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Friday, June 29, 2012

Types of Cooking Oil

I was reading some of the wall updates of my friends in one of the social media sites that I frequently visited. One of my friends was posting about her grocery lists which include vegetables and cooking oil. One of her friends commented that the canola oil she mentioned was not at all healthy then, the thread became a long discussion about cooking oil.

It opened my eyes as to how knowledgeable they were about these things. I said to myself, I should educate myself as well. My husband and I are using vegetable and olive oils in the kitchen because as far as I know, it is good for the heart. I really did not research about the good benefits of oils. I only rely on what most health conscious people said and used in their kitchen.

I have been reading the guide for the different types of cooking oil for few hours now and been comparing some of it. I didn't know that some oils have distinctive taste. I made some further research and found out that extra virgin oil is good for salad dressing. That olive oil is commonly used in cooking, cosmetics, soaps and as a fuel for traditional oil lamp.

I also learn that canola oil is low in saturated fat and has a beneficial omega-3 fatty acid profile. So far, canola oil is recognized by many health professional organizations and that the absence of saturated fats in the oil content makes canola oil a healthy food. That's what my friend was pointing out in her wall update.

Anyway, there was a study about sunflower oil. The study shows that infants receiving a daily skin treatment of sunflower oil were 41% less likely to develop infections in the hospital. That's amazing to know. But, when oils have the good benefits, negative health effects are lurking behind it. High consumption is not good at all.

Dwight Howard Drama

Basketball is a big sport back home and I was a big fan of basketball when I was in college. The game just gets me off my chair especially with that "last 2 minutes", watching with friends makes the game even more exciting. I was a Magic fan during the Shaquille O'Neal era and though I like Michael Jordan, I still go for the Magic.

I live in Orlando so; I am loyal with Magic no matter what. I am not as excited to watch the game but, I do follow their big games once in a while. The team is bombarded with so many controversies but, fans stay loyal and they hope for the best.

I was watching the news when the so called "drama" of Dwight Howard hit the flash report. Come on now! What's with Dwight Howard? He does not want to stay in Orlando Magic, please let him go. The team suffered too much already so; they should trade him. I am tired to see his name as if the people are begging for him to stay. If he wanted to go to the Nets, then go. It may be complicated to leave because of his contract but, for crying out loud, Magic should let him go...NOW! Dwight Howard does not like Orlando Magic so; Orlando does not want him too. Period. Enough with this drama please!

For Anti-Aging: Get the #EcloseBeauty Products

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of éclos Skin Care. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everywhere we go, people will always take notice of our skin and if we eat right, our skin will show its' youthful glow. But, we can't prolong our youthful look as we age. Time will come, our skin will need some anti-aging cream and lotion to erase wrinkles and delay the aging process. As long as it boost your confidence of having and maintaining a beautiful skin, anti-aging products are good to have.


The éclos Skin Care products are good for anti-aging.  it is different because it features Apple Stem Cells from a rare Swiss apple. It has the ability to stimulate skin stem cells to maintain that youthful look. It is because of the Apple Stem Cell technology with the combination of plant extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants, the appearance of wrinkles and tired skin will be minimized.

Check out this product today. The éclos Skin Care kit includes the following and be amazed with the benefits:

Facial Cleanser Skin Prep which purifies the skin pores gently, primes for treatment and extends skin cell longevity.

Cellular Activator Face Serum which generates the skin cells, rehabilitates aging skin and resists damage.

Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream which awakens cell renewal, brightens dull skin and reduces line and wrinkles.

Restorative Eye Cream slows the sign of aging, firms delicate skin, and reduces fine lines.

Instant Radiance Facial Scrub activates cell renewal, removes dull, dry skin cells and improves texture and tones.

Skin Renewal Clay Mask restores youthful texture, absorbs dirt and impurities as well as tightens and reduces pores.

