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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bird on the Birdbath

It's a rainy Tuesday here in our place so; hubby and I just stay at home. We spent the day doing household chores ... and baking. Not interesting huh? Anyway, despite the rain, hubby and I still hears the birds chirping at the frontyard so; we look out the window and saw a bird on the birdbath.
The bird stays there for a long time. Aside from this bird, we also saw cardinals and doves by the birdbath. Such a pretty bird right?

Granny and the Smell of Her Cigars

When I was growing up, I love spending my summer vacation in the countryside with my granny. She lives alone and I remember her small house which was very clean and tidy. I also remember her beautiful flower garden at the entrance of her property. Sometimes, we spent our mornings picking up different colors of daisies.

It's been years that she's gone but, I vividly remember the smell of her cigars. My uncles are the ones who buy avo cigars for granny since they live downtown. There are no big stores in my grannies town so; that's how she got stocks of cigars. In the house, her cigars are everywhere, even on the window sill. Oh, I miss my granny.

Fashion Jewelry

I just got a pair of these nice earrings but, this is not for me. I ordered this item for my mother. I seldom wear jewelries but my mom, oh dear ... she likes fashion earrings so; everytime I shop for jewelry, it's all for her.

I also bought a jewelry set. When mom and I chat via Skype, I showed these jewelries to her and she was so excited to have it.

I plan to buy more. I bet she will be more surprise.

Fun Memories

One of the best years of my life is college years! I always love school and I enjoyed working in the main library and most of all, I had fun attending Glee Club practices. We enjoyed singing acapella songs as we gathered outside the little theater while waiting for our conductor.

Music just fills the air so beautifully and in harmony even though we sang songs randomly. We have one member who prides himself for having two Guild Guitars so; he would sometimes bring one guitar and started strumming songs for the group then, we all started singing. Those were fun memories and always good to reminisce.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Walt Disney Story: Uptown Theater in Marceline

We went to Missouri to attend a wedding, visit the hometown of Mark Twain in Hannibal and check the haunted house of my brother-in-law but, end up visiting the boyhood hometown of Walt Disney in Marceline. This town is the second largest city of Linn County in Missouri. This town also provided an inspiration for the film Lady and the Tramp and one of the city's major events is September's Toon Fest which well-known artists are invited.

The building above is Uptown Theatre in Main Street USA in Marceline.

"Opened June 30, 1930. In 1956, Walt and Roy Disney held the Midwest premiere of their feature film " The Great Locomotive Chase" in this theater. They personally greeted each child at the door. Walt and Roy took the stage before the movie started and the children of Marceline sang the Mickey Mouse song. Because the Disney program was not broadcast in Marceline the children learned this song especially for this occasion. The movie ran from 1:30 PM in the afternoon up to 1:30 a.m the next morning, so everyone who wanted too, could see the movie. In 1998 the Walt Disney Company held another premiere " The Spirit of Mickey" at this theater. 18,000 enthusiastic Disney fans came to Marceline for the premiere. A special appearance of Mickey."

This is a small movie theater.

"To tell the truth, more things of importance happened to me in marceline than have happened since - or are likely to in the future." - Walt Disney

Photo of Walt Disney inside.
Marceline is a small town and if you love city life, this is not your place. They have no WalMart, Bestbuy, Lowe's or shopping mall. There's nothing like that in here but, this town is full of charm and history.

If you love Rural Life Living, Marceline may work out for you. There are wide farm lands, Amish village nearby, mom and pop cafe where everybody knows everybody.

In the eyes of Walt Disney, this town is beyond imagination infact, this place inspired him to create the beautiful Main Street USA in Disneyworld and Disneyland. I bet you have seen the Uptown Theater, Emporium and City Hall in Disney right? He imagined those from this town in fact, if you visit Marceline, you will certainly recognized the architecture.

This is the front of the theater. Check out the signage on the window :-)

Inside the movie theater ...

Marceline is a nice town to check out and trace back the boyhood life of Walt Disney. The family lived here only for 4 years but gives a tremendous impact of Walt Disney's life. Few blocks away from this street is the Walt Disney museum where interesting Disney family memorabilias are on display. If you visit Marceline, you will also get the chance to see the house of Disney family and the Walt Disney barn which is the happiest place of Walt Disney. Take note, the "happiest place on earth" is Disneyland and the "most magical place on earth" is Magic Kingdom and both properties are own by Walt Disney. You know what's amazing? Walt Disney's happiest place is the barn and nearby it is his Happy Tree. Wanna see the photos? Check out my latest post. Thanks for stopping by. See you all next time.

