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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Road Trips

Hubby and I love to travel the backway which is the scenic route of Florida. The chance to see the farm lands of water melons, peanuts, oranges, horses, cows and goats are interesting. Of course, we are fascinated with the big houses along the country roads.Traveling on the scenic route will not cut the miles of our road trips. In fact, it will take us longer hours but, the beauty of the small towns are just fascinating and charming for us. As long as the sun is up, we love to explore places around Florida. We armed ourselves with a map when there is no signal and a GPS most of the time. Once in a while, we have road trips and we enjoyed it. When there are storms and heavy rain fall while we are traveling, we usually stopped in a gas station and let the storm pass by and we move on. By the time I have my license, we will explore the East Coast hopefully. From the East of Florida down to Miami and heading to the west of Florida, all the way to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, we have been there. We saw the coastline and we are looking forward to see the coastline on the East Coast.

I Can't Wait For The Mardi Gras

Oh yeah! I can't wait for the Mardi Gras which will be happening in just few months. The catching of the beads will start rolling in and all the members of our family will again occupy in our favorite spot along the Government Street of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The first time I watched the Mardi Gras Parade I was very reluctant to wave my hands begging for beads. But when I looked around me, everyone was doing it and I had to join the fun. Screaming and catching the beads was totally fun. All the beads are beautiful but once in awhile, they throw away their finest, collectibles and extra ordinary beads. Most of the Mardi Gras floats reserve beautiful beads and those are the kind of beads most Mardi Gras goers wanted to catch. My family in Mississippi lived there all their lives and witnessed the Mardi Gras every year. They showed me their priceless collections of beautiful beads. Each one is totally unique, beautiful and a good collectible.
By January or February next year, we will be going to Mississippi and Alabama to see the Mardi Gras Parade. That will be exciting for me because I will donate all the beads that I gather to a school in the Philippines. So, my trip to the South would be for a cause.Anyway, do you have the patience to make beads for business? I know a Website where you can buy it at affordable price:, you may check on this company anytime. Mardi Gras is fun! Come and visit the city of Ocean Springs and Biloxi Mississippi during Mardi Gras season. The bonding time for family, good food, and fun times will surely awaits you.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The View of the Gulf

The picture below is the marina in Biloxi Mississippi. On the left are shrimp boats mostly owned by Vietnamese. I took these pictures at the garage area from the Hard Rock Hotel.The building at the far left is the Isle Hotel. The island that you see here is the Deer Island. Nobody lives in the island.
More pictures of our travel soon. have a good weekend everyone. We are ready to hit the road to Florida. We are going to the scenic route back to Florida.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a Thought

When we were in Alabama, we stayed in the house of our friend. Their house is big and their kitchen is all white and the fixtures are stainless and they have a stainless steel sinks. It was very elegant and a good size too. At home, our stainless steel sink is small and I thought, we could splurge it soon.

Palm Reading

When I was in elementary grades, we have a neighbor who reads cards and also do palm reading. She had so many customers who visits her especially every Friday and Holy Week. They keep coming back in fact, she had regular customers every week and they refer her to other friends. Her business was good and I bet, she was able to tell them their future because they keep coming back for more future readings. Have you experience that someone read your own palm? Do you know where is the lifeline and the line which represents money or health? Are you a believer? Whether you are a believer or not, let us continue to live in harmony with other people and we should work out our destiny so that, we will experience success and happiness in life.

Funny Pictures

When was the last time you burst out laughing? What makes you tickle? I had a blast when we were in Alabama last Monday because my husband and his friend were reminiscing their old high school days. The four of us laugh out loud when both of them started to crack the jokes they made when they were teenagers. Then, our friend started showing us their high school pictures. Those were funny pictures and videos indeed when he was caught by the teacher all smothered with paint because it fell down on him. Her mom thought it was funny so; she took a souvenir picture.

