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Monday, March 31, 2014

Walt Disney Hometown Museum in Marceline Missouri

Our one week road trip travel to Missouri has led us to Marceline, the boyhood town of Walt Disney. We arrived in 120 E Santa Fe Ave, Marceline, MO 64658 which was located beside the train tracks in the restored Santa Fe depot. When Walt Disney was a child, he loved to watch the trains goes by.

The Location of the Museum
The museum is located near the train depot, as you can see from the picture above. The premises of the museum is well-kept, with great landscape and fenced in. The museum is located in Marceline, a charming place, has wide roads, many houses were old and probably most of them were historical buildings especially in the heart of the town. When we arrived in the museum, it was late in the afternoon, quiet and maybe less than 10 of us went in to explore the place. There is nothing much to see in Marceline except few areas that connects to Walt Disney. I like the town and most of the people are friendly and since it is a rural town, they know who are guests in their place. There is no big stores in the area. I only saw one 7-11 store and it's not even near this place. If you want to explore Marceline, gas up and bring foods. No McDonalds or KFC around and if you need to use the bathroom, you have to drive a long ways to find one. As I have said, Marceline is a charming place. I would love to comeback and explore the town more.

The Museum
Inside the museum is a collection of Walt Disney and family personal effects such as letters, photos, artifacts, and personal belongings. As I explored the museum, I was indeed transported to a different and simpler time apart from the atmosphere in Disney World. Reading the personal letters of Walt Disney to his friends and family and seeing the personal belongings has made me believe that Walt Disney indeed found magic in Marceline.
The admission fees posted outside.
 Though it says no photography inside, the ladies said it's alright to take photos so; all of us did.
Obviously, Walt Disney loves to collect trains.
No wonder that Disneyland and Disney World have the Main Street Vehicles, World Railroad as well as
the Railroads in Fantasy Land and Frontier land.
This is a gallery of photos and personal letters of Walt Disney and his family.
This is really cute personal effects.
Walt Disney attended Park School in 1908 and he was in first grade.
Walt Disney's desk in first grade. Fascinating huh?
The caption:
Featuring Walt Disney--Marceline's Favorite Son
Walt Disney's First Grade Desk-- Park School 1908
School bell used by principal of Park School when Walt Disney was a student.
Mickey Mouse Flag and Disneyland Flag
donated by Walt Disney at the 1960 dedication of Marceline's
Walt Disney Elementary School 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Who Makes the Fairy Houses ?

Awww! Who makes fairy houses? I bet your child will be happy to answer that. In the world of Neverland and the characters of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan brings a wonderful smile on a child's innocent face. Well, not only for them but, for us gown-up as well. Such a magical imaginary place which full of beauty. Just like Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden in Epcot, Disney World.

EPCOT Theme Park
One of the 4 popular Disney World's theme parks is called Epcot. This place is all about human achievement, culture and innovation. The Spaceship Earth is the icon of Epcot and is also one of the popular attractions. EPCOT is an acronym which means Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Popular areas are Future World where Spaceship Earth, Mission: Space,Test Track and Soarin' attractions are located; and World Showcase where guests enjoy the pavilions which showcase selected countries in the world. Right now, Spring has sprung in EPCOT!

The International Flower and Garden Festival
Annually, EPCOT have special events and one of the popular festivities that I love is the International Flower and Garden Festival. Yesterday, hubby and I went to Epcot to see the blooming flowers as well as take photos of the Topiary Sculptures of Disney Characters and other creatures. This festival started in 1993 so; it just turned 21 this year, how amazing is that?

Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden
For now, I am sharing these photos of fairy houses inside Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden. This is not a permanent attraction because I didn't see this in the last years. The butterfly garden is inside a huge canopy slightly covered so; butterflies are free to fly inside and out of this area. The flowers are blooming and so gorgeous. Hundreds of varieties and blooms in different colors. There's yellow, pink, red, orange, white and so on.

Cute Fairy Houses
The moment I walked inside the butterfly garden, the blooming flowers are just everywhere. The area is landscaped well, a good size to enjoy blooms in every corner, and no one surely did not missed the fairy houses. They are made skillfully and artistically out of ordinary things which can be found in your place. Check out the photos here:

The Fairies make the fairy house but, in Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden, the humans Vikki and Ronda made the fairy houses hehehe. They are great artist and I admire their creative works of art. Have you ever seen fairies? I never saw a fairy yet but; I would love too (wink). Tinker Bell is one of my favorite #Disney characters and please comeback tomorrow to see the topiary sculpture of tinker bell. I will be posting few topiary characters as well. Thanks for stopping by. You should visit #Epcot, now!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Potential Home

I can't stop thinking about this property. The net amount from the house that we sold is enough to buy this huge property located in the ideal neighborhood (talking about the view minus the storm). It has 2,824 sq ft, with a good size swimming pool with a golf course view at the back. Truly awesome for the square footage and worth for the money. There's a catch though!