Print Ordering Software

There is no doubt that companies which have been in the business for years already stabilize their client relationship. Responding appropriately to client demands provide a harmonious flow in the business. Most of the time, companies that encounter problems are new businesses. Best software is needed when it comes to receiving orders, processing payments, managing print production and other business transaction. That is why there is a need to compare online print ordering software to make sure that it works great in the business.

Walt Disney's The Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom and in Marceline

Standing at the Main Street USA in Disney World's Magic Kingdom. This was taken almost 4 years ago and this place is one of the busiest areas in Magic Kingdom especially when there's a scheduled fireworks.

Have you been to Disneyland or Disneyworld? You probably visited the Main Street, U.S.A right? Here's another photo of Disney World's Main Street USA at night.

The Cinderella castle stands at the end of the Main Street USA.

Did you know that Main Street, U.S.A. is patterned from a Midwest town? Walt Disney created Main Street USA inspired from his boyhood town Marceline in Missouri.

The decor in the Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom is in the early-20th century small-town America, inspired by Walt Disney's childhood town (photo below). Main Street USA has a City Hall where Guest Relations lobby is and cast members provide information and assistance. A working barber shop, the Emporium which carries a wide variety of Disney souvenirs, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and The Plaza Restaurant, Casey's Corner, the Main Street Confectionary and more. I took the  photos below when hubby and I visited the hometown of Walt Disney.

This is Main Street USA in Marceline Missouri and I was in great awe that Walt Disney loves this place. Iconic Disney marks such as the Mickey Mouse is on the glass window, the clock, the train, the emporium,  the movie theatre and more.

This is the Main Street USA in Marceline. The photo below is the real buildings of uptown theatre and emporium where Disney got the inspiration.

A classic Main Street, U.S.A. attraction in Disney is the Walt Disney World Railroad which transports guest throughout the park. In Marceline, this is the train on display whom Disney got the inspiration.

If you have been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, you have seen Walt Disney's reminiscent of the Victorian period of America with the train station, town square, movie theater, city hall, firehouse complete with a steam-powered pump engine, emporium, shops, arcades, double-decker bus, horse-drawn streetcar, jitneys and other bits of memorabilia. That's how he remembered Marceline when he was a child.

Now, this is the original Uptown Theatre when Walt and Roy Disney held the Midwest Premiere of their feature film " The Great Locomotive Chase" and they personally greet each child at the door. Want to see more of Walt Disney's boyhood town? Check out next time. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Affordable Envelope Printing

When I send letters to my friends, I want it to be unique. I used either custom printed envelope or a personalized address stamp. Honestly, it is easier for me to find a cheap envelope printing and order a customized envelope.

It's not that expensive so; why I should bother to spend the time to make a custom envelope at home when I can have it easy. I tried few times but, I can't make it perfect. The prints always come out crooked or the prints printed on the wrong side of the envelope so; I give up!

Funny Squirrel Up on the Post

Every morning, this squirrel goes up to the post and wait for prey. Possible prey is the woodpecker which frequent this spot. I had my coffee at the gazebo when I saw this funny squirrel up on the post at the backyard. Funny because this squirrel does not move for minutes especially when birds are flying nearby. The strategy didn't work though LOL.

The squirrel went down after waiting for so long and the prey didn't come. Poor squirrel!

Drug Rehab is the Way out

When I read on the news that a celebrity died of drug overdose, I feel sad. If I am the parent, I would do in my power to send my child to san diego drug rehab because it is the only way out.

Drug addiction will do no good so; the moment I know that my child is doing drugs, I will intervene. Life is too short to be wasted so; I will keep pushing my advice. I will also take time to listen.

Drug addicts hang on to drugs because they have problems that they can't handle. They needed support so; parents and friends should extend help before it is too late.

My Long Hair

After seeing this picture, I realized that my hair is longer than I thought. My husband took this photo while I was prepping for dinner last Tuesday. I have a wavy hair but for some reason, my hair looks like straight in this photo. I will have someone to trim my hair soon.
I got one problem though and it's my bangs. The last time I wear bangs was when I was 6 years old. January comes, I decided to wear bangs as my new year look. I realized that now that I am older, it doesn't look good on me. LOL. I hope it grows longer soon.

Yoga Fitness to Stay Fit

Who doesn't want a flat belly anyway? I stay at home and I love to eat which are great recipes to gain weight and get a belly fat. To counter that, I exercise regularly plain and simple. I don't go to a gym because I rely on the fitness CD at home.

