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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Web Hosting Rating

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I Love Your Blog

Guess today is an award/tag posting day for me. I have to post this now or else all these awards and tags will pile high and I can't keep up. This was given to me by Meryl, a pretty blogger who is so generous for sharing her awards and tags. Thanks a lot girl, I truly appreciate it.

So here's the rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her awesome blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated!

I am sharing this award to:

Smart Blogger

This award was given to me by Cecile. I was just touched by her message and am so grateful to have met her in blogland. She is a person who showed strong faith of God. She may show weakness because of life's trials but she never shattered. Visit her blog and be inspired with her life journey. Thanks a lot my friend.

The rules

1. Link the one who gave this award and let them know you posted it.

2. Pass this to as many Smart Bloggers as you can think and make sure to write something about them, like what makes you think they are Smart.

3. Let them know they have an Award.

I would like to share this award to all the Smart People in my Bloglist. You deserve this guys. Feel free to grab it okay? Special mention to the following smart , clever, witty and extra-ordinary bloggers :

  • David- for being a down to earth friend;
  • Maria- for showing an exemplary love to her family;
  • Katherine - for making me laugh with her wackiness;
  • Beng - a new found friend who never fails to visit my blog;
  • Shy - who I had fun talking when I am on SMS;
  • Denani - a friend who has a big heart, her thoughtfulness just amazed me;
  • Grace - a friend who inspired me with her lifestory;
  • Marife - a beautiful sister that I always get along with;
  • Rose (All About My Life)- a new friend that I get to know each day, has a sweet personality and her blog is so creative which I admire so much.


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New Orleans : Sad Photos

I really have to share with you these pictures that I got along the highway in New Orleans. This is my third visit in this place. 2005, I was in the Philippines watching the news live on CNN and Fox News about hurricane Katrina. It was considered as the top five deadliest and belong to the top 6 strongest hurricanes in the US history according to Wikipedia. Four years had passed, the damaged of the place is still visible. The buildings that you see here, though the water from the canal had long subside and the levy was rebuild, these area remained abandoned!Remember, when the levy broke and the sea water flowed in the city? This place is one of the community that vanished. I never seen any house in this area being occupied. Looks like a ghost town, yet, you will really see this houses along the highway of New Orleans. I keep wondering, what happen to the family who lives in those houses? I can only sigh and hoping in my heart that the help which they needed was really attained.
The vacant lot is the area where once stood houses and buildings but wiped out by hurricane Katrina. Imagine how many lives were caught off guard and lost when the water poured in the city. The houses in this picture are all destroyed. I don't see any single person or animal in this area.

Despite these sad pictures, New Orleans manage to get back the way it was once before. French Quarter still attracts tourists and the local business is slowly catching up.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kissimmee Freedom Sweepstakes

I am excited to go to Kissimmee area on April 23. Every year, we have a free pass from Walt Disney World called Hospitality Days Pass which is good to use in all their parks. We will be going to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios which are all located in Kissimmee, the Heart of Florida . The picture on the side was taken at the Animal Kingdom's Safari Jungle, a place where animals live in their natural habitat. I was having a good time during my visit last year and I look forward next week's visit.

There are so many places to see in Kissimmee. If you love viewing some vintage cars on display, I highly recommend Old Town. There are 75 boutiques to shop around this place. This place has a free parking space and no entrance fee. For entertainment, it has 18 adrenalin-rush rides that will give you heart-stopping thrill. Old Town is a place to visit just to unwind and rekindles the memory of Elvis Presley era.

If you are planning to visit Florida, plan and check out They are giving away three weekend getaways for April, May and June 2009. Draws will be held every 1st of the month. The prize is a three days and two nights for two and a two week vacations for four. Free vacation is possible right? All you have to do is join the sweepstakes. I am encouraging YOU to join as well and take advantage of this offer.


Stormy Thursday

I am back today, after four days of absence in blogging. I have bad news from IZEA both PPP and SS. But, since we cannot pleased everybody, life must go on right? LOL! The picture above was taken last Thursday, as we travel to New Orleans. I take that picture at 11 AM and my heart was really pounding so hard, knowing that the local forecast warned the motorists of tornado and hail. Thank God, we are safe! We arrived in New Orleans safe and sound though, it was our third visit, we missed our turn four times .Wheww! I really wanted to take the picture of Big Dome but, the Weather was really bad so, we just go to Cafe' Du Monde and their mall then, stayed in the hotel watching the news on TV. Anyway, thank you my friends for all the comments and for the visit you made. I will be in touched with you in a moment.This is the only picture that I can grab from Google courtesy from Rogelio V. Solis picture. The tornado hit Magee, Mississippi at 1:30 PM and injured 17 people and at least 60 homes were damaged and flattened Corinth Baptist Church. Let us just pray that these affected families will have immediate help from the government.