As you can see it, it is a brick home. I like it a lot! The yard is alright but, with a landscaping improvement, this will look appealing. The location is few blocks to the beach with easy access to a boat dock. The golf course is right on the backyard , how cool is that?

Anyone who loves fishing and boating, this is a great property to buy because the bayou is just 3 blocks away too. I saw this area 4 years ago and the place is really blessed with beautiful view by the water.

Vaulted ceiling which I love and it has a fireplace which tops hubby's wish-list. Nice floors right? I don't hate the paint colors on the wall but, that's an easy cosmetics to fix.

As I was trying to check this property in other listing company, I found out that this house in good condition is worth 4x the asking price. This is totally a bargain right now. This might look good but, behind that wall, it tells otherwise. The catch that I mentioned earlier? Though the location has a nice view, this area is within the flood zone and this is a fixer upper. Remember hurricane Katrina? This area was flooded. Therefore, this house has a flood damage especially in plumbing and electrical. Plus, insurance premium in flood zone area is ridiculously high! We cannot afford this house. This is a money pit for us.
Considering the "catch", if it is you, would you buy this property?

I Love Florida

When hubby and I had a road trip from Florida to Kansas and back, we truly enjoyed it in fact; we canceled our flight and chose to drive instead. We love seeing the mountains in Tennessee and the farmlands of Missouri. We love everything that we saw but, we missed Florida.

We missed seeing bridges and the sight of waters and beaches just like this one. Though I love the mountains in Tennessee, I still prefer living in Florida. I love it here.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Home Inspection

My husband and I had a long day today. Our realtor informed us the other day that the buyer of our house wanted to schedule a home inspection for 8 AM. It was too early for us but, we said yes. We wanted to get this done and over with so that; we can move on to the next phase of this "selling-moving-buying" frenzy.
We were able to meet the buyer too, both of them. We like them to own this house. The good thing is that, they really love our house too. That's really important to us because living in this house for two years, we already felt attached and connected.

The home inspection went great and the buyer were pretty much happy about the result. Our realtor called us to know how everything goes. We just relay everything to her. She already talked to their realtor as well. They both communicated in real time. I am not sure if they are using real estate crm but, for whatever they use, truly it works.

Right now, we are in the waiting game period. I hope that the buyer will get their loans on time.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is both cultural and religious celebration done annually, March 17 to be exact. Why is this day important? This is supposed to be the date when Saint Patrick died, the patron Saint of Ireland. My husband is of Irish descent so; every year we celebrate St Patrick's Day.

In his hometown, there is always a parade on Saint Patrick's Day. Schools, civic organizations and business establishments participate the parade. There are numerous colorful floats with Krewes in them throwing some beads to the crowd. Saint Patrick's Day is always a family day event and everyone in the town looks forward to it every year.

Most people are wearing green with shamrock prints. People wearing green t-shirts and green caps are common sights on the streets. After the parade, some families go for a barbecue with their family and friends. Some tourists in the area go to the casinos for a shamrock party.

Saint Patrick's Day is a fun holiday down in Mississippi. It is lent season but, some people drink beer and eat lavishly for this day only. In our family after the parade, we just get together and served snacks.

The photos here were taken in Biloxi, Mississippi. We always had a great time celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. How about you? Do you celebrate St Patrick's Day?

I was able to catch some beads too. All these will be sent to my mom and family back home.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Soothing Music

It's been a long time since I went to bar-hopping with friends. It was fun and the music was loud! Bar-hopping gradually stopped when I started working. Did I missed it? Not at all! Maybe it was fun when I was with the company of friends and enjoying the night life listening to music played by DJ's but, my outlook about life and fun changed when I graduated college.

When hubby and I went to a cruising trip to Bahamas, one of the activities by the poolside was a live band show with a DJ. We were on the top deck listening the mixed of music played by the DJ on what looked-like a pioneer cdj 2000. Some of the guests started an exuberant dancing as they danced along to the infectious Caribbean music. That moment was fun. The music was soothing to my ear. It was so much different.

Monday, March 10, 2014

St Patrick's Parade is Coming Soon

The Mardi Gras is over but, guess what parade is coming soon? It is the St. Patrick's Parade which is done yearly in Mississippi, New Orlenas and other places in the US. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated and observed by the Irish and American Irish community. The family of my husband is of an Irish descent so; the family and relatives look forward to this big celebration. The photos below were taken during Mardi Gras in D'Iberville, Mississippi. I will be posting pictures of St. Patrick's Parade on my next post so; please take time to comeback and see the pictures okay?