We were glad she did because now, we just laugh about it. It is really good to laugh in a fun way without offending anyone. When we laugh, we create a happy disposition in life and it is the best medicine of all. It cures depression too but, not too much. You will have a heart attack if you laugh too much LOL. Anyway, there are funny pictures which are posted online. As long as they are not offensive, it is okay to laugh. As long as you do not laugh at someone it is alright.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Bedroom

After driving for seven hours from Orlando, we arrived in Alabama and stayed one night to our friends house. They showed us the guest room and here are the pictures inside the room.I was really amazed to see the big windows without any window treatments. Whatever you do inside, you would think that anyone who peep from the outside can see you, right? Well, I tried to see the exterior of the house and from there, I can never see anyhing inside. It is totally black. It would be different though at night when there is a light on.I find the guest room so cozy and unique. This guest room has big windows and as I lay down to take a nap, I am seeing the trees and the backyard. No one will be seen there wandering though because the whole area was fenced in. It was very safe.
Here is the bed and beside that beautiful cabinet is the hallway to the bathroom. It is open and yes, the big window goes all the way to the bathroom. When you sit and do something in the bathroom, the view of the trees and the farm animals outside is what you will gonna enjoy.
If you hate the light, this is not the room for you. But, I love the natural light so, this guest room works for me. See the windows at the top? If it is a full moon, you can see it the whole time at night. I like the room and the hard wood floors. Some of the accessories in the room are vintage but, eclectic at the same time. I sleep good.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Having A Grand Vacation

We were driving down the beach at the Beach Boulevard along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi when I saw a logo canopy in one area. Even if we were driving down the road, I was able to read the logo on the canopy which says Jet Ski rentals. That canopy is a good advertisement tool because I saw cars making a detour and drive down the area. Anyway, we were just having a short vacation here in Mississippi. We stayed in the hotel with a casino so, we are currently having a blast down here. In this hotel, the decors are so elegant and the detail design of the ceiling to the flooring accents are all carefully put up together. This hotel is world class with trade show flooring and it is seen throughout the main lobby. The trade show carpet is in every entrance in fact, I took a picture of my feet on the logo mats. I stepped on the logo mat and took a souvenir picture. Well, that is just the shallow side of what makes me happy. I was waiting the elevator to come up when I saw the logo mat so beautiful and neat. Today, I am still exploring the hotel and every minute, I am in great awe!

Happy Faces

Yesterday we travelled from Orlando to visit a friend in a farm land in Sweet Home Alabama. That's a song from the movie of Reese Witherspoon which is my favorite movie. Okay, I have been trying to asked my hubby that we will drop by the place where that movie was created but, no avail. So, I can only sing a song as we drove down the farmlands of goats and cotton. When we arrived, our friends show us the house and one particular thing that sits on the table is this.It is a stone about 3 inches but, I was amazed by the art work. It is a tiny piece of stone but, the artist did a wonderful job of carving an image of a happy face. This is the kind of item that I wanted to buy for my collection. What can you say?

Her Favorite Shoes

We visited a friend in Alabama and we enjoyed our one day adventure in their farm. It was my first time to meet his wife and we get along well. While the boys are talking about farm equipment, we were talking about home decors as well as our favorite collection, the shoes. She was wearing Wide Calf Boots and when I said I like it, she showed me her walk-in closet and I was in great awe with her collection of shoes. I could see hundreds of designer shoes in the closet and she said, she is not done shopping yet. She told me that she is an impulsive buyer and most of the shoes in the closet she never use. Half of the time, she donates it and gives it to a friend. She wanted to give me one pair of shoes but, I am a size six and she is wearing a plus size. Anyway, she is a busy woman and after work, she loves online shopping. She is familiar of One Stop Plus and few of her favorite shoes are from this store. In fact, she loves One Stop Plus Website because it is a plus size store and everything she needs are there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sculptures: Sea Creatures

Did you know that there are a lot of local artist here in Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi? Their inspirations are the sea creatures because they live in the Gulf Coast. Their life is evolve around the beach and seashores. These are sculptures of the fish, sea horse, crabs and many more. They also have religious carvings, paintings as well as decorative wood products such as plates and large wooden spoons and forks.