And of course, éclos Terry Cloth Head Band will be included. For me, this product is great to try because of the benefits which was stated above. Who does not want a younger looking skin right? According to the study, using éclos Skin Care products will make you look 15 years younger. I would definitely try this product because the ingredients come from natural fruit extracts. For more information, check out the link now.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Disney Storybook Belle Prestige Child Costume

The new storybook Belle prestige costume is another lovely addition to every little princess wardrobe. I ordered this product last week and I was so excited that it arrived yesterday. I got this dress for my niece as her surprise birthday present. Oh she loves being a princess so; a wish come true for her and she will be wearing this costume on her birthday which will be on the 28th of August.Disney Storybook Belle Prestige is amazingly beautiful dress! I think this is the latest design for Belle costume. As you can see, more brilliant details were added which makes it a stand out from the rest! The costume is a long dress made out of breathable material, more on yellow or light gold in color, and has a petticoat underneath. The top portion of the dress has a shiny glittery off shoulder strap and it features a glittery cameo on the center with a pattern embroidery look on the side which is really pretty!The bottom part of the dress has a printed detail of fireworks and the castle from the movie which is so lovely! It also has a lace trim with red flower ornaments hanging around the netting near the waist. This also has a petticoat which is a bonus. I think this would hang on beautifully on the child’s waist and gives a fuller look on the dress. Oh, I almost forgot that this also comes with a golden headband to complete the Princess Belle look!I would highly recommend this dress for a princess theme party or as a Halloween costume for little girls who does not want to look scary on Halloween! Whichever it would be, this dress would make every little girl's dreamy eyes sparkle. I am just excited for my niece to wear this dress. You can purchase this product at today. Check it out now and I am sure your little princess will be delighted to own the Belle costume.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby Weakens

Hurricane Season is here and as much as we do not like it we, the residents in coastal areas need to prepare for this challenging season. Today, Tropical Storm Debby is downgraded to tropical depression after it hits Florida. It's been three days that hubby and I just stayed home and watch the weather news from time to time. We live in Brevard County and Tornado warnings/watch made us nervous. Tornado hits in some areas in Florida and along the Gulf Coast with one casualty, a young mother (Heather Town, 32) who saved her 3 year old baby in her tight embrace.It was so sad. Here in Cocoa, we experienced strong winds but not damaging. Tornado warnings were issued and after few hours lifted. I told hubby that the safest place that we have is the center of the house, the closet. I hope Debby will go away soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Join the Take it Easy Sweepstakes

This post brought to you by Flood Wood Care. All opinions are 100% mine.

We are new members of this beautiful neighborhood and we have been living here for almost two months now. My husband saw the 3 bedrooms - 2 baths house with a garage and a good size yard. We fell in love with the bricks detailing of the house and the bonus was the wood floors all throughout the house except the kitchen, back porch and laundry room. When we got the house, the hard wood floors needed sanding and that's what we thought. Then, a friend told us that we can actually stain the floors and it will come out as new. We did not hire a contractor so; we did a DIY project of wood staining. The floor looks good and by doing it ourselves, we saved hundreds of dollars. It is pretty cool huh?  Now, our eyes are glued on what to do with our wood fence at the backyard.

I was reading online about the Flood® brand as the Wood Care Specialist and this company maintains that reputation. Costumers are satisfied when they used the Flood® Wood Care products. The outcome of their exterior home concerns such as deck, fence, siding, outdoor furniture, and play sets were phenomenal. The Flood® wood stain products protect, preserve and beautify their home. It simply delivers the quality result they needed and provides a long-lasting beauty of the wood.

My husband and I spend time at the yard grilling and sprucing the landscape. Our fence needed some staining to compliment with the contemporary look of the backyard. For me, the Flood® is the best solution for any wood care projects this summer and I will be using it for our pressure treated lumber fence.

Here come the fun part guys! How would you like to have a deck makeover for free? That's an awesome opportunity right? Join the Take it Easy Sweepstakes today and if you are the lucky winner, you will win supplies and labor for free plus $2,000 to spend on your deck party! There is no purchase necessary as long as you are the owner of the house with a wood deck.  If your wood deck is free from damage then, you are qualified to join now. Hit the link now and enter to win these amazing giveaways! The sweepstakes is up to July 15 so hurry and enter to win today. For more information, visit the Website now.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

View at the Boat Ramp of Port Saint John

Beautiful, isn't it? This photo was taken yesterday at the boat ramp in the Indian River at Port St. John, Florida. We live about 3 minutes from this area. We come here every time there is a rocket launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. On this day, the 20th of June we watched the Atlas V Rocket launch and it was a very successful lift off. The rocket carries a national security payload.Did you know that this area has the nicest location to watch the sunrise? Oh, I am so envious (in a good way) for the homeowners in this side of the lake because they have the beautiful location to watch the rocket launch and the fantastic sunrise. The only negative in this area would be the risk of being at the front line of hurricanes. Anyway, if you google Nicol Park in Port St. John, this boat ramp is just next to it. Both locations are good spot to watch the rocket launch.

