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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Orlando Citrus Parade - The Floats

We went to Downtown Orlando on December 30 to see the 28th Citrus Parade. Thousands of Citrus were used to decorate the spectacular floats. Here they are.This float is my favorite. It says it all.
The Orlando Citrus Parade or Super Holiday Parade, was organized as a Holiday celebration. One way to welcome the teams that would play in the annual Florida Citrus Bowl (Capital One Bowl) and The Tangerine Bowl (Champ Sports Bowl). The first parade was held in 1980 under the name "Orlando Jaycees Christmas 1980: A Family Affair".
The very happy float with so many mascots on it. Kids love them.
I love the flower designs made of oranges.
Float of Congo Park. I will visit that park next year.
Congo Float.
The kids are enjoying the most.
Sea creatures...these ladies throw away fish stuff toys. See the net on the sides? Those are the fishes stuff toys.
The Champs.....Very artistic Float! Soccer Ball made of Real Oranges.
Red theme....

Happy New Year everyone. Enjoy watching the floats. More pictures to be posted.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Eggnog Party

Eggnog party because Aunt Myra makes this home made frothy, creamy and rich thirst quenching drink . I love it. I thought eggnog is just a cookie party.LOL! It is this drink made of milk and egg yolk. The party turned out good and has everything. Well, not the Lechon though.This is a family Eggnog Party. If the foods are delicious, I would really set aside the picture taking moment. I just dive into the table and EAT! Everyone are cousins, aunt, uncles, nieces and nephews. For sure, they memorized my name and I could only remember the names of my immediate family. Hmmm...
The far end table are loaded with chocolates, cookies, nuts and sweets. Very delicious! I became shy to take pictures. Everyone just chit-chat and only the host families take the video and photos of everyone around.
I just took these snap pictures in the living room. The kids were outside playing. The teens were in the terrace. And some huge men (cousins) were in the kitchen. Much to my desire to take some photos, I end up glued to my chair.
This girl with white tops is my immediate niece. She is so pretty but, she is too shy to have her picture taken. Anyway, I am so glad she like the purse I gave her this Christmas. That's Aunt Myra holding the cups.

Burden By Debts ?

Everyone of us wanted to have a debt free living. Waking up in the morning with a worry free mood. How is that sound? Unpaid bills and debt filed up high are so much burden to tackle. If we had so much debt, our lifestyles are affected. At home, we always feel irritable and always had a panicked moment every time phone or doorbell rang. That is just the reality. But, if indeed we had so much debt, what options do we have? Who do we turn to? IVA is a company devoted to helping people with debts. IVA stands for Individual Voluntary Arrangement which is a legally binding agreement between you and all the people and organizations you owed money. You can try to arrange an IVA when there is no real prospect of paying off all your debts. With the help of a licensed insolvency practitioner, you work out what you can realistically afford to pay back over a period of time. Usually, 3 to 5 years. If three-quarters of your creditors agree, all your debts and the future interest on them will be frozen at the time that the IVA proposal is agreed. Your creditors will usually forgo some of the debt you owed and at the end of the agreed period these debts are written off provided you have kept up with the negotiated monthly IVA payments. As long as you are confident you can maintain the regular monthly payment that is agreed an IVA then you could be debt free in 5 years or less. If you think this might be the solution you need then visit IVA now.

Back to Florida

We are back to Florida. The sky was so great. They look like cotton scattered in the sky. As we drove by, there are scattered rains but, sunshine was more visible in most areas. We had a long 10 hour fun drive. Just taking time and sight seeing in one of the beaches we passed by.
This time we plan to drive off 1-10 so, we are making shortcuts.
Just a little snap shot in one of the rest areas in Florida.
Back on the road on our way home.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I was very delighted today because Brightstorm offered me a chance to get into the core of their existence as an online education site for teens and for teachers like me. I sign up for a free account for a free course. Absolutely free! I thought that I was in a library with so many available subjects to learn from. It also feel like I am in a classroom with one on one instruction thus, learning was fun, easy to grasp and enjoyable to follow. I sign up for a free brightstorm account on U.S History and here are the lists of interesting topics that they did offer me. History Detectives, Challenging Native Land, Big British Blunders, Slants on Slavery, Great Escapes, Sisters in Disguise, The American Dream and many more. For me, the course is really effective because the teacher uses different techniques and a big monitor for actual viewing of the subject being explained. Like showing the globe, presented the picture of people, showing places which are history making and the events can be viewed by the monitor. So, learning will really take place and fun is a key word here. Try it yourselves. Check it out now.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