In the meantime, St. Patrick's Day will be on March 17 and though this is not a holiday, people are celebrating this day as religious and cultural event. St. Patrick's Day is a fun activity for the whole family. There are parades, and lavish food preparation too. Though it's lent season, fasting restrictions are lifted for this day only. Wearing green with shamrocks print is popular on this day so; you will see everyone wearing green and shamrocks are everywhere..

Color green is associated with St. Patrick's Day because it was being told that St. Patrick used the #shamrock plant as a visual aid to explain the #BlessedTrinity to the pagans in Ireland.

Anyway, the food that people served on St. Patrick's Day could be anything as long as the color green is added. Most families served corn, beef, and cabbage with green cupcake and shamrock cookies.

So, are you having a St. Patrick's parade in your town?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gorgeous Style of Wedding Shoes

When it comes to choosing the wedding shoes I say, trendy, perfect fit, and comfort are reasonable factors to consider. The price will be a determining factor of course but, since it will be your wedding day which is one of the most important days of your life, financial aspect will be set aside for sure. You will be the princess who walks down the aisle wearing such gorgeous wedding shoes.
Photo credit:

Wedding Pumps with Crystals
Imagine the long hours of standing while greeting friends, family and relatives before and after the wedding? Do not take for granted this moment because it could really drain your energy. That is the reason why a pump wedding shoes is a perfect choice for comfort. The elegant style is timeless and truly gives a lasting comfort. The crystals will add glamour and class on your bridal footwear. It is something I call, a touch of elegance for a perfect wedding day.
Photo credit:

Satin Style Bridal Shoes
It is your wedding day so; if you go for the extreme style, go for it! As long as it is appropriate and fit for the type of wedding theme that you have, why not right? You can personalize or customized your wedding shoes if you wanted too. If you prefer to non-traditional white shoes then, choose your own color. Here's a sexy sandal with floral accents and if your wedding motif is blue, this is perfect!
Photo credit:
Elegant White Shoes
For a traditional wedding, you can't go wrong with white or off-white wedding dress and wedding shoes. Not to mention that white selection is enormous, gorgeous and always in classy style. You can choose the bridal shoes which is out of your comfort zone.
No matter what gorgeous style you choose and colors you prefer as long as you can walk in total confidence as you walk down the aisle, your wedding day will turn out perfect! So, have you chosen your bridal shoes yet?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#MardiGras in New Orleans Louisiana

I love to visit #NewOrleans especially the #FrenchQuarter area and attend mass in #SaintLouisCathedral along #JacksonSquare. I have been to New Orleans countless times yet, I still want to explore the French Quarter. We lived in #Mississippi 3 years ago so; travel time to New Orleans was just an hour. We usually go at daytime and heads home at 3 or 4 PM. It's not good to be wandering around the area after sunset.

Above photos were taken while we drove towards French Quarter to watch a #MardiGras Parade and at the same time a welcome parade for the #NFL team #Saints, the Champion during #SuperbowlXLIV. We arrived at 9AM and parked our car in Intercontinental Hotel.

As you can see from the photos above, the Saints pass in our area at night time already. The participants of the parade cannot move fast because the crowd occupied the streets already. The crowd was excited to see the members of the Saints. The cheers of the crowd was unbelievable! It was fun but next time, I would rather stay at home and watch the TV.

Before the parade, hubby and I went to French Quarter and play a little bit at Harrah's and had our lunch there. The buffet was so festive, delicious and so affordable. I love Harrah's! The decors inside are fantastic. At daytime, the crowd was calm and behaving great. Totally the opposite at night time.

Nearby us are groups of drunk and unruly locals. One of them spilled beer on my shirt and didn't bother to say sorry. We had enough of the crazy people around us so; we transferred to another area where there were kids. At least they were behaving like grown ups hehehe.
By the way, the little shops in the area have this type of display. Maybe these can be used as voodoo dolls huh? LOL. At French Quarter along Jackson Square, a lot of locals offer services such as palm reading and simple magic. Make sure you have small bills with you if in case you give a tip. Do not watch them attentively if you don't intend to give something. They are persistent so; if you see someone wearing a nice mask/costume and you want to take a picture with him, give a dollar or two. Don't show your wallet hahaha. They will follow you in the next block if you don't give and if they are not satisfied with your tip.
It was cold and freezing at night especially where we were standing (between buildings).
See the people on the streets? Tell me if parades can pass by this area? Hard huh? The parade was able to pass like a turtle. If you are willing to pay $75 to $1000, you can buy a space in those tents. You can sit comfortably and when they throw beads, it will surely land on your lap. All in all, I enjoyed the Mardi Gras Parade. I love watching the people. 95% of the crowd were friendly and polite. If I will visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras season? I will think twice hahaha. I would definitely watch Mardi Gras in Mobile Alabama and in Mississippi (Biloxi, Pass Christian, Ocean Springs, Gulf Port and D'Iberville).
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