Fix Your Leaning Mailbox, Neighbor

Mailbox is part of the outdoor landscape that homeowners should not take for granted. The property value of a house will definitely go up a notch when the outdoor landscape is beautiful and well-maintained. Curb appeal is very important as well as the look of the streetside mailboxes in the neighborhood. During the 6 months period of our home searching and home buying escapades, we usually look at the neighborhood and if we see trash cans scattered in the yard, grasses not cut for weeks and mailboxes are leaning to the ground, we refused to see the property right away.

We have seen beautiful properties that were newly renovated and the outdoor yard is fantastic but, we always consider the next door property and the whole neighborhood. Was the house worth buying for? If the neighborhood does not care about the appearance of their street and the neighborhood, the home property value in that area will be greatly affected.

I just do not see why some homeowners cannot fix their mailboxes. A mailbox is neither expensive nor hard to install. My husband and I put up our own mailbox and it's easy. To make the neighborhood happy and fun to live, each one of the homeowners should take care of their own yard and make sure that little detail such as the mailbox should not be taken for granted.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Atlas V Rocket Launch at Cape Canaveral

Today, Atlas V Rocket made a successful launch at Cape Canaveral. We live in Cocoa area along Port St. John so; we watched the launch just across the Indian River. It's just 3 minutes away and we have a good area to see all the rocket launches from the Air Force Base. The Atlas V rocket carries a national security payload. It was scheduled to launch supposedly last Monday, but the team found an issue with an environmental control system duct. This is the 5th launch this year by the United Launch Alliances.Hubby and I were just sitting inside our car. We had a good spot facing the Cape Canaveral launch area 41 across the Indian River at Port St. John. I am using my Blackberry phone which is not capable to zoom a nice caption of the rocket launch. For this reason, I have the urgency to get a DSLR soon.The tiny building across the river is NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. On the right of NASA is the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. The rocket launch is so beautiful during lift off but, with my phone, it's impossible to show you what's it like *wink*.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peanuts and Mixed Nuts

I love peanuts and thank goodness, I am not allergic to any legumes. Boiled and deep-fried peanuts are my favorite snacks when I was growing up. I got this craving for nuts from my mom. I remembered our mother-daughter moments where we continuously munching mix nuts as we watch a movie or a TV show.

My favorite sandwich spread is plain peanut butter. I love it and I can't get enough of its taste and creaminess. I can even eat a spoonful of peanut butter and I will be alright. My mom would always prepare a bag of peanut butter sandwich almost every day for me to bring to school. I have no complains really since peanut butter is my favorite.

Anyway, do you share the same childhood memories about your favorite food and cravings? After all these years, peanuts are still my favorite and it will always be. Lately, I began to like pecans, hazelnuts and almonds. My most favorite is chocolate coated almonds.

I was able to check out and I was thrilled to know that they sell different kinds of nuts at affordable prices. They have cashew nuts, macadamias, pistachios, walnuts, pignolias and more which are sold from less than $10 up to $125+. Actually, sold these nuts by the pound but, some of these nuts are sold by a bag of 25 or 30 lbs. Just check it out for more information about nuts.

Peanuts are good source of mono-unsaturated fats which is good for a healthy heart. Peanut butter and peanuts decrease cardiovascular disease risks. Peanuts are good sources of vitamin E, niacin, folate, protein and manganese. According to a study, peanuts provide resveratrol, the phenolic antioxidant also found in red grapes. With all of the important nutrients provided by nuts, eating it is totally healthy!

Watermelons and Summer Time

When we were living in Mississippi, summer time is beach hopping and short road trips to Grand Bay, Alabama to buy fruits especially water melons.This is $5 to $10 each and when it's really in season, we buy this only for a $1.I really do not know which is sweeter but, we just bought 2 varieties of watermelons.The place where we bought these fruits is located along the busy street in this area. There were few drivers stopped by and check on their produce.We were able to buy worth $9 for two big water melons and three cantaloupe. That is a good deal right?When we sliced the water melon, we were amazed to see a Yellow variety which they call Yellow Crimson Watermelon.This cantaloupe is 3 for $5 and my sister in law bought 3 and a basket of peaches which was $12.What is summer without these thirst-quenching fruits right?According to Wikipedia, there are more than 1200 varieties of watermelon with flesh that are red, white, yellow and orange. I have no idea that there are yellow flesh. I thought all watermelons are red *wink*. Now, white and orange? to find them.