A friend asked me if it works and I told her that it does. If I am consistent to my goal, all I have to do is do the workout regularly. I bought an inexpensive treadmill for the abs which is so easy to use. I also bought the best yoga mats here as well as yoga workout CD.

The yoga fitness is hard to follow but, I am trying my best each time I play it. I am not getting any younger so; I should stay fit to get a healthy body.

Tulips in my Garden

When my husband asked what I would like to have for Valentines Day, I told him no chocolates and I only want tulips and other flowering plants. Wish granted and that's what he did. I got tulips because I plan to plant it on the ground once the blooms withered. Pretty isn't it? I got shallow needs and plants/flowers make me happy.
Tulips plant is the latest addition in my garden. I have to wait and see if this tulip grows and blooms.

Smart Dogs

Every morning, our neighbor would walk out her two huge dogs around the neighborhood. She put them on leash for safety. It's her way of doing daily exercise too and it works well on her because she stays fit. Every time she walks by our yard and we are there, she chats a little bit with us.
Usually, she would share about how safe our neighborhood is and talks about her precious dogs. She plans to buy a wireless electric dog fence for security reason. She loves them too much and she doesn't want them to escape her property again.
It happens once and nobody is in the house. Her smart dogs didn't go too far though and when they arrived home, their dogs are waiting for them outside the front door. 

Lime-Green Colored Luna Moth

When we arrived home, I saw this on the front window. It is big and the color is so pretty. This moth is called Actias luna or Luna Moth which has a distinctive lime-green color. It is really big in fact, it has a wingspan of up to 4.5 inches that is why, it is one of the largest moths around.

I just take a picture and leave it there. They have the right to live you know so; I let the moth hang in there.

Traveling Light is a Smart Plan

When my husband traveled to the Philippines, he brought a bulky suitcase and half of what he had in the luggage, he never used. It was a nightmare he said because the big suitcase was dragging him to get in and out of the airport. On his next visit, he will only bring few clothes and his iPad in fact, last December he was checking on the mens leather briefcases.
He found the briefcase similar as the photo above with many compartments. Travel light is the key and besides, clothes are cheap there so; he can buy anytime if he needs more. It sounds like a smart planning right?

Sunday Morning Ride Along the Indian River Lagoon

Happy Sunday y'all! How's your day today? Do you have plans? For whatever it is, make sure that you spend your day with your family.
We attended an early morning mass at Merritt Island today. On our way home, hubby decided to follow the NASA Causeway route. We have a nice foggy Sunday morning ride and we enjoyed the view of Indian River Lagoon. (check photo above). I was hoping to see a dolphin but, got no luck for today. It is very gloomy today and the water is rough.

There is small island out there and up to now, I don't know if it has a name. This place is beautiful especially at sunset but, I don't see anybody stop by the side of the road. Maybe it is not allowed. Anyway, thank you for checking on me today. Please come back next time and see my other posts and photos. Enjoy your day!

I Am the Handyman

Do you know that between me and my husband, I am the "handyman" in the house? I was able to assemble a gazebo, outdoor grill, bed frame and huge entertainment cabinet. My husband assists me of course especially when the material is heavy. He doesn't like to solve a puzzle and when furniture needs an assembly, he would shy away with it. He thought that small parts such as dowel pins, fasteners, brackets and tiny hardware's are complicated to put together. He has no patient regarding "handyman" stuffs. I really don't mind as long as he is there to lend me a helping hand.

Watching the Daytona 500

I have been wishing to watch car racing at Daytona International Speedway for years now. We live about an hour away from Daytona so; it's really not that far. Yesterday morning, I was checking on the price of ticket for Daytona 500. I was surprised that it was affordable. I was thinking to buy two tickets and see the race for the 55th Daytona 500 but, after seeing the accident, I had a second thought.
Danica Patrick is my favorite driver and I want to see her up close. Would it be cool if I have a souvenir picture with her right? It's not gonna happen this year because hubby said no already. Okay then, maybe next year. Are you going to watch Daytona 500 on TV? I am glued on TV for sure. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your Sunday with your family. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Better Sleep Experience

We have three bedrooms in the house and the guest room has a daybed in it. We plan to take it out and put a queen size mattress so that our guest will have a comfortable mattress to sleep on. My husband received a call from one of his cousins two days ago. She will be coming over to Florida for 3 days conference and asked if she could stay with us. We love having company in the house so; we gladly anticipate her visit. I am currently checking the mattress stores boston for a deal breaker item. In particular, I wish to find a memory foam mattress for comfort and better sleep experience.