On Christmas Day

I Wake up early to open the gifts. Only me, my hubby and dad lives in this house so, very unusual for me. And I slept the whole night too. Usually, in the Philippines, our party starts after the mass and we are up until the break of dawn. We have to be awake at midnight and we started gift-giving, eat, dance and watch fireworks. That is why, this Christmas is different. But, I am still enjoying . Anyway, we are only three so, opening of the gifts were fast, I got 4 . WEEEE! My adopted Christmas tree.LOL!
The gifts we had to bring to the party.
At noon time, family party was held in this house, sis-in-law house...Gosh! How I wish I can have this huge piece of land and a gorgeous house....(Work!Work!Work!)LOL! This time of the day was FUN!FUN!FUN! The food was great and I forgot to take pictures. We are all 10. We are having a formal lunch, so, was hesitant to take pictures.
Sis-in-law in her favorite chair....
Inside the house after lunch, we gathered beside the Christmas tree. Nephew and Niece...
nieces... in my sis-in-law house, just taking some time to chit-chat and appreciate how this little girl show her cousin some hair done tricks...." You need to sacrifice to stay still in order to be beautiful. ", she says. LOL!
my hubby... getting ready for gift giving....
Brother and sisters-in-law...then, my camera went dead!OHH SHOOT!
They visit us in the afternoon. Sister-in-law, niece, hubby, nephew and (taking picture)hahaha. In dad's place, we stayed here and it's kind-a new to me because we are only three in the house. He just lost his wife 2 months ago.
Hanging out to the beach, just few minutes drive... That was how the Day ended. Happy Holidays!

CIEVA Digital Frame

Digital photo frames are in demand in the market nowadays. Instead of using the traditional photo frames, why not use CIEVA Digital Photo Frame? It is very functional and it is good for display anywhere in your house. I got a wish this Christmas and I visited and was really happy with the result. I downloaded my picture and in just few seconds, the result was there.

Custom made Cieva Digital Frame with my newly downloaded picture was there ready on my screen. If you want to order what you downloaded, you can do so. It is really a good Holiday gift to give for family and friends. With Cieva, photos sent directly to the frame from family and friends located anywhere in the world. No PC or Internet required and the frame connects to an existing phone line. All you have to do is plug, play and enjoy!

I was really enjoying when I downloaded my picture in Cieva. I love that photo because I was holding the bouquet of flowers sent by my hubby. My favorite photo. I share that video to my brother and he loves it. Cieva frame has an 8" hi-definition display and automatically receives photos by phone or optional Wi-Fi. You only need to register to activate. And that what makes Cieva Frame different with others. For this season, there is more in store for you.

They offered a free shipping and a $100 off . Grab the sale now and check their Website now. Make sure you got a wish this Holiday because they are having a contest. One random entry will be selected as a winner each day of the contest with a cash prize of $500 per winner.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Road Trip to Mississippi

We started the road trip at 8 in the morning today. But, look at the road, yep..fogs. 3 hours earlier, it was zero visibility. I am fascinated with fogs. Well, in my first school assignment in the Philippines, it is Zero visibility too during early morning and 3pm onwards. I like the ghostly view like this. It is dangerous to travel if its 0 visibility of course. It started to clear up at this time.
The lights keep blinking to warned the motorists to be careful and slow down because it is not so clear ahead. This is aToll Plaza. We use a Sunpass so, it charged only .50 cents and it is really a must to have one to avoid delay.
The fogs this time started to cool down and the surroundings become clearer .
Seemed like it is night time already.
This is one of the Rest Area and I saw these vendors selling fruits at the entrance.
Strawberry that are freshly harvested. Very delicious.
Florida Oranges. They have different kinds. Some are seedless and so sweet. But, a lot expensive than buying in grocery.
Rain cloud is visible now. So many trucks...16 wheeler and more.
See taking pictures of the flags being hoisted . It waved so nicely and was tempted to take a picture which I did!LOL!

