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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orlando Citrus Parade 2011

Happy New Year World! Let us start this year with a good cheer and hoping that 2012 will bring us prosperity, happiness, unity and peace to mankind.I would like to share these pictures which I took at Downtown Orlando during the Fresh from Florida Parade, formerly known as the Orlando Citrus Parade which was held on December 31, 2011. I enjoyed it but, this year's parade is a bit disappointing to see compared to the parade that I saw in 2008. Maybe because I expect too much. I was looking forward to see more citrus floats or floats with Florida produce perhaps.
I like all the floats but, I guess most of us are anxious to see more. The most applauded participants are the "Men and Women in Uniform" with their families. When they pass by to our area, we gave them a standing ovation and we shouted "Thank You". I was really hoping to see decoration of oranges to this float.I am hoping that for 2012, the parade will be more fun and exciting to watch. This location is along the Lake Eola Park in Summerlin Street area where the parade ends. Hubby and I love where we position ourselves during the parade because the big tree gave us the shade. We were surrounded with behave people ^_^. To sum it up, I enjoyed the parade and all the participants are interesting and fun to watch. Click here to see more photos of the Fresh from Florida Parade.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Orlando Citrus Parade: Fresh From Florida Parade

I took this picture in 2008 and I had a wonderful time admiring the floats decorated with thousands of the fresh produce of oranges, tangerines, and citrus of different varieties.The Fresh From Florida Parade is formerly known as Orlando Citrus Parade is scheduled tomorrow, December 31, 2011 at 11 A.M along the streets of Downtown Orlando. The parade will start at Orange Avenue and Robinson Street. It follows south to Anderson Street, then over to Rosalind Avenue, and finally north back to Robinson Street. So, if you are heading to Downtown, avoid those streets because it will be close at 10 A.M. Remember, between Garland and Lake Avenue, you should avoid the following: Church St, Pine St, Central Ave., Washington Ave., Jefferson Ave., and some side streets will be close at 8 A.M. for parade preparations.

Take note that Livingston will be blocked off west of Orange while Robinson will be blocked off east of Orange. The Orange will be closed between Anderson and Colonial while Rosalind will be closed at Anderson and Robinson. Anyway, I have to bring my map and I need to come there early maybe, 2 hours early, wheww.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Remote Control Nitro Cars

Weird as it may sound but, I love to see a collection of miniature cars specially the remote control nitro cars. It all started when I was with my nephew and we shop whole day at the toy shop. I enjoyed the test drive of course; I was using the remote control and the long winding racetracks. I was blown away with the experience with my nephew.

About two months ago, I sent a Balikbayan Box and it contains toy cars, a set of 70 different car collections. It was not meant for him because I purposely delay his remote control car. Kids love to have one for them if they see others got one already. He was crying and so mad at me because he got nothing while I gave one set to his cousin. Okay! My bad but, I already pack the remote control car and soon, he will have it.

Not to mention that my husband and I had it test drive already, LOL. It was fun and I am sure the boys would love this as a gift.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Apartments for Rent

About a year ago, I met a friend who lives in Calgary, Alberta. He is a good man in fact; he is well loved by his family. The only set back is that his mom does not allow him to live too far from her. His relatives thought he is a "Mama's boy" because he lives with his mom and he lives down the basement. He does not care about what others think about him because he is happy and he take care his mom. Their family has a business and he takes care of their Calgary apartments for rent He is so proud of what he does and he is happy.

He loves Calgary and he wanted to stay there for the rest of his lives. Though the weather is known to be extreme, he is so proud that Calgary is among the sunniest in Canada. Anyway, are you planning to live in Calgary? If you are looking to rent a home in Calgary Alberta, check out today. Visit the Website and find the location that you intended to live. You can find so many available properties at reasonable price. If you click the link above, finding a home to rent in Calgary is so easy. Check it out now.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweet Smile From A Survivor : Tropical Storm Sendong