Beautiful View by the Gulf

Look at the view, gorgeous isn't it? This was taken in Ocean Springs Mississippi at the Front Beach. The body of water is facing the Gulf of Mexico and the Pier is called Chester M. McPhearson, Jr. When we live in Mississippi, hubby and I frequently visit this place. During my day off, we would go crabbing and fishing in this area.

The huge building across the water is the Isle Hotel and Casino in Biloxi Mississippi (see the photo below). Anyway, check out the cute and colorful car below. I was taking photos of the Gulf when this car pass by.

I miss this place but, right here where we live, we have this beautiful view as well.

Memory Foam Mattress For Comfort

I have a friend who loves to buy the latest trends in the market. It could be cars, latest gadgets or home appliances. He has the money so; spending became a hobby in fact, he splurges his nice and functional kitchen. One time, he came to me and said that he bought a new memory foam mattress. He was so glad that he bought it because he sleeps good in it. My friend is heavyset and sleeping in a memory foam mattress gives him perfect relaxation and comfort. It was not the most expensive thing he bought but, he loves it the most.

Big Crash at Daytona International Speedway

I was watching the TV when all of a sudden a flash of breaking news. There was a big crash at Daytona International Speedway and fans were hurt as flying debris flew over the grandstand. Kyle Larson's car flew into the fence (#32) and debris from his car including the tire flew to the spectators. A couple from New York was interviewed and they saw the man sitting infront of them was hit by a flying debris. Kyle larson and other drivers are safe but, 14 fans were taken to the hospital. I hope and pray that all of them are safe.

Crime Solved: Scientific Evidence

When I am at home, I am glued on TV as my favorite pastime. CSI is one of my favorite TV shows because I am fascinated as to how they solve the crime. They used cutting-edge scientific methods, lab furnace as well as old-fashioned police work. The show is always thrilling to watch especially when they are in the lab wearing their lab coat and using their high tech gadgets. With scientific evidence, nothing could go wrong and justice will always prevail.

Atlantis Marina

This is the map of the Atlantis Marina. I took this photo while we were heading towards the Ferry Boat terminal. The Marina has restaurants, souvenir shops, photo center, ice cream parlor, coffee shop and more. It is a nice, clean and beautiful place near the Atlantis resort and waterpark.

There is a ticket center here and a surf shop. Most of the people that we saw are tourists from the cruise ships. It was in the afternoon and so far, the place is safe and the locals are very friendly.

If there is a chance to visit Bahamas again, I would stay here in Atlantis and explore the beaches more as well as the nearby islands.

Personalized Coffee Tumblers

Last Sunday, hubby and I woke up late so; we were in a hurry to attend the mass. His day will be incomplete if he can't drink coffee so; he got himself a cup of latte. It was a small size and it doesn't fit in the cup holder because it was way too small. Of course, he was ranting for it was so hard to pick up the cup from the cup holder. That gives me the idea to buy green and red personalized tumblers for me and my husband.

It will be convenient to drink coffee through this colorful tumbler. It is a perfect fit on the cup holder and the size simply satisfies the hunger for coffee. Would you agree?

Atlantis in Bahamas

Nassau is one of the itineraries when we cruise to Bahamas via Norwegian Sky, a Freestyle Cruising of NCL. I took the photo below while hubby and I were at the Marina Village in Atlantis. We already visited the shopping area of Atlantis and during this time, we just exploring the business establishments located at the Marina.

After we explore some areas inside the Atlantis and at the Marina, we decided to go back to the Port of Nassau via ferry boat. You should try it because it is fun. The ride is amazing, the fare is only $3/person and the scenic view is in 360 degrees gorgeous.

I took the photo above while we were on the ferry boat ride. It was a beautiful day and the water is so calm and so blue. It was a short ferry ride back to the Port of Nassau.

Taking a souvenir photo on Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship with the Atlantis on the background.

Property Listings in Wilmington

For three consecutive years, my husband and I were checking on the latest property listed in the local real estate sites. We got lucky that we were able to buy two condo units at unbelievable price. Presently, both units are rented so; if I were you, if you plan to buy a house, check out the latest listings today.
If you live in North Carolina, I found some gorgeous properties which are listed in real estate wilmington nc. A good size manicured yard, nice neighborhood, 5 bedrooms/4 baths and a spacious house such as the photo above is truly a deal breaker. Why rent a condo or apartment if you can afford to buy a house? It is worth it! Just a year ago, we bought our house and we are mortgage free. Don't you want it that way too?

