just one tap on our keyboard, they can access our privacy. How can we prevent this from happening?

If your computer slows down,  do not ignore the flag signs. I don't and that is the reason why I installed VIPRE Internet Security and I have this protection for 8 months now. I tell you, it guards my files and my PC never slows down. The performance of my PC is fast and that is what I like about this software. VIPRE is one of the best anti virus that I have and will continue using it for it protects my PC from online threats.

If you think you have problems with your PC, buy the VIPRE Internet Security for protection. It is affordable and very easy to install. When it scan your PC, it will provide the name of the risks found in your PC and quarantine it therefore; your files in your PC will be protected. For more information regarding VIPRE Internet Security, visit today.
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Google Doodle

Are you familiar with Google Doodles? Did you know that Google has created over 1000 doodles for Google homepage all over the world? Doodles are very colorful, creative and fun Google logo. A logo that celebrates holidays, anniversaries as well as lives of famous people. Here is one for Father's Day celebration:
photo fathersday_zps8ab5c060.jpg
to all the wonderful fathers of the world.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Classroom is All Set for #VBS

Last Thursday, our group for #VBS (Vacation Bible School) made our final meet up to set up the classroom. We were assigned to some activities and I got the crafts which will be done in the classroom. One adult is in-charge for the games which will be done outdoor; one for the songs which will be done in every activity and one adult is in-charge for story telling. I am really excited. We were expecting 12 children in our group but, we are all set for 20.

We set up the room and put some posters to make the room ideal for this activity. We also set up the castle where kids can play in between the activities.

Now, after 5 years, this will be my second time handling children in a classroom. I am truly excited. The first time was when I was a substitute teacher in a daycare and was assigned in one year old and twos. This time it will be different because I am a volunteer for this one week event. Our group will be handling 4 year olds and most of them are boys. I heard there are active boys who signed up, LOL. I am confident though that all of us will be having fun.

Beautiful Scenic View along the Indian River Drive

I went to volunteer for a Vacation Bible School in our church and it was very interesting. I met 3 ladies who is the director of the event and the other two were parents. It seemed that they knew each other so well and being new I was just observing. It was so nice to be in a classroom again. Anyway, as we head back home, I requested that we drive down the Indian River Drive.

If you happen to visit Cocoa area, these are the usual views that you will enjoy watching from the window of your car. We took the route along Indian River Drive and it was a 3.5 mile long so; I truly enjoyed the ride.

I asked my husband if he won a lotto, would he consider buying a property here and his answer is a big NO. LOL. We live about 5 minutes away from Indian River FYI. Anyway, you probably asked why? I have answer to that. The view here is fantastic and you will always get lucky to find dolphins swimming close by or if you have a private dock, you will see them jumping once in a while.

But, there are certain months that the smell of the river is truly stinky. The bridges have tended to impede the flow of red drift algae, resulting in an odor of hydrogen sulfide in the area. You will never imagine how foul the odor is once you drive down here. The view? Perfect! There are huge and beautiful houses in the area with manicured lawn but, maybe, they get used to the odor.

Pretty Orchid in Bloom

I thought this orchid is dying but, look at the flowers. Right now, it is showing up buds so; the yellowish leaf in there didn't matter. This orchid will survive this heat! I added the orchid potting mix about two weeks ago, it did help for it bounced back to life.
Planning of adding two more orchids this year. I hope orchids will like me (wink).

Monday, June 10, 2013

Aurorae Ladies Cropped Yoga Pants I Love

One company that I consider generous is I was truly impressed with Aurorae Yoga/Sport Cross body Sling Back Pack and now, I got the ladies cropped yoga pants which currently, my favorite. Honestly, I wear this yoga pants when I do bicycling in the neighborhood. Talking about comfort and ease, this yoga pant is just a perfect sportswear!
Ladies Cropped Yoga Pants
I can honestly say that I truly love this yoga pants from I am a small size so; I ordered small but, the fit was a bit tight so; I would recommend that you order the next size up for a perfect fit. The Aurorae Ladies Cropped Yoga Pants is made from eco-friendly materials, a mix of galaxy nylon and spandex. It is very comfortable to wear because the material is breathable and has a 4-way stretch mesh. The flat lock seams help the yoga pants in place within the shape of my body. It is very lightweight; the style is fashionable and great for everyday wear. The black color at the back added a sexy detail for this pants which makes anyone wearing it sexy looking. This is a great pant for yoga, running, bicycling and when I did my morning exercise. What I love most about this product is that; it is made in the USA therefore, quality is guaranteed!

For more details, you can check out and if you are looking for yoga mats, you will surely find it here too. Aurorae offers yoga mats in illuminating colors, a focal point icon and extra long in length. Aurorae offers the best reviewed yoga mats, accessories and props online. You can browse their yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga accessories and yoga props in their Website. I love their products. I am actually eyeing on their mats and the pledge candles. So, if you are looking for yoga accessories for your yoga essentials or for gift ideas, stop by at today.
I received the Aurorae Ladies Cropped Yoga Pants for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am not compensated in this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tables Beach Along South Atlantic Avenue in Patrick AFB

It is Sunday today so; obviously we went to church early in the morning. Hubby already made plans that after the church, we will go to the mall. Most of the department stores in Merritt Island Mall opens at 11 AM so; we decided to drive down the beach and this time, heading to Satellite Beach.

We passed by Ron Jon's and when we reach the Patrick Air Force Base North Housing, we decided to stop there. At the front of this place is a nice beach open for public called Tables Beach, 45th Space Wing, United States Air Force.