Prescription Glasses

My aunt complains about her headaches but, she felt it was centered and triggered around her eyes. She thought she had an ocular disorder and she did. Eyestrain is normal for her because she is a seamstress and works late at night. But, lately she was having a hard time focusing on her work because she tire easily and constant experiencing headaches too. So, she went to an optical clinic and got a prescription glasses. The Optometrist told her to rest and gives a little time to relax her eyes. The family suggested that she had to quit working. As far as I know, she did stop working and decline some customers. They are sad to know that she retired from being a seamstress but they understand her situation. My aunt is recovering well and her headaches eventually gone. I was actually thinking to buy her an extra pair of glasses from Zinni Optical Clinic because online customers recommended it. It was affordable and their glasses are quality made. They have a $6.95 prescription glasses, what an awesome price right? I am currently waiting for the information about the prescription type of my aunt as well as the PD, Lens, anti-reflection coating, lens tint and many more. Can't wait to buy her a new pair of glasses.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Walk Tour At New Orleans

These pictures were taken at the busy streets of New orleans while waiting for the Parade for the Saints NFL Team.If I have to close my eyes and think about that day, I can smell the freshness of the air and it was a chilly day.All the streets are crowded just like this one.
The streets are jam packed aside from the makeshift stage or tent built at the side of the road. Anybody can pay an amount to have a single space inside the makeshift stage.Hubby and I are having a walk tour around the Business District of New Orleans. High rise buildings and famous malls, hotels and casinos are just nearby.
If there are big events in New Orleans, all vacant lots will become a parking lot which is a good business.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Online Degree at Walden University

I was browsing on the Website of because I was searching for an online Master's Degree Program. I have been planning to take an online degree so that I can continue my master's at the comfort of my home. I graduated the Bachelor of Science in Education with Social Science as my major.

I tried to check the M.S. in Early Childhood Studies of this Website and found out that it is a non-licensure degree program. I thought that it is alright if I gain the knowledge and skills to help me with the understanding of the diversity of Early Childhood studies. If I decided to take the Teaching and Diversity in early Childhood Education, it will take me two years at the maximum. I have to think about it whether to pursue this dream or find an alternative ways.

Anyway, visit the Walden University's online degree programs and maybe, you will find the degree that you might be interested. They have a bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral programs which are available for study online. Visit the Website today and learn about Walden University's degree programs, tuition and financial aid, and how to apply at Walden. Check out the Website now!

Mardi Gras Parade in Ocean Springs 2010

January of 2010 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi - It was a chilly day and we watch the Mardi Gras Parade in the Government Street. My sister-in-law and other members of the family lives in the area so; most of us meet up in her house. The route of the parade was just in a walking distance. We are always lucky to occupy the best spot every time.I love Mardi Gras parade because the catching of the beads are interesting, exciting and fun.
On the Mardi Gras Parade, it welcomes every sector in the community. The registration is affordable and if you want to participate, you should need to have plenty of beads to give away and you provide your own car or truck.
I always look forward to every Mardi Gras in Mississippi and New Orleans. I never had any experience of what's it like in Alabama. We might go there next year to see their Mardi Gras Parade.
I miss the Mardi Gras this year because I spent my Christmas in PI. Next Year, we plan to be in Mississippi during the Mardi Gras celebration.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again next time. Check out some of the other photos of Mardi Gras in my other blogs.

Floor Tile Cleaning

Yesterday, we had another meeting with our realtor. He showed us two properties which we like to buy. The first property is a bungalow style house with just the right price considering it was a two-car garage with two bedrooms, two bathrooms with a huge well-manicured backyard already fenced in. It needs a little bit of cosmetics and the carpet needs to have a steam cleaning job.

By the way, if you live in Texas and you need to clean your carpet, you should check out the Website This company has been serving the community of Austin for more than two decades. They are expert in carpet cleaning and restoration of rugs, air ducts, draperies and upholstery. Not only that, they can provide you with floor tile cleaning tips Austin. If you need these services, hire this company and you will be delighted with what they can do to your problem.

