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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birth Certificate of Obama

You heard it right! The White House finally released the long-form birth certificate of President Obama. The controversy of the citizenship of President Obama started when Hilary Clinton run against him during the Democratic Party Presidential Primaries in 2008. A difference of 211,243 votes, Hilary Clinton lost the race to President Obama.

For three years, the birther controversy ended just this week and Donald Trump took the whole credit. But, President Obama tells the nation that the government can't solve the problem of the country if there are people who keep them DISTRACTED by SIDE SHOWS and Carnival Barkers.I was reading our daily newspaper today and I just wanted to share this thought from a contributor: "If Obama had been doing a good job, people would not care one way or another about his birth certificate. That is the real issue." (source: Orlando Sentinel p.A19) What do you think?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Casey Abrams Voted Out in Idol

Casey Abrams, the one Idol whom the judges save their only card was voted out this week. It maybe shocking for those who have him as their bet. Not shocking to me though! Casey has the voice, the charm and the style as he performs on stage but, he was not the tough contender for American Idol 2011. I admit that he was one of the best idols, so creative and talented for this season.
But, the fans has to say who they want! The viewers are the real judge! And popularity-wise, he lacks that which led him to stay at the bottom. The question is, who will be the next American Idol then?

Pictures here were snipped from google.

Super Cell Tornado

The weather in Florida is unpredictable. Mostly the sky is so blue and the next, stormy like the picture below. It will change abruptly though. This picture was take last month. We just came from our errands and all of a sudden Tornado warnings was all over the news on TV. There was hail, half inch big and the dark sky cover most part of our area. There was a Tornado touchdown 2 hours away from us but, Thank God no lives was lost. Nearby county, trees were falling on the streets and some houses had minor damage. I was just sad today that from Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and more, Tornado hit these states so bad on Wednesday April 27, 2011. The super cell hit the ground with 200/mph wind speed and as of today, more than 285 were dead and many were missing.

Today, President Obama surveyed the hard hit Tuscaloosa in Alabama. The last super cell that hit this place happen in 1930's so, the people here were caught off guard. So many lives lost because houses here has no basement. If you want to see the actual footage of this Tornado. Visit the link HERE, it's on the left side bar.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Help Find Marizela Perez

The cousin of my favorite Fox Contributor Michelle Malkin went missing on March 5, 2011. Her name is Marizela Perez, an 18 year old Filipino who disappear after walking out from a grocery store in Seattle's University District. If you ever have any information about her, please call: (206) 684-5582.
For more information: Visit or Visit her FACEBOOK HERE.

Before You Run Out

Contribution by Hershel Vinson.

The perfect day for me is one where all my chores, duties and errands seem to pass by quickly. Something, some indescribable essence is afoot. Everything just seems to fall into place, you feel no need to look at the clock, but when you do, not only are you surprised, but pleasantly elated. I guess the best way to put it is being in the zone.

It's a welcome occurrence when one of those days begins to develop. A certain harmony and rhythm establishes itself and often, before noon it's apparent it is one of those days, what a wonderful thing. One's body and mind seem attuned to accomplishing every task set out for it.

It is on these days that I experience great satisfaction and know that my evening run will be a most enjoyable one! . In fact I feel so eager to hit the trails that it's at this point I can often forget the most simple and essential things. Making sure to properly warm up and stretch is the first thing that I attend to.

Once my physical preparation has been completed, I must then run a mental checklist. The three most important items on my checklist gives me peace of mind as I prefer little to no distraction when running. So in the following order I make sure the house key is around my neck, my home security alarm ( is set, and my laces are properly tied.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blogger Give-Away

I am just lucky to have these good stuffs in my mail and I'm thinking, it is high time for me to give back. Since FRESCHETTA PIZZA gave me an extra container set to give away, my thought was, I should add this Victoria Secret product to make it even more EXCITING and FUN, right? This Give-Away is open to EVERYONE all over the world! I know, this will be at my expense when I mail it but, I know I will have fun doing it. Here's the mechanics:
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Freschetta by the Slice Pizza

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Watching Ghost Whisperer

My husband would always asked me if I believe in ghost. I really don't know what to answer him. I only shrugged my shoulder and told him that they probably exist! You might laugh at me if I say somehow I agree on what the series of Ghost Whisperer is pointing out! I seemed to agree that earthbound spirits stay because they have unfinished business. I have a Philippine Studies class in College, part of my History course and we study about cultures and religion.Learning about this phenomena lead me to believe one thing. That somehow unexplained phenomenon is everywhere and it's beyond Science. Well, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) must be gifted but, I sure don't want to be in that position. Anyway, I am presently watching my own marathon of this series using my Netflix. It really entertains me and not in a scary way. I just love watching it.