The Atlantis in Paradise Island

Just browsing some old photos and saw these two pictures in my favorite folder. I took the photo below while we were still on board the NCL's Norwegian Sky, a Freestyle Cruising where guests can enjoy to eat whenever and wherever they like. The sky is the limit! Anyway, the photo below is the Atlantis in Bahamas.

After we dock in the Port of Nassau Bahamas, hubby and I decided to go closer to Atlantis (see the photo above). We took a van for $5 each way per person and head to Atlantis in Paradise Island.

Atlantis is a huge resort and waterpark located in Paradise Island in the Bahamas. One tower is called Cove Atlantis and it is a 600-suite luxury hotel then, there is also a 497-room called Reef Atlantis and more. We just explore one part and went to check on their shopping area and we head to the Marina Village (picture above). Check out for more photos next time. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Finding a Local Rotorooter

I assumed that all of us experienced plumbing problems and no matter how ordinary it may have been, easy fixes are not always a great option. Based from experience, it is safer to call the expertise of the local Rotorooter in our area. Few months ago while living in our condo unit, my husband and I noticed a drop of water dripping from the ceiling in one of our bathrooms. We tried to look at the source of the dripping water and it was so hard to figure out where it came from. We suspected that it came from the upstairs unit so; we called the attention of our neighbor. He was puzzled because there was no flooding in his unit.
He was worried and came down to check the leak of water in our bathroom. The three of us tried so hard to analyze but, we really can't figure out where the water came from because the concrete ceiling that separates between our places is 6 inches thick. It was a hassle because I was using a bucket to catch the dripping water. On the second day, the dripping triples and the bathroom lights quit working so; we were really worried because of the damage electrical spot. We were able to contact our plumber friend and he came after an hour. In less than a minute he told us that the leak came from the plastic water line located on the ceiling. We can't see it because the leak is tiny as a pin needle.
We didn't realize that the water line is made of plastic and the plumber said that as year's passes by, the plastic water line brittles because of the heat from the bathroom light. It was dangerous but thanks' to our plumber friend, he was able to fix it.
It was a minor problem but, if we take for granted it could become complicated and could cost a lot of money. If you have a plumbing problem, call the expertise of a plumber. If you have a plumbing problem, find a Rotorooter in your area using the given link above and please do not procrastinate.
This is a sponsored post and all opinions and views are my own.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Animated Google Doodle: Celebrating Nicolaus Copernicus 540th Birthday

Have you notice something when you click the Google home page today? You probably saw this awesome animated Google doodle where planets move around the sun's gravity. Google celebrates the 540th birthday of Nicolaus Copernicus, a mathematician and astronomer. Nicolaus Copernicus who was born on February 19, 1473 formulated the heliocentric model which placed the Sun (not the Earth) at the center of the universe.

He is known as the great polymaths of the Renaissance, jurist with a doctorate in law, a physician, a quadrilingual polyglot (speaks several languages), classics scholar, translator, artist, governor, diplomat and economist. What an extraordinary man in his time.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center

If you are in Florida, you should visit Kennedy Space Center before heading home. I guarantee that you will enjoy it. The Rocket Garden is one of my favorite attractions to visit. If you come early, a whole day is all you need to check out every attractions of KSC.

The rockets in the Rocket Garden are: Mercury-Redstone, Thor, Mercury-Atlas, Gemini-Titan II, and Saturn IB. The rocket garden is located in the Visitor Complex area. This is an outdoor display of the historic rockets that put Americans and satellites in space.

Just an added trivia, Juno II launched the first American probe to escape Earth's gravity and fly past the Moon.

While Thor-Delta was one of the most reliable and frequently-used launch vehicles.

If you are here in the Rocket Garden, you will also see the capsules from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. You will be amazed to experience of walking on the walkway and be in the white room that Apollo astronauts used to access their capsules from the launch tower of LC-39A.

I will suggest that you should avail the free guided tour in the garden to get the story behind those rockets.

See the rocket below? That is saturn IB and as you can see it, it is mounted on its side.

That's my husband and we just came from the Apollo Command Module or the White Room.

Here's a closer look of the base of the rockets.

The Christmas tree in the Rocket Garden taken on the 3rd of January.

I hope you like the pictures above. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out Kennedy Space Center soon.
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