Anyway, when we saw the second property which is a town house, it was so dingy and I do not think I would love to keep the carpet because it was dated. If our offer will be accepted, three of us are planning to flip it and resale the property. The house is old and the exterior needs power wash, gut the bathroom and install new tiles. But, we still need the services of the cleaning company because the floor tile in the kitchen needs some cleaning job.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Little Princess

At dawn time when I am still wide awake and working online, my TV is on for anything that fancy my interest. There are a lot of paid programming and advertisement. Then, here comes the little girl Shirley Temple. Such a charming little princess. Though the name is so familiar, I really do not know her. In the advertisement, they show her film collections so; I got curious. I search for her movies in Netflix and I learn that she was the original Sarah of the Little Princess. This was a 1939 movie and was also Shirley Temple's last major success as a child star and remains one of her most well-known movie.
I watch her version awhile ago and though it is an old movie, it was a good one. I like her acting and her dance moves and she is really pretty.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Design Star Top Two Finalists

The top two finalists for the the Design Star Season 6 are Meg Caswell and Karl Sponholtz both talented designers are hailed from Chicago.Both are deserving to be the last two standing finalists for HGTV's Search for the new Design Star and this is already the 6th Season.The new personality that was added to the Design Star Team is Meg Caswell and her show will start on Saturday.Don't miss this episode.

Join the Express Giveaway

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Check out the Website and you will see the collection of jeans according to styles. They have legging jeans, skinny and straight jeans, skyscraper jeans and barely boot jeans, wide, boot and flare jeans. The latter design is my favorite design because I love the fit to my bottom and it gives me feeling that I am tall. If you shop now, you will get a 50% discount on the next jeans when you buy one item. Check it out now and start your shopping spree.

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piai says she loves the skinny jeans because it gives her the nice fit and wearing it is comfortable.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Miss Universe 2011

There were 89 beauties all over the world competes for the prestigious Miss Universe 2011 title held at San Paulo Brazil. It is the 60th Annual Miss Universe Pageant and the crown goes to Leila Lopes from Angola, 25 years old. Miss Ukraine Olesya Stefanko is the 1st Runner-Up, Miss Brazil Priscila Machado is the 2nd Runner-Up. The picture below is the favorite of the crowd, Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup is the 3rd Runner-Up. Being a Filipino, we are so proud of her.Miss China Zilin Luo came in 4th Runner-Up. The Miss Congeniality award was given to Miss Montenegro Nikolina Loncar. Miss Photogenic was Miss Sweden Ronnia Fornstedt and Best National Costume is Miss Panama Sheldry Saez.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

God Bless America

I was watching the History Channel about the 911 event and it brings back the horror of watching the Twin Tower jumpers. 10 years had passed but, it seems it happened yesterday. Watching the parents cry over the lost sons and daughters are overwhelming with sadness and I bet you feel the pain too. Our memories were refreshed by the heroic act of kindness of the people on the plane and the firemen who lost their lives to fulfill their duty. Who would have thought that the twin towers would collapse? For the men and women who lost their lives that day, may you all rest in peace. We will always pray for you. For the family who lost a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a brother and a sister, may you continue to have a strong faith of God. Let us not dwell on hatred and try to instill forgiveness into our hearts and minds. After all, we are children of God who loves peace! Good will always triumph over evil. God Bless America!

Someone to Talk

How many times do we hear relationships get cold? Either friendship or marriage, it doesn't matter really when there is lack of communication. Yesterday, my friend told me she was not feeling good of the people she was around with. She blow her rants! The people she was around with talks non-sense! Talking about the lives of other people's imperfections! She was tired pretending even if she do not like their company, she had to be around them. She had no choice at all but, mingle with them. I think there will come a time that she would just shut her door to these people.So, she just hang on to her cellphone the whole time, tweeting and checking on facebook. She hoped that I was with her instead. At least we can talk about music and we can talk about church activities and life's dreams. Sometimes, we are forced to be with people that we don't really associate. How I wish she was here with me too. Just to talk with the things that I am interested to talk about. It is good to talk to the person face to face right? Anyway, let us strive to be happy everyone.

Finding A Good Neighborhood

Are you caught in the middle of a career move? That must be exciting for you as well as anxious of what is ahead, right? If you are moving to Canada and you are looking for a place to rent, check out Rent Edmonton. This Website is all you need to find an apartment in a good neighborhood. You can find a bungalow in a gated community or an executive home with fully furnished. You can also customize your search according to your budget or the kind of property you want to rent such as an apartment or a house. Depending on your budget, you can find a decent apartment, townhouse or a good size house to rent. This Website is a good resource to finding the right place for you and your family. The information is according to the location and once you have chosen the place, hundreds of for rent properties are displayed with the immediate information you need to know. The price per month, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the area per sq feet and some background information about the property is available for you. Finding the place to rent is easy when you use this Website. Visit today and start planning where to live in Canada.