There were a lot of people on the beach. Sunbathers, surfers and there were two who had jet skies. Glad that we have our beach chairs with shade on it so; even the sun was a scorcher, the shade of our beach chairs truly a relief from the scorching heat.

The waves are big but, swimmers enjoyed it. We were just enjoying the breeze. We decided that later in the afternoon, we will drive down the Atlantic Avenue again and just see the sunset. I will surely share tons of photos. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Moving Experience: The Positive Side

Moving is a hassle, I get that! It is a transition that can turn either good and bad. I will not dwell on the negative aspects of moving because we all are aware of what those are. You know, packing and unpacking; loading and unloading; finding a reputable moving company with reasonable price; finding a new school for the kids; anticipating the new neighbors and the neighborhood, and many more.
moving company
I have a friend who moves from the US to Asia and her experience was not bad at all. She hired a professional cross country movers and all she did was segregate the things for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and the office. The professional movers did the packing, labeling, loading and making sure that all the things are accounted for in excellent condition when they arrive on the destination.

When the cargo arrived, the company delivers the boxes and their things in their current address. In short, she and her family settled in their new place in few days. She was so happy that they move and that the neighborhood is very pleasant. Now, this move is temporary due to the nature of her husbands' job. It is very likely that when they move back to the US in few years, they will hire the same moving company again.

To know the culture of other country is amazing especially when you live there in few years. You will learn to embrace their way of life; appreciate the taste of their food and most of all, learn their language is an experience that is worth the risks. These are the positive sides why moving is not bad at all. It could turn out to be fun, exciting and a learning experience for you and your family.

First Friday of the Month

My husband is excited for first Friday of the month. It's nothing special to some but, for him, it is a date that he looks forward to. I was really amazed that my husband religiously attended mass every Sunday for about three years now. Way different during our first two years in marriage. NOPE! It's not the doughnuts that keep him from going. (Shhh... it was actually the reason why; he tagged along with me on those two years, LOL) It did work huh?

I admit, he was the one who pulled me out of bed to get ready for 8AM mass. Dang! That's really early for me but, I want to support him. I was really happy to see his eagerness to be on time in the church, sitting on the same pew, greeting the familiar faces around us and most of all, he is attentive in the church. (Another shhhh LOL before, his eyes are always observing who came late and who's child is unruly LOL) He has changed for the better. He seldom swears. He is trying to extend his patience on things/incident that he cannot control and he is trying to control his temper. He is practicing a sound judgement.
I would say, I am lucky to have him as we journey on our faith. I remember the saying, "A family that prays together, stays together". Anyway, we attended the First Friday Mass and the Novena for Sacred Heart of Jesus today. As we went home, we drove down along the Indian River Drive and I took some photos. Have a blessed Friday everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

My Geisha Adult Costume

When I attended a Halloween party last October, I saw someone wearing a Geisha outfit. I like the print and the style. I was thinking, it would be nice to wear that outfit for the party sponsored by my friend. Luckily, I got one from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. I always have a free product to review every three months. I was really pleased because I wore this when I got invited on a friend’s dinner costume party. The party was a success and my costume received a compliment from friends in that party. I totally love this Geisha costume! Geisha is quality made.

The product arrived on time in fact, I got it on the week when I requested it. The fabric is great quality although, I ordered a small size. It could have been a great fit for me if I ordered the XS size. It is made of polyester and has the softest touch on the skin! It is a very sexy costume and for the whole night, I was comfortable wearing it.

The style of the dress is shorter on the front and longer at the back. It has a dragon imprint, a large bow which is actually the belt. Honestly, I got loads of compliments when I wore it by the way, thanks to Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

So if you are taller, the Geisha will showcase your long legs and you will look sexier in this costume. But to tell you honestly, this dress really is flattering! Geisha is a traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses. They have skills of course and those include performing on various Japanese arts like classical music, dance as well as games. By the way, you can get more information on the latest Halloween costumes and promotional codes at @WHCostumes.

I disclose.jpg

Using Miracle Gro Orchid Potting Mix

In my gardening activity, I always rely on the products that I trust and proven to be great. I have 3 orchid plants and I just started having orchids about a year ago when a friend gave me an orchid plant as a birthday present. Actually, the orchid below is the orchid she gave me. This bloom is on its 3rd batch already, pretty awesome don't you think?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Great Eyewear Products at

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

I was really impressed to know that is one of the largest online retailers of eyeglasses and contact lenses today. They offer alternative method of purchasing eyeglasses via online. They have great lines of designer brands plus, if you compare their prices to a regular store, offers half the price only. That is great savings for the family!
Guess by Marciano
If you order at, they will deliver their products direct to your home. Talking about convenient right? is the place to check for your contact lenses and eyeglasses because they offer great value and your family gets the savings of about 70%. You will get the designer glasses that you want at affordable price. Sounds great already? It's not only the price which makes loved by many. It is their passion in making eye wear to make our life easier. Thanks for the quality eyeglasses and contact lenses by

I am constantly online due to the nature of my work. I never wear eyeglasses yet but, I know real soon that I will. Glad to know that offers 2 for $98 and their sale products are those styles that I need. Their website is easy to navigate which I love about it. They have hundreds of style to choose from and I was able to find a Vera Wang brand, one of my favorites.
Vera wang eyeglasses
The eyeglasses of have many colors to choose from and I am so happy about it. I am sure you will too. These three eyeglasses are my best pick because I like the style and the shape. Most of all, I like the price.
 eyewear by
For all your eyewear needs, you should visit now. I will see you there!
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