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Heading To Louisiana

I went to sleep early after doing my blog roll visit but, was awaken by my father-In-Law. It is already 11PM when he woke us up. He gave us money to go early tomorrow instead of going to Metairie, Louisiana on Friday. I have a very important appointment on Friday at 8AM. Since, it is only 2 hours drive, we plan to just go there at 4:30 AM.

BUT, the weather is bad in the state of Lousiana and there is a Tornado and Hail warning, thunderstorm and lightning for Thursday and Friday. This appointment is really important for me and I can't postponed it. So, right now, I print the map and my hubby booked a hotel in that city. My hubby and I are all set to travel to that state tomorrow . Hoping our trip will be safe, wish us good luck guys.

We are scared to travel with a bad storm really because, we experienced traveling to Miami when Hurricane Fay hit Florida last August. I was just touched with emotion when Dad said to my hubby, he can't afford to loose me as his daughter-in-law. Touching moment ha, I gave him a hug. Even if, both me and hubby will travel together, he is worried about my safety than his son. Hmmm... I think, he just emphasizing that I am more vulnerable than my hubby. I felt so loved by my hubby and his family here and it feels I am HOME!

My dear friends, I will just visit your blog on Friday. Be sharing you pictures as much as I can. See yah all.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am still in the phase of cleaning the yard. At least the ankle deep dry leaves are all gone and the green grass are visible. I just cut the weeds and I found these plant of roses at the side of the house. I made an effort to put some mulch just to make the soil retain moisture.
At least, I am ready to plant flowering plants for the next days. That is only the front and one side of the house. I told Dhemz, I am only 1/10th accomplished. Tomorrow, I will start planting the flowers on the soil. I bet, the plant will be happy to breathe in the ground than in the container. LOL!

Sears On Sale

Everybody know Sears right? If you live in the US and Canada, there is no doubt that you already went shopping in this store. Did you know that starting today, Sears is offering 75% up to 80% OFF on ORIGINAL PRICES ON FALL & WINTER APPAREL? Yes, they are on sale and this is an amazing opportunity to shop for you and your family. Take advantage of this sale event. And you must hurry because this will last only up to April 18th. I am already choosing what to buy online now. The picture above is only $14.99 from the original price of $59. What a big savings really. That price I consider as a good buy. Now, I have to find something for my husband too. And this item was so good to be true. This is a Covington Bomber, a faux-suede and a 100% Polyester that will surely keeps my husband warm specially when we go out for dinner. You can buy this item for only $19.99 from the original price of $100. Having a very durable and quality product like this for a price of $19.99 is truly jaw-dropping. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the site today and start shopping.

Click Here

Hard Rock Casino In Biloxi

These are the display inside the lobby of Hard Rock, Biloxi, Mississippi. All you can see here are paraphernalia donated by the Hollywood Stars who stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
I saw the items belonging to Van Halen, Los Lobos , Bon Jovi and many more.
Each display were from Hollywood artists.
Los Lobos Guitar. Hmm.... I can hum their song right now...
A keepsake from Van Halen.
A personal jacket by Bon Jovi.

Kids' Choice Awards For 2009


Have you heard about Kids' Choice Awards? Well, I did hear about this because I have a fourth grader friend who loves to watch the show about iCarly. One time, I just sit with her on the living room while she is giggling on the show. I was so entertained with her actions and I started watching the show with her. What happened was, my eyes hooked on TV and laugh with her all through out the show. How amazing kids influenced adults right? Well, I was just fascinated how she go all the way to participate and vote for Carly in the Kid's Choice Awards. I find that show very entertaining, funny and injects moral values for friendship and honesty. No wonder that it has thousands of followers. That is why I voted for iCarly because of my little friend.

Now, if you have a favorite, why won't you show your support by voting that show or that artist? Help your favorite win the 2009 Kid's Choice Awards. On March 28, 2009 at exactly 8PM, the voting will end and the clock is ticking fast. Join and vote now! I just went to and I voted my favorite reality show, TV actor, cartoon character, movie, book, female&male athlete, movie actor & actress and animated movie. Oh! I am so excited to know who will be declared as a winner. I also voted for my favorite voice from animated movies, male&female singers, song, music group, TV actress, video game and TV show. Well, I voted iCarly for my favorite TV show and that is so obvious right? Anyway, just do your voting now. You will enjoy it. There are four artist/stars to choose from and you only have to pick one in each category. You will be directed on the next category until you will be finished voting. Visit the site, vote and have fun!