*** to be continued***

Tactical Pants U.S.A

If you are not done shopping because you hate the mall rush on Christmas, why not do it online? It is fast, convenient and at the comfort of your own home. Plus, free shipping in an online shopping? What a great relief right? So, I am recommending this 5.11 Tactical Pants U.S.A which has that offer.

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The authentic 5.11 Tactical Pant has a 30-year history serving federal, state and local Law Enforcement. It has consistently stood the test of time worldwide. The authentic 5.11 Tactical Pant is the genuine article. Of course, one would be delighted to have a gift which is genuine and durable. They have collections of Flannel lined tactical pants, khaki pants, denim pants, poly/cotton rip-stop pants, poly/cotton twill pants and many more to choose from. Hurry! Visit their website now and enjoy the free shipping and a $10 off on selected items.

The Law enforcement, military and fire professionals worldwide choose the 5.11 Tactical Pants for both on and off-duty wear. The FBI National Academy first specified this as the standard training issue. The pants are popular for the past 30+ years now. The cotton 5.11 Tactical Pants has 11 colors with size ranges to fit everyone. The 5.11 Tactical Pants are so comfortable and functional and has become an industry icon. So, choose this pants as a gift to someone special for this special season. I am sure that he will be delighted to know that it is a product from the tactical pants U.S.A. Start your orders now and enjoy great savings.

My Favorite Shot of the Day

I took this sunset shot on my way to Ocean Springs, Mississippi last Sunday. Was so delighted to see such beautiful sunset. It calms me down and thank the Lord for the gift of life. What an extra ordinary picture.

Yellow Leaf Financial: Payday Loan

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Umma

Guess most of you in my blog list know her. But if not, I suggest you better visit Umma in her blog home to know something about this pretty woman. Today is her birthday. Shhh....she is busy probably and later on, I hope she will blog and found this post. This is for you girl with my KASABWAT. Happy Birthday and may you enjoy this day with your hubby and your cute son , Yeung. Eat lots and be HAPPY always. Mwahhh.
What was your first impression on Umma?
Beautiful and Smart Mommy! That is all there is. Beautiful inside and out. I really can not recall how I got to know her or where I found her from who but, from the moment I met her and read her posts...i keep coming back. Very intelligent, down to earth and even if we spoken differently (slight) on politics, we still manage to have humor about it. That is who she is.

After I've known her, did that impression change?
Not a single bit. As I came to know her, Adjectives are added like pouring rain...
What do I think of her as a mother?
She is taking motherhood as a trophy and she is enjoying every minute of it.

What do I think about her posts and why?
Her posts are all worth reading for. She encouraged the reader to participate and give ideas and all you could do is to share too. She had clever thoughts and topic which is very interesting to take part.
What song will you sing to her aside from "Happy Birthday" and why?
Hmmm... Got too many in my head. " Wind Beneath My Wings" is one, for being there helping me with my technical problem on blogging. She helped me a lot. Couldn't thank you enough girl.

If Umma is a flower, what will she be? And why?
White Roses for being simple and having a good heart.

When I will meet Umma in person, what is the first word that I might say to her?
Wow! You are so PRETTY....hehehe! Thanks for being kind and a good friend.

When I look at her picture, what can I say about her?
She is a gorgeous young mommy and a very chic woman who is very elegant and fashionable.

How do I describe Umma as a friend online?
Very reliable. Very articulate. She is one of a kind. Can't even find the right words to say right now. One thing for sure, I am so glad and happy to meet her online.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UK Domain Names and Web Hosting

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My Favorite Shot of the Day

I have this yesterday while we drove on the beach. It is in Ocean Springs, Mississippi one of the badly hit place during Katrina. The sea side is very fascinating that is why people come this area to take a fresh air. I saw these birds flying over these 3 lucky individuals. They are feeding the birds. This is the most favorite shot I ever had. Enjoy!