"Amidst the chaos is a smile .... especially when you know that you are a survivor of a life-threatening situation." I was worried sick since Saturday when my friend and his wife had no updates on their FB walls. Both of them are my co-teachers during my first school assignment in Besigan, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. When Bagyong Sendong struck Northern Mindanao, Philippines, hundreds were missing and Tropical Storm Washi caused more than a thousand fatalities, and 1000+ are officially listed as missing.
Their house is located on the badly hit area. I have been to their place and when the raging water rises up to their gate, it really means trouble.Neighbors find refuge on their roof...waiting for the water to subside. All the residents impacted by these flood waters were forced to seek refuge on their roofs. The whole first floor was engulf with muddy water.
They are worried....
... and sleepy....
... and the water subside...
... and they are safe to come down...
In few hours the house looks like this:You can tell how deep the flood water is. Almost 20 ft perhaps? Or more? Tropical Storm Washi has brought 10 hours of torrential rains. The result was a disastrous flash flood over Northern Mindanao including my beloved city, Cagayan de Oro. My city is an area that rarely experiences tropical cyclones. During these hours, hundreds of people were killed as flood waters destroyed the homes along the riverbanks. As far as I remember in four decades, this flood is the worst in my city's history. My friends survived the flooding and though they lost everything, they have each other and that's what matter's most.

Watch Dr. Phil

Post contributed by Alfredo Gaines:

Do you guys ever watch Dr. Phil? I never did before I went to and got all these extra channels but now that I am I can’t stop – he’s just fascinating to me! It’s interesting how his show has changed over the years to have guests who are more along the Jerry Springer line than the classy line they used to be but hey, sensationalism works in this industry if you ask me. I think there’s something to be said for knowing your audience and going after it and that’s definitely what Phil has done and who’s to fault him for that? I love being part of his home audience and I’ve actually learned a lot from watching his program all these months. He says “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” and I think that’s a really good way to look at life – I try to deal with all my relationships along these lines because I think it’s a healthy way to be.

My Wish for Christmas

For so many days, I lost the drive to write and update my blog. I thought I can manage to work in a charity company but, I think I cannot handle seeing and hearing the misery of other people. Since Friday Dec. 16, 2011 when Tropical Storm Sendong (washi) hit Southern Philippines, I was doing charity work online. It was stressful and right after Christmas Eve, I have a terrible headache. I took a nap and rested for the whole day to regain my strength. This Christmas is the saddest Christmas I ever had. My family and I cannot help but think about those people who mourn for their loveones. May God bless the victims of Sendong the gift of understanding and may God heal their emptiness and sadness. This is my wish for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Amazing LG DoublePlay Phone

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I have a T-Mobile smart phone and I am loving the freedom of using a line that has a plan for unlimited text messaging. I am online to most of my Social Networking apps and having the LG DoublePlay phone would certainly cater my needs. I like the features of this phone. How about you? Take a look at this phone now and give it as a Christmas present. Do you think having the LG DoublePlay phone would change the way you interact with your friends and family? Share your opinion on the comment section below. I love to read how many hours you stay connected to your friends. Get the LG DoublePlay now!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cagayan de Oro City Philippines Needs Your Help

My husband and I were driving to Alabama yesterday morning and I called my mom in the Philippines to inform her about my whereabouts. I also need to calm her down that Cagayan de Oro is in the path of the storm Sendong. She got nervous with thunderstorm and winds so; I told her to not to worry too much because it will pass by in few hours. I can hear the wind gushing and the falling rain on the canopy. Hearing my voice and my constant calls made her at ease. By 2 PM, that's dawntime in Cagayan de Oro, my FB friends were busy posting distressed posts about flooding.Here are some of the photos taken and shared to public in FB by DON JUNIOR. Thank you so much for sharing Don. My heart sank and I was devastated! When I grew up, my family lived in Cagayan de Oro river banks and there is nothing like this ever happened in our city. I was about 8 years old when there was flooding in Consolacion. My uncle carried me on his back because it was so deep and the streets were ankle-deep. Not this time! This is worst because according to my cousin, the water rise up quickly and their house was engulf with flood water above the roof. All their belongings GONE forever and that includes the appliances. Thank God that 6 of them plus two children are safe! All the neighbors that I knew from childhood were all safe but, some of them are in the evacuation area and no place to come home for Christmas. I am pleading your HELP to please share your blessings. If you live in the city and you are not affected, bring food, water, and clothings to the evacuation centers of Balulang and Macanhan. Do not forget Consolacion, the street where I grew up. There is a Nuestra Senora Virgin del Rosario church in there and you can drop off your donations. I am imploring your help. As for my relatives who lives in this area, they are temporarily taking shelter in the house with my mom. They have nothing this Christmas but, there are other people who have no one to hang on. Let us give them help NOW! If you live in the US, you may contact the information below, shared by Nene Luna :

