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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hacker Hacked my Account

I am supposed to be writing about SAINTS who won as Champion in NFL Super Bowl XLIV this year. But, guess it will be delayed. I got pictures here but, can not download because the hacker mess up my files in my pc. I am currently using an alternate pc at home and I did not used my personal pc since this morning. I am not expecting that last Monday at 8:45 PM , an impostor is working/hacking my email account and also the Facebook. I was asleep at that time, I was actually talking to David earlier that day, he knows I was so sleepy. Then, I dozed off to sleep and woke up for my work time at night.

I was having lunch when my phone notify me to reactivate my Facebook Account. I wonder why? I was talking to Hazel and three others in my facebook and all too suddenly, cannot log in. I tried to log in in my fon but, no avail. So, when I arrived home, I tried to log in my facebook but, guess what, my account was gone! I look at the friendslist of my friends but, i am not in any of them. I found out that Facebook deleted it for security reasons. They detect the impostor or probably, she/he was doing illegal using my name.
That day, Tuesday we went to New Orleans to witness the biggest mardi gras parade in the US or probably the world.

There were 800,000 people jam packed in New Orleans to welcome the SAINTS. Was i excited? Yes! But, my mind was in my accounts. I was not thinking bad. I was worried where my FB account go and why I cannot log in my email.At 11PM, my friend ROSE called me on the phone and tried to say something which I cannot understand. I kept asking "What Pin?". Then, she said she will call back coz the son will give the pin now. I ask what is that pin for? She mentioned about dried goods too. In my mind, what is she talking about? And all I did was ask ...WHAT? I cannot comprehend why she called me and since she was driving, she said she will call me back.

We were at the garage of CONTINENTAL hotel when this drunk woman, eager to get out from the garage, bumped our car and just hit us. So, all the drivers of the cars bumper to bumper, tried to protect us from the insane woman. It was choatic in that garage, we were in the 2nd floor. All of us are pissed off prior to that accident because the woman was honking. Nobody did try to confront, until she hit us. We call 9-1-1, they cannot do anything about it because its private property. So, tyhe management took care. But, the arguments erupted all drivers vs the drunk woman so, there were 9 city police pacifying the chaos. My husband and I were just extend our patience and stay away from them. Driving back to Mississippi, I was fast asleep in the passenger car.

Because of that event, the impostor who knows where I was took advantage. She log on to my email account and pretended to be ME. She talked to ROSE which I mentioned earlier and ask her to be partners in and sell phone cards. She had doubt coz she knows I am not insistent. But, the impostor has her way to get her. From midnight, my friend talk to her up to 4am. She wanted to sleep but, the impostor able to get money from her. My friend said, 60,000 pesos of phone cards. Here is the worst part: My friend gave her the bank account number because the impostor said, she will send the money to that account this Friday.

DOUBTS? She doubted! Sounds Fishy! Insistent! Plus, she ask her where she is and she said she arrived already and slept over in her friends place. My friend was mad because she said I had change. I become Americanized! Well, the boyfriend warned her too. Sounds fishy, never rush! But, Rose is Rose! Her decision is Final, so she gave that amount. Wednesday, my friend called me at 7am. and my fon was blinking notifying I had missed calls and texts. It happened so fast! We found out, she was scammed and not only that, the impostor was able to get her email account too. I told my friend, run to the bank and stop all transactions. Well, the impostor withdrawn $500 already.

Hassle! BEWARE MY FRIENDS! Please if someone pretended to be ME, asking money or weird favor...DONT! and please do not give away your personal information...especially bank accounts okay? Got to rest now. I never slept since Rose called me yesterday at seven in the morning.
Kathy , yap... after we talk on the phone last night? I never did sleep! Tired? Yes I am. Thank you gwapa ha for listening.


  1. Oh my goodness this is so bad Ams.. I haven't receive any though.. I think she knows you personally..


  3. Amy, I'm very sorry for what you've had to deal with here. I recall when my bank account was hacked, but your case is much worse than that.

    I've read your entries, and of course I'm going to help you out with this. I'll have an entry about this tomorrow on my site.

    Right now, I'm pretty upset to see what you had to put up with here.

    I hope you can sleep soon my very dear friend.

  4. Hi Amz, musta na...sus ka grabe ba ana oi..i was with David's blog and i saw there that you were asking help..oh my gosh! ka grabe ba ana oi..sorry sa friend nimo nga na biktima...pag naa ko time, kay mulakaw pa man ko ron, ako ni i-reblog Amz para ma alert ning mga naay FB's. Naa man pod ko pero dili ko active.

    kalooy sad nimo Amz oi..wa na noon ka nag enjoy sa lakaw ninyo ni hubby mo. sige lang gabaan ra tong nag binuang sa inyo.


  5. I have an FB account as well and dili nako ma imagine if this will happen to me, I'll definitely blow up. Sorry to hear this Ams, hope you and your friend can work it out soon...dako na sad ng $500 oi..sayang kaayo.

  6. gosh..this is scary.. how did she do this??? my.. your post makes us aware now.. thanks!!!

  7. ouuccch... even our church website was hacked.. grabe naman..tsktsk tsk!

  8. Amy, I posted my entry about it:

    Hugs for you my dear friend!

  9. Chubskulit- Rose, she don't know me personally. What she did was hacked my email, my pc actually (thats what i thought) and she read my IM archive i believe because she tried to talk to those people that I always talk in IM. Two of my friends said, she talks like me and all my jokes...there were clues that would tell them that its not me:
    1. impostor talk Tagalog
    2. impostor cannot answer some personal questions they ask
    3. impostor answers with a gap
    4.impostor insist to give the money NOW

    my bad coz i kept all chat archive, rose including the chat that we have a long time ago...that is why i am worried that she might contact you and pretend to be me... DONT BELIEVE. Thank you for visiting Rose and regards to John and the two kids.

  10. Honey- thank you girl for that helps a lot. Hayyy kaguol ani tawon.

  11. David- Honestly, the good sleep that I have had was after we chat...remember I did not reply to you, I was asleep. Oh well, you know that because i did that to you all the time..hehehe..exit..and gone. The hacker must have read our chats and she was afraid to contact have a lawyer remember? LOL

  12. kath- i block tua ako email nga naa sa imoha ha. Please block my email address in your IM list. Remember, we chat in Y-IM before, the hacker must have read what we talk and she can profile you too. Just block her so she cannot contact you. Daghan nako utang nimo kath oyy. Since i went to school, i never did able to visit your blog. Thank you for dropping by. I read all your comments but, my schedule is really hectic. I know you will understand. I missed our chats...kabuang ba..blocked to girl ha. Salamat.

  13. admin- Nancy girl, $500 dollars was withdrawn from her bank account here in the was closed now though. But, prior to that she did sent her 60,000 worth og globe cards ...

  14. hi amy! sorry to hear about this... :( i guess we all have to be careful with what we share online and have our computers protected. she was able to withdraw money from a bank account with just the account number? how is that even possible? katakot ha! don't worry may karma din yan.

  15. katakot naman yan te ams, yngat yngat ha.

  16. sad to hear about this sis. there are unscrupulous people around the net that do nothing but harm others.

  17. linked you in this post, ENCOUNTER WITH A HACKER..


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