Sneaky Snake

This week is just a whirlwind of scary event. Scary because it happened three times. I don't like snakes and they give me chills even by just looking at them. Two days ago, hubby and I were talking with our neighbor on this pathway (picture below). Suddenly, a long huge snake came out from the bushes and bumped on the feet of my hubby! The three of us were stunned! It was a split second and there the snake was off across the other side of the bushes! Then, me and our neighbor were screaming at the top of our lungs! Our neighbor is black and he is a tough guy but, he was as scared as I am. Meanwhile, hubby was trying to figure it out were it came from. When we looked at the corner of our building, the second snake was crawling away from us! That was real scary and it vanished!This morning, I thought hubby was just joking when he said there was a baby snake inside our bedroom. It came out from our water heater room. I don't want it to vanished inside the house and eventually becomes bigger and will hurt us. So, I made a wise decision. Well, I won't elaborate what happened to that baby snake. Hubby and I decided to buy a Snake-Away to keep the snake away from our territory.When we arrived home, I sprinkle this "snake away thingy" and told my hubby to shake the bushes because we don't know where the daddy snake was, it might be lurking in there. After I was almost done, I saw the snake skin in one corner of the building. Hubby called our neighbor again and he came down to see the snake skin. Then, as I was taking the picture of the snake skin, the snake (picture above) just fall from the bushes. OMG! The second snake was there still! The snake wanted to get away from the side where I sprinkled the snake away thingy. It works! The three of us can't believe that we saw the snake three times! I took these pictures so our neighbors will now believe that there were really snakes on our area.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Garden

We live in a condo right now which all the amenities are shared by the homeowners. Our community is well-maintained and we have no private yard. That's what I missed! Back in Mississippi, my father-in-law owned this huge property with huge backyard. I love to do gardening every morning and hubby loves to plant vegetables.
We can still have a potted tomato plant in the sunroom this year. We might consider that really!

My husband loves planting tomatoes and this was his produce last year. Both of us miss gardening. In two years, we are planning to buy a house and have this condo rented for property income. We wanted a backyard to have a vegetable and flower garden.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Most Googled Topic

I noticed that the most googled topic among my posts are the immigration posts about 1-485 which was about an Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status in the US. It was actually a guide based on how to process such case. I will be updating some information about it since it was done three years ago. I will be posting more immigration related topic too. You actually can process everything without the need of a lawyer as long as you have all the authentic papers to support your case. USCIS guide is very clear and easy to follow.If you have the time to do it also. It is easy to process it by yourself and during the interview, you will have the 100% chances because you know your case well. Keep all your records, document all your activities with the help of pictures, receipts and more. This way, expect that your processing will be fast. Good luck to y'all.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter 2011

When I was in the Philippines, I am up-to-date with the church calendar especially lent season. My mother and I were at the church most of the time participating most of the religious activities. Losing track of time was impossible.It's totally different here in the US. Everywhere is just like ordinary days. In fact, the beach is jam pack with family having a good time with the spring break. No holy week or lent observance whatsoever. Mainly because majority are not Catholics. Ash Wednesday is not given a huge importance, fasting and abstinence is not on their vocabulary, station of the Cross, Crucifixion etc. But, there is EASTER! Easter is celebrated NOT because of Jesus Christ RESURRECTION! Parents look forward for Easter activity because they are excited for EASTER egg-hunting for the kids. The giving of Easter Egg baskets and kids are looking forward for Easter bunny and Easter egg chocolates. But, what is the true meaning of Easter celebration? For 2011, Easter is celebrated on April 24th. In theology, Easter is celebrated because of Jesus Christ Resurrection and it signify the foundation of Christian Faith. Even though others celebrate Easter in a different way, let us all respect each other's way of celebrating. Enjoy with your family and have fun in celebrating this year's Easter Sunday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Hubby and I had nothing to do earlier today really. We just waited for the Brighthouse cable guy to fix the HDMI TV connection in our living room because it has no signal since Thursday. The connection was suddenly off after that big storm in Florida last Thursday. Anyway, I took the time to do the laundry and hang out in our Florida room area.Re-arranging the furniture's and do some household chores was all I did all day. When the cable guy came and fix the connection, hubby and I were already lazy to do anything. But, staying inside the house more than half day was boring. We then decided to do some grocery at BJ's, our favorite wholesale club. Then, we moved to another store, just window shopping. But, when I passed by in the bicycle section, I saw a bike that fancy my liking. Hubby bought it for me! Lazy Saturday and we went shopping at the rush of an impulse. I don't regret it really! I like my bike and looking forward to ride on it and enjoy it for many days.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! I do not normally greet my family and friends regarding April Fool's Day. Today is an ordinary day for me. Maybe because I never had the peculiar incident happened on this particular date. Nobody tried to fool me or throw crazy jokes on me during April Fool's Day. I know a lot of people waited at this moment to have a grand humor or cracked funny jokes which are sometimes not funny anymore. I was watching Jay Leno today and they showed a video shared by a teenager from the audience. The teenager tried to scare the mother using a dagger and the mom were truly scared to death and wanted to jump from the balcony of their house. There are so many jokes that the outcome were bad. Good thing, that joke turned out funny because the mom allowed to share the video in Jay Leno Show. That was indeed hilarious! Since nothing goes wrong, practicable jokes, hoaxes and humors are alright. Spread your jokes everyone but, have the extra precaution. Do not go beyond!
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