KIWA Kagayanons International -Washington Chapter
7260 Sunset Ave NE, Bremerton,

WA 98311

Cell #: 360-981-4794
c/o Estela C. Jakobsson (President)

or Raul Bacas (Treasurer)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Blogging Blessings

I was just checking on the files of album in my USB when I saw these pictures. I forgot to inform you guys that I got this for free. I got this from a task given to me by an Advertiser for Microsoft Ad. I only use this gadget one time when I did the task requirements.
Actually, I like this gadget but, I have problems with the video tranfer so, I lost interest in using this gadget.It comes with a small tripod which I never opened.
This year is good for my blogging activity because I got this item for free plus the iPad2 that I won from sponsoredtweets. Awesome really.This task was the highest paid so far because I have the software,cash,and video cam which all totalled to $500.
I am a stay at home wife so, blogging is my only means to earn a little bit. I got so much blessings this year and I hope it continues for the next year to come. Happy Holiday everyone.

Do You Have Life Insurance?

In my workplace last year, one of my co-workers put the name of her cat as the sole beneficiary of her Life Insurance. It is a mind bugling for me but, she told me that she had no family left but the cat and I was blown away with the fact. Her story baffled me at first but, later on I realized that her story is not new in the Insurance Company. In fact, just few days ago I read from the newspaper about a cat that became a millionaire. Their owners wanted to give them a good life when they are gone. These animals gave them inspiration and companionship so; it is but right to provide them security.

What about you? Are you the bread-winner of your family? Are you paying life insurance premiums? If you have a life insurance then, you are a good provider of your family. It is always good to know that your family is taken care of when you are gone. At least, their misery will not be too much when financial burden will be taken care off. It will be hard to leave them with nothing plus the funeral burden to attend to. If you do not have insurance but decided to get one, it is not too late to get the insurance quote today. Click the links now.

Kindergarten Worksheets

If you look at some countries that do not have a good Educational System, their nation never prosper. Every child should go to school and it should start either from nursery to kindergarten, elementary, high school, and if they can afford it, go to college. It would be a better world if everyone has the opportunity to go to school right? That's my wish for the humanity. Anyway, if you are in need of kindergarten worksheets, check out the link now. This company offers teaching printable materials and worksheets that you need in the Kindergarten class. These teaching materials are developed for Pre-K students to 8th grade students. Check out today.

Amazing Race Winner for 2011

The finale of the Amazing Race ended well with Ernie and Cindy finished the first place and got the 1 million dollar prize. Sandy and Jeremy are the second team to check in when they spent looking for the clue box in the wrong place. Amani and Marcus came in third when they had a hard time completing the task using the flight stimulator machine.
Congratulations to the winners and I am looking forward (to watch ) the next Amazing Race in 2012.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Busy Blogging Day

I am in the mood for blogging and I am so productive today! The only set back, I only ate oatmeal and it's almost 3 PM now and I am not done with my tasks. I need to set aside my blogging business for now and focus on this Divorce Documents for my hubby's client. I need to segregate the documents which is needed for her case.
The client asked me how do I know which documents are needed and not. Well, I simply told her that I read the instructions carefully. So far, all clients are satisfied because they are happily divorce, hmmm.
What I am trying to say is that, all the documents that the clients passed to the circuit court were accepted and no problems. Ironic it may sound but, they are happily divorced!

Provide a Cosmetic Dentistry for a Friend in Need

Do you have friends who covered their mouth when they laugh so hard? At the back of your head you probably said out loud that they look ridiculous right? But, have you ever wondered why? Some people have imperfections and dental problems are big deal of embarrassments! Some of these dental problems are not merely resulted from lack of personal hygiene. Some are diseases that need utmost oral hygiene home care. When a family has the means to maintain a dental checkup regularly, prevention is attainable. But, what about the family that cannot afford to cover a dental insurance in their policy? Can you blame them? Of course not!