Join the Sweepstakes on Florida's Three for Free Giveaway

This post brought to you by VISIT FLORIDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who wants to travel for free? I know most of us love freebies but, Florida’s Three for Free Giveaway is not an ordinary giveaway. You should check out VISIT FLORIDA on Facebook, like their page and join the sweepstakes today for a chance to win three vacation destinations of your choice. There are 12 vacation options posted and when you enter the sweepstakes, you will be asked to choose your three dream vacation destinations and you can hit enter. There will be one lucky winner who will enjoy the three vacation packages and nine other winners will win one vacation package each. You should join now and I am encouraging you to participate every day. This sweepstakes will be up to June 30th only so, click the links and join today! 


VISIT FLORIDA has 825 miles of beaches which you could fully enjoy swimming and surfing. Summer is a good time to visit the Sunshine State because of the nice warm weather which is a big factor for fun and exciting outdoor activities.

I am inviting you to join the sweepstakes because the places they featured are truly wonderful. I want to win these 3 vacation packages:

The Breaker's Luxury Dream Vacation where I could stay in an oceanfront room and enjoy a relaxing time pampering at the Spa.  This package is sponsored by The Breaker's Palm Beach.

I have never been to this place so; my second pick is the Florida Keys Fishing sponsored by the Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys. This package is good for 4 so; my husband and I would definitely invite two of our friends.

Then, my third pick is the amazing Ultimate Spa-cation package which is a 3-day pampering sponsored by the luxurious PGA National Resort and Spa. I am a busy housewife and to win these fabulous packages would be the greatest gift that I will cherish in a lifetime.

How about you? If you join the sweepstakes today, you could win 3 of these 12 fabulous vacation packages:

1. Swim with the Manatees at Homosassa Spring State Park and stay 4 nights for 4 at the Plantation on Crystal River.

2. Tennis Lovers Gourmet Getaway and stay at the Resort Quest by Wyndham for 4 nights and experience an exclusive cooking class at the Viking Cooking School of Destin plus, a $250 shopping spree at Silver Sands Factory Stores.

3. Family Adventure at LEGOLAND and LEGOLAND Water Park is good for 4 and you can enjoy it for 2 days. Explore the secret gardens at Bok Tower Gardens then, stay and relax in Holiday Inn winter Haven for 4 nights. 

4. Natural Florida where you will have the chance to see Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key and Bradenton on a bike and Segway rides. You will then stay at Tortuga Inn Beach Resort for 3 nights.

5. Space Cowboy is where you will experience surfing lessons from Cocoa Beach Surfing Company, have lunch with an astronaut at Kennedy Space Center and check the herd of cattle at Forever Florida.

6. Trainer for a Day is where you become a dolphin trainer at the Marine Mammal Training Staff at Miami Seaquarium. After that, you will have a luxurious stay at the Sonesta Bayfront Hotel Coconut Grove which is overlooking the Biscayne Bay.

7. The Breakers Luxury Dream Vacation at the Breakers Palm Beach and enjoy the ambiance of an Italian-Renaissance setting along the Atlantic Coast of Florida.

8. Ultimate Spa-cation is another package where you will pamper yourself at PGA National Resort and Spa.

9. Tee Time for Two is 3 nights stay at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village and you will experience to play the 3 championship courses: Dye's Valley at TPC; Sawgrass, Slammer and Squire; and the King and Bear then, you will also visit the World Golf Hall of Fame .

10. Classic Family Beach Week at St. Pete's Beach is a total relaxation for 4 at the TradeWinds Island Resorts.

11. Step into the Past is a 4-night stay at St. George Inn in the historic district of St. Augustine. You will get the chance to explore the Pirate and Treasure Museum, St. Augustine Lighthouse, and more.

12. Florida Keys Fishing is where you experience a private offshore fishing charter and relax in Hawk's Cay Resort in Florida Keys. This is good for 4 and you will stay 4 nights in a 2-bedroom villa.