Dragon Naturally Speaking

I just watched this video about the benefit of having the Dragon Naturally Speaking tool installed in the computer and was really amazed with this innovation. Imagine blogging without typing? Or blogging while doing the household chores and away from the computer? Certainly this is possible with Dragon Naturally Speaking. It can make our fingers free from cramp right? We can make an article by just Speaking / Dictating and the tool will do the trick. I encourage you to watch the video and you will be fascinated how powerful this tool can be. It is capable of making an article easy, fast and accurate. I would love to have this tool to make my blogging a lot easier and fast. This Holiday, Dragon Naturally Speaking has offered coupon codes for 10-25% off. Amazing price for a very amazing tool. You should buy it now because these expire on 12/31/08. If you are buying the software for business, you can still write it off for 2008 taxes if you purchased it by 12/31/2008. Use it before it expires and enjoy using your Dragon Naturally Speaking tool.
Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

Amazing Blog Award

Another award from cookie. Thank you so much girl for being so thoughtful. Thanks for the friendship and I really miss the good times and the glee...hahaha. Imagine few years ago we were in the AVR and practicing for Christmas Concert. That was really fun to remember right?

Anyway, I am passing this award to everyone in my bloglist. I do believe you deserve this too. Grab it and leave me a message after you posted this so I can make a list here. Grab it!

Sears: Heroes at Home Wish Registry

People are so busy buying gifts and preparing for a grand family party at home. Yes, Home is a place where everybody wants to be this Holiday. A time for gift-giving and family bonding. But, let us pause for a second and look around the streets. As we shop on the mall, look around the corner and do something in your own little way. There are families who will not be spending Christmas together. Children of those military men and women who are serving overseas to protect our freedom. They are the Heroes and they will not be home for Christmas. Sears is encouraging us to donate a $1 or more to fulfill the wishes of military families. Let us share our blessings to create a smile on the faces of young children who wanted a toy to cuddle in the absence of their daddy or mommy. Children needs a shoe or a jacket to keep them feel warmth on this cold season. Let us bring our heroes home for this holiday by giving your donations to heroes at home. A dollar can really make a difference . Even though it is not tax-deductible, just visit their site and give your donations now.

Caramel Popcorn

One of our friends gave us this caramel popcorn which has a Scouting Pictures on it. It is in commemoration of the U.S 100th year anniversary of scouting this 2010. I don't know so much about scouting here but I am sure that the objectives are the same. To develop the character (positively), embrace the citizenship and of course giving importance to personal fitness. The bottom idea mainly are to focus on God, country and self. Scouting is a holistic approach kind of organization.
The caramel popcorn taste heavenly. I love the packaging.
It's blurry because I let the camera so focus ... bad caption.
I took this with me during our 10 hour road trip to Biloxi. I like scouting activities. I am more into the group of boy scout than girl scout. In the Philippines, I am picked as the Kawan Leader or the Assistant Kawan Leader in my school. So, during investiture , I had so much fun handling the boy scouts. Actually, I handled KAB scouts, ages 6 to 8 and they are so cute specially when we do our marching activity and games.

Scout Oath (or Promise)
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law
A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean, and reverent.

***those were the days***

Monday, December 22, 2008

Road Trip to Mississippi Part 2

I am just having a playful time with the sunroof of the car...hehehe...I look like a first grader in this photo.
This is still in Florida after 4 hours of traveling. I noticed that when we go down south towards Miami, the ride is just easy and fast but when we go up North ... take a long unwinding road to reach Alabama. Anyway here are some of the view that I love to take...nothing special....just wide road , country scenery and sky that changes every 20 minutes...LOL!
Yep, it rained on and off so, I have to move open and close the sunroof of the car too. It was a nice travel despite of the pouring rain because it made the air smells so fresh after.
The rain had stopped in a few minutes.
Was just thinking, imagine if this forested area will turned into a mango would be nice to see the fruit on this long land area.
At the rest area. Just making a little stretching and some posed for a remembrance of that day. Hehehe. I am just making comfortable even if my hair went wild as usual...hehehe. Got to go to a hair salon, can't hold on to it any longer...LOL! The people that I saw are mostly elderly. They travel to see their kids and grandchildren. Hmmm...I was thinking, it should be the other way around right?
My one and only hubby calling his daddy on the phone. We are less than 6 hours more...can't wait to be there.
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