What can you do to help? If they have insurance, they could have had a cosmetic surgery. Situation like this boils down to financial capabilities and if you know a dental company that offers affordable rates, share it to your friend. If you are concern about your friend, recommend cosmetic dentist nashville. Why not share a good deed this Christmas right? Your friend will be delighted that you are concern about his well-being. But, how will you approach a friend and avoid being misunderstood? I am talking about doing a good deed to a friend and not some random acquaintance. Therefore, you know when is the best time to approach your friend right? Surprise him this Christmas!

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for a franklin dentist and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

What is the Best Gift for Christmas?

What is the best gift for Christmas? After you fight the crowds during shopping spree, free time can be the best gift of all, don't you think? Enjoying the coziness at home, having a cup of coffee in your home office, reading the newspaper and listening to Christmas carols in your iPod is something worthwhile for the holiday. Now, if you feel like staying at home is fun and yet, you want it to be fulfilling for the day, online shopping to complete your shopping list is a good thing to consider.

This time, give something which is good for the health such as cheap eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. I know that I mentioned cheap but, I am referring to the price but, the quality is priceless. I have a regular headache especially when I do not wear my prescription eyeglasses. When you buy eyeglasses at Zenni as Christmas presents, you are actually saving someone's possible pain to quit and you will save few extra bucks in your piggy bank too. Why? Buying eyeglasses at Zenni is affordable compared to other optical clinics inside the mall. They manufactured their own products and sold directly to the consumers. A good reason that they have affordable eyeglasses and the quality is not compromised!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best Ideas for the Holiday

I love this holiday! How about you? The joy of giving this Christmas season always warms our hearts. Great holiday gifts are plenty to choose from but, have you check out the Website yet?If you have friends who works in the hospital, a hospital uniform is a good Christmas present for them. Visit the Website of Blue Sky Scrubs now. Their products are made in high quality fabrics plus, the price is really affordable. If you are looking for inexpensive gift, you can buy them a poppy scrub hats too. There are so many colors and beautiful designs to choose from. If you order today, the shipping is FREE so; you should avail this good deal for the holiday. Click the links above and start shopping for Christmas presents. Aside from scrub uniforms, scrub hats and scrub shirts, you can also buy a unique accessory such as the Lanyard Collection of jewelry. This company has the best design of colorful bracelet and necklace. Visit the links and see these accessories now. If you plan to surprise your friend who works in the hospital, just get their Christmas presents right here. I am sure that they will be delighted to have your presents.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hummers are Sexy Looking

Aside from Buick Enclave, Hummers look good on the road and I just can't help myself but, love the sight of it... so sexy and smart-looking. Though they do not make Hummers anymore, this SUV is still very popular. A 2007 Hummer H2 with 25,600 mi is priced at 33,999, still very expensive.
We went to Walgreens and saw this Hummer Limousine park outside. I was curious about the inside of this limo so, I googled it and I found this:
Wow! No wonder that this Hummer Limo is popular for prom nights and parties. It's like a new world inside, don't you think?

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is less than three weeks and I am really excited. I have been shopping online and every time the doorbell rang, I have a package. In fact, I received two big boxes from FedEx today. The big box is my Christmas gift for hubby but, he was very curious and asked me if he can open it. Well, I let him open it and he is already using the gift that I bought for him. Now, I have to find another gift for him and I am hoping that it will arrive before Christmas.

Anyway, I am still shopping for items which are inexpensive but, nice to give as presents. I saw a website called and this online shop has a selection of holiday gifts for less than $25. I like the leg warmers and the knit hat which I think my niece would love to have for Christmas. My nephew is a smart kid and I also find an educational gift for him. He loves board games as well as toys that he can manipulate and learn. I think the CitiBlocs are the best gift that I can give for him and I am sure he will love it.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Three weeks ago, a mother of twins went missing here in Orlando. Her Hummer was found in a shopping mall abandoned and she was nowhere in sight. I hate to think that something bad happen to her that is why I am praying that she will be found safe. Women are the most vulnerable victims to crimes. There is danger lurking in the community and we should be cautious and alert. What do we need to protect ourselves? Visit and purchase an item that will give you and your love ones the protection. When you feel that you are in serious trouble, use it and protect yourselves. For me, I like the Street Wise Security Guard 3 In 1 Flashlight Stun Gun with Alarm. This item is available for civilians so; you can actually buy this for your wife, daughter or sister. I like the alarm feature of this item because when there is an attacker, the alarm will send him away. If the alarm will not stop him then, the stun gun will! This item is really a good idea to buy for Christmas gift because it is for protection. When there is danger and you have this item, there is a chance to defend yourselves and not a become victim.