Exciting huh? Join the sweepstakes today and you should hurry for this will be up to June 30th only. Summer is fun especially when one of us will win these fabulous vacation giveaways right? Good luck and have fun!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

My First Visit in Nassau Bahamas

The capital and the largest city of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is Nassau. This place is also the commercial centre of Bahamas and considered as the business district. According to the 2010 census, Nassau has a population of at least 250K and is on the island of New Providence. Did you know that Nassau was considered historically to be a stronghold of pirates? That's what I heard ... most people say that.Isn't this beautiful? Nassau has an attractive harbor right? Most of the buildings are colorful, colonial architecture are very much visible, and this port is really busy. This place has tropical climate and Nassau is a popular tourist destination in Bahamas.

From the ship, I could tell that New Providence is relatively flat and a low-lying land intersected by low ridges. The gigantic and beautiful building that you see in the picture above is The Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island. It's so magnifiscent that upon arrival on the port, tourists will be drawn to visit that place first and foremost. The resort has 6,000 Bahamian employees...such gigantic business huh?

We took a van and head to Atlantis and the fare is only $5/person. We stroll for few hours, shop a lil bit, have a coffee at starbucks, used the wifi in nearby hotels, and we were back to the port of Nassau on the ferry ride that costs only $3. Oh I enjoyed the ferry ride best! The view is spectacular and the Atlantis is truly grand! Planning to cruise? Visit Bahamas. You will enjoy it!

Business: Food and Restaurant Franchise

Are you planning to open a new business? People love to eat so; why not open a business in line with food? I am talking about Restaurant Franchises and to start with, consider the following: Quiznoz, Blimpie and Papa Murphy's.

You can own a Quiznoz franchise in less than 90 days because they have a program that doesn't require big financial qualifications and it's affordable. In- house financing is available and selling the Quiznoz product is not a problem because their food is craved by millions.

With Blimpie, your investment will start at $18,000 and this company offers financing as well as training and support. You can also start with $50,000 for Papa Murphy franchise and they offer financing too.

You should check out the link above for more thorough information about these businesses. Visit the link now.

Internet Connection while on the Cruise

When I booked our cruise to Bahamas, it dawned on me that I can't use the Internet at cheaper price. I worked online so; 4 days of using my USB connect at International rate could be very expensive. But, I brought my USB connect for emergency use. I also have my handy netbook and laptop and decided to turn off my smart phone once we sail away from Miami.We are on board the freestyle Norwegian Sky cruise ship, an NCL company. I inquired about their Internet connection and here's the pricing plan:

Plan 1: 60 minutes, it's $24
Plan 2: 30 minutes, $16.50
Plan 3: Pay as you go for $0.75/minute

It's not bad at all plus, a one time activation fee of $3.95. So, I signed up for plan 1. I used my laptop and there's few location on the ship where WiFi is accessible (Decks 6,7 and 11 only). I used my time wisely like checking my emails and it was a stress free log in. I can log out anytime and save my minutes for my next usage.

Anyway, the above picture is Festival Place at Nassau Port in Bahamas. If you need more time to use the Internet, this area has Wi-Fi and the good news? You can use it for FREE and it's really fast! I have seen so many tourists take advantage of the FREE Wi-Fi connection at Festival Place. You can even use Skype with no problem at all. If you visit other resorts in the area, they have Wi-Fi too and free access for the public. Now, you shouldn't be worry. Enjoy your cruising.

Red Wing Boots

One of my friends here loves to collect designer shoes and he took care of his collection immaculately. I told him to give me one pair of shoes that he is willing to give away for donation. He took a deep breath and handed me his red wing boots.

I could tell that the boots is quality made and durable because it is still in good condition despite using them for years. He said it is very comfortable and sad to let go but, he wanted to donate something that the recipient will be happy to wear. Good point huh?

Are you looking for premium leather boots that are comfortable, durable and safe to wear in your workplace? Check out the many selections of boots which are made and designed to stand in rough conditions.

Have you check out the red wing boots in Dave's New York Website? Or, have you visited their store in New York and tried to fit the boots? You can put this on and you will be assured that their boots have slip-resistant soles. Most companies take safety precaution seriously so; they require wearing slip-resistant work shoes and boots at work. If you want to buy quality boots, start looking at Dave's New York. For more information, you can call them at 1-800-543-8558.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Trip to the USA