Hard Rock Casino In Biloxi, MS

I just got home from Hard Rock Casino. My hubby and I visited Biloxi, Mississippi just to unwind and play the slot machines.I noticed the nice decors on the wall, so I take pictures of the guitars, gowns, dresses and so may other things which the Hollywood stars left for display in Hard Rock.
That is our cousin, we hang out with him too specially when we go to Casino to play and Hotels to eat buffet.
That is the white gown of Madonna and beside it is Elton John's. I will be back to take a good picture of each of those display and share it with you guys.

Web Data Harvester

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Gulf Islands National Seashore

If you are coming from Florida heading to the East part and traveling highway 90, then, Gulf Islands National Seashore in Ocean Springs, Mississippi is just at the left side of the road. Try to visit this park, it is free and the view is amazing. If you love outdoors, camping and walking on the trails, then, take time to drop by in this national park.If you love the pictures that I share with you and wanted to visit Gulf Islands National Seashore in Davis Bayou Area, driving instructions here: U.S. 90, east of downtown Ocean Springs, MS. Use Exit 50 or 57 south from I-10.
It is free to visit and wander the huge area but, when you Camp in Davis Bayou Campground you will pay the Electric Site for $16.00. If you use want to use the Davis Bayou Group Tenting Area, these are the fees: 10-25 Persons will be $20.00 and 26-40 Persons is only $30.00. You can also choose the Dump Station (Non-registered campers) for $5.00. Then, this park offers a Pavilion Reservations with the following rates: 1-99 Persons is $25.00 and 100+ Persons is charge a $100.00.If you wanted to enjoy the cool breeze of the place and have a boat, Davis Bayou Boat Launch will cost you only $3.oo /day and if you think, you will visit the place more often, better pay $20.00 for annual.The park is pretty safe and clean. This park is really rich in natural resources The sparkling blue waters is what I love most plus the magnificent snowy-white beaches which I already shared some pictures in my older posts. This place has fertile coastal marshes and beautiful winding nature trails which I never tried yet but, I saw group of people heading that way with a map. You will never get lost in the woods.As what I gathered from the locals here, more than 80% of the park is a submerged lands so, marine life is full. The soft wet ground that collects fresh rainwater is a habitat that support diverse communities of plants and animals in this bayou. The live oak forests in this vicinity is the home to many of the resident and migrating bird populations.I can't help but take a picture of this oak tree. What a beautiful glimpse of nature, right? Enjoy the pictures and may you find time traveling to Ocean Springs, Mississippi with your friends and family.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Agusan Elementary School Mural Project

Agusan Elementary School in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines has launched a year-end project for the school year 2008-2009. It is a Mural Project that shows the painting skills of Agusan Elementary School pupils. The young painters paint the walls of the school concrete fence which are visible from the national highway. You can see these Murals if you are coming from Camiguin Island, Davao via BUDA and Bukidnon.Each panel is sponsored by willing individuals, donated P500 pesos ( $1=46) for the cost of paints and labors. Actually, with that amount and painting job, the artist already donated his skills because that amount alone wont be enough as labors for this wonderful paintings. The painter is a former pupil of Agusan Elementary School. I will tell you more about this talented young painter on my next post.The rooms behind are the Grade-6 Building. Just click on the pictures to zoom in. As you can see, the donors were being acknowledge and I was so lucky to have 3 donors in my paypal account. The school got your money already and was officially received by Mrs. Rose Dullente, over all in-charged of the Mural Project.I already gave the money for 3 spaces for the three of you. These are the area and Mrs. Jena Monteclaro told me, they started the painting yesterday-Saturday August 21,2009 and probably done by now. I will be showing you the outcome of these mural painting and the three bloggers who sponsored it. YES! Your website is on the walls of this school fence in the Philippines. I am so happy to be an instrument of your kindness and generosity. The school, pupils, faculty and the community are so happy to receive your donations. Thank you so much.The Mural Project is still ongoing. These left area of the school fence are looking for some donors like YOU! If you are interested just give the DONATION here:

If you want to donate some of your blessings too, give your donation to buy the Sound System of Agusan Elementary School. The paypal button is at the right top corner of this blog. Thank you so much.
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