Monday, December 5, 2011

IKEA Home Furnishings: Restaurant

It is always good to shop when your stomach is not growling for food right? At IKEA Home Furnishings, shooping and food is a good combination. Here is a North Atlantic Saithe crusted white fish served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. This is only $4.99 and my husband likes it especially the fish.Here is the half-rack baby back ribs with fries and corn bread. It is priced at 6.99 and if this is my plate, I can't finish it all. This portion is for big guys so, I think I only ordered this meal once. The ribs are so delicious. Sometimes, IKEA gives FREE breakfast and usually, this particular meal: scrambled eggs, bacon, and potatoes.
Honestly, I enjoyed the food in the restaurant but, I am more excited in window shopping. The display of their interior home design is totally awesome. You should visit IKEA store near your neighborhood. When you are tired roaming the second floor, you can check out the Exit Cafe and Bistro and have a bite of their affordable hotdogs, pizzas and chips.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adorable Dog

I remember that I took this picture in an awkward position. During the Mardi Gras parade, dogs participated the event and they are in different sizes. This particular dog reminds me of Queenie, a dog that became my friend and a playmate when I was in second grade.
This dog is huge and so many people tried to pet her. I can't go near her so, I used the zoom in to make it look like that I was closer to where she was. I was just feeling the nostalgia and the fun childhood memories.


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Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Decorating

I took these pictures lastweek. I decorate early because I want to feel the spirit of Christmas in my house for a longer time. My husband has a Christmas Village collection for so long and every year he added few items on it. I do not have space to put it together so, I used the table in the living room and also under the Christmas tree.My husband loves the Christmas tree and it was the most beautiful Christmas tree he ever have. Well, I tought he appreciate it more because this is our first Christmas tree. Last year, I spent my Christmas in the Philippines and he spent it in Mississippi with his brothers and sisters.That's the Christmas cookies on the tin can LOL. My table is crowded oh well, it's Christmas...should be full of everything:-)
Actually, last night, I took these village off the table and added it under the Christmas tree. I basically declutter the top of the table.
Over the top of this drawer, I also put some of the Christmas village. I put some decoration around the big mirror too.
I am not done decorating when I took this pictures. But, today, I am done!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Woodland Junk Removal

I was watching the show on TV called Hoarders. I just can't imagine how these people live like that. Some of them are impulsive shoppers and the others collected so many things until they run out of space. As years gone by, they collected too much and they become hoarders because they simply cannot stop. They need help!

The Woodlands Junk removal is a company that helps people like them. This company will remove their household junks. If you or your family needs help, call this company today. If you want to de-clutter your home, do it now and ask help from a professional. When you need someone to remove your junks, this company will be available. If you have appliances which are not working anymore, do not keep them if you don't know how to fix them. If your office needs a junk removal company, click the link above and ask for the quotes. They can remove your broken computers, printers and monitors that you do not use. Clean your place everyday and if you have junks, let the junk removal company takes care of it.

Disney World's Haunted Mansion

One of the attractions that I love to visit in Disney World is the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom. I tell you a secret, I hate long walks but, in this attraction, I can enjoy and relax because of the rides! When you are in any theme parks in Disney, it involves walking and I tell you, it is a long walk. You will only realize it once you come home and your legs are aching.Anyway, inside the Haunted Mansion is not at all scary. Even the kids would say that but, they keep coming back because they love the ghostly figures and some animated tricks. The picture below is the entrance of the mansion. Watch out for the tricks out there.This is the musical wall where when you touch the musical instruments, they create a sound.
Here is a ghostly figure which will show up during the rides.
I guess this is a computer generated figure. The head shows up together with other ghostly figures dancing and having dinner. It was really interesting and fun to watch.
The pictures on the wall will change dramatically.
You need to visit this place so you will experience the fun tricks inside. Click HERE to see more pictures of the Haunted Mansion.
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