I always like to have a window seat on the plane. It's nice to look out the window and I enjoyed watching the clouds which looks like a cotton candy. I remembered my first trip to the US and it was actually my first travel outside the country. I traveled alone while my husband was waiting for me at MCO airport.I was carrying one small suitcase and the X-ray result in hand which the custom never bothered to look at. It was a thrilling adventure and I was so confident with myself as if I was a jetsitter. Huge airports are confusing but, I have my maps with me so; it was like a puzzle game for me. I pretended that I was in the Amazing Race and as long as I have my maps and follow the instructions carefully, nothing could go wrong.First stop was Guam which was my port of entry. I had my fingerprint taken then, I was directed to a small room and a custom officer asked few questions about my address in the US and my purpose. He checked my visa and informed me of my limitations. In two minutes, I was back on the line to check in for my second flight bound to Honolulu, Hawaii.To find the gate at the airport, one should always pay attention with the issued announcements. Assigned gates could change anytime and it happens to my flight. My 3rd flight to Houston Texas was delayed but, since half of the passengers will be going on the same flight, the plane in Houston had no choice but, to wait for us.

We were given the passage for the elite so; we can reach the gate faster. Despite of the apology coming from the crew, half of the passengers in the plane were mad because they had to wait for hours.

It was a long travel for me but, I enjoyed it. The custom officials were nice and accommodating. None of them gave me a hard time which I was so thankful. I arrived Florida so exhausted and I slept for two days.

Biplane Rides for Thrill Seekers

Just a minute away from the house, thrill seekers can avail a helicopter ride for an affordable price. A biplane ride is available as well. I would love to experience the thrill and adventure of flying in an open cockpit biplane but, when I saw it up close, fear dawned on me. I guess it will be the greatest adventure that I would have to risk.

For every successful air flights, we should credit them to the Aerospace Engineering. They are the ones that keep everything safer for us to use. The speed of the aircraft is in accordance with the types of motors used. That is why some of these biplanes can make a loop in the sky. That's just spectacular!

I can only imagine myself having to enjoy the scenic rides across the beaches and the incredible scenic routes along Florida's space coast. They even offer a sunset watch which I think is a romantic escapade. Oh well, since I am scared ... I will just enjoy my paragliding Soarin' ride at Disney, the only thrill that I can ride without fear.

The thought of accidents may happen scare me to the bone. Safety precautions are seriously observed in this place but, accidents do happen in a risky activity like this. It's funny to admit but, I am "chicken".

Friday, June 8, 2012

The 114th Philippine Independence Day

I was checking the news a while ago if Philippine Independence is being celebrated by the Filipinos in the US. Glad to note that in New York City, the Philippine Independence Day is celebrated every year (first Sunday of June). This event is well-attended by the American-Filipino community.The theme for 2012 is: Ang Bagong Pilipino: Bagong Kalayaan. Bagong Layunin. Bagong Pagkakaisa which means "The New Filipino: New Independence. New Purpose. New Oneness".

This celebration is for the Filipino American community in the Northeast United States and I wonder if we have a celebration like this in the South? More than half a million Filipinos live in the Northeast and I am so proud of the unity they have shown to the world.They are creating awareness about the Philippine culture and news like this, makes me happy and proud. Filipino Americans need this kind of event to rekindle their roots and heritage. The significance of this event is the Philippine Independence from Spain, marked as 114th since June 12,1898.

The 2012 Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York City took place on the 3rd of June at Madison Avenue, following the tradition of the celebration being on the first Sunday of June.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What to do in Downtown Disney in Orlando

Let's say, you've traveled to Florida but, have no plans to spend money at Disney Theme Parks. What's there to do? Visit Downtown Disney area and have a fabulous dining with dinosaurs which you and your kids will definitely enjoy. Of course, you will have to spend for souvenirs at the Disney shopping area. When you want to relax, you might catch a live music and performance in the Waterside Stage!Downtown Disney is an exciting and fun place to visit and it has three areas to check out: Downtown Disney West Side, Downtown Disney Marketplace and Pleasure Island.

Downtown Disney West Side has top-notch restaurants and has the 24-screen AMC Downtown Disney 24 movie theater. If you love food trip, you should try some their best restaurants. The price is affordable especially at lunch time. Oh, bring a sweater when you go there at night time. It's a bit chilly at night really. Have you heard about the amazing performance of Cirque du Soleil La Nouba? It's located in Downtown Disney too. It is a live entertainment show which I wanted to see. My German friend wants to see it for the nth times. We will find a schedule soon and I will find me a sponsor too LOL. The ticket ranges from $78 to $120. A bit expensive but, it's worth the money she says!Another place that you should check out is the Disney Quest Indoor Interactive theme park. The Downtown Disney Marketplace is the right area to check out on Disney merchandise. Here, you will find the largest Disney character store in the world. Downtown Disney is a happy place and if you want to relax, find a place along the lakeside restaurant. It's beautiful!The Pleasure Island is the area that you should check out for shopping and dining experiences. Take a peek at Curl by Sammy Duval, Apricot Lane Boutique, Raglan Road Irish Pub & Bar, Fuego by Sosa Cigars, Paradiso 37 and other outdoor food and beverage locations. This is an awesome place which the whole family will enjoy bonding, dining and shopping. Oh, I love this place.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Exciting Adventure to Pennsylvania's Civil War Trails