Get the Switch Now

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I love my phone because it is a smart phone and I can use it anywhere I want including the access on the Web. I need a phone that I can use anytime I want to call my mom using the International call. Don't get me wrong! I have that luxury but, the bills are overwhelming! I have so many charges flying from all direction and I am fed up of this phone company that is why, I need to switch now! 

Watching the videos from Real TracFone customers made me so happy knowing that TracFone can be purchased in Walmart or Target. That is so convenient and besides, I can have it with no contract, no hidden charges and no credit checks. The phones that they have are the same as I have now. So many features are available such as camera, video, mp3, access on the web and app capable too. I say, I will switch now to end my misery of having high phone bills all the time. With TracFone, I will have a stress-free day and I can choose my plan from $9.99 which gives me 50 minutes or go for higher minutes. The best part is I will not worry with the coverage because their reception is great. I am switching now! How about you?

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Kuya

When I was in Elementary, I attended the best Public School in the city. I can remember my first grade teacher, Mrs. Canedo who patiently taught us how to read. Mrs. Balarrias was my second grade teacher who taught me how to write in cursive form. On my third grade, I can't remember her name but, I remember her face and her personality being so gentle. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. de la Cruz who was very charming. Then, I transferred school on my Intermediate level. Here is my nephew, studying in the same school where my brother and I once studied for 4 years and 6 years. My nephew is the second generation in the family, studying in the same school. When he took the exam for first grade, he rank number 2 among hundreds of pupils and he immediately chosen as one of the pupils for Science class. Now on his third grade, he was active in class as well as extra curricular activities.
We have no Science Class in our time, that was in the late 70's but, we do have first section in each level. The accomplishment of my nephew being in the Science class already brings pride to us. My nephew is active but, sometimes he complains that he had no time to play. He loves school and he likes to study but, since this is the generation of technology, he is also addicted to computer games. That is the biggest distraction to his studies.
Today is his birthday and his wish is to have a McDonalds birthday party at school and a birthday party at home for family and friends. Not bad so; his wish was granted.
These pictures were taken by his mom during their ethnic presentation at school.
Happy Birthday Kuya and be a good boy always. Education is important so; aim high!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

What are you doing today? My husband and I decided we will just stay home, make a homebaked corn bread, ribs and watch a movie marathon on History Channel. It is a Federal Day today but, not everyone will have the chance to enjoy it because all the hotels and amusement businesses are open so; the workers have to work. I remember when I work in the casino, my employer requires us to work on holidays.
Happy Labor Day Everyone!
How about you? If you are in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, don't get wet. I know that storm LEE is still pouring rain. Celebrate the holiday safely everyone!

Having a Family Insurance

With the economy went downhill, each one of us is hurting and we are all facing our own financial battles in the family. We have certain bills to cut down to make the ends meet. But, make sure that you do not cut the important bills that give you freedom to sit back and relax. A Family Insurance is one of the bills that should be on the top list to maintain. We might not see the relevance at present time but, when you are in trouble, this is the only resource to hang on to. We save money and it is a stress-free just knowing that we have the Term Life Insurance or the Best Rates Life Insurance in the family.

You pay more when you have no insurance whether for car, house or health. Secure your family from all the untoward troubles ahead. If you have none, get it now! Life is precious so; get the Insurance Quotes online. Avoid all the hassles and the responsibility that will give you too much burden. You can find the Cheap Life Insurance which is design on your capability. Read the contract so no one can reap you off and get the insurance that the coverage is what you need. Check it out now, start planning your future and save now for a stress-free future.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boy Scout: Classic Caramel Popcorn

This product is from Trail's End and every purchase helps the Boy Scout in the local area. Did you know that for every purchase of this product, 70% goes to the Local Scouts? You help a lot while enjoying the delicious taste of Trail's End products.This is worth $5 (312g), bit pricey but for a good cause, it is nothing! Personally, the popcorn really taste good and it is 0 g trans fat, 0 g saturated fat and naturally sweetened so; it is healthy. This company supports the Scouts since 1980.
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