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PA Tourism for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love the great outdoors! My husband and I share the same interest on nature tripping and roadtrips. We just love traveling together and so far, we traveled the Gulf Coast area. It is high time to check on the East Coast beauty. He is retired and I am working at home so; basically we own our time. When we are bored, we take short roadtrips and explore the best local diner in the area. Most of our travels involves no planning and it comes with some "pros and cons", fun and real adventure.

I was browsing a Website yesterday and it's all about pa-roadtrips. I was blown away because the content of the site is all I need to have an exciting travel to Pennsylvania. All I need is my backpack and hit the road for another roadtrip. Planning? It's no brainer when I have the Roadtrip-a-Matic access. It's a total GPS for pa-roadtrips and travel adventure seekers. You should check it out! Come on now, hit the link and I am sure you will subscribe on the Website. It has full of information that helps travelers like you and me.

My husband and I love to see historical places so; using the Roadtrip-a-Matic, I checked on their Trip Ideas information. I found the Civil War Trails ... ohhh my ... this is exciting! I share the Website to my husband and we can't wait to travel and see the Civil War towns and stand on the grounds where battlefields took place. Do not forget to download Google Earth plugin to view the virtual tours in 3D. This site is a complete resource for your Pennsylvania travel. Check it out now.visitPA-Roadtrip_box_720px.jpg

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Shop Your Way Rewards Email

I was so busy this week that I did not able to read my emails. One email came from Sears that says, I can get any apparel for free if I visit the nearby store, just bring and show the code attached to the email. But, the coupon is good for up to closing hours that Tuesday. Too bad huh? It was already 8PM ... so, from now on I should check my emails twice a day.

I am a member of Shop Your Way Rewards where members will be rewarded when they shop. I already used some rewards that I have as payments on my purchases. On Fathers Day celebration, I would definitely use my card to find an item which my husband prefers to have.

Quaker Soft Baked Bar: Cinnamon Pecan Bread

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Quaker Oats. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love cinnamon bread and with pecan in it, my day would be alright. When I am busy working and trying to accomplish my online tasks, I stay in my office all day and will never have a regular meal until such time that I am done. I ate wholesome food but, those that I can fix easy such as oat meal, fruit bars, breakfast snack and ready to eat fruits. I would eat them in my office while working. My pantry has full of fruit bars and healthy snacks which I needed to fill me up when I am busy.

QSBB Yum Image high res.jpg

I grow up with Quaker products and was delighted to hear that there is a new Quaker Soft Baked Bar available in the market. It has two flavors and both are my favorite: cinnamon pecan and banana nut bread. As you can see in the picture above, cinnamon pecan bread is not only delicious but nutritious as well. It is a protein bar with vitamins which is needed to give us the energy to keep going.

QSBB 3D Carton Cinn Pecan.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)

When I am not working, my husband and I love to hang out on the beach. I always bring breakfast bars because it is tasty and delicious. It can fill me up when I am hungry before meal time. The cinnamon bread flavor always smells good and delicious. My husband prefers this flavor too because of the cinnamon. Well, I like pecan so; cinnamon and pecan soft bake bar would be a tasty treat to try.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Viva La Juicy Free Sample

I bet you are familiar with Sephora Website. Few months ago, I was checking online ... searching for a make-up kit and found an on sale product worth $15 but, the original price of that item was $75. It was a good deal plus they gave me 6 samples of fragrance. Usually, they only give out 3 freebies but, for that week it was 6 fragrance for free.One of the freebies that I picked was Viva La Juicy. The fragrance worth range from $19 to $175 but, if you keep checking for good deals and add a coupon, you might check out for a quarter of the price. I still have the sample freebies with me and this product has a sweet fragrance. Check it out in the store today.
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